Friday, July 11, 2014

NashFM: Garth Brooks Visits America's Morning Show

Blair Garner, Garth
The morning after he announced a new album and a major tour, Garth Brooks visited NashFM and ‘America’s Morning Show' Friday.

Not only did Blair get Garth Brooks to have a personal chat about the big announcements (his expected comeback, a new album and world tour, and partnership with Sony Music's RCA Nashville).

As if that weren't big enough for a Friday morning, Brad Paisley got real with Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks on today's America’s Morning Show, and gave some good insight into how this Sunday’s Duel Competitions will work on ABC's Rising Star! (Listen to aircheck below)

In this morning's interview, Garth told Blair Garner and the "America's Morning Show" audience: "I didn’t believe I’d be smiling like this.  I feel like a five year old kid again."

Garth also shared that he was "scared" during yesterday's press conference. Blair asked why, to which Garth responded: “Pretty scared to death ‘cause things change... It’s a wild ride to be on.  I got out of the business without somebody throwing me out.  At some point, that’s gotta happen.  That’s what makes it fun, but that’s what makes it scary.”

Blair Garner said: "Never has Country Radio had a better friend than the one it has in Garth Brooks.  He never forgets to include us.  When he invited America’s Morning Show to be a part of the day, there was no way we were going to miss it.  Our candid interview with him covered the gamut — details of his conversations with Trisha Yearwood about the comeback — plans for his selling Garth music for the first time on a digital platform — even his thoughts on how some songs have crossed over to different formats, and how he feels about that.  It was all exclusive content that had our listeners going crazy this morning.  Yes, the fever is at an all-time high.  We are ready to welcome back the big G!"

Clear Channel Announces The Return of Marc Chase

Clear Channel has announced a number of changes in its National Programming Platforms.

According the CC President for National Programming Platforms Tom Poleman, veteran radio broadcaster and CC alumus Marc Chase is returning.

Marc Chase, Tom Poleman
Chase will be VP for Strategic Services, Marketinfg and Innovation.  Chase departs NuVooDoo Marketing and will report to Grreg Strassel, SVP for NPP/Strategic Services.  

Chase, entered radio broadcasting as a disc-jockey for WRFS in Alexander City, Alabama while attending Auburn University. His on-air career took him to WJHO-Opelika, Alabama, WFRI-Auburn, Alabama, WSGF-Savannah, Georgia, and WMJJ-Birmingham. In August 1984 he was approached by WKXX-Birmingham.  In the process of making that move, his name changed to Marc Chase. 

The next move was to WYHY-Nashville where he became Program Director and led the station to its first ever #1 Arbitron ratings in 1987. In October 1989, Marc Chase left Nashville to become the Program Director and morning co-host of the “The Power Pig” (WFLZ-Tampa).  The Power Pig became the number one radio station in Tampa, unseating legendary CHR station WRBQ (Q105) in 74 days. In January 1994, Chase left WFLZ to become the operations manager of WEBN-Cincinnati.  

In 1996, Chase was appointed Regional Vice President of Programming for Jacor Communications. When Jacor was purchased by Clear Channel Communications in 1998, Chase became a Senior Vice President of Programming, a job he held for over a decade.

Clear Channel also has announced:
  • Darren Pfeffer has been promoted to SVP/Music & Entertainment Marketing.   He'll continue to be responsible for all company-wide promotions and events, such as the iHeartRadio Music Festival, the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball tour and the iHeartRadio Country Festival.  Pfeffer started with Clear Channel in 1995 as an intern at Z100 and has risen through the ranks.
  • Marissa Morris has been promoted to VP/Artist Relations. She has been instrumental in transforming Clear Channel’s relationship with the music industry. She has helped pioneer our artist development programs (e.g., AIPs, World Premieres, On The Verge), created endless artist driven sales solutions and run point on booking our tent-pole events.
  • Adellyen Polomski has been named Dir./Artist Relations & Programs. She  has established herself as one of the most influential people in the EDM space, and she's been instrumental in developing the Evolution brand and other EDM initiatives.  In her new role, Polomski will continue to produce select broadcasts and be our lead on EDM initiatives, but she'll also work on a broader scope of artist programs for the company.
Polan also announced the departure of Zena Burns, who has decided to other interests.

Musician's Coalition Ads Target Lawmakers

Music groups are pressuring Congress to back down from a pledge to keep AM/FM radio stations from paying musicians, according to The Hill.

“It’s hard enough to make a living as a musician — and even harder when your own representatives in Congress won’t support your basic right to fair pay for your work,” new ads from music industry groups said.

The campaign from musicFirst, which includes music industry trade groups like the Recording Industry Association of America, the American Association of Independent Music and SoundExchange, asks lawmakers to remove their names from the Local Radio Freedom Act.

The resolution, which would prohibit "any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge” on local AM/FM radio stations, is supported by a majority of the House.

MusicFirst is targeting signatories of that resolution, starting with Reps. David Price (D-N.C.) and Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), through social media campaigns and newspaper ads in their districts.

Some in the music industry worry the overwhelming support for the resolution could be a roadblock for a music licensing reform bill down the road.

When the Local Radio Freedom Act hit 218 co-sponsors in April, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) hailed the milestone as indicative that there is no need for new fees for radio stations.

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In the upcoming 40 Most Powerful People in Radio issue (release date July 28), RadioInk asked Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman about the issue.

Bob Pittman
He said he recognizes music companies have a unique model -- instead of spending billions of dollars on advertising as a consumer packaged goods company would, they use free radio airplay to ‘advertise’ their music. "In the grand scheme of things we think it’s a fair trade. However, as the new digital world emerges and we all wrestle with how to build a sustainable market for both digital music and radio we have been open to putting everything on the table in a more defined relationship, and in the interest of building that digital market we have been willing and open to putting broadcast radio revenue into the mix to make it happen. As with any new technology or opportunity, we have to be careful not to be too rigid about our past as we look to the future. We’re committed – and always have been — to working with both artists and music companies to find the best way to align the interests of radio, music companies, artists and music fans."

Soundcloud ThisClose to Deal With Record Labels

The largest record labels are closing in on a deal for a stake in buzzy digital-music service SoundCloud Ltd.,, according to Bloomberg.

The dealsare  in exchange for an agreement not to sue the startup for copyright violations, according to people with knowledge of the plans. Hans Nichols reports on “The Pulse.”

NYC Radio: Non-Com WNYC Dominates Talk Radio

The most popular talk radio in New York these days is public radio WNYC — and the latest ratings say it’s not even close, writes David Hinckley at The NY Daily News.

WNYC 93.9 FM / 820 AM hasn’t had a major surge. But WABC 770 AM and WOR 710 AM, the commercial stations that have long dominated the local talk market, have both fallen into tailspins, WOR over several years and WABC more recently.

Since high-voltage red-meat talk has dominated radio for almost two decades, the shift to the lower-decibel, more measured style of public radio marks a significant shift.

The new Nielsen ratings, covering mid-May to mid-June, show WNYC averaging 2.2% of the city audience. That puts it in 16th place overall.

WOR averages 1.5% of the audience, for 22nd place, and WABC averages 1.3%, for 23rd.

That’s a concern because unlike some other radio formats, which “rescue” low overall ratings with a higher share of younger listeners, talk formats have always appealed primarily to older listeners.

In morning drive time, WNYC has a bigger average share of the audience than WABC and WOR combined.

WNYC averages 4.0%, while WABC with Don Imus averages 1.8% and WOR, which is still rotating tryout hosts, averages 1.0%.

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Richard Harker: Content Still Matters

Lose an important programming element that draws listeners to the station and you’ll likely lose listeners, according to Richard Harker at Harker Research.  If your competitor capitalizes on the change, perhaps by hiring a key personality you let go, you could ulitimately pay for it.

The graph illustrates what’s happened in New York and Los Angeles over the past few months.

Harker created an 6+ share index based on station ratings in the fourth quarter of 2013 before the switch. He then calculated how ratings have changed since Limbaugh switched.

Indexing this way enables one to easily compare rating trends across markets. All stations start at 100. An increase to 200 means a station’s share has doubled, 300 tripled, and so on.

An index that moves below 100 means the station has lost share. An index of 33 means that the station only has a third of its original audience. Put another way, an index of 33 means the station has lost two thirds of its listeners.

In Los Angeles, KFI has drifted down and stands at an idex of 78. Harker writes that  tranlates into a loss of about half a share point. The station has been a dominant News-Talk station for years, and it remains so, but even it took a hit from the departure of Limbaugh.

Given PPM’s rating compression, a half share loss can add up to a three or four station rank decline.

KEIB, Limbaugh’s new home, saw immediate gains. The station now indexes at 265. While it still ranked well below KFI,  KEIB has seen its full week AQH nearly double, and Limbaugh’s time-slot numbers nearly triple. (All comparisons are based on three month averages to smooth out wobbles.)

Harker notes that Clear Channel owns both KFI 640 AM and KEIB 1150 AM, so the move was made for strategic reasons. The fact remains, however, that the group's flag-ship News-Talk station took a hit.

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Darryl Parks: News/Talk's A Ratings Disaster

Darryl Parks
Media&Culture blogger (and radio guy) Darryl Parks says he's an optimistic guy by nature.

Parks writes in his Media Blog, "I always think positive, maybe to a fault.  I’m also a realist and a competitive son-of-a-bitch who has no other goal other than to be number one.  Coming in second is being the first loser. Losing sucks!

But, competitiveness, on the one thing that matters (Rule #1 – Ratings and Revenue), seems to have been forgotten in today’s so-called “(Conservative) Talk Radio.”

The June PPM ratings are rolling in and outside of a few stations, the ratings are a disaster.  The monthly ratings for many talk stations are in a free fall, displaying a product detached from all but an old, small, shrinking and worthless audience.

I know.  It will get better as money rolls in for the mid-term elections this fall."

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Orlando Radio: Ratings Compression Crunches Top 5

WPOZ #1 6+ (tie), 25-54
Ratings compression hits the market with three 2-station ties in the Top 5 (6+) according to the June PPMs released Thursday by Nielsen.

At the top, it's Cox Radio's UrbanAC WCFB 94.5 FM Star tied with Central Florida Educational's' Contemporary Christian WPOZ 99.3 FM Z88.  WCFB moved 6.8—7.3 while WPOZ dropped 7.9—7.3. (Total Week 6am-12m)

Next up..two are tied for #3. They are Cox Radio's Country WWKA 92.3 FM K92 7.0--5.9 and CCM+E's Top40 WXXL 106.7 FM XL106 dropping 6.4—5.9.

Then, there's a three-way tie for the #5 spot.  CCM+E's AC WMGF 107.7 FM Magic107 was up 5.4—5.6 and Cox Radio's AC WMMO 98.9 FM enjoys a nice spike 5.0—5.6 and CBS Radio's WOMX was up 5.3--5.6.

25-54:  WPOZ...WCFB...WWKA...WXXL...WTKS

18-34:  WPYO...WXXL...WWKA tied WOMX...WJJR

18-49:  WXXL...WWKA tied WPOZ tied WPYO...WTKS

Cume:  WOMX-FM 507,800...WMGF-FM 495,800...WXXL-FM 489,600...WPYO-FM 392,900...WOCL-FM 382,700

Top 5 Morning Shows (12+ M-F 6a-10a)

1.  The Tom Joyner Morning Show WCFB
2.  Mornings with Ellis, Tyler & Tracy WPOZ
3.  Johnny's House WXXL
4.  Monsters In The Morning WTKS
5.  Denise Ryan WMMO

Nielsen Releases Third Batch Of June PPMs

Markets released Thursday were:
  • Portland OR
  • Charlotte-Gastonia-Rock Hill NC
  • Pittsburgh
  • Sacramento
  • San Antonio
  • Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Las Vegas
  • Orlando
  • Kansas City
  • Columbus, OH
To see the Topline Numbers of subscribing stations, Click Here.

Report: NPR Scores Well In Listener Loyalty

Data from the most recent National Radio Format Report reveal that Public Radio stations across the country not only carry weight in terms of reach, but, according to The Media Audit, continue to be a viable competitor to commercial radio due to the upscale nature of its audience.

Nearly 17% of U.S. consumers age 18 and over listen to a local public radio station in a typical week, a figure that represents more than 24 million listeners across The Media Audit's 81 measured markets.

As a result, Public Radio ranks as the third highest reaching radio format in the U.S. among the more than fifty radio formats measured by The Media Audit.  Furthermore, 64% of those who listened to a public radio station in the past week also reported that they listened to the same station more than any other station.  Only two other radio formats rank higher in listener loyalty - Easy Listening and those who listen to Sirius/XM Satellite radio.

The same study reveals that while Public Radio is the third highest reaching format with adults 18 and over, it ranks number one with females age 18 and over, as well as those who are "Young with Money" and those with advanced degrees. Those who are deemed "Young with Money" are defined by The Media Audit as between the ages of 18 and 34, and earning more than $100,000 in household income.

In the retail and consumer segment, Public Radio also ranks number one among all radio formats in reaching first time home buyers, those planning to take a college course in the next twelve months, and in reaching young consumers between 18 and 34 years old who are already investing into retirement accounts such as CD's, IRA's and 401-K accounts.

The Media Audit's National Radio Format Report is a subscription available to both commercial and non-commercial radio stations, providing aggregated data from all of its local market surveys. Data is summarized by radio format and provides a high level analysis of how different radio formats perform with different consumer and demographic segments.

Richmond Radio: WHTI Brings Back Bill Bevins, Shelly Perkins

Shelly and Bill
It was less than seven months ago when Richmonders said farewell to radio personalities Bill Bevins and Shelly Perkins on CCM+E's WTVR 98.1 FM  Lite98 after 13 years.

But, according to The Richmond Times,  the popular duo will soon be back on the air.

The Soft AC Morning Show will be broadcast in the Richmond area on WHTI 100.9 FM Easy starting later this summer and will feature Bevins and Perkins, according to an announcement Thursday from broadcasting and marketing company SummitMedia LLC.

The station targets adults ages 35 and older, with “relaxing, refreshing music,” according to the announcement.

WHTI 100.9 FM (15Kw) 60dBu Coverage
The program director, Buddy Van Arsdale, said the show “will be bigger and better than ever.”

“We will be putting the show on the air live soon, and the first person to hear them live on the air and call in will win $5,000. Listeners will need to tune in to Easy 100.9 every day and listen for clues,” Van Arsdale wrote.

NYC Radio: SBS Touts WSKQ-FM's Ratings

Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. Thursday announced that its New York station WSKQ 97.9 FM Mega 97.9FM achieved significant ratings gains and strengthened its market position in Nielsen's recently-released June 2014 Nielsen Audio book.

WSKQ-FM (Mega 97.9FM)- #1 station among All Adults 18-49 Mon-Sunday 6a-12mid in New York regardless of language.

Albert Rodriquez
Albert Rodriguez COO of SBS commented, "As WSKQ-FM Mega 97.9FM continues to lead and reach listeners in New York, we are confident that audiences will only continue to grow even more so, as demonstrated in the latest New York Arbitron rankings. The Hispanic community is growing rapidly and SBS New York will continue to provide quality, compelling entertainment to satisfy its listeners."

"The SBS Radio cluster in New York has consistently served as the leader in the NY Latino market place for over 30 years. Today we have only strengthened that position by becoming the number 1 radio station in New York regardless of language amongst key advertising demos, A18-49," said Eric Garcia VP of Sales of SBS New York. "Our Arbitron performance reflects our strategic advantages and tactical strengths, which benefit both the communities we serve and our clients who are tapping into the branding power of WSKQ-FM Mega 97.9FM by reaching the fast growing Hispanic consumer segment."

WSKQ 97.9 FM (6Kw) 54dBu Coverage
Jesus Salas EVP of Programming of SBS commented, "WSKQ-FM Mega 97.9FM reaching the number one rank over all the stations in New York regardless of language is an impressive and history making event. WSKQ- Mega 97.9 FM has a close tie with the local community unlike any other station. Our on air personalities have formed an emotional relationship with our millions of listeners in a unique way.

WSKQ-FM "Mega 97.9FM" radio personalities have captured New Yorkers with the best on air content and music. The solid ratings performance confirms Spanish Broadcasting's leadership commitment to delivering the growing Hispanic consumer audience the best original programming throughout the Tri-State area.

NYC Radio: Ken Johnson Named PD At WNBM

Ken Johnson
Cumulus announces the new team that debuted this week with the new WNBM 103.9 FM Radio 103.9.

Radio 103.9 Program Director Ken Johnson is joined by Assistant Program Director/Music Director Raphael George, with Ghost as Creative Services Director and Aliya Faust as Web and Social Content Coordinator.

Radio 103.9 local on-air personalities include Sharon “La Loca” Montero, whose midday show, “La Loca” airs from 10:00a.m. until 3:00p.m. weekdays, and Marc Clarke, whose nighttime show, “Hangin’ Downtown” airs from 7:00p.m. until midnight weekdays. “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” kicks off Radio 103.9 mornings from 6:00a.m. until 10:00a.m., and “The D.L. Hughley Show” follows “La Loca” from 3:00p.m. until 7:00p.m. Both shows are part of the Cumulus partnership with Reach Media.

Raphael George
The launch of Radio 103.9 extends the station’s signal to reach listeners across the New York metropolitan area, including 80% of the region’s African American population. Radio 103.9 will include a heavy focus on community engagement, with the station’s on-air talent participating in local events and collaborating with leading community service organizations.

Radio 103.9 joins the Cumulus New York cluster of popular stations including 77 WABC, 95.5 WPLJ and NASH FM 94.7, New York’s only Country music station.

Ken Johnson, Radio 103.9 Program Director, is a 30-year radio programming professional who has programmed and consulted successful stations in markets including Boston, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, NC. Johnson also served as Cumulus’ Vice President of Urban Programming. He previously served as Director of Urban Programming for ABC Radio Networks; Director of Urban Programming, Clear Channel-Philadelphia; and Operations Manager, Music Formats, Cumulus Birmingham, AL.

Raphael George, Radio 103.9 Assistant Program Director/Music Director, has years of music research experience and previously served as Assistant Program Director at Radio One’s WPHI in Philadelphia. He started his radio career at WHUR Washington, DC, and has worked at stations including WILD in Boston and WYBC in New Haven. George was also Associate Director of Charts for Billboard and was Director of Sales for Nielsen BDS.

Ghost, Radio 103.9 Creative Services Director, is a veteran production and imaging professional who was most recently Multi-Format Imaging Director for Pat Garrett Creative Services. He also did multi-format radio imaging for Dr. Dave Ferguson/Loose Cannon Communications, and for his own company, Ghostimaging. Ghost has radio production experience across all major U.S. markets, and was Creative Services Director at WHUR in Washington, DC.

Aliya Faust
Aliya Faust, Radio 103.9 Web and Social Content Coordinator, was most recently Promotions/Digital Assistant for Radio One-Philadelphia stations WWPZ (Praise 103.9), WPHI (Hot 107.9) and WRNB (Old School 100.3).

She is a journalist and editor whose work has been featured on and and in Kontrol magazine.

Aliya has reported for and Hyattsville Patch in Hyattsville, MD, and was Editor-in-Chief of The Black Explosion in College Park, MD.

La Loca
Sharon “La Loca” Montero, host of midday show “La Loca”, joins Radio 103.9 from Power 95.3 in Orlando.

She is a Dominican-American personality who has worked with MTV, BET and CHR and Hip Hop stations including WFLZ/93.3 and WBTP/95.7 THE BEAT, in Tampa Bay, FL, and WJHM/102 Jamz in Daytona Beach/Orlando, FL.

Most recently, La Loca was selected to appear on NBC’s Escape Routes. She was also tapped to host the Red Bull Thre3style Finals in Orlando, Florida.

Marc Clarke

Marc Clarke, host of nighttime show, “Hangin’ Downtown”, is a media fixture on both radio and television. Clarke is widely known for his three years hosting the top-rated “Hang Suite” on Howard University’s WHUR 96.3 in Washington, DC.

Clarke was also host of the award-winning “Marc Clarke and the Big Phat Morning Show” on WERQ/92Q in Baltimore, and was morning show host for KMJM/Majic 108 in St. Louis.  Over the years Marc has won numerous awards including A.I.R. awards in both the St. Louis and Baltimore markets and is most proud of the Key To The City Of Baltimore his show received for commitment to community service.

Des Moines Radio: Cumulus Names Three New Additions

Cumulus Media has announced three new additions to stations in its Des Moines cluster.

Sean Elliott joins KGGO as Operations Manager/Program Director, and award-winning broadcasters Jonathan Monk and Dianna Kelly join the Cumulus Des Moines team at KJJY 92.5 / 98.3 FM The Torch, respectively. Kelly will serve 98.3 The Torch as News Director, while Monk takes Program Director reins at Great Country KJJY 92.5 FM. Monk will also be on-air at KJJY as afternoon drive personality.

Sean Elliott
Elliott, a native of Southern Iowa, was formerly Program Director at WLZR-FM in Milwaukee and Program Director of KAZR-FM in Des Moines, where he started his radio career as Promotions and Marketing Director. Most recently, he worked as a sales representative for a chemical company in the Des Moines area.

Monk was former Operations Manager for Cookeville Communications’ four-station cluster in Cookeville, TN. During his tenure there, the stations were nominated for five Marconi Awards, a CMA Award and an ACM Award. As an on-air personality, Monk has had stops in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Jacksonville and Fresno.

KJJY 92.5 FM (41Kw) 60dBu Coverage
Diana Kelly, Jonathan Monk
Kelly is an experienced broadcast journalist and talk personality who has held on-air positions for stations in Kansas City, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Fresno, Jacksonville, Grand Rapids, and suburban Nashville. She has been honored with six Associated Press awards for her feature reports. Kelly holds a Master’s degree in Communications from Ohio University and a Bachelor’s degree in Radio/Television/Film from Syracuse University.

Elliott said: ““I am very appreciative of this amazing opportunity to join the talented team at Cumulus Des Moines as Operations Manager. Thanks to John Dickey, Mike McVay, Aaron Roberts and Troy Hanson for believing in me to guide our market leading stations into the future. I am especially excited to program the Classic Rocker I grew up listening to, 95 KGGO.”

Monk said: "I’m simply thrilled to be working with the incredibly talented programming and sales team at Cumulus. It’s an honor to join a group of media professionals that truly care about the communities and clients they serve."

Kelly said: “What a pleasure to be working with the brightest minds in radio! The future of radio is here and it's at Cumulus. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it."

Monterey Radio: Financial Talker Sentenced In Ponzi Scheme

Barbara Alexander
Monterey financial talk show host Barbra Alexander was sentenced to nine years in federal prison Wednesday after bilking friends and colleagues out of $6.3 million in an ongoing Ponzi scheme, according to Mercury News.

In handing down the sentence, U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh said Alexander, 66, showed "no acknowledgement of the victims" in a letter delivered to the court before the morning hearing began.

Alexander said she chose to file the letter, which was not read in open court, rather than speak at her sentencing hearing.

Koh gave details about some of the 49 victims who lost their retirement savings, children's college funds and even their homes when they invested tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars each in a scheme spearheaded by Alexander and aided by two Monterey-based business associates, Michael Swanson and Beth PiƱa.

"I just don't see in this letter true remorse and true acceptance of responsibility," Koh said. The judge said it appeared Alexander tried to put all the blame on Swanson. But Swanson and his family also lost money when they invested in the scheme, Koh said. "This really was her show."

Prosecutors asked for a 10-year prison term after Alexander was convicted of conspiracy to commit fraud in a two-week trial in February.

Alexander is the former host/producer of the internationally syndicated "Money Dots" financial talk show, aired locally on CCM+E's KION 1460 AM.

Citing flight risk concerns, Koh ordered Alexander to wear an electronic ankle bracelet until she turns herself in to federal prison officials or the U.S. Marshals Service on August 22.

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Phoenix Radio: KTAR-AM To Air ESPN Full-Time

Bonneville Phoenix Thursday announced the launch of ESPN Phoenix KTAR 620 AM, which will take place Monday, September 15th.

Arizona Sports, which has been simulcasting on radio at 620 AM and 98.7 FM, will be heard exclusively on its FM dial position.

Bonneville Phoenix Vice President and Market Manager Scott Sutherland said the move helps meet both audience and advertiser demand.

"It's the best of both sports worlds," said Sutherland, "as we'll now be providing world-class local programming on Arizona Sports 98.7 as well as full time programming from the worldwide sports leader on ESPN Phoenix 620."

Sutherland also noted that ESPN Phoenix 620 will attract many Valley sports fans who now live in Arizona but closely follow sports news from their hometowns. "This now gives our advertising community a chance to leverage the power of sports marketing from a local, national and even global perspective," he said.

The ESPN Phoenix 620 show lineup will include Mike & Mike, The Herd with Colin Cowherd and The Dan Le Batard Show, along with signature programs like ESPN Gameday and broadcasts of the Major League Baseball playoffs, the NBA Finals and other significant sporting events.

Both Arizona Sports 98.7 and ESPN Phoenix 620 will air play-by-play broadcasts of the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, The Phoenix Suns, the Arizona Coyotes and ASU Football and Basketball to maximize audiences and reduce scheduling conflicts.

Bob Pittman Sez Radio Is America's Companion

USA Today reporter Laura Petrecca interviews Bob Pittman, Clear Channel CEO.  Pittman also talks about Clear Channel's vast assets, his past at MTV and the future of radio.

NYC Radio: City Honors WINS Reporter

Stan Brooks
A Manhattan street was named “Stan Brooks Way” Wednesday for the legendary radio reporter who died last year, according to The NY Daily News.

The 1010 WINS City Hall reporter worked for the station for nearly five decades - and filed his last story just two weeks before his death at age 86.

The corner of W. 43rd St. and 10th Ave., where he lived with his wife, will bear a sign in his honor.

“Stan Brooks was a fixture, a famous, legendary, literally legendary 1010 WINS reporter,” said Mayor de Blasio, who signed the street naming bill.

“He never stopped working. A lot of us saw him questioning us - good natured, but persistent,” he said. “He stayed on the job...right up to the end.”

OKC Radio: R.I.P. Radio Personality Dan Stroud

Dan Stroud
Former Oklahoma City radio DJ Dan Stroud has passed away, according to

He was 61 years-old.

Country KXXY 96.1 FM KXY posted a message on their Facebook page, announcing Stroud's passing on Thursday at Mercy Hospital.

Stroud spent more than 20 years at KXY. For years, people all across the state began their day with Dave and Dan.

Stroud is being remembered as one of the biggest names in Oklahoma City radio. He was an employee at KXY when the radio station transitioned from 96-X to country back in 1982.

Stroud along with Dave Murray were a staple in Oklahoma City morning radio until the two ended their run together in 2005.

July 11 In Radio History

In 1951...Alan Freed debuted his "Moondog Rock 'n' Roll Party," playing mostly rhythm & blues records, on WJW Radio in Cleveland.

In 1969...the Rolling Stones released "Honky Tonk Women" to Radio

In 1970...Dan Daniels did his final show on WMCA-AM, New York

In 1987...The "Alone," by Heart went #1 for 3 weeks

Roger Christian
In 1991...Los Angeles radio personality/lyricist (Dead Man's Curve, The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, Sidewalk Surfin', Drag City, Honolulu Lulu, Don't Worry Baby, Little Deuce Coupe, Shut Down) Roger Christian died at age 57.

Christian worked as a radio personality in Los Angeles in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. He was one of the original "Boss Jocks" when 93KHJ debuted in 1965. His radio career started in Buffalo, New York in the mid-1950s. He moved to the west coast and worked for other radio stations in Los Angeles, including KFWB (AM), KGBS (AM-FM), KBLA, KDAY, KRTH-FM, KRLA (AM), and KIQQ-FM.  Christian was also one of the writer/narrators on the 1964 Capitol Records documentary LP The Beatles' Story.

Christian suffered from periodic depression.  He was the only original KHJ "Boss Jock" not to appear at the 25th reunion on May 9, 1990. He died of complications of kidney and liver failure, said his ex-wife, Joanne Christian of Canoga Park.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garth Brooks Is Back With Tour, New Album

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks‘ music will be going digital. The singer made the stunning announcement during a press conference on Thursday (July 10), according to A Taste Of Country.

In addition, fans can expect new music, released on Sony Music Nashville. The new studio album will be the legend’s first since 2001 — the same year he “retired” from the road.

For a long time, Brooks has declined to put his music online, as he insisted albums be released in their entirety. It’s not clear if that’s how he’ll release his music moving forward, but all digital sales will be handled through his official website, not iTunes.

Brooks has been teasing a world tour for nearly seven months. In December, he let the news slip during an interview with ‘Good Morning America’ host Robin Roberts. Fans had not heard anything about an itinerary since, aside from five shows in Ireland that have been canceled.

Now fans know that on July 14, the first date of his world tour will be announced.

The ‘Friends in Low Places’ singer hasn’t embarked on a full scale tour since 2001. At that time, he retired to be a full-time father while his daughters were in school, promising to come back after the youngest graduated. There has been no shortage of projects and concerts in recent years — most notably his long-term residency at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Atlanta Radio: Ebony Steele Leaving The Ricky Smiley Show

Ebony Steele
That distinctively sexy and raspy voice has been silenced on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” permanently, according to the Atlanta Daily World.

Ebony Steele, cohost beside Rickey Smiley Show for the past seven years, reporedly is leavin to start her own business. She is going to reportedly be replaced by former model and current actress Claudia Jordan.

Fans of Steele have noticed that she had been conspicuously absent from the show as well as “Dish Nation” without any explanation. Steele, whose irresistible estrogen energy provided balance to the testosterone-heavy morning show, was not provided a reason why she was abruptly axed from the show.

The timing of her departure is extremely curious: the “Rickey Smiley Show” is syndicated in 50 markets nationwide and is the No. 1 urban-based show in the city of Atlanta, outperforming its rivals, including the “Ryan Cameron Morning Show,” the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” and the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” in the prime viewing demo advertisers crave.

Furthermore, it is the No. 2 show in the coveted 18-34 demographic in Atlanta, trailing only another Atlanta-based syndicated show, Q100′s Bert Show.

NAB Show To Explore Hybrid Radio

Jeff Simpson
Hybrid radio is poised to become a critical component of radio stations' overall digital strategy. To address this topic, the 2014 Radio Show will feature a Super Session presented by NAB Labs titled "Hybrid Radio – What's In It for You?," to be held September 11 at 11:00 a.m.

The Radio Show, held September 10-12 in Indianapolis, is produced by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB).

The super session is targeted to station decision-makers and brings together executives from radio, mobile phone carriers and the recording industry.

Panelists include
  • Eric Williams, product manager, Sprint Corporation
  • Dave Kelly, researcher, Big Machine Label Group
  • Ginny Morris, chairman and CEO, Hubbard Radio Group
  • Paul Brenner, chief technology officer, Emmis Communications
Jeff Simpson, board member of Deseret Management Corporation, will moderate.

Speakers will discuss the benefits of hybrid radio, including increased revenue and listenership potential, a more interactive experience for listeners without additional data or streaming charges, integration with connected cars and the support of select wireless providers to offer FM-enabled smartphones.

Hartford Radio: Feds Say Rowland Sold WTIC Show Influence

John G. Rowland
Federal prosecutors said Wednesday they intend to tell a jury that when former Gov. John G. Rowland sold his political consulting services, he was secretly selling the muscle behind his long-running political talk show on WTIC 1080 AM radio, according to the Hartford Courant.

The prosecutors make the assertion in new legal papers filed in advance of Rowland's trial on charges associated with his consulting agreement with former congressional candidate Lisa Wilson-Foley and her husband and financial backer, Brian Foley. The government said it will present evidence that, as part of the deal, Rowland used the radio station to build up Wilson-Foley and annihilate her opponents.

The witness who the government said can make its case is Andrew Roraback, a former state representative and state senator from northwest Connecticut, who now is a Superior Court judge. Roraback, if allowed to testify, is expected to say that he wound up in Rowland's crosshairs because he was one of the candidates competing against Wilson-Foley in the 5th Congressional District Republican primary in 2011 and 2012.

WTIC radio, which hired Rowland following his corruption-related conviction and imprisonment in 2004, declined comment.  Rowland left the station in April, a week before he was indicted.

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L-A Radio: KSCA's New Morning Show Surges

The new morning show on KSCA 101.9 FM "El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo" appears to be gaining traction among listeners. The LA Times notes it returned to the top spot in the morning drive period, according to June numbers from Nielsen. For the weekday 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. time slot, KSCA earned a 5.1 share of radio listening in the period that ended June 18.

That share is 24% greater than the number the station earned during the previous month for the time slot that is considered prime time for radio.

This follows KSCA's previous surprise jump to No. 1 in April. KXOS' morning ratings stayed essentially flat in June compared with May by notching a 2.8 share and holding steady at 14th place, down from an inflated fourth place in April.

Worthy of note, according to LaRadio:
  • Dan Kearney, CBS/LA cluster chief, was thrilled with the performance of K-EARTH. “Last month was the first time since 2009 that we were #1 with 12+.
  • KEIB and Rush Limbaugh continued a slow but steady increase, from a 0.6 to a 0.8 over the last month, again surpassing heritage talker KABC which remained flat with a 0.5. This does nothing to quiet the rumors that Cumulus wants to make major changes with their AM property. 
  • Despite the fact that 70% of the Southland can't watch the Dodgers on tv, fans apparently are not interested enough to listen on radio, as KLAC came in 33rd and flat from month-to-month (0.9 - 0.9). The Angels station, KLAA, came in 41st, moving from 0.5 - 0.4

NYC Radio: WFAN Winning Sports Talk War

Morning and afternoon drive time shows on wFAn 660 AM/ 101.9 FM both finished second among New York-area stations in the spring ratings quarter, with substantial leads over their sports talk competition at ESPN New Yorkm accoridng to Newsday.

In the key demographic of men ages 25-54, Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton averaged 7.4 percent of the audience in the period March 27 through June 28, behind only the music station Z-100 at 8.3.

ESPN's national morning show with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic finished 11th with a 3.5 share in New York.

Mike Francesa's afternoon program averaged a 6.8 share from 1 to 6:30 p.m., behind only Spanish-language music station WSKQ-FM at 8.2.

During the hours in which Francesa competes head-to-head with ESPN's Michael Kay -- 3 to 6:30 p.m. -- Francesa tied for first place overall in the demographic with WSKQ at 7.0. Kay was 10th at 4.3.

Kay usually trailed Francesa by more than a 2-to-1 ratio during ESPN's years on 1050-AM, but his ratings and ranking have improved since the station switched to a better signal at 98.7-FM in the spring of 2012.

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Philly Radio: WOGL, WXTU Gain On WBEB

#1 18-34 and 18-49
WEAZ-FM Radio's AC WBEB 101.1 FM which re-branded as MoreFM at the start of 2014 remains in the top spot despite losing share 8.0—7.3, according to the June PPM's released this week by Nielsen.

CBS Radio's Classic Hits WOGL 98.1 FM is #2 inching closer 6.3—6.8. Beasley's Country WXTU 92.5 FM alos moved upward 5.9—6.4 to place #3 in June. Greater Media's Classic Rock WMGK 102.9 FM was up significantly 5.1—5.9 jumping into the Top 5 at #4. CCM+E Urban AC WDAS held on to the #5 spot 5.7—5.3.



18-49: WXTU...WMMR...WBEB...WUSL tied WRFF

Cume: WBEB-FM 1,633,400...WOGL-FM 1,215,200...WMGK-FM 1,131,500...WIOQ-FM 1,111,400....WISX-FM 1,000,000


DC: June Is Very Good For WIHT, WTOP #1 6+

#1 25-54, 18-34, 18-49, Cume
In the June PPMs released Wednesday by Nielsen, Hubbard's News WTOP 103.5 FM increased the margin over Talk WAMU registering an uptick 8.1—8.2 to remain #1 6+ in DC.

American University's non-com WAMU 88.5 FM remained in second place losing share 6.9—6.2. CCM+E Top 40 WIHT 99.5 FM Hot was down again in June 6.6—6.2 to tie WAMU for #2. Clustermater WASH 97.1 FM was up for the third consecutive month 5.6—5.8 and is in fourth place.

Howard University's UrbanAC WHUR 96.3 FM lost a bit 5.6—5.5 to end up at #5.




Cume: WIHT-FM 1,319,600...WTOP-FM 1,227,700...WASH-FM 1,214,700...WIAD-FM 895,700...WPGC-FM 870,400

Nielsen Releases More June PPMs

Nielsen Wednesday released June PPMs for 12 more markets Wednesday.  Released were:
  • Washington DC
  • Boston
  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood
  • Detroit
  • Seattle-Tacoma
  • Phoenix
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • San Diego
  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater
  • Denver-Boulder
  • Baltimore
  • St. Louis
To see the Topline numbers for subscribing Nielsen stations, Click Here.

Chicago Radio: Jane Monzures OUT At WILV 100.3 FM

Jane Monzures
Jane Monzures, who had been hosting afternoons on WILV 100.3 FM since late January of this year, has exited the station.

Cara Carriveau, who has been hosting nights on the station since January 2013, now takes over in afternoons.

According to CRM, Chicago radio fans will know Monzures from her years at WLUP-FM/The Loop. From 2004-2007, she worked at WLUP-FM, with the last two years as co-host to Zakk Tyler in the afternoons, where she picked up the nickname "Sweet Baby Jane."

She returned to WLUP-FM in 2010 as a frequent fill-in morning news/traffic anchor and co-host to Pete McMurray, taking over that role full-time in October 2011. WLUP-FM made a change in the morning show in July 2012, taking McMurray and Monzures off the air there, but soon after placing them on sister-station WIQI-FM/i101. McMurray was later released, but Monzures remained at WIQI-FM as a voice-tracking DJ, heard throughout the day. She was among the first released from Merlin Media when the company assigned complete operations of WIQI-FM, WLUP-FM, and WKQX-LP to Cumulus Media in January 2014.

Cara Carriveau
Carriveau began her radio career at a station in Clare, MI/ In 1989, she began working at suburban WABT-FM/The Wabbit, where she was an on-air talent and Program Director. After the station was sold in 1995, she joined Shadow Broadcast/Shadow Traffic as Program Director. There she was heard most often as a news anchor/sidekick to Kevin Matthews on WLUP-FM. Additionally, Carriveau also took on part-time roles at WIIL-FM, WRCX-FM, and WTMX-FM.

Carriveau may be best known for her eight years as a highly-rated midday host on WLUP-FM (1998-2006).

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Chicago Radio: Ramonski Luv OUT At V103

Ramonski Luv
Ramonski Luv, one-half of Chicago’s most popular nighttime radio team, is suddenly out at Clear Channel’s top-rated urban adult-contemporary WVAZ 102.7 FM.

According to Chicago Media Blogger Robert Feder, word of Luv’s departure comes one day after ratings for “The Real Show” he hosted with Joe Soto had returned to No. 1 in the market. In the Nielsen Audio report released Tuesday, evenings on V103 had a 5.9 percent share and a cumulative weekly audience of 475,900.

His last broadcast on V103 was Friday, and his last public appearance was at the Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic, a house music festival Saturday in Jackson Park.

Derrick Brown, director of urban programming for Clear Channel Chicago, referred an inquiry to a Clear Channel spokeswoman, who said: “It’s our policy not to discuss employee matters for privacy reasons. Joe Soto will continue to host evenings on V103.”

Luv, 50, whose real name is Ramon Wade, is a 30-year veteran of urban radio in Chicago.

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Chicago Radio: Mark Zander OUT As PD At WERV

Mark Zander
Digity Chicago General Manager Brian Foster has announced the immediate exit of Mark Zander -- the Program Director of both WERV 95.9 FM The River and WRXQ 100.7 FM Q Rock, as well as afternoon drive on WERV-FM, according to CRM.

Zander, a Chicago radio veteran of such stations as WLUP-FM, WCKG-FM, and WXXY-FM, had been with the company (then owned by NextMedia) since October 2010, beginning as a weekend host on WERV-FM. From there, he began doing weekday fill-in shifts at both WRXQ-FM and WERV-FM, which lead to full-time roles, and a few months later, the Program Director job for each of the rock stations.

Under Zander's leadership, classic rocker WERV-FM is having its best ratings ever, while hard classic rocker WRXQ-FM underwent a successful re-branding to Q Rock 100.7 and saw its ratings increase, as well. Both stations have also been able to keep fairly stable line-ups since Zander took over, after years of of having DJs come and go through a revolving door.

No official reason is being given for Zander's release. CRM reports insiders say that personality conflicts and disagreements about station directions between Zander and Digity management may have played a role in the parting of ways.

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Two More CCM+E Veterans OUT Due To Restructuring

Gus Swanson
Gus Swanson, an 18-year veteran of Clear Channel Seattle, has exited as Digital Program Director for the cluster.

His position has been eliminated.

Swanson posted this message on his Facebook page, which read, "I feel so blessed to have had such an amazing run. So many great events, promotions, marketing campaigns, concerts, memories, laughs and true friendships that I have the opportunity to take with me. I don't know what's next. But I'm excited to create a new chapter! Cheers!"

In Memphis,  Eileen Collier has exited as PD of CCM+E Urban AC KJMS 101.1 FM V101 and Inspirational WHAL 95.7 FM after nearly two decades of service.

Seattle Radio: Mike Salk Joins Morning Show At KIRO-AM

KIRO 710 AM ESPN Seattle wdebuts a new and expanded weekday lineup on Monday, July 14.

The changes include a new morning show and two additional hours of local programming as Mike Salk will reunite with Brock Huard on "Brock and Salk", which will return to 710 ESPN Seattle in a new timeslot, 7-10 a.m.

Michael Grey will host "The Michael Grey Show" from 10-noon followed by "Bob and Groz" with Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby, which will still air from noon-3. Danny O'Neil will host "Danny, Dave and Moore" from 3-7 along with Dave Wyman and Jim Moore. "Nightwatch" with Tom Wassell will remain in the 7-9 timeslot.

ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike" will air from 3-7 a.m. before giving way to "Brock and Salk".

Salk and Huard teamed up on "Brock and Salk" from the station's inception in 2009 until 2012. Salk returned to 710 ESPN Seattle in March (from Boston) as the station's program director, a role in which he will continue to serve.

"These changes make an already strong lineup even stronger and this is just the beginning," Salk said. "I'm thrilled with where the station is going and couldn't be more excited to get behind the mic."

In addition to 710 ESPN Seattle's revamped lineup, will also debut a new design that will feature a cleaner look and improved functionality for mobile users.

"After five years, we have established ourselves as the preeminent sports network in Seattle," said Dave Pridemore, 710 ESPN Seattle's general manager and vice president. "These moves will strengthen our product on all platforms."