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👉The Samsung Free podcast app will “soon be updated”, according to a communication from Acast to its podcasters, to remove the cause of a significant increase in downloads from automatic plays. (See yesterday’s Tech Stuff for more). In the meantime, Acast has demonetised listens coming from the Dalvik useragent “to protect our advertisers”; and notes that “under IAB guidelines, these listens are considered valid”. (Also considered valid downloads: those podcast plays bought in games apps)

👉Want to buy a successful podcast app? How about one of the biggest podcast apps on phones in developing countries? An app newly listed on MicroAcquire is, Podnews understands, popular KaiOS app PodLP.

👉Transistor has followed Buzzsprout’s lead by removing email addresses from podcast RSS feeds, to combat spam: something Podnews has highlighted for a number of years. The company has also added support for a verification code to help podcasters claim their shows.

👉The founders of Multitude Productions in Greenpoint NY have shown a local website round their office. The company employs six people and makes a living for 25 podcasters.

👉Another true-crime podcast has been mentioned in a court inquest. News Corp’s Dead Wrong contained “a lot of information”, said a police offer, but “not evidence of an offence”; and much of it was just regurgitating information already known. The inquest continues.

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👉In January 2001, Adam Curry wrote a blog post discussing how an always-on connection could download entertainment to “have the show ready for me when I am”. It was the blog post that turned into a meeting with Dave Winer, which turned into podcasting; but it’s been lost for years: until now. Read ”The Last Yard” - the blog post that started it all.Hear the early days of podcasting in a special documentary, just added to Podnews Extra.

👉Disctopia and Alby have added integration with “value 4 value” payments. The tool enables a pay-what-you-want system to allow people to reward the podcasters they listen to.

👉Transistor can now automatically add chapter timestamps into episode notes.

👉Plink is running a 50% discount for their pro plan for smart podcast links. The special pricing ends tomorrow.

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👉The Podcast Show in London has announced its return, on May 24-25 in Islington. The organisers have announced new features and events for the two days, including a preview night.

👉Seeing loads of downloads from a mysterious app called Dalvik? You’re not alone; they’re all coming from Samsung Android phones, and we understand that the downloads are related to Samsung Free, the company’s podcast app.
  • The RSS user-agent that these downloads are from is feedparser/6.0.8 , which is used by Samsung Free (but which is used by others, too). Here’s best practice for RSS crawlers and user agents.

👉The winners from the Audio Production Awards were announced. Our friends at Pod Bible went to the event.

👉New today - weekly podcast stats from the Podcast Index, to help us all spot trends in production. Find them in the new “Podcast Data” section below (which would make a fine sponsorship for someone)

👉Coverage of the Spotify exclusive show Toni & Ryan has got into the Daily Mail, in the form of curiously concocted crockery controversy.

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👉Libsyn has closed its free podcast hosting platform, Libsyn Studio. Launched nine months ago, it offered ad-supported free podcast hosting: the recording tool is now a feature for all paid Libsyn plans. The service lets you record directly from your computer into Libsyn, and assemble a show with custom intro and outros. Libsyn Studio accounts have been migrated to Libsyn 5.

👉RØDE is virtually giving away its streaming software Unify. “A powerful virtual mixing solution that allows streamers and gamers to take full control of their audio, including routing up to four microphones and six virtual audio devices into one easy-to-use mixer, creating fully independent sub-mixes for every output, adding studio-quality processing to microphones, and much more” normally costs AUD $69 for twelve months, but the price is just $1 for the year until Nov 30.

👉“Crazy”, “Wow” and “Exactly” are some of the most popular words used in Joe Rogan’s podcasts, according to a language study by Preply, while My Favorite Murder favours “Wow”, “Totally”, and “Man”. The company has also done analysis on the most popular podcast searches by US state, and the most popular words in political podcasts: liberals like the word “family”, while conservatives like “money”.

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👉Spotify’s Anchor has added “audio enhancement” to its app. The company says “A single tap can automatically reduce background noise while leveling your voice and bringing it to the forefront.” Alternatives are Auphonic, which is used by a number of podcast hosts, and Descript’s “studio sound”.

👉Targetspot has sold its digital audio business to Azerion, a Netherlands-based “high growth digital entertainment and media platform”, for US $30m. Targetspot will retain ownership of Winamp; their adsales business, and streaming company Shoutcast, will be now owned by Azerion.

👉A new audio editor, Trebble, is on-sale for a lifetime price of $69 in AppSumo. It lets you edit your audio using the transcription.

👉Leo Laporte is to retire - from radio. The Tech Guy radio show, which started on KFI-AM in Los Angeles in January 2004 and is carried on over 160 stations, will end on Dec 18.

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