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June 4 Radio History

➦In 1917...broadcast journalist Charles Collingwood was born in Three Rivers Michigan.

As a protege of Edward R. Murrow he was a top-level CBS news correspondent from WWII through Viet Nam. He went on to become chief correspondent of CBS and host of its “Eyewitness to History” TV series. He took over hosting of Murrow’s live celebrity interview show “Person to Person” for the final two years of the series (1959-61).

Retiring from CBS in 1982, he died from cancer Oct 3, 1985 at age 68.

➦In 1942…Capitol Records opened for business, becoming the first major record label based on the U.S. west coast. The company had been established earlier in the year – by songwriters Johnny Mercer and Buddy De Sylva with Glenn Wallichs – as Liberty Records. It was Wallichs, Capitol's manager, who invented the art of record promotion by sending free copies of new releases to disc jockeys.

Clem McCarthy
➦In 1962...legendary sportscaster Clem McCarthy died at age 79. McCarthy was the first to announce the running of the Kentucky Derby back in 1928 and called every Derby through 1950. He also announced early boxing matches for NBC radio.

➦In 1962...The Beatles signed their first record contract with EMI, though it's merely to produce a series of demos. The band will have to pass its upcoming audition to get signed to make actual records.

➦In 1963…"Pop Go the Beatles" was first broadcast on BBC radio.  Each edition of Pop Go The Beatles began and ended with a rock ‘n’ roll version of the nursery rhyme Pop Goes The Weasel recorded by The Beatles.

➦In 1973…WNBC 97.1 FM  switched format to “The Rock Pile”

➦In 1998… WNWK NYC changes call letters to WCAA

The station first came on the air on 105.9 FM in 1964 as WHBI, which was originally owned by Hoyt Brothers Inc.. In the 1980s, the station - by then property of Multicultural Radio Broadcasting - went by the call letters WNWK, and aired leased-access ethnic programming.

In 1998, the station, under new ownership, started playing hit Spanish music as "Caliente 105.9" ("Hot 105.9"), with the call letters WCAA. In September 1999, the station changed its slogan to "105.9 Latino Mix" ("105.9 Latin Mix"). In February 2004, the station's owner, Univision Communications bought the 92.7 FM frequency in Garden City, New York which was the home of WLIR-FM and made it a western Long Island simulcast of 105.9 under the call letters WZAA.

➦In 2010...Himan Brown, who created immensely popular radio dramas like “Inner Sanctum Mysteries,” “CBS Mystery Theatre,” “The Adventures of the Thin Man” and “Dick Tracy,” employing an arsenal of beguiling sound effects that terrified or tickled the listeners, died at his home in Manhattan at age 99.

NYC Radio: Jeff Smulyan Visits WFAN, Station He Started

Jeff Smulyan, chairman and CEO of Emmis Communications, appeared as a guest this week on Mike Francesa’s show. WFAN 660 AM / 101.9 FM — and sports talk radio in general — was Smulyan’s brainchild.

“I had the idea when I was not paying attention in a class at USC almost 50 years ago,” he said. “It was one of those things you file away in the back of your mind.”

According to CBS Local, years later, Emmis owned WHN (then at 1050 AM), which aired country music and Mets games. It was “the largest country music station in America, which made it about 25th in New York,” Smulyan joked.

“So we had to decide and said if I’m ever going to do this, this is the time,” he said.

Smulyan said he met with his senior managers to discuss changing the format to around-the-clock sports, and none of them thought it was a good idea.

“Rick Cummings, who then and now was head of programming in the company — he was the first employee of the company — came into my office with Doyle Rose, who was then running the radio group, and they said: ‘We still think it’s a stupid idea, but we owe you one. This is your baby. So we’ll do it,'” Smulyan said.

WFAN is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Putin Tells Kelly: Hackers Could Be From Anywhere

Russian President Vladimir Putin found himself on the defensive Friday when asked by NBC News' Megyn Kelly to explain his earlier claim that private "patriotic" hackers could have interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Putin, in an exclusive interview with Kelly, insisted the hackers could have come from "anywhere" and then they could have — in a savvy and professional way — shifted the blame to make it look like Russia was behind the hacking.

"Hackers can be anywhere. They can be in Russia, in Asia...even in America, Latin America," he said. "They can even be hackers, by the way, in the United States who very skillfully and professionally shifted the blame, as we say, onto Russia. Can you imagine something like that? In the midst of a political battle?"

"By some calculations it was convenient for them to release this information, so they released it, citing Russia," Putin added. "Could you imagine something like that? I can."

Megyn Kelly's interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin airs Sunday at 7 p.m. ET during the premiere of "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly" on NBC.

Kelly told viewers that Putin — the former director of Russia's domestic spy agency — also suggested that the CIA could have been behind the hacking and noted that many people were convinced Russia was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Morning Joe Fingers Steve Bannon Source of Kushner Leaks

(Reuters Photo)
'Morning Joe' co-host Joe Scarborough claimed Friday morning that presidential strategist Steve Bannon is now effectively running the country – uttering the phrase 'President Bannon' seven times in 35 seconds for dramatic effect, reports

And he said Bannon, not U.S. intelligence agencies, is behind a series of embarrassing leaks about Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner's alleged Russia ties.

'Steve Bannon has been leaking – I believe, based on everything that I've heard – has been leaking these stories,' Scarborough said.

'People very close to Steve Bannon were telling me before the stories were leaked that he was going to be leaking these stories.'

'Two days after I heard this – two days! – [there was a] front-page New York Times story about the links between Kushner and Russia,' he added. 'A coincidence? Absolutely not.'

Two White House correspondents confirmed on Friday that Bannon has fed them negative information about Kushner in the past – but wouldn't say when, or whether they had used the dirt in their published reporting.

Anchor Jenna Lee Departs Fox News

Jenna Lee
Fox News anchor Jenna Lee stunned viewers with the surprise announcement that she was leaving the network after 10 years.

According to, Lee made the stunning revelation as she concluded her 2 p.m. broadcast on Friday, where she thanked the audience and co-workers while announcing that was her last day.

“I’ve decided it’s time for a change and have chosen to leave Fox News,” Lee, 37, said. “I love being a journalist. I believe it’s what I’m called to do. I have some really big ideas on how to better serve you in that particular arena.”

The mom of two joined the network in 2007 as a reporter for the Fox Business Network. She had anchored the daytime news show “Happening Now” on Fox News since 2010.

Lee did not say what her next job would be but said she’s grateful to Fox News for the opportunities she has enjoyed over the past decade. Fox News did not announce who would replace Lee on “Happening Now.”

S-F Radio: Greg Papa Gets New Deal With KGMZ

Greg Papa
Entercom/San Francisco has announced that the voice of the Oakland Raiders, Greg Papa, has agreed to a multi-year extension at KGMZ  95.7 FM The Game.

Papa has been with the station since 2014, and The Greg Papa Show will continue to air weekdays from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. Papa is a three-time California Sportscaster of the Year Award winner. In addition to hosting his show, Papa will make frequent appearances in morning drive.

“Greg Papa is an iconic personality in Bay Area sports media and we are thrilled to extend his contract,” said Don Kollins, program director, 95.7 The GAME. “Sports fans can look forward to an expanded role for Papa on our airwaves; it’s an exciting time here at 95.7 The GAME.”

“I’m happy we were able to agree on an extension,” said Papa. “The best fans in the country are right here in the Bay Area and I’m fortunate to have the platform to talk sports with them daily.”

Portland OR Radio: KXTG Adds Dino Costa For PM Drive

Dino Costa
Alpha Media, Portland has announced Dino Costa will join KXTG 750 AM / K275CH 102.9 FM The Game. Dino’s show will air weekday Afternoons starting Monday, June 5th, 3pm to 7pm.

Dino broadcast his show for 5-years on national airwaves with SiriusXM Radio providing a coast-to-coast radio excursion cited by Sports Illustrated magazine as one of America’s best. In addition, Dino was named to the Talkers Magazine ‘Heavy Hundred’ of best sports radio shows in the country. He has made several appearances on the Fox News channel offering up his thoughts and opinions on myriad issues. Before Sirius, he broadcast his show for 5-years in Denver on The Radio Colorado Network, and served as a studio analyst for Colorado Rockies baseball during the 2005-06 seasons. He also hosted his own sports television show in Denver; ‘Raw Sports with Dino Costa’, which aired on Fox Sports Rocky Mountain.

KXTG 750 AM (50 Kw-D, 20 KwN, DA2
In 2011, Dino hosted a 10-part series for the Madison Square Garden Network in New York; ‘Who Wore It Best’, a series documenting New York uniform numbers and the players that wore them and was the recipient of an Emmy Award.

Alpha Media, Portland Operations Manager, Bruce Collins commented on the announcement, “I am thrilled to bring a radio star like Dino Costa to The Game. Get ready Portland for an entertaining, informative, fun ride each day on your way home.” Dino has demonstrated the ability to build and sustain an audience wherever he has been, and we look forward to him being the dominate sports radio personality in the Rose City.”

“I’m thrilled and humbled by this extraordinary opportunity and look forward to working with everyone at Alpha Media to produce a sports radio show that leaves an indelible mark on Portland. I look forward to justifying the enormous faith of those who brought me to the Rose City with a radio show that resonates with listeners and marketing partners,” remarked Dino.

Sad: Kathy Griffin Plays 'Victim' Card

(Reuters) -- Comedian Kathy Griffin tearfully apologized in a Friday press conference for posing with a fake bloodied and severed head depicting U.S. President Donald Trump, saying that she felt her career was now over and that Trump "broke" her.

Griffin has lost sponsorships and jobs, including her role as co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve coverage with journalist Anderson Cooper, since a photograph and video from the shoot appeared on social media on Tuesday.

President Trump said the image of Griffin with the gory mask resembling him was "sick" and that it had traumatized his family, especially his youngest son, 11-year-old Barron. Trump's oldest son, Donald Jr., called for employers to drop the comedian.

“I don’t think I will have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, (Trump) broke me,” said Griffin, 56, a two-time Emmy-winning performer known for her deliberately provocative brand of humor. She added that she had received death threats.

Griffin reiterated the apology she posted on social media late on Tuesday, but remained defiant, saying, "I'm not afraid of Donald Trump, he's a bully," adding that she intended to continue making jokes about the president.

She also described herself as a provocative woman who has often had to deal with older white men in positions of power.

"What's happening to me has never happened ever, in the history of this great country, which is that a sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally, I feel, trying to ruin my life - forever,” she said.

Griffin said the photo was intended to mock Trump's comments during the presidential campaign, when he told CNN that Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her - wherever" when she moderated a 2015 presidential debate.

Trump's remark was widely interpreted as referring to menstrual blood, implying that Kelly was in an unfriendly mood because she was menstruating.

UMG Donates $500,000 to Manchester Fund

The fund set up to aid victims of the May 22 Manchester terrorist attack is getting several big infusions of cash, thanks to the music business. Clearly the tragedy hits close to home for the industry, seeing as a suicide bomber targeted an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, killing 22 and injuring several dozen attendees.

Universal Music Group, under guidance from Chairman/CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, a Knighted native of the United Kingdom and a CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire), donated $500,000 to the “We Love Manchester Memorial Fund,” telling Variety in a statement: “The Universal Music Group global family is proud to stand with Ariana Grande and its other performing artists in their support for the victims and families affected by the Manchester attack with a combined donation of US$500,000 to the ‘We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.’”

And UMG wasn’t the only big company to dip into its pockets. According to concert organizers, Twitter, Spotify and YouTube each handed over sizable donations to the Fund.

June 3 Radio History

➦In 1940...WPG-AM, Atlantic City, New Jersey, consolidated with WBIL-AM and WOV-AM to become the "New" WOV-AM.

WPG, "The Voice Of The World's Play Ground", signed on January 3, 1925.

Owned by the municipality of Atlantic City, they had no trouble finding public property to house the station.

WPG cost the city $13,000, but since it promised millions of dollars in publicity, the management felt comfortable exaggerating the figure to $50,000.

During the summer of 1927, WPG hired popular announcer Norman Brokenshire, who quickly became a local celebrity tooling around the "World's Play Ground" in a blue-and-orange Packard.

He broadcast from the glass-enclosed "Marine Studio" at the Steel Pier and once lowered a mike from the booth to allow the world to hear the ocean waves.

Almost every club and hotel provided a venue for WPG's broadcasts, and in 1929, the station was granted permission to sell commercial time.

In May 1929, the facilities were moved to the newly opened Convention Hall, with the "Neptune" and "Marine" studios, and a listening room, open to the public.

In 1931, under economic difficulties associated with the Depression, WPG joined the Columbia Network. The network leased the station, assumed the operating costs and shared the profits with Atlantic City. The affiliation lasted until 1935 and yielded no profit.

Starting in 1928, WPG shared time with WLWL (later WBIL) from Kearney on 1100 (see below). However, by 1935, WLWL was seeking full-time hours on the frequency.

The Federal Radio Commission (FRC) cited both stations on a failure to reach an agreement on their time-sharing and granted only a temporary license renewal to both of them.

By July 1938, WPG had become a burden to the city government, with the station adding $10,000 to its annual debt.

Despite protests from the Atlantic City business community, the station was sold for $275,000, and 1100 AM was taken over by WBIL.   

Programming on WBIL consisted mainly of Italian language shows.

On January 3, 1940, WBIL was dissolved into WOV.  WOV would eventually become WADO 1280 AM.

Today, Talk WPGG 1450 AM brands itself as WPG.

➦In 1946...Mutual Radio debuted “The Casebook of Gregory Hood” starring Gale Gordon, as a summer replacement series for Sherlock Holmes. ‘Hood’ was popular enough to win its own time slot in the fall, and continued for three years.  A variety of other radio veterans played musical chairs with the title role, including George Petrie, Elliott Lewis, Jackson Beck and Martin Gabel.

➦In 1949...singer/songwriter Hank Williams made his last appearance on Shreveport’s “Louisiana Hayride” radio show before moving to Nashville.

➦In 1949...the last episode of “The Admiral Broadway Revue” was broadcast. The first comedy variety program on television ran only 7 episodes, and starred Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca. The program had aired Friday nights simultaneously on NBC TV & Dumont.

➦In 1949…Dragnet (with Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday) was first broadcast on radio (KFI in Los Angeles).  It went national on NBC Radio a month later and continued through 1957; it began on TV in December 1951.

➦In 1975...bandleader/actor/producer Ozzie Nelson lost his battle with liver cancer at age 69. After leading his own dance band & being musical director for radio’s Red Skelton Show, he got his own radio sitcom The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet in 1944, which he transferred successfully to TV in 1952.

➦In 1987...the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inducted its first female artist, Aretha Franklin.

➦In 1993...Bob Fitzsimmons, NY radio DJ (WNEW AM/WABC AM/WHN AM), died at 53.

He was the morning man on WNEW-AM from 1989 until the station's demise in late 1992.  He began his broadcasting career in 1962 as an assistant to Ted Brown and William B. Williams at WNEW.

He appeared as the character Trevor Traffic with the team of Gene Klavin and Bob Finch.  Bob later appeared on WRKL in Rockland County, NY, WFMJ in Youngstown, Ohio, and WPEN in Philadelphia.  From 1970-73 he was a talk show host for WHN in New  York before returning to WNEW.  Before returing to WNEW in 1989 he was a talk show host and announcer for WABC.

➦In 2005...Infinity Broadcasting changed formats of two of the country's most notable Oldies-formatted stations: WCBS 101.1 FM in New York and WJMK 104.3 FM in Chicago. 

Both stations adopted the "Jack" format while the former Oldies FM stations were moved to online versions. In New York WCBS-FM was renamed "101.1 Jack FM" and in Chicago, WJMK-FM became "104.3 Jack FM.

The "Jack" format experiment at WCBS-FM is widely regarded, inside and outside the industry, as one of the greatest failures in modern New York radio history, as the station fell to the very bottom of the ratings of full-market-coverage FM stations in the New York market.

CBS Radio dropped the Jack Format on HD1 on July 9, 2007 and resumed ‘oldies’ under a Classic Hits umbrella.

On March 9, 2011, CBS announced that on March 14, beginning at 1:04 p.m., WJMK would switch to a classic hits format known as "K-Hits", dropping the Jack FM format and brand. The change marked the station's return to an updated version of the oldies format it dropped in 2005.

➦In 2016…Veteran radio personality (XM Satellite Radio, WBCN, WCOZ and WRKO in Boston, WABX and WKNR in Detroit, WORC-Worcester) Mark Parenteau died at the age of 66.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Detroit Radio: Ian Richards Named PD at 98.7 AMP

Ian 'Slacker' Richards
CBS RADIO Detroit’s WDZH-FM 98.7 AMP Radio announced today that APD/MD/Afternoon Drive Host, Ian “Slacker” Richards, has been promoted to Program Director.

Richards will continue to host Afternoon Drive and can be heard 3:00PM – 7:00PM both on air and online at and through the mobile app.

In 2003, Ian Richards started his radio career in Flint, Michigan as an intern at WQUS-FM and in 2005, Richards moved on to WRCL-Club 93.7 as Night Show Host and Music Director. In 2010, while still working at WRCL, Richards joined the WDZH team as a part-time air personality and in 2012, he left WRCL to become the full time Afternoon Drive Host/Music Director at the station. Richards added Assistant Program Director to his title in October 2015.

Tim Roberts, Vice President of Programming, CBS RADIO Detroit, said, “Ian has demonstrated over and over an in-depth knowledge of the Top 40 format, music and artists.  He is also a natural leader both on and off the air for our staff and the WDZH brand.”  

WDZH 98.7 FM (50 Kw) Red=Local Coverage
“I am excited to take WDZH to the next level and grow as a programmer! I’d like to thank our Market Manager, Debbie Kenyon, and some of the best programmers in the industry who helped me get to where I am today including, Michael Martin, Tim Roberts, Erik Bradley, Tim Rainey and Clay Church,” added Richards.

Sinclair-Tribune Merger Faces Roadblock

A federal appeals court put on hold the FCC’s plans to restore a key media ownership rule that allowed major station groups to expand through mergers and acquisitions. The ruling could prove to be a roadblock to Sinclair Broadcast Group’s pending $3.9 billion acquisition of Tribune Media TV stations.

According to Variety, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay to the FCC’s decision in April to restore the so-called UHF discount, which has allowed major media companies to exceed restrictions on the number of stations that they can own. The court said that the stay will give them an opportunity to review the merits of the case.

A source close to the situation noted that the temporary stay granted on Thursday extends through June 7, and the real test will come next week after the review is completed by a three-judge panel. Reps for Sinclair and Tribune declined to comment late Thursday.

By FCC regulations, no single entity can amass station holdings that reach more than 39% of the country, but for years the FCC allowed media companies to count their UHF stations as covering just 50% of their service area. That made it possible for major media companies like ION Media Networks, Univision and Tribune Media to exceed the 39% cap without having to sell off stations.

In the wake of the FCC’s decision, Sinclair Broadcast Group on May 8 announced plans to purchase Tribune, a deal that would create a broadcast colossus with more than 200 TV stations. Although the combined company would reach about 72% of the country, with the discount Sinclair would be much closer to being in compliance with the 39% ownership limit.

The UHF discount was put in place in 1985, as a nod to the fact that the signal in the UHF band was so poor compared to that of VHF stations.

The Richards Group Wins Big At Radio Mercury Awards

Winners for the 2017 Radio Mercury Awards were announced Thursday evening at the 26th annual awards presentation held at Stage 48 in New York. This year’s $50,000 Best of Show award was given to The Richards Group for their Motel 6 Campaign.
“The Motel 6 Radio Campaign won Best of Show because it created a fresh, top-of-mind execution to convey Motel 6’s iconic brand; this campaign continues the Motel 6 narrative in a refreshing and relevant way,” noted Mark Gross, founder and creative director, Highdive Advertising and chief judge for the 2017 Radio Mercury Awards. “The 15 winners honored tonight represent creative radio at the highest level.”

“The best creative storytellers, with the ability to engage consumers and build brands, always shine bright at this event” said Erica Farber, president and CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau and chair of the Radio Creative Fund. “Motel 6’s campaign and all of this year’s winners epitomize the art of stellar radio creative.”

This year’s Marketer of the Year Award was presented to T-Mobile. Drew Horowitz, president and chief operating officer of Hubbard Radio presented this year’s award to Peter DeLuca, senior vice president, brand communications at T-Mobile. Erica Farber noted that “T-Mobile’s partnership with the radio industry to help drive key objectives forward truly sets it apart; they make radio a key component in their advertising campaigns and activate programs leveraging radio’s core equities to garner results.

The lively ceremony was hosted by the radio team of Jeff & Jenn from Hubbard Radio’s Q102 in Cincinnati and included the following presenters: Chris Beresford-Hill, and Pete Kain, BBDO NY; New York radio personalities – Ebro Darden from Emmis’ Hot 97; Wendy Wild from iHeartMedia’s WKTU; Joel Santiago from Univision Radio’s X 96.3 FM; Jayde Donovan, from Cumulus’ 95.5 PLJ; and Dan Taylor, from CBS Radio’s WCBS-FM. DJ Whutever from iHeartMedia’s Power 105.1 served as the guest DJ for the night.

This year’s event was produced by the Radio Advertising Bureau, presented by Hubbard Radio in partnership with iHeartMedia Inc., and sponsored by: Beasley Broadcasting, Bonneville International, CBS Radio, Cherry Creek Radio, Cox Media Group, Cromwell Group,  Emmis Communications, Entercom Communications, E.W. Scripps, Forcht Broadcasting, Katz Radio Group, Marketron, Miller, Kaplan, Arase LLP, MoreFM, Neuhoff Media, Nielsen Audio, Salem Communications, Townsquare Media, Triton Digital, United Stations Radio Network, Univision Radio, vCreative, and Westwood One.

Click Here to listen to all of the work awarded.

CA Radio: CBS Radio Promotes Scott Ward

Scott Ward
CBS RADIO Riverside and Palm Springs has promoted Scott Ward to program director of the clusters’ five radio stations across both markets, KFRG 95.1, KXFG 92.9, KVFG 103.1, KRAK 910 AM, and KEZN 103.1.

Ward will continue to serve as co-host of the K-FROG morning drive show, airing weekdays from 5:00 AM – 10:00 AM heard on air and online at and through the app.

Ward joined CBS RADIO Riverside in 1995 as host of the K-FROG morning show; he was promoted to music director in 2010. In this expanded role as program director, Ward will oversee all operations of the five stations including music, artist relations, marketing and promotions and digital outreach.

“This is a very well deserved promotion, and I’m thrilled for our stations to have the expertise of one of radio’s finest program directors,” said Michael Valenzuela, Senior Vice President & Market Manager, CBS RADIO Riverside and Palm Springs. “During his 20 years with us, Scott has developed a deep understanding of what audiences in the Riverside-San Bernardino area want from their local station, from music to events to community involvement.”

“I am excited for the opportunity to program for my radio home of the past two decades,” added Ward. “We’ve got great teams across our stations who work hard every day creating great content and keeping the fun alive for our local listeners!”

Las Vegas Radio: Beasley Launches Lite 101.5 FM

Beasley Media Group announces the launch of the new  K268CS Lite 101.5 FM in Las Vegas. The station is being fed via KCYE 1027 FM HD2 and will feature Today’s Hits and Yesterday’s Favorites from a wide variety of artists like Maroon 5, Adele and Madonna. The station will kick-off with 10,000 songs in a row commercial free.

“Lite 101.5 is the perfect choice for the Adult Modern Listener who feels Variety is important in their music taste,” said Operations Manager John Candelaria. “The station has a playlist that includes the best songs from the 80s, 90s, sprinkled in with some 70s and Today’s Hits from Maroon 5, Adele and Bruno Mars. The new format is a great addition to our Las Vegas Cluster of stations. This is a very exciting time for Beasley Media as we grow in the Las Vegas Market.”

K268CS 101.5 FM (250 watts)
“We are pleased to add a 6th station to the Beasley Las Vegas Radio group, said Market Manager Tom Humm. “Lite 101.5 FM will further complement our iconic brands and program to the affluent adult audience utilizing the Adult Contemporary format. Beasley Media Group continues to expand its entertainment assets to serve both our listeners and client’s needs, providing great music, news and information to our community.”

“Beasley is now the premiere cluster of radio stations in Las Vegas, particularly when it comes to serving the female audience, said Executive Vice President of Programming Justin Chase. “This station only makes it stronger. I want to congratulate Tom Humm, John Candelaria and the engineering department for giving us a top quality product!”

Las Vegas Radio: KCYE, KDWN To Air NFL Raiders

Beasley Media Group announces The Raiders have selected Beasley Media Group as the team’s official radio broadcast partner in Las Vegas.

“The Raiders are proud to announce an exclusive media partnership with Beasley Media Group,” said Raiders President Marc Badain. “The passion of Raider Nation is unrivaled and we look forward to working with Beasley to bring exclusive and captivating Raiders content and coverage to Southern Nevada.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be named the official Las Vegas flagship radio partner of the Raiders,” said Brian Beasley, Executive Vice president and Chief Operating Officer at Beasley Media Group. “Our five radio properties are the perfect fit as the team makes NFL history with its exciting new move to Las Vegas. The Beasley Media Group team is committed to providing the team and our listeners with the very best sports programming and entertainment experience possible.”

“My brother, David and I were born and raised in Las Vegas and he participated as a quarterback with the Raiders team that won two Super Bowls,” said Market Manager Tom Humm. It is an honor to be part of the Beasley Media team bringing the Raiders game broadcasts to the Las Vegas community, while also working with David to build insight and on air content relating to what it is like to play in the NFL for an iconic Raiders team. “

Beasley Media Group will enter into a two-year deal as the Las Vegas flagship radio partner for the Raiders. Country KCYE 1027 FM (99 Kw) and N/T KDWN 720 AM (50 Kw)  will cover preseason and regular season games beginning with the 2017 season. The agreement with Beasley Media Group was negotiated by Compass Media Networks, who will continue to exclusively manage, produce, and distribute all audio broadcasts of The Raiders. Greg Papa, the voice of the Raiders, will again team with former Raiders quarterback, head coach and assistant coach Tom Flores to call the action. Former Raiders Pro Bowl tackle Lincoln Kennedy will provide sideline analysis.

Bad: Newspaper Circulation Hits 77-Year Low

Following last year’s presidential election, some major U.S. newspapers reported a sharp jump in digital subscriptions, giving a boost to their overall circulation totals. The newspaper industry as a whole, however, faced ongoing challenges in 2016, according to new Pew Research Center analysis.

Newspaper circulation continues to fall

Yearly financial statements show that The New York Times added more than 500,000 digital subscriptions in 2016 – a 47% year-over-year rise. The Wall Street Journal added more than 150,000 digital subscriptions, a 23% rise, according to audited statements produced by Dow Jones. And the Chicago Tribune added about 100,000 in weekday digital circulation, a 76% year-over-year gain, according to its filings with the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), an organization that verifies many daily newspapers’ circulation figures.

But these gains did not translate into circulation growth for the industry overall. A Pew Research Center analysis of data from AAM shows  total weekday circulation for U.S. daily newspapers fell to 35 million, while total Sunday circulation declined to 38 million – the lowest levels since 1945. (For more information on how these totals were calculated, see our fact sheet.)

This overall decline in circulation coincided with a double-digit decline in advertising revenue for the industry as a whole. A separate Pew Research Center analysis based on the year-end financial statements of seven publicly traded U.S. newspaper companies suggests that advertising revenue across the industry declined even more sharply than in recent years: a 10% decline, which outpaces the 8% decline in 2015. This decline put total ad revenue for the industry in 2016 at $18 billion. This is nearly a third of what it was just 10 years ago: In 2006, the Newspaper Association of America, now known as the News Media Alliance, put total industry ad revenue at $49 billion.

Newspapers' circulation revenue climbs steadily even as advertising declines

By contrast, circulation revenue has been steady over the past few years, rising from $10.4 billion in 2012 to $10.9 billion in both 2015 and 2016. This is a small bright spot for the industry, and comes as some publishers are pursuing a “subscription-first model” by focusing on growing the number of subscribers rather than retaining advertising revenue.

Good: CableTV News Audience Increases 55 Percent

According to Pew Research Center analysis of Nielsen Media data, viewership increased for cable news channels in 2016. In prime time, combined average viewership for the three major news channels (CNN, Fox News and MSNBC) increased by 55% to 4.8 million viewers. (Audience data for the three major financial networks – CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg – are not available.)

Daytime (6 a.m. to 6 p.m.) average viewership also grew – up 36% over the previous year.

 Fox News, MSNBC and CNN were all projected to grow their profits in 2016, registering a combined increase of 29%.

Fox News Signs Martha MacCallum to Long-Term Deal

Martha MacCallum has re-signed a long-term contract with the network, announced Suzanne Scott, president of programming for FNC. MacCallum will remain as anchor of FNC’s The Story with Martha MacCallum (weeknights at 7PM/ET) and will continue her contributions to FNC’s top-rated election coverage.”

Scott said, “Over the past 12 years, Martha has built a relationship with our viewers based on her engaging personality and trustworthiness. She has proven herself to be an essential component of the network’s programming.”

The Story has posted a 13% increase in total viewers during the 7 pm hour since its launch on May 1 versus the same time period on 2016, according to the network.

Prior to The Story, MacCallum anchored The First 100 Days, which chronicled the start of the new administration and continued until President Trump’s 100th day in office. For the first quarter of 2017, The First 100 Days delivered the most-watched quarter in network history for the 7 pm time period.

MacCallum stated “I’m extremely proud of what we have built here at FOX News and the relationship we have with our loyal viewers. What we started over the course ofThe First 100 Days, and now continue with The Story each night, kicks off the best primetime lineup in news. I am proud to be part of our great political and news coverage and look forward to the future of FOX News.”

Before her current show, she anchored The First 100 Days at 7 p.m. And before Fox News, McCallum worked at NBC and CNBC. She’s a graduate of St. Lawrence University.

Lawrence O'Donnell Staying at MSNBC

Lawrence O'Donnell has re-signed with MSNBC ahead of his current contract's expiration on Sunday, the network has confirmed.

The Hill reports "The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell" has been on a ratings roll of late, finishing third in the key 25-54 demographic in the month of May, only behind MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" and Fox's "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

The progressive O’Donnell took his contract negotiations public on Twitter in May after reports surfaced that the network was considering moving former "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams from his current 11 p.m. ET slot to 10 p.m. ET.

But the 65-year-old former "West Wing" producer tweeted out the news to his 1.67 million followers on Thursday, writing he'll be back on the network "for the foreseeable future."

Hannity: "They're Going To Pick All Of Us Off"

On his nationally syndicated radio talk show, host Mark Levin talked with Sean Hannity about the left’s targeted attacks against Hannity and his show, Hannity saying, “If we don’t fight back, they’re going to pick all of us off.”

“Enough is enough, Mark,” stated Sean Hannity. “If we don’t fight back, they’re going to pick all of us off one by one.”

Hannity and Levin’s comments come after the George Soros-affiliated group Media Matters for America posted a list of Sean Hannity’s advertisers. Hannity called the effort by the leftist group a “kill shot” to take him out.

Buffalo Radio: Longtime Newsman John Zach Returning

John Zach
After six months off the air, 76-year-old John Zach will return to Buffalo radio as news director and morning news anchor at WECK 1230 AM and W275BB 102.9 FM on July 10, new owner Buddy Shula announced Thursday.

When Zach left WBEN-AM at the end of 2016, the announcement didn’t include the word "retirement."

Entercom Buffalo operations manager Tim Wenger’s message ended with the line “please join me in congratulating John on an amazing career on the air and wishing him well as he moves on to the next chapter.”

WECK is the next chapter. Zach will anchor the news during WECK's weekday morning show, The WECK Coffee Club.

"I'm really excited," Zach said this morning. "I missed it. I've been looking forward to this since January. I never intended on retiring."

The Buffalo Broadcasters Association Hall of Famer spent 18 years at WBEN and has worked about a half century in radio at multiple stations in the market. Zach was inducted into the Buffalo Broadcasters Association's Hall of Fame in 2002.

W275BB 102.9 FM (220 watts)
WECK also announced that it is adding CBS Radio News as part of its shift "from mostly syndicated and satellite programming to a live and local full-service format."

June 2 Radio History

➦In 1896...Marconi files full specs for first (radio) wireless patent. He had succeeded the previous year in sending long-wave radio signals over a distance of about two kilometres. And in 1897, Marconi formed a wireless telegraphy company to develop its commercial applications. In 1901, he sent the letter ”S” across the Atlantic from Cornwall, England to a receiving station in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Ben Grauer
➦In & TV announcer Ben Grauer was born in Staten Island NY.

Starting in 1932 on NBC Radio, Grauer covered the Olympic Games, presidential inaugurations, and international events. He is best remembered as the NBC radio and TV host of the annual New Year’s Eve broadcasts live from Times Square. During his 40-year broadcast career, he hosted over half a dozen TV programs on NBC including game shows, quiz shows, concerts and news programs.

His career at NBC ended in 1973, and he died after a heart attack May 31, 1977 at age 68.

➦In Walter Tetley was born in New York City.  At age 23 he moved to Hollywood where his radio career as a series of brash teenagers blossomed and lasted more than 25 years, by which time he was in his late 40’s.  His best remembered roles are as Gildy’s nephew Leroy on NBC radio’s The Great Gildersleeve, and as Julius Abbruzio on The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show.  He also voiced many popular cartoon characters.  He died at age 60 Sept. 4 1975, four years after a serious MVA had left him confined to a wheelchair.

Charles Farrell, Gil Stratton Jr. "Freddie", and Gale Storm
➦In Gill Stratton Jr. was born in Brooklyn.  While appearing in supporting roles in film in the late 40’s he began working as a radio actor in such shows as Lux Radio Theater, The Great Gildersleeve, and My Little Margie. He worked opposite Judy Garland in the 1950 radio version of The Wizard of Oz, and opposite Shirley Temple in an audio adaptation of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer. In the 1954 television season, Stratton was a regular on the CBS situation comedy That’s My Boy.  That same year he began a 16 year run as sportscaster on KNXT Los Angeles, and over time also covered sports for KNX radio and KTTV.

He died of congestive heart failure Oct. 11 2008 at age 86.

➦In 1933...WNJ 1450 AM, Newark, New Jersey went off the air.

This station originally went on the air as WRAZ in June 1923, located at 1290 AM.
It was owned by former naval radio operator Herman Lubinsky, who established the Radio Shop of Newark at 58 Market St., for the home of WRAZ. In April 1924, calls were changed to WCBX.

Then, on October 15, 1924, Lubinsky requested the calls WNJ, which he said stood for "Wireless New Jersey," and received his third set of call letters in 16 months.

In 1925, Lubinsky built a studio in the Paradise Ballroom in Newark and operated a shortwave transmitter for local remote pick-ups.

In July of that year, WNJ moved to 1190 AM and shared time briefly with New York station WGCP.
In July 1926, WNJ broadcasted "unauthorized" on 850 and 860 AM.

In April 1927, the station moved to 1070 AM and shared time with WGCP and Newark station WDWM.

Later that year, WNJ moved to 1120 AM and finally in November 1928, the station settled on 1450 AM, sharing time with Fort Lee station WBMS, Elizabeth staation WIBS and Jersey City station WKBO.

WNJ, "The Voice Of Newark", presented programming in Polish and Lithuanian and featured some of the earliest Italian programming in the New York metropolitan area, featuring Ben D'Avella.

In November 1932, the FRC (Federal Radio Commission) denied WNJ's request for license renewal. Lubinsky fought the action in the federal courts, but lost and was ordered off the air.

➦In 1937...The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy was broadcast on NBC radio for the first time, the summer replacement for Jack Benny. Frank Morgan starred as the absent-minded Dr. Tweedy.

➦In 1937...CBS radio presented the first broadcast of Second Husband. The show continued on the air until 1946.

➦In 1959...DJ Alan Freed did his first show on WABC 770 AM, New York after being fired from WINS 1010-AM, New York. He left WABC in November of that same year.