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Saturday Aircheck: Jack Armstrong, WKBW Buffalo 1970!

From Dec. of 1970, here is a great high-quality aircheck of the legendary Jack Armstrong at WKBW radio in Buffalo, NY! This showcases Jack at his best!!!

Jack Armstrong, (John C. Larsh) died at his home in High Point, North Carolina, on March 23, 2008. Born on December 4, 1945, he was 62.

Also known as Jackson Armstrong and "Your Leadaaaaah!", he was heard by millions of Top 40 listeners during his career. He worked at stations all over North America, but is probably best remembered for his broadcasts that covered the Eastern seaboard from powerhouse WKBW in Buffalo, New York.

Friday, July 5, 2013

B’ham Radio: WZNN Flips To 97.3 Y’all FM

UPDATE 07/07/13: WZNN is still stunting. The ‘Y’all’ music is a two hour loop featuring extreme music genres. Stay tuned..

Earlier posting Friday 07/05/13...

The Hawaiian vacation is over, y’all.

According to, at 12:45 this morning, nearly a week after pulling the plug on sports-talk radio station ESPN 97.3 The Zone – and temporarily filling the gap with a constant stream of all-Hawaiian music on the luau-themed Hula 97.3 FM -- Birmingham’s Summit Media has launch a new format on that signal, the something-for-everybody music station Variety Hits 97.3 Y’all FM a la “Jack FM.” With no jocks.


“We play everything, and our listeners are going to tell us what they want to hear,” David DuBose, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Summit Media, told “It can be everything from Sinatra to Michael Jackson to Foo Fighters. We play what you say.”

At 97.3 Y’all FM, listeners will be able make song requests on the station’s website which isn’t functioning yet. WZNN’s old sports format is still up. A 97.3 Y'all FM Facebook page should be coming soon.

 It is the second station launch this week for Summit Media, which on Tuesday began airing adult album alternative station Birmingham Mountain Radio on its 107.3 FM signal. BMR had previously been available on the internet only.

Calgary Radio: Broadcasting Legend, Wife Confirmed Dead

Billy Powers
Calgary police have a man in custody after former N/T  CHQR 770AM radio sports personality Billy Powers and his wife were found dead in Calgary's southwest community of Braeside.

While police are not formally naming the victims, QR77 has set up a tribute page for Powers — a former employee — and his wife Donna Lee.

Billy Powers retired in October 2009 after almost 50 years in the sports broadcasting and communications business.

According to the CBC, he worked mainly in radio, covering sports and the Calgary Stampeders football team.

Officials say the deaths are being treated as suspicious, and the homicide unit has been called in.

CEO Harris Morris OUT At Harris Broadcast

Harris Morris
Harris Broadcast said Tuesday that its CEO Harris Morris, who led the company through its divestiture from Harris Corporation and subsequent acquisition by the Gores Group, is no longer with the company.

The news was disclosed via an email sent to all Harris Broadcast staff by company chairman Carl Vogel: 
“This is to inform you that, based on discussions with the board of directors of Harris Broadcast, Harris Morris is transitioning from the Company, effective end of day tomorrow (July 3). 
“We thank Harris for his contributions to the company over his tenure and for guiding Harris Broadcast through the end of the fiscal year in its transition to an independent company. We wish Harris well as he pursues new opportunities. 
“We are excited about the future and look forward to the next chapter for Harris Broadcast. As such, we will be announcing the new CEO to the company on Tuesday, July 9th”
No reason was given for Morris’s departure.  The company will name a new CEO on Tuesday July 9, 2013.

Morris joined the Harris Broadcast & Communications (BCD) business unit in January 2008 as VP software systems.  He became president of Harris BCD in February 2010.

In February 2013, Morris was named CEO of Harris Broadcast when it became an independent company following the purchase of Harris BCD by the Gores Group from Harris Corporation.

Dick Enberg Talks About His Broadcasting Career

Dick Enberg

Among sports broadcasters, Dick Enberg has few peers. 

In addition to his full-time gig as the voice of the San Diego Padres, Enberg has called events for just about every major network and covered events from Super Bowls to Wimbledon finals.

Before Wednesday’s game between the Red Sox and Padres, Enberg stopped by the Red Sox First Pitch set to chat with Tom Caron on NESN about his incredible career.

Denver Radio: Peter Boyles Talks About Getting Physical

Peter Boyles
Controversial talk radio host Peter Boyles says he grabbed his producer's lanyard and forcibly pulled the man close to his face during a incident that resulted in Boyles being fired from KHOW 630 AM.

Boyles spoke to 9Wants to Know last week, days before he begins a new gig on KNUS 710 AM, where he anchors the morning drive.

Boyles was fired after a May incident where he admits he got physical with his producer on the day Tom Tancredo announced he would run for governor.

"It was really a tense moment," Boyles told investigative reporter Jace Larson. He said he was frustrated because he didn't feel he was getting full support from his producer.

"I said, 'OK everyone, get in the game,'" Boyles said. "He popped off and I grabbed his lanyard and pulled him to me. It left red marks on his neck."

Boyles says no one is to blame but himself.

"I got a phone call to come back in the building and wait in the lobby. I was taken downstairs and I was fired. After all these years there was no severance. I've never been on unemployment in my life and was told not to file for it because they would fight it. I was fired for workplace violence," he said.

Making News Sound Red Hot

TV Consultants SmithGeiger of Los Angeles is generally regarded as the author “news right now”.

They give clients a three-page list of words and phrases intended to grab viewers by the ears. 

Any radio station still delivering news (there are some right?) can certainly gleam some ideas from the advice.

SmithGeiger  advises clients 
"Your voice, your attitude, your energy can make stories urgent…so do the words you choose. The language we use in the newscast is often a key part of conveying that we have the very latest, that our newscast has the news that is happening now…. 
"Each person who touches copy needs to challenge themselves to constantly find the right words that will capture the sense of immediacy and urgency we know viewers are demanding of us."
Their advisory lists "words and phrases to consider using to help reflect and promote urgency and a ‘happening now' feeling in a newscast."   A partial list:
  • live
  • update
  • updated information
  • we begin with breaking news tonight
  • breaking news just coming in to our newsroom
More phrases intended to make the news so red-hot it sizzles:
  • we do have some breaking news right away
  • rapid developments
  • this story is rapidly changing
  • you saw it here first just minutes ago
  • we are going to be covering this live for you
  • breaking overnight
  • we are just getting started
  • but first we begin with
  • all new
  • new right now
  • new developments are unfolding
  • we are watching with you these first pictures live from the scene
  • this is a rapidly developing situation
  • breaking as we go on air
  • you'll hear in just seconds
  • but after we told you…we kept asking
  • we've been talking about this in the last hour
  • we want to give you the very latest
  • we are going to stay on this story every step of the way
  • we have new information for you as soon as anything happens
  • we are following this closely and are making sure you don't miss anything
  • we are going to stay on this story night and day
  • we are not stopping with our coverage until this story is done
And SmithGeiger reminds clients:  "Remember to always promise an update and/or continuing coverage of a breaking news story."

ALSO READ: “Breaking News” Is Broken. Click Here.

FLASHBACK:  CKLW Radio's 20/20 News. Ckick Here.

Sports Talk Booms With 677 Stations

Sports talk radio can be described in so many ways.

According to  media writer John Tuscano at, it’s loud, opinionated, controversial and bombastic, yet informative and even comforting for the true sports fanatic.
And judging from recent trends, the best adjective you can give this long-standing format is popular. 
John Ourand’s 2012 piece in Street and Smith’s Sports Business Journal documented the rapid growth of sports talk radio. Here is the most important excerpt from that article: 
The number of sports talk radio stations in the United States has grown by a whopping 64 percent in the 10 years since 2002. In 2002, 413 radio stations were sports talkers. By last year, that number had jumped to 677. 
Let that number sink in for a second. That averages out to around 13 sports talk radio stations per state. 
These days, it’s hard not to find some type of sports talk, whether it is local, regional or the always-growing national sports talk radio networks. There are more options than ever before for the sports fan to vent their frustrations or express their joy at their favorite team. 
Sport talk radio has evolved from more than just a place to find out who won and lost, but a place to examine the how and why. 
It’s the sounding board for the disgruntled and comfort food for the diehard.

Radio Stuff Podcast: Talks Sports and HIVIO

Larry Gifford & Deb Slater talk to Mark Ramsey of Mark Ramsey Media about the inaugural HIVIO - a radio ideas festival held in San Diego.

They offer Radio Stuff's 8 big takeaways from Hivio and chat with Sports Radio consultant Rick Scott about being in attendance. Rick, president of Rick Scott & Associates, also chimes in on the former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez who has been charged in a murder. He has frank advice for hosts and PDs who think it's not relevant to their market.

They listen to Boston radio coverage of the Hernandez case from Gresh & Zo on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Howie Carr on WRKO AM 680, and The Wake Up Call with Donny Michaels on Pop Crush 105.7 FM in Schenectady, NY. Deb finds some July 4th parodies from KIOA 93.3, 105.9 Sunny FM in Orlando, and The Bert Show.

Cumulus Rebrands More Stations As “NashFM”

Cumulus this week has rebranded five of its country stations as “NashFM”. 

According to Radio Insight, they are
  • 93.7 WSJR Scranton PA
  • 100.5 WHLZ Florence SC
  • 101.7 KAYD Beaumont TX
  • 102.7 WHKR Melbourne FL
  • 104.9 WKOS Kingsport TN as “Nash FM”

Lance Venta at Radio Insight provides a detailed list of other holiday format changes around the nation. Click Here.

Fresno Ratings: Arbitron To Re-Issue Spring Ph2 Data

In a note to clients, Arbitron has announced it will be reissuring data for Phase 2 of the Spring’13 Survey Period.

According to Arbitron, the company has determined that six Fresno diaries were returned from a media-affiliated household. The reissued data will exclude data from those households.

The company says audience estimates reported for AC KJWL/K-Jewel 99.3 FM and Sports KFIG/ESPN 940 AM may be “substantially” affected while estimates for Oldies KYNO 1430AM may be affected to a lesser extent.

“Estimates to stations that were not recorded in the deleted diaries may be slightly affected as a result of sample balancing and reprocessing procedures that accompany deletion of any diary from the sample,” according to Arbitron.

New data will be released on Monday, July 8 at noon Pacific.

'The Rocket Man' Blasts ‘The Voice’

Elton John
In an interview with the BBC Radio 4, Elton John expressed his utter lack of respect for the talents the highly rated music competition has produced since it first hit the airwaves, calling the contestants "nonentities", according to e!

"The Voice is all about watching the judges, it is in America," Sir Elton's quoted as telling Radio 4's Today program. "Nobody on The Voice in America has had a hit record. They're nonentities."

Ironically, the 66-year-old John admitted to never watching The Voice or any other music talent show, but nonetheless insisted that such pop star factories cannot sustain themselves given their mission to find the next big thing.

LISTEN-LINE:  Click Here  (comments about fame and talent shows comes about 16:45 in)

Mashable: Transistor #1 Badass Invention That Changed History

The United States of America has been pumping out badass technology since the 18th century. In honor of Independence Day and the land of opportunity's 237th birthday, Mashable has compiled a listen of the 12 Badass American Inventions that changed history.  

The website has gathered a small sampling of some of the most important, iconic and overall awesome American inventions throughout history.


From rockets to Roombas, swivel chairs to Macintosh computers, these inventions are not only inspiring, but also show how far we've come since 1776.

NYC Radio: 104.7 FM, 91.7 FM Pirates Busted

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has announced the arrests of Seon Bruce, 40, and Solomon Malka, 51, for operating a pirate radio station out of Manhattan and Brooklyn, according to the NY Observer.

The defendants have been charged with a class-A misdemeanor, Unauthorized Radio Transmission. If convicted, they could serve up to a year in jail.

Mr. Bruce is believed to have been the deejay for the station, calling himself “The Fresh Kid.”

The men were broadcasting on the radio frequency 104.7FM without a Federal Communications Commission license. 

In April, an FCC engineer tracked the underground radio station’s signal to a rooftop in Manhattan, where detectives promptly seized the transmitting equipment. Mr. Malka told investigators that he had installed the equipment, and was aware that the station was operating without a license.

Detectives also found transmitting equipment for another radio station, 91.7FM, which was not broadcasting at the time. Mr. Malka falsely claimed that he had an FCC license for the station. In June, 91.7 FM was found to be on the air, and the equipment was seized from an elevator room at the top of an apartment building in Brooklyn.

New York has seen more FCC enforcement against pirate operations than any other state, with 330 official actions including citations, fines and shutdowns logged against pirate radio stations since 2003.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Art Vuolo Captures American Radio Personalities

Art Vuolo
Radio’s BF Art Vuolo has  produced a fascinating, fast-paced montage featuring American Radio Personalities captured on tape, in the studio, live on the air.

Stay tuned to watch the 22+ minute video featuring over a hundred short video clips highlighting some of the most memorable and legendary broadcasting talents from across the USA.


All original video footage from the Vuolo Video Air-Chex Library.

NJ Radio: TJ Lubinsky Rejoins 100.1 WJRZ-FM

T.J. Lubinsky, known for his nationally televised PBS classic hits specials, will re-join the ranks of Greater Media New Jersey beginning on Sunday, July 7, 2013 with the return of his “Sunday Night Request Show that pays tribute to artists of the ’60s, ’70s, and ‘80s.

The show will be heard each week from 7pm – midnight on WJRZ-FM.

He’ll spin Jersey’s greatest hits by request, share behind-the-scenes stories, and talk to many of the artists he’s recorded and produced over the year across all musical genres from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Lubinsky created and hosted WJRZ’s Sunday Night Request Show every week from 2005-2009.

“T J Lubinsky is a Jersey Shore treasure! His knowledge of music and love for the artists he plays and listeners he entertains is evident every time he opens the microphone, plus he’s a local guy!,” said WJRZ-FM Program Director Glenn Kalina. “I’m thrilled that he is returning to 100.1 WJRZ on Sunday nights!”

At the age of 16, Lubinsky got his GED and first TV job working at Monmouth Cablevision’s local access channel TV-34. At 22, he was offered a job with PBS in southern Florida and eventually Pittsburgh.

While there, he blended his passion for vocal harmonies, Motown, classic Philly Soul, ’60s, 70s and 80s classic hits into PBS’s most successful fund-raisers as the creator and executive producer of “70s Soul Superstars”, “70s and 80s Soul Rewind”, “Get Down Tonight: The Disco Years”, “Motown’s Best”, “70s Pop Parade”, “My Generation – The 60s”, “Doo-Wop 50”, “This Land Is Your Land – The Folk Rock Years”, “Aretha Franklin – Soul Rewind”, “John Sebastian – Folk Rewind”, “80s Funky Soul Superstars”, and nearly 80 television specials on public television, archiving America’s soundtrack from the ’50s, ’60s ,’70s and ‘80s through his “My Music” series and other special programs and series, often recorded in New Jersey.

Reno Radio: Pirate Originates From Church

Reno has a plethora of radio stations but according to the Nevada Broadcasters Association one of them operating from a church in Reno is a pirate station and, according to KTVN,  they are considering how to deal with it.

KTVN Channel 2 - Reno Tahoe News Weather, Video -

"It's just not right that other stations have jumped through the hoops of getting licensed and paid their fees and are registered and this station at 100.5 FM has just put up an antennae, calling itself a low-powered station and is broadcasting at a power that is encroaching on other stations bandwidth," says Adrienne Abbot with the NBA.

She says they have isolated the origin of the signal coming from a church on Wrondel Way in Reno. They can see the antennae on top of the building and they have been to the church to talk with the pastor.

The pastor there says she has not talked with anyone from the NBA, and that they are allowed to run a low-power station and they are doing the community a service by getting the word of god out to the public.

B’ham Radio: OnLine Station Goes Terrestrial

Birmingham Mountain Radio hit the airwaves live for the first time at 11:57 a.m. on transator W297BF 107.3 FM, according to Alabama’s13.

WVTM-TV: News, Weather, and Sports for Birmingham, AL

After their inaugural song, "Just Got Back" by Cheap Trick, the new 107.3 FM played the Civil Wars' "The One That Got Away" as their first new song. The group has sold out Workplay, the current home of BMR, and the station forged a friendship with the duo.

BMR debuted in 2010 as an online-only station. They play a variety of music including local, regional, adult alternative and indie rock music.

W297BF 60dBu Coverage Area
It all started one day when the BMR team was sitting around talking, and they came up with the crazy idea to start a radio station. They said, "This town needs good music again."  Good music is exactly what they started playing, while in a basement of an advertising agency.

"It's been a labor of love for all of us," General Manager Jeff Clanton said.

A partnership with Summit Media Group allowed BMR to take over the 107.3 FM channel, previously home to syndicated sports radio 107.3 The Ticket.

Men, For The Most Part, Run The Newsroom

In August, Deborah Turness will become the first woman to head a network news division as she takes the reins as president of NBC News. Nine years ago, she made history in precisely the same way in Great Britain, as she headed ITV News, a BBC rival.

But, according to the Pew Research Center’s FactTank,  industry data show that men continue to occupy most of the top positions in local TV and radio, as well as at daily newspapers in the U.S.

Forty percent of people who worked at local television stations in 2012 were women, but less than 20% of the general managers were, according to a newsroom survey conducted by the Radio Television and Digital News Association, in conjunction with Hofstra University. Still, this represents a rise –up from 15.8% in 2011. In 2004, women filled just 12.1% of television management positions.

In radio, women make up the same percentage of managers (19.3%), the RTDNA 2012 survey reported. But the trajectory over time has been bumpier.  The proportion of women in radio management has been relatively stable the last three years, but represents a decline from 2008, when one-quarter of the general managers were women.

The percentage of female managers at daily newspapers has remained stagnant for years.

Megyn Kelly Ready For Primetime

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly is heading to primetime. Fox News Channel announced Tuesday that the America Live anchor will leave her current post at the end of her upcoming maternity leave as part of a new long-term contract.

But according to THR, the network has not yet revealed how this will alter the primetime schedule, which already includes hours toplined by Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren. 
“Megyn is an exceptional talent who has successfully filled and surpassed each role we have given her at the network," said Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes. "Her ability to command the screen, delve into the facts and lead a debate is what makes her one of the most sought-after anchors in the business.”
In addition to shifting Kelly, FNC also announced long-term pacts with Bret Baier, Shepard Smith, O’Reilly, Hannity and Van Susteren.

News of Kelly's primetime moves comes on the heels of her second-highest-rated quarter to date anchoring America Live. But despite her robust viewership average of 1.2 million during the quarter, America Live's 1 p.m. time slot is not the most visible -- and Kelly's profile has been on the rise.

Read More Now

Tom's Take: Where will Kelly be slotted? Best bets are 10pm cohosting with Greta.

Trials Boost HLN Ratings

HLN topped MSNBC in Total Day for the first time since 2005 in the second quarter of 2013, according to TVNewser.  

With its coverage of the Jodi Arias and George Zimmerman trials, the network has surged double digits across the board compared to the same quarter last year.

Compared to the second quarter of 2012, HLN was up +61% in Total Viewers and +48% in the A25-54 demographic in Total Day and +49% and +51%, respectively, in primetime. It should be noted that HLN struggled during the second quarter of 2012.

CableTV News Ratings: FNC Still #1, CNN Bests MSNBC

Fox News Channel has just finished the second quarter of 2103 as the #1 cable news network for 46 straight quarters, according to TVNewser

But while boasting 9 of the top 10 shows on cable news among younger viewers, FNC had its lowest weekday primetime performance in the A25-54 demo, in more than 12 years. Which may be why the network is planning changes to primetime.

With double digit growth across the board, CNN was the second most-watched cable news network for the second quarter of 2013, according to TV Newser.

 The network topped MSNBC in primetime in both Total Viewers and the A25-54 demographic for the first time since 2009.

Compared to the second quarter of 2012, CNN was up +49% in Total Viewers and +69% in A25-54 viewers in Total Day. In primetime, the network was up +49% and +77%, respectively. It should be noted that the second quarter of 2012 was CNN’s lowest rated quarter in 21 years in primetime and lowest in 11 years in Total Day.

Bay Area Radio: The Game Gains Traction

KGMZ 95.7 The Game has leaned on its FM sound quality and edgy approach its first two years to try wrestling some of the young audience from local heavyweight KNBR 680 AM, according to a story at

Beginning this fall, The Game will add a Silver and Black twist to win listeners. But can Raiders play-by-play provide 95.7 the same kind of lift KNBR gets from the Giants?

The Game, which signed a multiyear deal with the Raiders in April, hopes that bookending an NFL franchise with the A's will provide the station year-round muscle in a tough market.

"They've been walking with just one shoe on with only baseball," said Gary Fiset, whose San Francisco-based company specializes in broadcast promotion for TV and radio. "For me, this dresses them for success."

Two years into its all-sports format, The Game's big-picture plan to carve out a niche in the market doesn't rely solely on game broadcasts. The differences start with 95.7's FM signal.

Dwight Walker, vice president/market manager for Entercom San Francisco, which operates four local stations, said 82 percent of Bay Area radio listeners tune in to FM.

"A lot of the younger audience, they don't even know the AM dial exists," Fiset said.

Moving sports programming to FM is a nationwide trend, according to Jason Barrett, program director for The Game. "It just sounds better," he said. "For a lot of listeners 25 to 54 -- the world we're in -- quality is a big deal."

Jax Radio: CCM+E Relaunches Planet Radio

Rock radio station Planet Radio has returned to the dial on the First Coast, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment announced Tuesday.

The station, which was once on 107.3 FM and 93.3 FM before that, can now be found on translator W295AZ at 106.9 FM and 97.9 FM WNWW-HD2.

LISTEN-LINE: Click Here.

W295AZ 60dBU Coverage Area
"Fans have missed Planet Radio - we hear from them all the time that they've wanted it back," Tommy BoDean, Operations Manager, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment Jacksonville, said in a release. "I couldn't be more excited to bring a real rock station back to Jacksonville and the fact that we revive a brand like Planet that still resonates with the audience makes it even more exciting."

Tom's Take: CC is looking to fill the void created when Cox Media jettisoned music on 104.5 FM to simulcast is N/T WOKV.

Radio Channel Dishes Pop Culture

Jenna Morasca, Dalton Ross
For readers of Entertainment Weekly magazine and its website, there is no mistaking the personality of its new pop-culture talk channel on SiriusXM satellite radio.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, familiar writers such as Dalton Ross, Owen Gleiberman and Lynette Rice are hosts of the 24/7 channel, which mixes live call-in programs with recorded shows. 

Among the voice talent brought in from outside the magazine is Bridgeville native Jenna Morasca, a woman of many titles: "Survivor" champion, former television host and all-around self-professed geek.

"We wanted the channel to be infused with EW's DNA, and after looking around at the various options, this was the best [way] to do that," said Henry Goldblatt, deputy managing editor and director of brand development at Entertainment Weekly.

The jump to radio was more than a year in the making, he said. The channel debuted May 28.

WJMJ Global Radio Network Sets Launch

Wash Allen
Legendary on-air radio personality Wash Allen has partnered with renowned publicist Judy Foston, international business negotiator, Michael McCall and investor Dr. John Stanford Jr. to create WJMJ global radio network LLC.

According to, the new radio station will allow Wash Allen to reprise his discontinued talk show confessions which aired for over 30 years on the KCOH radio station.

Formerly known as the oldest African American radio station in the state of Texas, KCOH was sold in November for $2.1 million to the La Promsea Foundation of Midland after the January 2012 death of KCOH’s longtime general manager and majority owner, Michael Petrizzo.

When the station was moved from the 5,000-watt 1430 FM frequency to the now 1,000-watt 1230 AM frequency Wash Allen made the decision to leave the station for a new venture.

“People said, ‘I couldn’t leave because I had been there so long’ but now I know it was the perfect time,’ said Wash. “This is exciting to me. I used to beg to be somewhere. Now I make the choice of where I’m going to be.”

The WJMJ radio network will launch in August of 2013.

Lancaster PA Radio: Listeners Rally Support For Lisa Landis

Lisa Landis
A popular radio personality is in high spirits this week because of a groundswell of support from her friends and listeners.

According to, Lisa Landis Blowers — best known to fans as Lisa Landis, the lively voice of the Kids Cookie Break from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays and co-host of the Get Up & Go Show weekday mornings on radio station WJTL — is battling a scary infection.

A family spokeswoman said Tuesday the Strasburg woman needs all the good thoughts she can get.
"She's a tough lady, and she has a strong faith," said friend Mindy Lapp.

"But we still need continued prayer. That would be wonderful. That outpouring of love is still needed."

According to Lapp, Landis is suffering from a flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis.

It is not contagious, Lapp said.

San Diego Radio: CCM+E Stations Launch Safety Campaign

San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis has announced that her office has launched a radio and online crime prevention campaign aimed at reducing the number of San Diegans who drive under the influence on the 4th of July and the following weekend, according to

‘Save Lives, Don’t DUI!’ harnesses the power of two local radio stations, KHTS Channel 933 FM and KMYI Star 94.1-FM , to reach hundreds of thousands of San Diego County residents and visitors who may be celebrating Independence Day with alcohol.

Historically, about half of all fatal traffic crashes on July 4th are alcohol-related.

“By partnering with two popular radio stations, we’re targeting our message to younger listeners who can relate to these radio stations’ on-air personalities,” said Dumanis. “Our office prosecutes about 10,000 cases of driving under the influence every year. I hope this campaign will get people’s attention, cause them to think twice, take a cab or arrange for a designated driver— and maybe even save a life.”

On Monday, July 1, banner ads and pop up videos began appearing on the stations’ websites, reminding people online not to drink and drive over the holiday weekend. The Clear Channel stations also partnered with a local taxi company to provide coupons for $5 off a cab ride.

"Marie” Heads For Syndication

Hallmark Channel will not renew its afternoon talk show series Marie for a second season, the network announced Tuesday, according to

The daily talk show series, starring singer/TV personality Marie Osmond, was launched last September as a replacement for The Martha Stewart Show after the network pulled Stewart due to poor ratings. The network said in a statement that it is moving in a different direction with its daytime programming format toward more “lifestyle” like its Home & Family series.

However,  Associated Television International will take the series out into syndication for fall 2014.

"We always believed that in order for the Marie Osmond talk show to flourish and resonate with viewers across the nation, we would embark on a multi-platform strategy incorporating broadcast, cable and digital opportunities," stated Jim Romanovich, ATI's president, worldwide entertainment. 
"Our initial exposure on Hallmark Channel provided the perfect launching ground, and we're delighted with the unprecedented media attention Marie and the program has enjoyed. Based on the interest and requests from many groups and key stations across the country, next fall, we're making Marie available to several outlets.  We're excited to bring one of America's most beloved icons to viewers in a big way."
Hallmark will continue to air new Marie episodes through August and then will offer encore episodes through the fall beginning Sept. 28, said the network. It’s unclear what show will take over Marie’s afternoon timeslot.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Survey: TV News Salaries Fall, Radio Stagnant

The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that local television news salaries actually fell 1.9% in 2012. 

With inflation a modest 2.1%, that meant that TV news salaries dropped in purchasing power by 4% last year. Radio salaries fared only slightly better, with an increase of 0.8% last year.  That's not enough to compensate for 2.1% inflation, leaving radio news salaries down 1.3% in terms of real wages.

Overall, radio news salaries edged up 0.8% in 2012.  But you really have to burrow into the numbers to see what took place. Major market salaries rose in 2012 and rose by quite a bit.  The overall number was so much lower because median salaries actually fell in large, medium and small markets, although the small market results were a bit more mixed.  As usual, the larger the market, generally, the higher the salary.

 Major markets are those with 1 million or more listeners.  Large markets are those from 250,000 to 1 million; medium markets are from 50,000 to 250,000; and small markets have fewer than 50,000 listeners.

Study: UK Teens Turn Off the Radio

While UK consumers as a whole still love radio, teens are much less keen, according to

According to a May 2013 Audiometrics study, 35% of UK internet users preferred to listen to audio on the radio. This most traditional of audio-listening devices was the most popular by quite some distance, with listening on the computer/laptop coming in a distant second, cited by just 16% of respondents.

The same study also delved into the listening habits of the UK teen demographic (those ages 15 to 19), and the results were starkly different. 

Among UK teen internet users, just 3% of respondents cited radio as the preferred device for listening to audio. Instead, results were heavily skewed toward mobile devices, with 36% preferring to listen on their smartphone or mobile phone, and a further 35% choosing an MP3 device. The clear indication is that teens are embracing digital platforms when it comes to audio, and they are very much about mobility.

St. Louis Radio: JC Corcoran To Return Monday

JC Corcoran
On July 8, J. C. Corcoran — who left Saint Louis in March after almost 30 years to be the morning-drive guy at "The Arrow" classic-rock station in Houston — will be back on local airwaves at KFNS 590 AM.

"You don't have to be there to be there," Corcoran told Dan Caesar at He will man the 10-to-noon weekday shift, broadcasting from the Houston studios of Clear Channel, which owns "The Arrow."

"I actually get off the air about 9:40 a.m., and all I'll have to do is walk down the hall to another studio," Corcoran said.

Corcoran said he would be doing a "solo" for the start-up, "but eventually we'll have someone, in the St. Louis studio, with me."

After arriving in STL in 1984, Corcoran worked at — and often got fired from — STL's most prominent stations. An unofficial count includes KSHE, KSD (twice), KIHT, KLOU, KTRS, KYKY and KMOX.

Sac Radio: Keith Brooks, Carmichael Dave To Mornings On KHTK

CBS Radio’s KHTK Sports 1140 AM has announced a new line-up.  Starting Monday July 8, current morning host Don Geronimo moves to Noon to 3pm, following the Jim Rome Show. 

And  KHTK is launching a new sports morning show 5:30 AM-9 AM show with longtime radio host Keith Brooks and the return of  Carmichael Dave inside the KHTK studios.

KHTK remains home to sports play-by-play (Sacramento Kings, Oakland Athletics, Oakland Raiders, San Jose Sharks and NASCAR).

Grant Napear, the face of the Sacramento Kings and longtime show host on KHTK, will remain in his current day part from 3-7PM Monday through Friday.  Jason Ross will rejoin the afternoon sports desk in the KHTK Sports 1140 update studios and continue to fill in for Grant Napear.  Dave “Deuce” Mason will continue to be an important part of Sports 1140, according to KHTK.

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Chicago Radio: Steve Cochran Returns To WGN

Steve Cochran
UPDATE 07/02/2013 9AM: Three years after he left WGN 720AM, Steve Cochran was back on the Tribune Broadcasting news/talk station Tuesday.  Filling in for vacationing morning host Jonathon Brandmeier.

Earlier Posting...

Former WGN 720 AM personality Steve Cochran is looking to return to that station's airwaves for the first time in just over three years.

According to Chicagoland Radio&Media, he is now available to work there once again, after his contract with WIND-AM expired over the weekend.  It appears the decision to not renew that contract was a mutual one, although the parting of the ways was amicable.

In October 2011, Cochran was brought in to Salem Communication's WIND AM 560 The Answer to help increase ratings, revenues, and awareness of the struggling AM station. By all accounts, that did not happen in Cochran's almost two years there. This was despite the station placing billboards along highways in its reception areas promoting him and having the 52-year-old Cochran do live remotes regularly in the city and suburbs.

According to CR&M, word leaked out online over the weekend that Steve Cochran was going to return to WGN-AM to fill-in for Jonathon Brandmeier, who will be off for two weeks on a vacation. WGN Radio officials chose to not comment on that plan in advance, hoping to instead surprise faithful WGN-AM listeners on Monday morning.

However, a "snag" occurred on Sunday. Because of that "snag," the station made the business decision to not have Cochran on the air this morning. Instead, management quickly had regular Brandmeier fill-in Bill Leff do the morning show and asked Nick Digilio to take over Leff's overnight program.

Phil Hendrie Reboots

Phil Hendrie
Nationally syndicated radio personality, Phil Hendrie, will now be heard 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. PT (10 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET). Hendrie's show is now syndicated by WYM Media Management.

According to  Corey Deitz at, Hendrie will roll out live broadcasts again beginning July 8 featuring his cast of on-air characters which join him in talking about various topics and issues.

His new syndication company labels Hendrie a "comic genius" and the social satirist has proven that over the years with a loyal following of listeners. Hendrie uses his alter-ego "personalities" to fuel controversies and discussions which listeners participate in. His audience treats Hendrie's characters as viable voices to which agreeing with or commenting on just adds to the show's offbeat fun.

Listening to a Phil Hendrie radio show is almost like listening to a parody of talk radio.

Steve Moore Resigns As CMA CEO

Steve Moore
Steve Moore, who has led the Country Music Association for nearly four years, has resigned his position, effective immediately, according to The Tennsessean

Moore was named CEO two and a half years ago, but had served as interim director before that. He replaced Tammy Genovese, who resigned her position in late 2009.

The organization did not immediately announce plans regarding new leadership, but spokeswoman Wendy Pearl said the board would be making an announcement regarding a transition plan soon.

Under Moore, the 2013 CMA Music Festival hit a record attendance with an increase of 13 percent. He also created and led the newly formed CMA Foundation.

In addition, Moore was instrumental in securing an extension of the television partnership for the annual CMA Awards, the CMA Music Festival special, and the “CMA Country Christmas” special, which all appear in ABC Television Network.