Friday, March 2, 2018

SiriusXM Launching Show About SiriusXM

Michelle Collins
SiriusXM announced Thursday that Michelle Collins, comedian, talk show host and former co-host of The View, will host an uncensored daily show exclusively on SiriusXM’s Stars.

The Michelle Collins Show will feature Collins’ interviews with celebrity guests, newsmakers, experts and reality TV stars. Collins will also share personal stories and discuss a variety of topics including pop culture and entertainment, shopping and beauty, and the trending news of the day. Collins will also take calls from listeners while diving into deeper discussions about current events.

Listeners can hear The Michelle Collins Show live starting Monday, March 5, on SiriusXM’s Stars channel 109 and through the SiriusXM app on smartphones and other connected devices. The program will air live weekday mornings from 8:00 – 10:00 am ET, as the lead-in program to The Jenny McCarthy Show.

“I was ecstatic when I heard Michelle Collins was joining our SiriusXM family,” said SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy. “She will quickly learn what I learned working here, which is she will no longer have to try to get her point of VIEW across in four words or less before being interrupted. The mic is hers and we want to hear what she has to say. She is funny, intelligent, and loves to make fun of The Bachelor as much as I do, and I can’t think of a better lead in for me. Welcome home, Michelle.”

“Talking without interruption has been a childhood dream of mine,” said Michelle Collins. “And, having the freedom to do it at SiriusXM five days a week is that dream fulfilled. I want to get into the stuff that makes us tick – reality TV, online shopping addictions, dating, first-world problems and balancing those with more serious news and current events. Every morning on the Stars channel will be a new adventure fueled by my passion for almost everything.”

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