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July 17 Radio History

In 1912...broadcaster Arthur Gordon “Art” Linkletter was born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan.

He migrated to California where he became internationally known as host of two long-running broadcasts: House Party, on CBS radio and television for 25 years, and the game show People Are Funny, which ran on NBC radio & TV for 19 years. Linkletter was famous for interviewing children on House Party and Kids Say the Darndest Things, which led to a successful series of books quoting children.

He died May 26, 2010 at age 97.

In 1934…FCC adopts Order No. 1

The Beach Boys
In 1962...The Beach Boys signed their first record contract with Capitol Records.

In 1981…Bruce Bradley did his final show on WBZ 1030 AM, Boston.

Bradley joined WBZ in 1960, when the station is still playing middle of the road pop music. Gradually, as the music becomes more top-40, “Juicie Brucie” Bradley’s night-time show became extremely popular.

The station moved from Top40 to Full-Service AC in 1974.

Bradley passed away in June 2013. Click Here for more.

In 2009…CBS newsman Walter Cronkite, anchorman of "The CBS Evening News" on television for 19 years (1962-1981) and called "the most trusted man in America," died of cerebrovascular disease at age 92.

He entered broadcasting as a radio announcer for WKY in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 1936, he met his future wife, Mary Elizabeth Maxwell (known by her nickname "Betsy"), while working as the sports announcer for KCMO (AM) in Kansas City, Missouri. His broadcast name was "Walter Wilcox".  He would explain later that radio stations at the time did not want people to use their real names for fear of taking their listeners with them if they left.

In Kansas City, he joined the United Press in 1937. He became one of the top American reporters in World War II, covering battles in North Africa and Europe.  Cronkite was one of eight journalists selected by the United States Army Air Forces to fly bombing raids over Germany in a B-17 Flying Fortress part of group called the Writing 69th, and during a mission fired a machine gun at a German fighter.  He also landed in a glider with the 101st Airborne in Operation Market-Garden and covered the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, he covered the Nuremberg trials and served as the United Press main reporter in Moscow from 1946 to 1948.

In 1950, Cronkite joined CBS News in its young and growing television division

In 2011…WRXP NYC drops Triple A format.

On June 21, 2011, it was announced that majority ownership of WRXP was acquired by Merlin Media LLC, a new entity headed by veteran radio executive Randy Michaels.   The sale, which the FCC approved in September 2011, included two other Emmis-owned stations in Chicago, WLUP-FM and WKQX. They then registered several domains for what the new format of the station would be, including a return of WYNY's country format, but many promoted an FM news format. WRXP's rock format ended with the song "Long Live Rock" by The Who.

After a brief period of dead air, WRXP (whose call sign was changed to WEMP on July 21) switched to a stunt of Adult Contemporary music branded as "101.9 FM New," a stunt that served as a transition to the station's new format.  "FM New" featured a live morning show that began at 6AM on July 18, hosted by veteran New York City radio personality Paul Cavalconte (who has been with 101.9 since 1998), with Jeff McKay (formerly of Shadow Traffic and WINS) providing traffic and weather updates(until the next day when Meteorologist Scott Derek began).   News reports and news blocks were gradually introduced beginning with a 3PM newscast on July 25, 2011, anchored by Dave Packer and Mike Barker.

Walt Sabo
On August 12, 2011, the station ended its Adult Contemporary stunt and went full-time all-news as "FM News 101.9," following in the footsteps of its Chicago sister station WWWN (the former and current WKQX), which flipped to all-news on July 29.  As conceived by Merlin's then-COO, Walter Sabo, "FM News" was what Sabo considered a "redefining" of the all-news format;  the on-air presentation was generally looser and conversational in tone, while an emphasis was placed on lifestyle, health, and entertainment features.  The initial news staff at WEMP included those with experience in New York radio, including WINS alums Catherine Smith, Alice Stockton-Rossini, and Brett Larson, as well as former WCBS anchor Therese Crowley and WRXP holdover Paul Cavalconte.

Over time, the "FM News" approach on WEMP would be adjusted: The reliance on lifestyle and entertainment features was decreased; the station turned towards a tighter, polished on-air presentation; and several new features were added, including "ten minutes of non-stop news," the "top 5 trending stories" leading off every hour, and hourly sports and business updates.  Coinciding with the on-air changes was a major promotional push, including television ads and promotions that tweaked WINS' longtime "22 minutes" slogan, with WEMP proclaiming "Give us 10 minutes, we'll give you the world."   (After WINS owner CBS Radio sent a cease-and-desist letter to Merlin Media, WEMP dropped its "world" slogan.) 

Merlin’s WEMP-FM  NYC dropped news in 2012 in favor of new rock format.

In 2015…Sportscaster Van Miller, the play-by-play voice of the National Football League's Buffalo Bills from 1960 to 1971 and then again from 1977 until his retirement in 2004, died at age 87

Troops Shutdown CNN Turk Anchor During Coup Attempt

An anchor for CNN Türk, the Turkish outlet for CNN, was pulled off the air during the attempted military coup in Turkey Friday night.

While CNN Türk has now resumed its broadcast, the official English-language Twitter feed for the network confirmed the incident as it was happening earlier. “BREAKING Coup plotters are ending @cnnturk’s broadcast now. #TurkeyCoupAttempt,” it tweeted 13 minutes later. One anchor reportedly tweeted:

The account later tweeted that civilians had entered the building and “there is a struggle ongoing.”

A handful of members inside the Doğan Media Center building in the Turkish capital of Ankara live streamed soldiers entering the news building and were directing people to file out.

L-A Radio: Dani Mathers Suspended From KLOS Morning Show

2015 Playboy Playmate of the year Dani Mathers was suspended from her regular radio show gig on the "Heidi and Frank" show on KLOS 95.5 FM and banned from all L.A. Fitness facilities after she posted a body-shaming photo of a fellow gym goer, according to the NY Daily News.

L.A. Fitness confirmed to that Mathers "is not permitted back at any club, ever."

Mathers faced a slew of criticism after she sent the Snapchat of the woman out to the masses along with the caption "If I can't unsee this then you can't either."

The blonde model additionally uploaded an image where she was coyly laughing at the woman.

The Playmate is also under criminal investigation by the LAPD after L.A. Fitness alerted police to the incident of "disseminating private images," officials told Entertainment Tonight.

The 29-year-old later apologized and said she did not understand how to use Snapchat and meant to send it to one individual, not all of her followers.

"There is no excuse," Mathers wrote posted to her now deleted Twitter account.

"I understand fully the magnitude of this post that I have hurt a lot of people, women. Body shaming is not okay...and not something to joke about," she continued.

MI Radio: Johnny Burke & Blondie Can Keep Internet Show

Johnny Burker, Blondie
Ex-WHNN 96.1 FM radio personalities Johnny Burke and Blondie can continue to broadcast their morning internet talk show, a federal judge ruled.

According to, U.S. District Judge Thomas L. Ludington filed an opinion in Bay City Friday, July 15, saying Burke and Blondie, whose real name is Bonnie Belger-Holzei, can continue to stream their morning talk show online and on the social media network Periscope "because the internet Show is not a radio station," as defined by the radio personalty's contracts with their former employer Cumulus Media.

Cumulus Media, which operates the FM radio station, filed suits in April against Burke and Belger-Holzhei, saying the duo was in violation of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses in their employment agreements they entered into with Cumulus and/or Citadel Broadcasting. Cumulus wanted a federal judge to issue an injunction barring the longtime radio hosts from hosting an Internet radio show that they launched after being fired from the station in January.

The media company's suit came after Burke, 61, and Belger-Holzhei, 53, filed an age-discrimination lawsuit against their former employer. Burke, who was the voice of the radio station for the past 25 years, and Belger-Holzhei were fired after the station underwent a format change.

In his ruling Ludington ordered Burke and Belger-Holzhei stop soliciting current and former Cumulus advertisers. They also can't use the WHNN call signs in any promotional or on-air material.

More specifically, Ludington ordered Burke and Belger-Holzhei to refrain from using specific segments on their show, like "The Tweet of the Day," which was previously used on their WHNN radio show.

62 Bidders Make Down Payments In Spectrum Auction

(Reuters) -- The Federal Communications Commission said on Friday that 62 bidders have made upfront payments in a forthcoming wireless spectrum auction, including AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, Dish Network, T-Mobile US and Comcast Corp.

The auction is set to begin on Aug. 16. Last month, the FCC said the price of 126 MHz of television airwaves taken from broadcasters to be sold for wireless use is $86.4 billion.

Analysts said wireless providers may not be willing to pay the staggering amount for the airwaves to expand their networks, which could prompt the FCC to hold additional auction rounds.The so-called "broadcast incentive" spectrum auction is one of the commission's most complex and ambitious to date.

In the first round, called a reverse auction, broadcasters competed to give up spectrum to the FCC for the lowest price. In the next stage that will start next month, the forward auction, wireless and other companies will bid to buy the airwaves for the highest price.

If wireless companies and other investors are unwilling to pay $86.4 billion, the FCC may have to hold another round of bidding by broadcasters and sell less spectrum than had been expected, analysts said.

Wireless firms and other bidders had to put up 50 percent of the opening bid price to participate. Initially about 100 firms and individuals were qualified to take part, but the others declined to put up funds to take part.

Recon Analytics analyst Roger Entner said in June the results confirm that broadcasters have "significantly inflated expectations."

"In an election year, with a lot of uncertainty with Brexit making the debt markets jittery," it is unlikely that wireless operators with deep pockets would raise more debt to bid in the auction, Entner said, referring to the U.S. presidential election and the British vote to leave the European Union.

A second round of the reverse auction later this year is likely, Dan Hays, principal at audit firm PwC's consulting arm Strategy&, and could drag on until early next year.

S&P Global Market Intelligence estimated in April that a dozen broadcasters, such as Univision Communications Inc, CBS Corp, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc and Media General Inc, could generate up to $13 billion in the spectrum auction at the high end of participation.

R.I.P.: WLVQ Columbia OH Afternoon Host Joe Show

Columbus Radio Group’s WLVQ QFM96 has announced the passing of longtime afternoon on-air personality and Columbus radio icon, Joe Pasternak, better known to the radio world as "Joe Show."

He was 56.

“Joe Show’s radio family is heartbroken with the news of his passing,” said Chris Forgy, President/GM of the CRG.

“Joe Show was the face of Qfm96 and represented the Q family as only he could. Everyone who knew Joe has their own special memory and undoubtedly their own Joe-story. He will forever be missed.”

July 16 Radio History

In 1934...the NBC Red radio network premiered the musical drama, Dreams Come True. The show concerned the lives of baritone singer Barry McKinley and his novelist sweetheart.

In 1981...singer-songwriter Harry Chapin was killed at age 38, after suffering cardiac arrest while driving on a New York expressway. His car was hit from behind by a tractor-trailer, causing the gas tank to explode. Chapin was best known for “Taxi,” a top-20 hit in 1972, and “Cat’s in the Cradle,” which hit number-one in ’74.

In 1990..DJ Rick Dees debuted his TV show "Into The Night" on ABC-TV.

In 1991…Radio announcer (Inner Sanctum Mysteries)/radio actor (Mr. District Attorney, The Shadow, March of Time) Dwight Weist, known as the "Man of 1,000 Voices," died following a heart attack at the age of 81. He also narrated countless film documentaries from the 1930s through the 1950s.

In 2003…Disc jockey/TV host Winston "Buddy'' Deane died following a stroke at age 78. From 1957 to 1964, his Baltimore teen dance television show, similar to "American Bandstand," aired for 2½ hours a day, six days a week, and was for a time the most popular local show in the U.S.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Trump Picks Former Radio Talk Host As Running Mate

(Reuters) -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate on Friday, after postponing an event on his decision following the deadly truck attack in France.

Republican sources had said on Thursday that Trump had decided on Pence, but the campaign had not confirmed this until now.

Viewed as a safe pair of hands, Pence, 57, has diverging views with Trump on his proposed Muslim ban and trade, and is more socially conservative, but he could help unify a divided party behind Trump's bid to win the White House in the Nov. 8 election.

Trump had faced a midday deadline to announce Pence because the governor had to declare by then whether he would be on the ballot in his home state for re-election.

Trump, a New York businessman who has never held elected office, had chosen Pence from a short list that included two other finalists, former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Trump said on Thursday he postponed his planned announcement on Friday out of respect for the victims in Nice, France. An attacker in a heavy truck drove into crowds celebrating Bastille Day, killing at least 84 people and injuring scores more in what President Francois Hollande called a terrorist act.

Trump, 70, is set to be formally nominated as the party's candidate for the presidential election at the convention in Cleveland. Traditionally, the vice presidential choice is used to build enthusiasm among party loyalists.

Mike Pence
The Republican National Committee expects the convention to draw 50,000 people to Cleveland and U.S. authorities were preparing for the possibility of violence - whether from demonstrators or planned attacks.

The Cleveland gathering and the Democratic Party Convention the following week in Philadelphia have been given the status of special national security event by the federal government for the first time and security will be heightened, said Republican Party spokesman Sean Spicer.

"They're just going to make sure that it's the safest place on Earth for the guests, the attendees, the delegates and the media," Spicer told CNN.

The Department of Homeland Security will send more than 3,000 personnel to each convention, Secretary Jeh Johnson said on Thursday, speaking before the Nice attack. No specific or credible threat to either gathering has been reported, he said.

Pence began a career in talk radio in 1994. He hosted The Mike Pence Show, The show was syndicated by Network Indiana and aired weekdays on 18 stations throughout the state, including WIBC in Indianapolis. From 1995 to 1999, Pence also hosted a weekend political talk show out of Indianapolis.

Pence called himself "Rush Limbaugh on decaf" since he considered himself politically conservative while not as outspoken as Limbaugh.

Sumner Redstone Opposes Sale of Paramount Pix

(Reuters) -- Sumner Redstone's privately-held movie theater company said on Friday it opposes the sale of a stake in Viacom Inc's Paramount Pictures, saying that any transaction could hurt the chances of a transaction involving all of Viacom.

National Amusements Inc, through which the 93-year-old media mogul owns 80 percent of Viacom, said in a statement that Paramount was "one of Viacom’s most valuable assets" and any short-term benefits of a stake sale would be outweighed by the "negative impact on Viacom’s future strategic flexibility to best capitalize on this important asset."

The statement comes two days after Reuters was first to report that Dalian Wanda Group is interested in buying the Paramount stake.

A sale of a stake of Paramount would "chill the interest of parties that may be interested in a larger transaction involving all of Viacom," National Amusements said in the statement.

Through National Amusements, Sumner Redstone also owns 80 percent of the voting shares of CBS Corp. Viacom split off from CBS in 2006, but many investors have said they hope the two will merge again.

B'ham Radio: Matt and Scot OUT At Sports WJOX

The ole budget-ax struck at Birmingham sports-talk radio station WJOX 94.5 FM.  The station has axed the "Matt and Scot" show hosted by Matt McClearin and Scot Harrison, according to

The show had aired weekdays from 6 to 9 p.m., following Paul Finebaum. On Thursday, WJOX instead aired a rebroadcast of Finebaum's afternoon show during McClearin and Harrison's time slot.

"I love what I do," McCleain wrote on his Twitter account Thursday evening. "Love it. Scot and I are no longer employed at JOX. We'll be alright and land somewhere! Thank YOU for giving us a shot!"

"JOX is a phenomenal station with a lot of talent, very thankful we were able to be a part of it for 3½ years, love my time here in BHam," McClearin wrote in another tweet.

McClearin and Harrison came to Birmingham and WJOX from Dallas station SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket in February 2013. Originally, they hosted a weekday show before moving into their evening time slot.

Although new to the Birmingham market, they developed a loyal following for their quirky, offbeat sports show, which also included such non-sports regular features as "Man Code Violations" and their "I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen That! Summer Movie Project."

On Twitter Thursday night, McClearin and Harrison received best wishes from many of their listeners, as well as previous guests on their show and some of the on-air talent at WJOX.

"I can only continually say thank you," McClearin tweeted. "I'm overwhelmed by your response. I thought it'd be a few and it's been over a thousand. Thank you."

Nielsen Releases Comparable Metrics For Q1 2016

Nielsen has released data contained in its first quarter reports for 2016.

Video viewing on smartphones jumped during the first quarter.

Nielsen is attempting to measure more forms of media consumption. At the same time, it is trying to report that usage in a way that allows clients to make comparisons among media on an apples-to-apples basis.

In the new report, Video viewing on smartphones jumped during the first quarter. Smartphone video had a cumulative audience of 110.1 million adults in the U.S., up from 85.4 million in the year-ago quarter. In the digital world that audience might be reported as unique users.

Beginning this quarter there are some important enhancements and updates to the report. Most notably, Nielsen have expanded the reporting period to include the full 13 weeks that make up both Q1 2015 and Q1 2016.

This serves two important functions. First, this gives a fully comprehensive look at usage across the entire quarter rather than viewing a 5-6 week snapshot. Second, Nielsen can now provides the ability to directly compare and align metrics with Nielsen’s Total Audience Report, allowing the two reports to be used concurrently to gain a better understanding of the marketplace.

DC Radio: John Riggins Returns To ESPN 980

Red Zebra Broadcasting has announced the addition of Hall of Famer John Riggins to the official Washington Redskins Pregame Show.

Riggins, Super Bowl XVII’s Most Valuable Player, teams up with WTEM ESPN 980’s Kevin Sheehan leading Redskins fans up to kickoff with unparalleled pregame analysis throughout the 2016 NFL Season.

John Riggins
The legendary Riggins (@Riggo44) led Washington to their first Super Bowl championship during the 1982 season, setting NFL postseason records while rumbling to 625 yards in four playoff games. Riggins piled up 7,472 rushing yards in Washington from 1976 to 1985, the most in franchise history. The iconic Redskins running back was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1992.

Offers the Hall of Famer, “I solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God, well, most of the time…. maybe…. I think. Oh, yeah, El Riggo is back. And, that means the circus is back in town!!!”

For all 2016 home games, fans can watch Redskins Radio’s Pregame Show with Sheehan (@kevins980) and Riggins live from the Bud Light Pavilion at Fed Ex Field beginning three hours before kickoff.

Additionally, the charismatic Riggins will be featured on ESPN 980’s programming throughout the NFL season.

ESPN 980 remains the long-time flagship home of the Washington Redskins Radio Network. Burgundy and gold fans can hear Larry Michael, Pro Football Hall of Famer Sonny Jurgensen, Cooley and Walker for call all of the action during live game broadcasts all season long.

St. Louis Radio: Bud & Broadway Unveil WIL Fist Bump Challenge

Based on the success of their first-ever “Humble and Kind Week”, WIL 92.3 FM has announced that the St. Louis New Country station kicked off Bud and Broadway’s “50,000 Fist Bumps” Challenge this week.

The “50,000 Fist Bumps” Challenge runs July through October, 2016, and will include every aspect of 92.3 WIL’s station personnel and presence within the St. Louis community – including daily programming; promotional/station events and concerts; and most importantly – meet & greet opportunities and other special perks for WIL followers.

Currently, the “50,000 Fist Bumps” activities and events planned include everything from catered lunch corporate takeovers; to pop-up concerts around St. Louis, and “field trips” to fun venues both small and large throughout the metro area.

Over 1,000 listeners took the “Humble and Kind Week” pledge on the WIL Facebook page at, and reported thousands of instances of listener’s humility and kindness. The “50,000 Fist Bumps” Challenge is intended to have the same reaction from listeners and the St. Louis community.

WIL Program Director Scott Roddy says, “Bud and Broadway is the only live and local country morning show in St. Louis. The “50,000 Fist Bumps” Challenge provides the show’s cast an opportunity to engage and interact with local new country fans daily, in person. This Challenge will wrap with a ‘charitable give’ back to those who need it most.”

CA Radio: Dave Daniels Joins KHAY As OM, PD, Host

Dave Daniels
Cumulus Media has announced that it has appointed 21-year veteran morning host Dave Daniels to wake-up duties as Morning Host for market-leading radio station KHAY 100.7 FM in Oxnard/Ventura, CA.

Daniels has been an Operations Manager, Program Director and Morning Host in Santa Maria and Visalia, CA, and Phoenix, AZ. The Dave Daniels Show debuts next Monday, July 18, on 100.7 KHAY from 6AM-10AM weekdays.

Chris Cox, Cumulus Media Oxnard/Ventura Operations Manager and KHAY Program Director said: “We are thrilled to have Dave on board. Dave’s Country radio background and total commitment to making the listener become the star of the morning show is just what KHAY needs to continue to be Ventura County’s best choice in the morning.”

KHAY 100.7 FM (39 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
Daniels said: “I am very thankful to Market Manager Sommer Frisk and Program Director Chris Cox for giving me this opportunity. It will be very exciting to take the reins of the KHAY morning show and become part of the Cumulus Oxnard/Ventura team. It’s why I got into radio, being on-air and serving the public.”

WHCA 'Alarmed' Over Hillary, Donald Treatment

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her likely general election opponent, Donald Trump, both pose a threat to the free press, the White House Correspondents Association warned Thursday.

According to The Washington Examiner, the WHCA's outgoing president, Carol Lee, and its incoming chief, Jeff Mason, said Thursday they have been "alarmed by the treatment of the press in the 2016 presidential campaign."

Both Trump and Clinton have had their own issues with the press. Trump has threatened reporters and entire news outlets with banishment from his events and legal action, while Clinton tends to avoid journalists altogether, and hasn't held a formal press conference in more than 200 days.

"The public's right to know is infringed if certain reporters are banned from a candidate's events because the candidate doesn't like a story they have written or broadcast, as Donald Trump has done," they wrote in an op-ed published by USA Today.

Convention Streaming Feud Brewing

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, a dispute has broken out between the five national television networks that have traditionally pooled resources to provide live video from key political events and the online news publishers who rely on that signal for their streaming platforms.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the networks – ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News and NBC News -- recently informed news outlets that aren’t members of the “pool” they will have to begin paying significant new fees in return for access to live coverage, not just at the conventions but debates, presidential press conferences, and many other events.

Media organizations are pushing back. A dozen publishers, from traditional players like The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal, to digital specialists like BuzzFeed and, protested the changes in a July 13 letter to the executive committee of the White House Correspondents’ Association. They said the fees are exorbitant, and pushed for a new digital pool to be set up.

The media organizations called the recent changes “an unexpected disruption of long-established practices” that will “harm readers and subscribers.” The letter said the new policy lays bare “the need to rethink how the video pool functions in the digital age.”

The rise of digital threatens to eat into the audience for TV news, just as much as TV entertainment.

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Donald Trump Defends Roger Ailes

Trump, Ailes
Republican nominee Donald Trump is defending his friend Fox News CEO Roger Ailes from accusations that he sexually harassed female employees.

In an interview Thursday with the Washington Examiner, Trump said he doesn't believe the allegations recently leveled against the 76-year-old Fox News chief executive.

"I think they are unfounded just based on what I've read," said Trump. "Totally unfounded, based on what I read."

Former Fox anchor Gretchen Carlson last week announced her lawsuit against Ailes, which alleged that he declined to renew her contract after she complained of unwanted sexual advances from Ailes, and also alleged sexist behavior from some of her other male colleagues.

Ailes and Fox News have denied the charges, but the organization's parent company, 20th Century Fox, has opened an internal investigation into the matter.

Trump and Ailes have had an up-and-down relationship throughout the 2016 campaign. Trump had repeatedly said that Fox's coverage of his campaign was "unfair," and feuded with anchor Megyn Kelly. In January, the candidate refused to participate in a Fox-hosted GOP debate.

Radio One Plans Convention Coverage

Radio One, Inc., the largest Black-owned and targeted multi-media company reaching over 82% of Black America will provide its digital, radio and television audiences with timely coverage of both the upcoming Republican and Democratic National Conventions in Cleveland, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania respectively.

TV One’s News One Now, the only daily television news program dedicated to Black viewers, will broadcast live each morning at 7 a.m. ET from the conventions with host and managing editor Roland S. Martin.

The expansive local and syndicated broadcast radio footprint of Radio One and Reach Media reaches over 25 million listeners weekly. EZ Street, midday talent on Washington DC’s WKYS 93.9 FM is a radio veteran and versatile talent who will provide daily live coverage from the convention floor, along with recaps on all of Reach Media’s nationally syndicated morning shows to ensure listeners are aware of the information shared at the conventions nightly. EZ Street will also ‘take it to the street’ and interview delegates in addition to residents in Cleveland and Philadelphia to capture the energy of these convention cities for our listeners.

Audiences can follow Roland Martin and EZ Street’s behind the scene footage and complete, un-broadcasted interviews from the Republican and Democratic National Conventions at Reaching more than 100 million visitors weekly across its digital, social and mobile footprint, is the premier news and information destination for and about Blacks in America. Daily, viewers can find news briefs and insightful commentary provided by the journalistic team of

“There couldn’t be a more critical time in our country for Black media to engage in the political process,” said Yashima White AziLove, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Radio One. “More now than ever the outcry of Black people continues to reverberate throughout this country for equality, justice and reform. Our entire platform will be represented at each convention to ensure our community is informed of each presidential nominee’s plan to address the issues plaguing America, especially those that impact daily Black life. ”

Portland OR Radio: Lars Larson Hosting Blue Fundraiser

Alpha Media, Portland announced that FM News KXL 101.1 FM’s Lars Larson is partnering today with Leader Capital and prominent Portland businessman Harry Merlo to host a fundraiser which benefits the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Leader Capital pledged to match total donations up to $15K, while Harry and Flo Merlo have pledged to match total donations up to $5K for a combined pledge to match total donations up to $20K.

Lars will broadcast both his regionally syndicated Pacific Northwest show and his nationally syndicated program from 12pm to 6pm PST. Listeners are invited to Paradise Harley-Davidson to show their support for law enforcement.

Larson commented on the announcement, “President John Adams observed that America is a nation of laws, not of men. But America’s laws mean very little if not enforced. Every day, almost a million men and women put on a uniform, a badge and a gun to do just that. They put their lives and their reputations on the line to keep us safe. Law enforcement has come under attack lately, from politicians, activists and assassins.  I think ‘Blue Lives’ matter and they come in every color and gender. When law enforcement comes under attack, Americans who believe in the law should stand up and come to their defense.”

“We are extremely excited about hosting this event and letting Law Enforcement Officers know that there are many people who truly support them and sincerely appreciate the job they do each day,” remarked Bruce Collins, KXL Operations Manager.

Solid Earnings Fuels Concern For SiriusXM Canada Shareholders

Solid quarterly earnings at Sirius XM Canada Holdings Inc. are fuelling minority shareholder concerns that a proposal to take the satellite radio business private low-balls the company’s true value.

The offer of $4.50 per share in cash or stock, first announced in mid-May, has faced pushback from some minority shareholders, who will vote on the proposal at the end of August – which is later than expected.

Late Wednesday, Sirius XM Canada reported third-quarter earnings that were largely in line with or ahead of expectations, including a 3.5 per cent increase in revenue to $86-million and a 3.5 per cent increase in total subscribers to 2.75 million. Earnings were $7.2-million, or 6 cents a share, down 9.3 per cent year-over-year.

The company said it will release an information circular with further details on the proposed transaction no later than Aug. 4, ahead of a minority shareholder vote scheduled for Aug. 30.

Mark Redmond
On a conference call with analysts on Thursday, Mark Redmond, president and CEO of Sirius XM Canada, said the delay has been “all about the complexity of the transaction and nothing more.”

“We are confident that this transaction will maximize value for all stakeholders involved,” Mr. Redmond said, noting that the company’s board of directors and a special committee of the board overseeing the proposal recommend that shareholders approve it.

Sirius XM Canada's shares closed at $4.61 Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The $4.50 per share offer was calculated as a 22.3-per-cent premium on the company’s Feb. 11 share price, just before The Globe and Mail first reported plans to take the company private at a tentative price of $4.25 per share.

Yet the company’s solid third-quarter results are only adding to frustration among shareholders who feel the company’s offer is unfairly low. Sirius XM Canada reported free cash flow of $12.6-million for the third quarter, raising further questions about its decision to halt dividend payments pending the outcome of the privatization plan.

“Free cash flow is strong, so suspending the dividend was totally unjustified,” said Stephen Takacsy, chief investment officer at Montreal-based Lester Asset Management, which owns nearly a million shares in Sirius XM Canada. “The transaction isn’t done yet and it’s still our company, so public shareholders should still get their dividends.”

Three other institutional shareholders have expressed serious concerns about the deal, including Van Berkom and Associates Inc., a large minority shareholder that thinks the offer undervalues Sirius XM Canada “by a wide margin.”

Under the proposal, two of the largest Canadian shareholders – Slaight Communications Inc., which was built on radio assets, and Obelysk Media Inc., owned by Canadian businessman John Bitove – would each acquire 33.5 per cent of voting shares and 15 per cent of the company’s total equity. SiriusXM Holdings Inc., an American company that owns the SiriusXM brand in the U.S. as well as 32 per cent of the Canadian company, would own the rest of the equity.

The company’s other major shareholder, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., plans to sell its 12.5-per-cent stake, worth about $58-million at $4.50 a share.

If the transaction is approved, minority shareholders can accept $4.50 per share in cash, or take shares in the U.S. SiriusXM.

Relations between the Canadian Sirius XM and the U.S. parent company have at times been strained, most notably over a year-long dispute over activation fees from subscribers.

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The Mix Group Welcomes Newest Member to its Team

Wednesday at 10am ET, The Mix Group President Jason Garte, his wife Natally and their 2-year-old daughter Bella welcomed baby Daniel Jason Garte to the family.

Weighing in at 9 pounds, 12 oz and 21 inches tall, the healthy baby boy is Jason’s mini-me.

Jason comments, “The feelings are unreal.  I look down at Danny and he looks just like me! First we were blessed with an angelic baby girl.  Now I feel like we’re complete and it’s all thanks to Natally who magically transformed a mere couple into a family.”

Mom and baby are resting, happy and healthy.

July 15 Radio History

In singer Cowboy (Lloyd) Copas was born in Adams County, Ohio. In the 1930’s he performed on radio shows for WLW and WKRC in Cincinnati. In 1940, he moved to Knoxville, where he performed on WNOX with his band, the Gold Star Rangers. In ’43, Copas achieved national fame when he replaced Eddy Arnold as a vocalist in the Pee Wee King band and began performing on the Grand Ole Opry. Hits included “Signed, Sealed and Delivered,” “Tennessee Waltz,” “Breeze,” “I’m Waltzing With Tears in My Eyes,” “Candy Kisses,” etc.  Copas was killed in a plane crash with Patsy Cline March 2, 1963.  He was only 49.

In 1929...“Music and the Spoken Word” debuted on KSL Salt Lake City.  It is still on the air today, the oldest continuous nationwide network broadcast in the world.  It is a 30-minute Sunday radio/TV/live streaming program of inspiring messages and music produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the music is performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

In 2000…Douglas “Jocko” Henderson - WOV, WADO died.

Jocko Henderson
Henderson began his broadcast career in 1952 at Baltimore station WSID, and in 1953 began broadcasting in Philadelphia on WHAT.  He hosted a show called "Rocket Ship" out of New York radio stations WOV and WADO from 1954 to 1964, which was an early conduit for rock & roll.

He was known for a distinctive style of rhythmic patter in his radio voice, which he had learned from a Baltimore deejay, Maurice "Hot Rod" Hulbert.   Henderson continued on the stations WDAS and WHAT until 1974, as a personality  in Philadelphia and New York as well as hosting concerts in both cities and a TV music program in New York. 

In addition to Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore, Henderson was also broadcast on stations in St. Louis, Detroit, Miami, and Boston.

In 1978, Henderson made an unsuccessful bid for a seat in the United States House of Representatives in Pennsylvania's 2nd congressional district.   He also made some early rap records, recording 12" singles for Philadelphia International and Sugar Hill Records.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted Henderson into their Hall of Fame in 2004.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

FCC: No New Rules On Retransmission Fights

(Reuters) -- The FCCs chairman said on Thursday he will not propose new rules on negotiations between broadcasters and pay-TV providers over retransmission rights.

In recent years, there have been a number of fights that have led to temporary blackouts of some channels on cable or satellite providers - including an ongoing dispute between DISH Network Corp and Tribune Media Co.

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a blog post that "it is clear that more rules in this area are not what we need at this point."

Congress told the FCC in 2014 to look at its rules governing good-faith negotiations for retransmission consent. The FCC has a two-part framework to determine whether broadcasters and pay TV providers are negotiating in good faith.

Wheeler said what is not needed is "more rules, but for both sides in retransmission consent negotiations to take seriously their responsibility to consumers, who expect to watch their preferred broadcast programing without interruption and to receive the subscription TV service for which they pay."

The National Association of Broadcasters praised Wheeler for deciding no new rules are needed. "Broadcasters remain fully committed to reaching agreements with pay TV companies in good faith," said Dennis Wharton, a spokesman for the group.

Wheeler cited the dispute between DISH and Tribune as an example of the FCC's engagement in the issue.

Last month, Tribune chose to remove its television channels from Dish Network systems across the United States. Dish said its customers lost access to 42 local channels in 33 markets across 34 states and the District of Columbia. Its viewers also lost access to cable channel WGN America.

Dish has said Tribune is demanding an unreasonable rate increase and filed a lawsuit against Tribune, which Tribune called frivolous.

Tribune said Dish refused to reach an agreement based on "fair-market value" that Dish already pays other local station groups.

Wheeler summoned both parties to Washington to negotiate with staff. The FCC issued comprehensive information requests to both sides to determine whether they were meeting their duty to negotiate in good faith, Wheeler said. He said the FCC is currently reviewing their responses.

In 2013, U.S. broadcaster CBS went dark for millions of Time Warner Cable subscribers in the nation's two largest markets and other cities after the cable operator and CBS Corp failed to reach an agreement over fees. The blackout was resolved after a month.

FCC Votes To Advance 5G Networks

(Reuters) -- The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Thursday to open substantial spectrum for next-generation high-speed 5G wireless applications and networks - a move that could eventually reshape significant portions of the U.S. economy.

The FCC approved opening nearly 11 gigahertz of high-frequency spectrum for mobile, flexible and fixed-use wireless broadband. The FCC said the new rules "will provide vital clarity for business investment in this area."

Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc have said they will begin deploying 5G trials in 2017, and the first commercial deployments at scale are expected in 2020, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said.

Tom Wheeler
Wheeler said 5G will help more Americans get access to high-speed internet. "This is a big day for our nation," he said, adding it could enable many innovations not yet imagined.

Policymakers and mobile phone companies say the next generation of wireless signals needs to be much faster and far more responsive to allow advanced technologies like virtual surgery or controlling machines remotely.

"There is seemingly no limit on how what we refer to as 5G could impact our everyday existence," FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn said. "A refrigerator that not only alerts you to a near empty egg carton, but automatically adds that item to a virtual shopping list, enabling a delivery to your door by week’s end, without any action from you."

There are still other questions to be answered before 5G networks are in place - including a standard definition of 5G and exactly how much spectrum is needed, commissioners said.

The FCC said the new rules balance spectrum use between new wireless services, satellite operations and federal government use.

Jessica Rosenworcel
The FCC will make spectrum available and rely on a process led by the private sector for producing technical standards.

New 5G networks are expected to provide speeds more than 10 times faster than today’s 4G networks, the FCC said.

The technology could improve traffic by installing sensors in streetlights, roadside architecture, and cars. It could help monitor pollution by installing sensors in trees to gauge environmental impacts.

"We are on the cusp of cars that drive themselves, streets that can be safer, emergency services that are more effective, healthcare that is more personalized, and more capability across the board because we are more connected," FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said.

There is a worldwide race to adopt 5G. South Korea and Japan plan to deploy 5G service by the time they host the Olympics, in 2018 and 2020, respectively. The European Commission, South Korea, China and Japan are all working on 5G research efforts.

Report: iHM's Pittman Under Consideration For Viacom CEO

Lawyers for besieged Viacom boss Philippe Dauman have begun settlement talks with entrenched foes — Shari Redstone and her 93-year-old founder father, Sumner — to try to end the nonstop litigation over who’s running the company, The NY Post is reporting.

Dauman accuses Shari Redstone of stepping into the void caused by Sumner’s mental incapacitation and masterminding an unauthorized corporate takeover of her dad’s $40 billion media empire, which includes CBS.

Shari’s pirating of Viacom included dismissing Dauman from the family trust and the board of Viacom’s controlling entity, National Amusements, Inc.

Dauman’s legal eagles at Paul Weiss believe they could leverage a winning hand to keep their client at Viacom’s wheel for another 18 months, sources said.

Meanwhile, she is continuing to spend big on numerous legal fronts to hasten Dauman’s exit. Courts in Delaware and Massachusetts have yet to decide whether to hear questions of Sumner Redstone’s competency.

“He [Dauman] knows he’s out, why not have a soft landing?” said a source close to the talks. “He’s thinking, ‘I’ll drag it out, or we can steady the ship and hold hands.’”

Meanwhile, Shari Redstone is reportedly working through a shortlist of prospective new CEOs for Viacom, even without a clear idea of when — or if — Dauman gets the ax.

Candidates include iHeartMedia’s Bob Pittman, former Sony TV chief Steve Mosko, DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg and former Disney top exec Thom Staggs, several sources confirm.

Viacom shares fell 1.4 percent on Wednesday, to $44.80.

NPR Stations Will Be Able To Stream Via iHeartRadio

iHeartMedia today announced an agreement with NPR that will allow its Member stations to make their live News Talk programming available via iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s free all-in-one digital music and live streaming radio service.

Through this agreement, more than 260 NPR Member stations will have the opportunity to stream their live programming on iHeartRadio, which is available across more than 80 unique device platforms including in-home entertainment, wearables, gaming consoles, enhanced auto dashboards and more. iHeartRadio has over a billion app downloads, more than 85 million registered users and its network reaches more than 85 million social followers offering these public radio stations the ability to reach millions of new listeners nationwide.

In support of the public radio mission, all stations that join iHeartRadio will also have access to fifty percent of their individual iHeartRadio landing page’s digital banner inventory to encourage listeners to donate and directly support the station’s public programming.

“The addition of NPR’s Member stations helps to create even more signature audio content for iHeartRadio listeners,” said Darren Davis, President of iHeartRadio & iHeartMedia Networks. “By joining forces, it is the perfect way for public radio stations to reach listeners on new platforms and to provide iHeartRadio users with additional high-quality News Talk programming wherever they are.”

“As part of our commitment to meeting audiences wherever they may be, this agreement provides another option for audiences to find public radio on their preferred listening platforms,” said Stephanie Miller, Managing Director of NPR Digital Services.

“iHeartRadio has been a valuable partner in helping us deliver and promote the content audiences most want, from The Current’s Prince music marathon, to our kids’ stream Rock the Cradle to Garrison Keillor’s final broadcast as host of A Prairie Home Companion,” said Diana Flotten, Director, Digital Partnerships and Business Development at American Public Media.

Public radio fans can visit to check out all the available News Talk programming. iHeartRadio offers instant access to thousands of live radio stations from across the country, custom artist stations from a catalog of more than 24 million songs and 830,000 artists, on-demand podcasts and its newest feature “My Favorites Radio” which combines all of a listener’s favorite artists and thumbed up songs in one station personalized just for them.

Celebs Support Jennifer Aniston's Take On Media Sexism

Jennifer Aniston
(Reuters) - Hollywood celebrities are lining up behind actress Jennifer Aniston after she penned a blog criticizing the media for the way it scrutinizes female stars.

Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde were among the A-Listers who showed their support.

"Everybody needs to stop tearing down women," McCarthy, 45, said on "Entertainment Tonight," after declaring she was "one hundred thousand billion percent" behind Aniston.

Former "Friends" star Aniston, 47, published the blog, "For the Record," on the Huffington Post on Tuesday, writing that she was sick of being harassed by photographers and tabloid reporters.

"For the record, I am not pregnant," she wrote. "What I am is fed up. I'm fed up with the sport-like scrutiny and body shaming that occurs daily under the guise of 'journalism,' the 'First Amendment' and 'celebrity news.'"

"The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing," Aniston also wrote, saying that "we define a woman's value based on her marital and maternal status."

Aniston's husband, actor Justin Theroux, posted an image of her to his Instagram page with the hashtag #wcw for "Woman Crush Wednesday." He linked to her letter and wrote, "Here's just one reason why."

Aniston, who People magazine named as the most beautiful woman of 2016 in April, said she wrote the blog because she "wanted to participate in a larger conversation" even though she does not use social media.

The blog post was "liked" on Facebook more than 27,000 times by Wednesday afternoon.

“The way I am portrayed by the media is simply a reflection of how we see and portray women in general, measured against some warped standard of beauty,” Aniston wrote.

NBA Stars Speak Out Against Violence, Profiling

ESPN's annual ESPY Awards opened last night (July 13th) with NBA stars LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade speaking out against gun violence and racial profiling, and calling on fellow athletes to do more in their communities, educate themselves on the issues, and renounce violence, saying, "Enough is enough."

They spoke after a week that saw the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, sparking nationwide protests, and the murders of five Dallas police officers in revenge.

Anthony said, "The events of the past week have put a spotlight on the injustice, distrust and anger that plague so many of us. The system is broken. The problems are not new, the violence is not new and the racial divide is definitely not new. But the urgency to create change is at an all-time high."

Wade stated, "The racial profiling has to stop. The shoot-to-kill mentality has to stop. Not seeing the value of black and brown bodies has to stop. But also the retaliation has to stop."

James noted that the ESPYs would be honoring the late Muhammad Ali, and said, "To do his legacy any justice, let's use this moment as a call to action for all professional athletes. To educate ourselves, explore these issues, speak up, use our influence and renounce all violence."

The four athletes reportedly asked the network to open the show.

Miami TV Station Suspends Host Over 'Martyr' Remark

Kalyn James
A Miami-area PBS Affailitie WPBT2 TV has suspended host Kalyn Chapman James for calling Micah Xavier Johnson, the man who killed five police officers at an anti-police-brutality march in Dallas last week, a "martyr" in a video she posted Sunday.

In a video, James, filming from her car after church, said she'd been feeling torn up and conflicted over the recent shooting in Dallas.

"My heart weeps, but I think more than anything, I'm dealing with a bit of guilt," she said before bursting into tears.

"Because I don't feel sad for the officers that lost their lives. I know that's really not my heart. I value human life. And I want to feel sad for them, but I can't help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr. And I know it's not the right way to feel because nobody deserves to lose their lives."

But, she said, she was "so torn up in her heart" about the recent shootings of black men such as Louisiana's Alton Sterling and Minnesota's Philando Castile that she "can't help but feel like I wasn't surprised by what the [Dallas] shooter did."

James, a former beauty queen who became the first black Miss Alabama, currently hosts the program Art Loft on WPBT2, Miami's PBS affiliate.

In response to James' video, WPBT2 announced via Twitter that it had placed James on temporary administrative leave while the station "carefully looks further into the matter: