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MTV UK is launching five podcasts in 2020, tied to their TV shows.

➤Edison Research’s Infinite Dial will be presented live from New York City on Mar 19, in an event also available online. The data includes an expanded podcasting and smart speaker section, and is the survey of record for those interested in the medium’s growth.

Podcast rankers are flawed, says Josh Janssen, highlighting a change in some Australian podcasts in an apparent attempt to game the chart.

Podcast Market Deep Dive from BDMI is a useful overview of the current state of the podcast market.

Hernan Lopez from Wondery answers questions from lots of different people for LinkedIn, in their “You’ve got this” feature - including the magic figure that Wondery look for to take on a show.

The world’s most downloaded apps for 2019 is an interesting read: Spotify is the only podcast player in the list, and the split between Apple vs Android is worth considering.

Heneka Watkis-Porter has released Podcast Power, a book claiming to be “The Quick-Start Guide to Launching and Leveling-Up Your Brand”. She’s speaking at, among others, Podcast Movement Evolutions and Podfest.

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➤The European Radio Show, currently underway in Paris, France, has a surprisingly vibrant Pod Village: an area with exhibitors from mainly French podcast companies. The area also has a demonstration theatre - when we walked past, we saw Podcastics demonstrating “lien magique”, magic subscription links. There was also a conference track of podcast topics, open to everyone, with speakers and panels: we saw Declan Moore from Wondery explain their strategy. Podnews’s Editor, James Cridland, gave a keynote: “ten things radio can learn from podcasting”. The event continues today and tomorrow.

➤HotPod reports that Endeavor Audio have laid-off its inhouse advertising sales team.

➤Entale, the visually augmented podcast player, has launched an Android version of their podcast app. It’s in the Google Play store now. They’ve also launched their first “Entale Original”, a show called 'Making The Cut’, hosted by TV presenters Davina McCall and Michael Douglas.

➤Triton Digital have released their latest podcast ranker for LATAM. One new entry is interesting: the FOX News Radio Newscast ▸, which is (as far as we can tell) the only podcast in the ranker in English.

➤The “IMDB of podcasting ” Podchaser hit three million creator credits (hosts, producers, etc) in December. They’ve just hit 4 million.

➤Little America, a show on Apple TV+, is to get its own companion podcast from Apple according to TechCrunch.

➤Just when we thought we’d got the final comprehensive answer, Jack Rhysider wades into the “Apple Podcasts vs Spotify” debate, sharing his stats. A few choice quotes: “Psshhh. This clears up nothing!”, “What? Again I’m lost,” and “Whoa what is this!?”

➤“The disruptive, heavy ad formats that gained popularity in recent years - homepage takeovers, expandables, etc - are not great solutions for Audio.” Lizzy Glazer, the GM at podcast producer CodeAudio, discusses the fastest way to kill podcast advertising.

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PodInstall is a new product that lets podcasts to be listened-to and subscribed in an app-like experience without installing an app. Speaking to Podnews this morning at the European Radio Show, Pierre Orlac’h said the app has trebled the amount of listens for his podcasts from his website. “A lot of people just want the content, and don’t want to install anything,” he told us; you can put your favourite podcast on your phone’s app list, and receive notifications whenever shows are released. Here’s Podnews on PodInstall - the product is free, with additional paid options.

Serial is for sale, says The Wall Street Journal: Serial Productions is, apparently, being courted by the New York Times.

➤What are the much-rumoured shows to be made by Apple Podcasts? Perhaps we have an answer today: Apple is to make original podcasts to promote its TV shows, claims an article from the Los Angeles Times.

➤Podcast app Pocket Casts has received an upgrade. Version 7.7 offers curated lists (“working with well-known podcasters and thought leaders”), and highlights from individual podcast networks including WNYC, Wondery and Radiotopia. Interested publishers should look here for more detail.

➤Audio production company Audity has announced a production partnership with Spotify, and will “produce podcasts and audio-forward content across all scripted and unscripted genres for Spotify’s global audience”. The company has also hired Frank Hajdu as Executive Vice President.

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Exclusive: Apple vs Spotify: who is number one, really? Morgan Stanley and MIDiA have both released recent data showing Spotify could be #1 for “people”, aka “unique devices” - but both surveys are based on human recall, not data. We were keen to see what the data said: so Podnews asked two podcasting companies whether they were able to work out “devices” vs “downloads”. Libsyn did not reply to our email; but Chartable - which has oversight of a number of podcasts across different podcast hosts and services - has crunched the data and given a categorical, and final, answer to who is #1 for podcasting. Researchers may like to note that Chartable’s “unique downloads” per app are, pleasingly, within 1% of Libsyn’s reported percentages.

Front Office Sports has an article focusing on Tom Ricks, ESPN’s VP of audio digital strategy and marketing: and discusses the strategy and process within ESPN for launching a new podcast.

Crossover Media Group has signed a production, sales and distribution deal with Just The News, a US news network launched by journalist John Solomon.

➤Podcast host Captivate have added “single subscribe pages” for all podcasts. Here’s one. The pages are automatically generated for every podcast hosted on the platform.


➤Social podcast app Breaker launches a redesign on iOS today, called Breaker 1.0. The new app (previous versions of Breaker made it to 0.9.21) features a simplified navigation, episode discovery, and a way of using it without an account.

Giide launched at CES - an augmented audio experience “like a podcast, walking tour, and workshop, all rolled into one”.

➤Is Spotify or Apple #1? They both are, explains our Editor. Depends what you’re measuring.

The BBC’s Director General, Tony Hall, is to retire in the summer. The front-runner is apparently James Purnell, currently responsible for BBC Radio and BBC Sounds.

➤In an email to customers, podcast host Transistor says that it now hosts 4,481 podcasts. They’ve just announced a method of sharing links to private podcasts, too.

Podcast·co, a podcast host, has launched a Zapier integration in beta, to help with automation, and has announced it’s pulling the OPAWG list of user-agents every week, to ensure the latest player information is always in their analytics.

➤Podcast maker Alitu has added a royalty-free music library, including variations, bumpers and stings, to their app.

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