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IMDB is now accepting listings for audio podcasts, the website has announced. Kind of: currently, podcasts are marked, as our listing shows, as a TV Series, and there’s no link to the RSS feed nor the audio. For now.

➤Acast has announced that any show on Acast Open, the company’s podcast hosting service, can now apply to be part of the Acast Marketplace and generate revenue from ad impressions. Podcasters will receive monthly payouts based on dynamically-inserted ads in their shows.

➤First look: Juleyka Lantigua-Williams from Lantigua Williams & Co today announces a three-part webinar called Podcasting, Seriously. “With so many excellent 101 resources available about HOW TO podcast, it’s time to take a deeper look at skills and ideas that will take you a step further into podcasting as an industry,” she says.

Wondering what podcasters have in their PodKit? PodKit helps share the tools that podcasters use. Currently in “very early alpha”, here’s what our Editor uses - and you all use Podnews, right?

➤A company called Bertom has released a free noise reduction plugin called Denoiser. It has zero-latency processing, which could help; and proudly boasts six sliders and two knobs. It provides very decent results while being easy to use, says a review.

Podfund has announced another strategic investment, this time into Atypical Artists, a fiction audio company.

➤Enterprise podcast host Knit will now be run by co-founder and CTO Matt Kinser. Co-founder and President Kris Smith is now to lead PodcastAds, a company helping podcast ad buyers. Both companies share a common owner, Palegroove LLC.



➤California listens to podcasts more than any other US state, says Stitcher, which has posted a look back at the last ten years of podcasting. Among the pieces of data: two-thirds of podcasts are streamed rather than downloaded, the company says.

London-based Podcast Radio is to expand, and will also broadcast across Manchester in England from Monday. The service is also to partner with Evergreen Podcasts, and will start airing several of their top-rated podcasts over the summer. You can also hear a tailored version of Podnews on the station.

➤Pex, a service that is scanning podcasts for music, has revealed that 17% of podcasts contain at least ten seconds of music. Of all types, they add.

➤An investor, writing for Seeking Alpha, claims that Spotify is over-valued, and its foray into podcasting “is not a sure-fire success”.

➤The Infinite Dial Canada 2020 will be announced in a free webinar on June 4. It’ll give a new figure for Canadian podcast consumption, which is amongst the highest in the world.

Audioboom is to “participate exclusively” in Triton Digital’s Podcast Reports, according to a press release. Triton competes with Podtrac in the US for a podcast ranker, but also has products in LATAM and Australia, with more countries slated for launch.

Todd Cochrane, Blubrry’s CEO, gets a feature in Columbus CEO, talking about how the company got started.

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The Podcast Academy have posted an updated Board of Governors. Rob Greenlee from Libsyn has been confirmed as the Chair; governors include Conal Byrne from iHeartMedia, Ben Cave from Apple, Anya Grundmann from NPR and Courtney Holt from Spotify. The Board also includes podcast producers, talent agents, and studios. Google is absent.
  • Membership for the organisation opens on June 22 for podcasters across the world; there’ll be a webinar on June 18. The price for membership will be just US$50, lower than first announced.
  • The award ceremony, to be held in Los Angeles in early 2021, will be renamed. In case you missed it, here’s the initial announcement and speech.
➤Podimo, a subscription-based podcast service, announced today that it has raised $16.5m in funding. The service is live in Denmark and Germany; it raised $6.6m in July 2019.

➤Deezer says podcasts are being used to fight loneliness during lockdown. 19% of those surveyed have started listening to podcasts for the first time during lockdown.

Amazon may be investing in local sports podcasts, according to Axios, as part of their push into podcasting. The company they’ve sniffed around, apparently, is Blue Wire, which we first wrote about in February.

➤Veritone has published a white paper around topic extraction from podcasts and what you can use this new technology for. (Google Podcasts has automatic topic extraction within its player, incidentally)

➤Dave Winer has posted where the idea for RSS came from. (Microsoft, it turns out.) Meanwhile, co-inventor of podcasting Adam Curry has blogged about Joe Rogan. Focus on your Tribe, he advises.

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➤“Podcast apps today still feel like hacked music players. Podcasts are great and open, but they’re also kind of stuck in the past.” So says Morten Just, the author of as-yet unnamed podcast app, which breaks conventions by not allowing you to subscribe to shows, changes its look and feel for each show, and just plays a never-ending stream of podcasts. It has captions, uses Google to find more information about what you’re listening to, a bookmarking system, and a service called “Mix With Music”, which uses your own music service. Perhaps a worthy reinvention of the podcast app - or at least containing some neat ideas - it appears iOS only for now, and in private beta.

➤How much ad revenue is The Joe Rogan Experience expected to generate in the next few years? Magellan AI does the maths, based on their own data: and gives you a Google Spreadsheet to work it out for yourself.

AdLarge has extended its partnership with Crime Junkie and the audiochuck Network. Crime Junkie ▸ gets more than 31m downloads a month, according to the press release.

Adam Carolla managed to “make history” with 1.1m video streams of a live episode of his podcast. The stream of the PodcastOne show was with LiveXLive, who are also the new owners of Podcast One. (Tip for podcasters: it’s pronounced Live by Live, we belatedly learn.)

➤Pocket Casts has released Pocket Casts 7.9 in beta for Android. It offers new icons, and themes; properly supports Android’s inbuilt account manager system; and bug fixes.

0work is a new website which promises to “turn your podcast into video”. Yhe basic plan is $17/month. You can test it for free with short videos - our podcast is short, so we gave it a go. Not sure it understands our aloof British accent.

➤Another day, another podcast app. LSTN promises “a new podcast listening app focusing on discoverability and privacy”, and appears to use Podchaser data for reviews. It’s iOS only for now.

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➤Android is way bigger than iPhone. ScientiaMobile’s latest data shows Android phones are used by 65.1% of the world. The data, based on mobile web use, shows that the most popular phones are (for iOS) the Apple iPhone XR and (for Android) the Samsung Galaxy S9. Out of the countries highlighted, the US is the only country with more Apple use than Android.
Podtrac reports that podcast consumption continues to recover after a slump caused by the coronavirus. Last week, downloads were up 5%, and audience up 4%. Comedy saw the highest growth. The service only measures participating publishers.

➤Sean Howard writes about podcast marketing that works, highlighting that clarity is always a useful tool for marketing.

Podkite have redesigned their kitelinks pages after some testing. Here’s ours.

➤JustPod posts about how China’s podcasters dealt with the coronavirus pandemic. Some tried live-streaming audio; others connected to frontline reporters.

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