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October 2 Radio History

➦In 1890...Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx born in New York City (Died – August 19, 1977). He was a comedian, writer, stage, film, radio, and television star. A master of quick wit, he is widely considered one of America's greatest comedians.

Groucho Marx
"The one, the only" made 13 feature films with his siblings the Marx Brothers, of whom he was the third-born. He also had a successful solo career, most notably as the host of the radio and television game show You Bet Your Life.

You Bet Your Life debuted in October 1947 on ABC radio (which aired it from 1947 to 1949), and then on CBS (1949–50), and finally NBC. The show was on radio only from 1947 to 1950; on both radio and television from 1950 to 1960; and on television only, from 1960 to 1961. The show proved a huge hit, being one of the most popular on television by the mid-1950s. With George Fenneman as his announcer and straight man, Marx entertained his audiences with improvised conversation with his guests.

Since You Bet Your Life was mostly ad-libbed and unscripted—although writers did pre-interview the guests and feed Marx ready-made lines in advance—the producers insisted that the network pre-record it instead of it being broadcast live. There were two reasons for this: pre-recording provided Marx with time to fish around for funny exchanges and any intervening dead spots to be edited out; and secondly to protect the network, since Marx was a notorious loose cannon and known to say almost anything. The television show ran for 11 seasons until it was canceled in 1961.

He died from pneumonia Aug 19, 1977 at age 86.

Bud Abbott

➦In 1896...William Alexander "Bud" Abbott born (Died – April 24, 1974). He was an actor, best known for his film comedy double act, as straight man to comedian Lou Costello.

Groucho Marx declared Abbott "the greatest straight man ever."  Bud outlived his partner by 15 years, succumbing to cancer Apr 24, 1974 at age 77.

SWFL Radio, TV Struggle To Get Back On-Air

There are many scenes like this in SWFL (News-Press photo)

WINK News is back on the air in Southwest Florida.  The station moved to its transmitter site, according to a posting on the WINK News website.

The broadcast was interrupted Wednesday after a storm surge from Hurricane Ian breached the station’s broadcast center on Palm Beach Boulevard in Fort Myers.

“Our studios, like most of Southwest Florida, were flooded in the storm surge so we are emergency broadcasting from our transmitter site that is near Babcock Ranch,” said Mark Gilson, director of digital distribution at WINK News.

The power went out just before 5 p.m. on Wednesday, but anchors Lois Thome and Chris Cifatte and Chief Meteorologist Matt Devitt continued to broadcast on Facebook for a period of time.

Category 4 Hurricane Ian made landfall in North Captiva, pummeling the Southwest Florida coast with catastrophic storm surge and intense winds, ripping trees from the ground and ripping homes from their foundation in some instances.

Poll: Almost Half of Us Couldn't Live Without Electronics

Nearly half of Americans can’t live without their electronics (48%) and WiFi (46%), according to The NY Post citing new research.

A survey of 2,000 U.S. adults revealed that other essentials – besides food and water – people can’t go without include medicine (55%), electricity (53%) and gasoline/petrol (51%).

The study examined respondents’ perspectives on supply chain issues and found that nearly half say the issues have “somewhat affected” their lives (45%) – from impacting their cost of living, their jobs and finding basic essentials.

On average, Americans buy a third of their essentials online, with respondents 35-44 being the most likely to get at least half of their necessities this way.

The research suggests that brighter days may be on the horizon – two in five Americans are optimistic that the situation involving global supply chain disruptions will get better.

But change doesn’t happen overnight: A third of respondents predict supply chain disruptions will continue for another two years (34%).

While 30% think supply chain issues will remain the same, the same percentage believe things will only worsen (30%).

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of WithSecure, the survey also tested respondents’ knowledge about basic economic terms, discovering that although seven in 10 Americans are “confident” in their understanding of supply chain issues – only 59% actually know what the term means.

Radio Has Audio Listeners On Television

Anyone who has tried to put together a presentation about audio has encountered the problem of finding stock images that accurately reflect certain audio behavior. For example, search “listening” and you will see people listening to one another; try “listening to music” and you will see smiling people in headphones, some of whom choose to dance; “listening to the radio” fetches images of boom boxes and car consoles, and “listening to podcasts” usually has a combination of mobile phone or tablet and headphones.  

What’s missing? According to Edison Research,  there’s another way Americans are choosing to consume audio that is rarely mentioned when we talk about audio consumption — televisions. 

Televisions tend to be the center of many homes in America, and in many ways modern televisions have evolved in function almost as much as mobile phones. From their days of carrying a few broadcast channels to their current spot as a hub of entertainment, the importance of TV in the audio landscape needs to be recognized.

Traditional TVs as an audio source provide pure music channels such as Music Choice or other cable music stations (not including MTV or VH1). Internet-connected TVs, or ‘Smart TVs’, allow users to access any number of audio apps to listen to streaming services, books, radio stations, or podcasts. Edison Research’s Share of Ear data measures share of time spent listening through both types of televisions. 

The graph below shows that Americans 13+ spend 9% of their total audio time listening through a television. Americans 13-34 spend the most time with audio through a television (11%), with 7 percentage points being on an internet-connected TV. Not an insignificant number. 

The Next Big Battle Is for the Soul of Your Car

A few years from now, in addition to deciding your next vehicle’s make and model, you may have another tough choice: the Google model or the Apple one?

The Wall Street Journal reports cars, especially electric ones, are becoming something like smartphones on wheels, some of the dynamics that played out in the early days of the mobile industry are playing out in the auto industry. Competition between the two kingpins of the smartphone industry has in the past couple of years gained new momentum, with Google racking up auto-maker partnerships for the automobile-based version of its Android operating system, and Apple teasing plans to expand its software capabilities in the car.

Software increasingly controls most aspects of our cars, from driver-assist systems maintaining the vehicle’s speed and heading on the highway to the code and computers that assure the car comes to a stop when we step on the brakes—or the car does the braking for us.

But the auto-operating system competition so far centers on the infotainment system that shows everything from maps to movies on the road.

Google and Apple both have systems—called Android Auto and CarPlay—that mirror phone apps on vehicles’ displays.

L-A Radio: Liz Hernandez Joins Line-Up At The Wave

Audacy welcomes Liz Hernandez as morning show host for KTWV 94.7 The Wave in Los Angeles. Beginning October 3, Hernandez will be heard weekdays from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. PT.

“Liz’s familiarity and history with Southern California make her a perfect fit to take the reins of The Wave’s morning drive,” said Jeff Federman, Regional President, Audacy Southern California. “We’re certain she will deliver a fresh, dynamic morning show that resonates with the Wave’s community.”

“This truly is a homecoming to my first love, radio, and what better way than with a morning show at The Wave,” said Hernandez. “I am incredibly proud to be a Latina in this space and to represent my culture and community, and grateful for the opportunity to be a voice for the beautiful people of Los Angeles. I am excited to bring my energy and years of experience and to continue to celebrate this amazing city.”

Hernandez is a Mexican American Emmy-nominated television personality, broadcaster, and journalist. As a SoCal native, Hernandez started her entertainment career as a radio host on the Power 106 FM nationally syndicated show, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.” After hosting for 10 years, she moved on to television entertainment news as a host and correspondent for Access Hollywood, E! News, and MTV. Her career has been built on storytelling and the power of words. She continues to connect with community as the Founder and Creator of WORDAFUL, a video and live event series that focuses on the importance of how we communicate with others and ourselves.

📻Listeners can tune in to 94.7 The Wave (KTWV-FM) in Southern California on air and nationwide on the Audacy app and website. Fans can also connect with the station via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  

Former ESPNer Rachel Nichols Joins Showtime Sports

Rachel Nichols Joins Showtime

Sports journalist Rachel Nichols has landed a new gig in Showtime’s sports division, a year after ESPN canceled her show and removed her from basketball coverage reports The Wall Street Journal.

On her Twitter account, Ms. Nichols posted a statement from Showtime Basketball welcoming her to the network. She is expected to work as a host and producer on a range of content across multiple platforms for Showtime. 

She wrote on the social media platform: “Thrilled to be partnering with @Showtime and getting back to celebrating what we love most about sports. We’re gonna have so. much. fun.“

In her debut appearance on Showtime, she spoke about her former employer and the circumstances that led to her eventual departure from ESPN. 

In the summer of 2021, ESPN removed Nichols from its National Basketball Association coverage and canceled her weekday afternoon show, “The Jump.” 

That decision came about a month after the New York Times reported on a recording of a phone call Nichols made in July 2020. On that call, she complained that the job of anchoring “NBA Countdown” telecasts had gone to another ESPN personality, Maria Taylor, instead of her. Nichols is white; Taylor is Black.

FCC Wants Tenga-Standard General Docs On Staffing

The Federal Communications Commission has asked Tegna and Standard General for yet more documents, with a particular focus on any potential layoffs or impact on retransmission-consent negotiations related to their proposed merger, in the process suggesting the commission won’t decide whether or not to allow the companies to merge until late October at the earliest, reports

Tegna, which owns 64 TV stations in 51 U.S. markets, agreed to be acquired by Standard General back in February for $8.6 billion including debt. It also owns multicast networks True Crime Network, Twist and Quest, as well as advanced advertising company Premion.

In June, the FCC asked for more info from the companies on that deal following pushback from critics who said it would lead to layoffs. This week, the agency’s Media Bureau followed up with a letter seeking even more, giving the companies until October 13 to respond, or alternately, until another date the Media Bureau will agree to.

The NewsGuild-CWA, which formally opposed the merger in a petition to deny, earlier this week told the FCC in meetings that the commission needed to collect more info on potential staffing issues.

Consumer Sentiment Surges to 5-Month High

Consumer sentiment in September ticked up to a five-month high, according to Barron's citing the final estimate from the University of Michigan’s consumer survey.

The consumer sentiment index rose to 58.6 in September, showing a modest improvement from August’s 58.2 reading. However, the figure came in lower than the preliminary reading of 59.5, released in mid-September.

“The downward revision to September’s preliminary reading, though still continuing the modest rebound since a record low of 50 set in June, highlights consumer’s precarious position,” wrote Oxford Economics economist Matthew Martin.

The index measuring consumer evaluations of current economic conditions rose by 1.9% in September to 59.7.

Pittsburgh Radio: Deborah Acklin Steps Down As CEO At WQED

Deborah Acklin
WQED President and CEO Deborah Acklin is stepping down after 12 years of leadership and success to focus on essential medical treatments following a diagnosis of non-smoker’s lung cancer.

As the first woman President and CEO of WQED, Deb has served in her current role since 2010, and prior to that held leadership roles across a broad range of organizational operations — from Executive Producer to Executive Vice President and General Manager. Among her many achievements, she led WQED out of crippling debt and functional bankruptcy to become a financially-thriving multimedia powerhouse. Her tenure is also marked with unprecedented professional awards recognition for producing meaningful content at the local, national and international levels, as well as building and nurturing a nationally recognized education department.

A public media champion, Deb’s production and distribution experience ensured that WQED Pittsburgh remains a national and international content creator, distributing The Pittsburgh Symphony Radio series, and epic documentaries including August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand; Harbor From The Holocaust; and The War That Made America, the latter, for which she served as Executive Producer. She also envisioned the potential for Doo Wop music showcases, which raised many millions and became a favorite of PBS pledge shows nationwide.

October 1 Radio History

➦In 1909...Everett H. Sloane born in NYC (Died – August 6, 1965). He  was a character actor who worked in radio, theatre, films and television. He was also a songwriter and theatre director.

Sloane's radio work led him to be hired by Orson Welles to become part of his Mercury Theatre. Sloane recorded one program with The Mercury Theatre on the Air and became a regular player when the show was picked up by a sponsor and became The Campbell Playhouse

In the 1940s, Sloane was a frequent guest star on the radio theater series Inner Sanctum Mysteries and The Shadow, and was in The Mysterious Traveler episode "Survival of the Fittest" with Kermit Murdock.

Reportedly depressed over the onset of blindness, Sloane committed suicide in 1965 at age 55.

WJZ - 1922

➤In 1921...WJZ Radio signed-on. WJZ is now WABC in New York City. The original Westinghouse Electric Corporation, whose broadcasting division is a predecessor to the current broadcasting unit of CBS Corporation, launched WJZ in 1921, and was located originally in Newark, New Jersey.

WJZ was sold in 1923 to the Radio Corporation of America, who moved its operations to New York City, and on January 1, 1927, WJZ became the flagship station for the NBC Blue Network.

NBC Blue would become the American Broadcasting Company in 1942.  In 1953, ABC merged with United Paramount Theatres, and changed the call letters of their New York area stations to WABC.  Today, the WJZ call sign is assigned to 1300 AM in Baltimore.  It is owned by Entercom and airs  CBS Sports Radio.

➦In 1922...“The Radio Digest,” a daily news program got started on WBAY in New York City, which is now WFAN 660 AM.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Miami Radio: WAXY To Flip To Conservative Talk

Audacy has announced the launch of Radio Libre 790 WAXY-AM in Miami. The new Spanish conservative talk station is in partnership with Americano Media, the nation’s first national conservative Hispanic network in Spanish. Radio Libre 790 launches October 3.

“We’re proud to introduce Spanish radio to our South Florida portfolio for the first time ever and empower the voice of so many of our neighbors in this community,” said Claudia Menegus, Regional President and Market Manager, Audacy. “With the launch of this station, we aim to not only serve our listeners but give them a reliable home for the news they seek and the information they rely on every day.”

“The joint endeavor with Audacy is a natural fit for Americano,” said Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo, Founder and Chief Executive, Americano Media. “We provide the best Hispanic news-talk programming in Spanish, with the best hosts covering important current events, and Audacy’s audience is demanding that information. This is the first of many terrestrial radio syndication agreements for Americano, and we look forward to a strong partnership with Audacy.”

Wake-Up Call: Ian Heads Toward South Carolina, Devastation In Florida

Ian's Track (Wall Street Journal graphic)

Ian, now a hurricane again, is threatening to carve a new path of destruction through South Carolina Friday when it roars ashore north of Charleston, according to Bloomberg.

The storm will drive a surge of water into the city of 3 to 6 feet (1.8 meters) and drop up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) of rain, according to Mike Doll, a meteorologist at commercial-forecaster AccuWeather Inc.

Power outages will reach far inland as Ian’s winds shake trees and power lines throughout the region. The storm is likely to create an even higher flooding surge further up the coast, with as much as 10 feet of water being pushed on shore in places, Doll said. Around Myrtle Beach, the surge could be also be 3 to 6 feet.

The damage in South Carolina, and the flooding rains inland, will be severe but won’t rival the devastation across Florida, where it may take weeks or months to assess the true cost, Doll said.

Chicago Radio: WLS-AM Adds Jane Clauss To The Morning Show

Cumulus Media has announced that Chicago radio and television personality Jane Clauss has joined the WLS 890 AM on-air team as Morning Show Contributor for The Steve Cochran Show. Clauss debuted this week as a member of the 890 WLS-AM morning show team and can be heard weekdays from 5:30am-9:00am.

Jane Clauss
A two-time EMMY Award winner, Clauss is host of Creative Living, which airs nationally on the Yurview network, and hosts Arizona Living: Your Home Your Inspiration show and Craft Room Crash series on CLIXTV. She was the longtime host of Living Healthy Chicago on WGN-TV. Clauss can be heard on the Creative Living podcast available on all major podcast platforms

Clauss has hosted television shows across the country including Create & Craft USA on Direct TV and was correspondent for Metro Mix, Behind the Bubbly, and House Smarts. As an entertainment reporter, Clauss hosted the Around Town feature for KTVK TV-3 in Phoenix, AZ. She is a familiar voice on Chicago radio, as host for various programs on WGN 720 AM, and as morning and afternoon show co-host on Rock station 97.9 The Loop/WLUP-FM. She was also the in-arena host for the NBA Atlanta Hawks and WNBA Chicago Sky.

Report: Radio Reaches 9 Out Of 10 Black Consumers

Nielsen's latest Audio Today report places the focus on Black American consumers, giving a current, comprehensive overview of their media landscape, and illustrating the power of audio and radio in their lives across generations, according to Katz Radio Group.  

As in previous iterations of Nielsen's cross media reports, radio earns the title of #1 measured media among Black American consumers, reaching 92% of A18+. Radio claims the top spot among young Black Americans as well, at 90% for A18-34, ahead of television, smartphones, and other internet devices. Radio's high reach extends to the older demographic breaks as well, reaching 93% of A35-49 and A50+.

Turning the focus to audio, Nielsen finds that Black Americans' total audio usage - across AM/FM radio, streaming services, satellite radio, and podcasts - racks up nearly universal monthly reach across all major age brackets. Brands employing audio marketing strategies that include both traditional and digital options have the chance to engage 99% of Black American consumers 18+ and 18-34, along with 98% of A35-49, and 96% of A50+.  

Philly Radio: WHYY's Marty Moss-Coane Leaving 'Radio Times'

Marty Moss-Coane

WHYY 90.9 FM’s Marty Moss-Coane will leave Radio Times in November, the host of the long-running interview and call-in show announced Thursday, according to the Philly Inquirer.

“In 1987 when Radio Times made its on air debut, I had no idea that I would still be hosting the program 35 years later,” Moss-Coane said in statement provided by WHYY, the Philadelphia region’s largest public radio and TV provider.

Moss-Coane, who is also executive producer of the show, said she still loves the program, which gives her the chance to talk “with a wide variety of guests about every topic under the sun” and “mix it up with our listeners.”

“I will miss all of that but also know that I need to get off the grind of a daily show while I still have some energy and brain cells left so I can pursue new challenges at WHYY and in my private life,” she said.

Her last Radio Times episode will air Nov. 18, WHYY said.

Biden's 'Where's Jackie?' Gaffe Ignored By CNN, MSNBC, NBC

President Biden Wednesday (Reuters photo)

Some liberal networks skipped on-air coverage of one of President Biden's most stunning gaffes to date when he forgot about the death of Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., repeatedly searching the crowd for her and calling her name Wednesday while on stage.

While much of the news cycle on Wednesday was dedicated to Hurricane Ian's havoc on Florida, Fox News Digital reports Biden created a firestorm on social media following remarks he made at the White House's Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, where he gave a shout-out to Walorski.

"Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie? She must not be here," Biden said as he searched for her in the crowd before continuing his speech.

Walorski died in a car accident last month along with two staffers, which Biden acknowledged in a statement released after her passing. She had played a key role in Wednesday's conference before her tragic death.

The controversy continued in the White House briefing room, where Biden's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to acknowledge that the president made any error, repeatedly telling reporters Walorski was "top of mind" as Biden is scheduled to meet her family at a White House ceremony on Friday.

Several reporters, including ABC News' Cecilia Vega, CNN's Phil Mattingly and CBS News' Steven Portnoy, grilled Jean-Pierre on her non-answers. 

Nashville Radio: Two McFarlands Launch Sports Show On WNSR

Two Nashville media veterans – radio’s Darren McFarland and television’s Justin McFarland – will start a daily sports talk radio show Monday called “The McFarland Show with Darren and Justin” to air weekdays from 2 to 4 p.m. on Nashville Sports Radio WNSR-AM 560, FM 95.9, FM 107.9 and

The hosts are not related but have plenty in common, having been part of the local media scene for many years, reports The Tennessean.

Darren McFarland has been on Nashville radio for 25 years, including the last 11 at The Game 102.5 FM as well as being the Nashville Predators radio studio host since 2013.

Sportscaster Mike Breen Loses Home In Fire

 A weekend fire has destroyed the Long Island home of Knicks broadcaster Mike Breen, fire and police officials said Thursday,

A 911 call at 4 a.m. Sunday reported the fire, said Nassau County Assistant Chief Fire Marshal James Hickman. Firefighters from the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department arrived to find the home ablaze, Hickman said.

No one was home at the time and there were no reported injuries, though police said the home was fully engulfed, reports Newsday.

The blaze destroyed the home and everything in it, Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay said Wednesday afternoon on his ESPN radio show. Kay described Breen as "one of my best friends in the world," who had asked him to speak on his behalf.

"Mike Breen, beloved broadcaster of the Knicks, lost his home on Sunday," Kay said. "It burned to the ground."

Breen and his wife were finishing up a vacation in California before the NBA season starts, Kay said.

Bruce Springsteen Releasing Album Of Covers

Bruce Springsteen was born to sing covers.

A new Springsteen album, “Only the Strong Survive,” due Friday, Nov. 11, will have the Boss singing soul music classics and rarities. A single, “Do I Love You (Indeed I Do),” was released on Thursday, Sept. 29, with an accompanying performance video directed by Point Pleasant native and long-time collaborator Thom Zimny.

“I decided to do something I hadn't done before — make some music centered around singing, around challenging my voice,” said Springsteen in a video message also released on Thursday. “In my own memoir, I give my voice a little short shrift by saying I didn't think I had much of one. But once I started in on this project, after listening to some of the things we cut, I thought my voice is badass! I'm 73 years old, I'm kicking ass, I'm a good old man! Of course, the music that led to this epiphany and gifted me this insight was soul music!”

Music Rights: Phil Collins and Geneis Cash-In

Phil Collins and his Genesis bandmates have agreed to sell a bundle of their music rights to Concord Music Group Inc., according to The Wall Street Journal.

The megadeal—valued at over $300 million, according to people familiar with the transaction—includes the publishing copyrights and a mix of recorded music income streams and masters of Mr. Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks‘ individual careers and work as the progressive rock group Genesis.

For Concord, one of the largest independent music labels, the transaction signals its return to the market as a buyer after a period where it explored a possible sale of itself.

The deal puts Mr. Collins, 71 years old, among other musical greats from Bob Dylan to Bruce Springsteen who in recent years have cashed in on their life’s work for multimillion-dollar sums. Mr. Dylan’s songwriting catalog fetched nearly $400 million and Mr. Springsteen’s recorded music and songwriting went for over $500 million, according to people familiar with those deals.

R.I.P.: Carl Coffey, Former WRIF Detroit Radio Personality

Carl Coffey
WRIF favorite Carlton Eugene Coffey died September 24, 2022. 

He was 73, according to  posting on the WRIF website.

He served in the US Army 4rth Division Infantry in the Republic of Vietnam as an Indirect Fire Infantryman, or Mortar man, and was awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge for service while actively engaged in ground combat, Air Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and National Defense Service Medal.

Carlton began his 54-year radio career informing and entertaining listeners in 1967 at 103.1 WTHM-FM in Lapeer, Michigan, reading the news, weather, farm report and obituaries. 

He was an on-air radio personality in Detroit, Michigan, at 101.1 WRIF-FM for 13 1/2 years, programming and hosting "The Riff Rock Cafe," and at 94.7 WCSX-FM for 8 years hosting "Your Afternoon Coffey Break."

September 30 Radio History

➦In 1912...Singer Kenny Baker born  (Died from a heart attack at age 72  – August 10, 1985). He was a singer and actor who first gained notice as the featured singer on radio's The Jack Benny Program during the 1930s.

At the height of his radio fame, and after leaving the Benny show in 1939 (succeeded by Dennis Day, whose tenor voice was very similar to Baker's), he appeared in 17 film musicals, including Mr. Dodd Takes the Air (1937), At the Circus (1939), and The Harvey Girls (1946).

Baker returned to radio as a regular performer on Fred Allen's Texaco Star Theater program (1940–1942). He was also heard on Blue Ribbon Town (1943–1944) and Glamour Manor (1945–1947). He had his own programs, the Kenny Baker Show (1954) and Sincerely—Kenny Baker (1946). The latter was syndicated by the Frederick W. Ziv Company via electrical transcription.

➦In Lamont Johnson was born in Stockton Calif. When he was 16, Johnson began his career in radio, eventually playing the role of Tarzan in a popular syndicated series in 1951.He also worked as a newscaster and a disc jockey Johnson was also one of several actors to play Archie Goodwin in The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe, opposite Sydney Greenstreet on NBC Radio. He then turned to films and television, first as an actor, then as a director.

He became an active member of the Los Angeles radio acting pool.

"The National Farm and Home Hour"

➦In 1929…“The National Farm and Home Hour" started airing as a variety show which was broadcast in various formats from 1928 to 1958. Aimed at listeners in rural America, it was known as "the farmer's bulletin board" and was produced by the United States Department of Agriculture with contributions from, and the cooperation of, various farm organizations (among them the American Farm Bureau, 4-H Club, Farmers Union, Future Farmers of America and the National Grange). Raymond Edward Johnson and, later, Don Ameche appeared in dramatic sketches in the role of the Forest Ranger.

With live coverage of livestock expositions, harvest festivals and "the most spectacular happenings in agricultural America," the program offered tips to farmers, music and news, plus advice from agencies and government officials.

The series first aired on Pittsburgh's KDKA (1928-29), moving to the Blue Network (later ABC) from September 30, 1929 to March 17, 1945, usually heard Monday through Saturday at 12:30 (Eastern). Under the sponsorship of Allis-Chalmers, it continued on NBC as a 30-minute show on Saturdays at noon (Eastern) from September 15, 1945 to January 25, 1958; in its final three years (1955-58), it would be incorporated into the Saturday lineup of NBC's weekend anthology Monitor.

➦In 1930…The radio anthology series "Death Valley Days," created.  It also begin airing on TV in 1952.  The series featuring true accounts of the American Old West, particularly the Death Valley country of southeastern California. Created in 1930 by Ruth Woodman, the program was broadcast on radio until 1945. From 1952 to 1970, it became a syndicated television series, with reruns (updated with new narrations) continuing through August 1, 1975. The radio and television versions combined to make the show "one of the longest-running western programs in broadcast history."

The series was sponsored by the Pacific Coast Borax Company (20 Mule Team Borax, Boraxo) and hosted by Stanley Andrews ("The Old Ranger") (1952–1964), Ronald Reagan (1964–1965), Rosemary DeCamp (1965), Robert Taylor (1966–1969), and Dale Robertson (1969–1970). With the death of Dale Robertson in 2013, all former Death Valley Days hosts are now deceased. Hosting the series was Reagan's final work as an actor; he left the series to run in 1966 for governor of California.

➦In 1933...WLS (then 870 AM)  radio in Chicago's popular program The National Barn Dance went national with a move to NBC radio.

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Ft. Myers TV: Reporter Uses Condom To Keep Mic Dry

WBBH's Kyla Galer

A Florida reporter captured viewers’ attention Wednesday when the condom on her microphone flashed on the screen during an outdoor hurricane broadcast.

The NY Post reports WBBH NBC2’s Kyla Galer was reporting on Hurricane Ian’s landfall from a parking lot in Fort Myers, Florida, when viewers became distracted by the bulbous rubber casing on her microphone.

“NBC 2 practicing safe microphone reporting during hurricane Ian,” tweeted one viewer.

“@NBCNewsNow really got this woman out here holding a mic wrapped in a condom up to her face,” chimed in another.

Galer quickly defended the practice on her Instagram Stories.

“A lot of people are asking what is on my microphone,” she said.

“It is what you think it is. It’s a condom. It helps protect the gear. You can’t get these mics wet. There’s a lot of wind and a lot of rain, so we gotta do what we gotta do and that is put a condom on the microphone.”

WH Spox Defends Biden's Wednesday Gaffe

Biden, WH Spox, Late Walorski

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre scrambled to defend President Joe Biden’s gaffe Wednesday where he appeared to search for a deceased congresswoman in a crowd.

The Daily Caller reports the president appeared to call for Republican Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski to stand up for acknowledgement at a White House conference on nutrition and health Wednesday, seemingly forgetting the congresswoman died in a car crash in August. ABC News reporter Cecilia Vega questioned Jean-Pierre on why he made this mistake during Wednesday’s press briefing.

“The president was, as you all know, you guys were watching today’s event — a very important event on food insecurity,” Jean-Pierre said. 

“The president was naming congressional champions on this issue and was acknowledging her incredible work. He had already planned to welcome the congresswoman’s family to the White House on Friday. There will be a bill-signing in her honor this coming Friday, so of course she was on his mind. She was on top of mind for the president. He very much looks forward to discussing her remarkable legacy of public service with them when he sees her family this coming Friday.”

TV Ratings: '60 Minutes' Top Rated Non-Sports Show

“60 Minutes” was the top-rated non-NFL program in the first week of the 2022-23 prime-time television season and “FBI” was the most popular entertainment program, while the week’s lone scripted premiere, NBC’s “Quantum Leap” reboot, was fourth in its time slot.

The L-A Times reports the CBS newsmagazine averaged 7.144 million viewers, sixth among prime-time broadcast and cable prime-time programs airing between Sept. 19 and Sunday behind two NFL games, two NFL pregame shows and an NFL postgame show, according to live-plus-same-day figures released Tuesday by Nielsen.

“FBI” was ranked seventh, averaging 6.806 million viewers. Four other entertainment programs averaged more than 6 million viewers. “Chicago Fire” averaged 6.746 million viewers, eighth for the week. “Chicago Med,” which preceded “Chicago Fire” on NBC, was ninth for the week, averaging 6.585 million.

The two-hour episode of “The Voice” Sept. 20 was 11th for the week, averaging 6.191 million. The season premiere of the NBC singing competition one night earlier was 13th, averaging 6.117 million viewers, one spot behind the 13-minute pregame show immediately preceding ABC’s “Monday Night Football,” which averaged 6.164 million viewers.

Viewership for the second episode of Fox’s country music drama “Monarch” dropped 57.5% from its 4.034 million average for its premiere Sept. 11 immediately following its NFL coverage to 1.716 million viewers, 68th among broadcast programs. Its overall rank was not available.

Phoenix Radio: KOOL-FM Rebrands as Big 94.5

Audacy announced the launch of BIG 94.5 (KOOL-FM) in Phoenix. 

The classic hits station will continue to deliver favorites from Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode and more. The station will also launch with a new weekday lineup beginning October 10.

“Since KOOL’s first broadcast over half a century ago, the station has provided “The Valley” with the very best the classic hits format has to offer and we’re thrilled to usher in this next chapter with BIG 94.5,” said Dave Pugh, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy Phoenix. “BIG 94.5 will exceed the expectations of our current audience by bringing a more up-tempo delivery, and playing the “Big Hits” from the 70s, 80s and the 90s.”

📻New lineup beginning October 10 is as follows.
  • 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. PT:  Lara Scott
  • 2:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. PT:   Niko
  • 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. PT:  Kaden
➤Listeners can tune in to BIG 94.5 (KOOL-FM) in Phoenix on air and nationwide on the Audacy app and website. Fans can also connect with the station via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Adams Radio Group To Be Acquired By Investment Group

Adams Radio Group is being acquired by Adams Radio Acquisition Co. LLC. The new entity is controlled by shareholders that were investors in Adams Radio Group when the group was originally formed in 2013. The Charles C. Fritz led Adams Radio Acquisition Co. LLC will acquire the company’s fifteen stations in Tallahassee FL, Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana, and Las Cruces NM. The company will continue operating under the Adams banner. Sharon Bordwell has been retained as the new company's CFO. President and CEO Ron Stone will continue to manage the group until closing.

Stone said, "I am grateful to Steve Adams for the opportunity to build a second Adams Radio Group. I served as Steve's CFO in the original Adams Radio Corporation and had my first opportunity as a GM at KEZK St Louis. The opportunity to work with Steve a second time and build a new group was a dream come true for me. We formed Adams in 2013 and it has been an incredible experience and I have been surrounded by some of the brightest people in the business. I look forward to seeing the company continue to grow and our most dedicated staff prosper under the new ownership and leadership."

Wake-Up Call: Ian Still Packing A Punch

Hurricane Ian barreled ashore in southwest Florida Wednesday with a massive and deadly surge of water and catastrophic winds that are poised to make it one of the costliest storms in US history.

The Category 4 hurricane made landfall west of Fort Myers near Cayo Costa shortly after 3 p.m. Wednesday local time. Nearly all of Florida, home to 21 million people, braced for widespread blackouts and floods. More than 2 million people have been ordered or urged to flee. The storm is expected to cause more than $67 billion in damages and losses and global shipping is already diverting from its path.  Florida's Tourism Economy alone could take $7 Billion hurricane hit

“This is going to be a tragic event,” Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said during a briefing as the storm neared shore. “It’s something that is going to be there for days, weeks, months and unfortunately in some circumstances even years.”

A storm of this magnitude is a severe test for Florida’s infrastructure due to its low-lying and densely populated coastal areas that are prone to flooding. It comes as climate change has fueled extreme weather worldwide this year, including deadly flooding in Kentucky and Pakistan, a European heat wave that killed more than 2,000 people in Portugal and Spain, and relentless drought in the US west.

Storm Stats:
  • Ian Forecast to Emerge Over Atlantic Waters  (2 a.m. Thursday)
The storm is about 55 miles (89 kilometers) south-southeast of Orlando and is forecast to move across central Florida and emerge over the Atlantic Ocean later Thursday, the National Hurricane Center said. Winds are about 75 miles per hour, down from a peak of 150 mph earlier. About 2.3 million homes and business are without power.
  • Storm Weakens to Category 1 Hurricane (11 p.m. Wednesday)
Ian’s wind speeds fell to 90 mph at 11 p.m., meaning it’s now a Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, according to the National Hurricane Center. 
  • 2.4 Million Customers Without Power in Florida (10 p.m.)
More than 2 million homes and businesses were without power in Florida late Wednesday even as Hurricane Ian’s winds continued to calm, according to

The storm, now a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale, was about 80 miles south of Orlando at 10 p.m. local time. The winds had weakened to 100 mph from a peak of 150 earlier, according to the National Hurricane Center. 

Crews Like this one near The Villages are ready to restore power

The economic ripples radiate far beyond the storm’s path. As the US and the state begin shifting to storm response and then recovery, Bloomberg notes some of the threats to monitor.

➤Wall of water

Hurricanes push water in front of them as they move over the ocean. This is known as “storm surge,” which can cause significant coastal destruction. Low-lying geography and the shallow continental shelf in parts of western Florida make it particularly vulnerable. Ian’s projected storm surge of 12 feet (4 meters) to 18 feet could send seawater far inland.

The surge and winds Ian bring ashore will deliver a devastating blow to the cities and towns along the coast. But the heavy rains it wrings out across Florida and into Georgia, South Carolina and beyond will spread the misery — and the damages. Case in point: Walt Disney World, in the Orlando area of central Florida, issued a shelter-in-place order for hotel guests despite being about 140 miles from where the storm made landfall.

More than 2 feet of rain may fall across central Florida. The National Weather Service warns there could be record-breaking flooding on rivers throughout the state. In the next seven days flooding rain could fall from Florida to southern New Jersey and throughout the Appalachian Mountains, according to the US Weather Prediction Center.

➤The Sunshine State Could Go Dark for Days

Category 4 storms wreak such damage on power grids — such as snapping poles — that the National Hurricane Center says blackouts can last weeks or even months. Florida Power & Light, the state’s biggest electric utility, told customers to brace for “widespread outages” from Ian and cautioned they could linger for days. The NextEra Energy Inc. utility spent billions of dollars fortifying its system after a rash of hurricanes struck the state more than a decade ago, but now faces the prospect of having to rebuild parts of it. More than 30,000 utility workers from 26 states were mobilized to help restore power once the storm passes, according to the Edison Electric Institute, a trade group. But doing so will require access to equipment and communities that may be cut off by flooding or downed trees.

➤Out of Gas

Many Florida fuel terminals are shut, while high winds and flooding make truck deliveries impossible in many areas. Fuel distributors in the state are warning of lengthy wait times to resupply businesses and homes with diesel for generators. Prolonged disruption in waterborne transportation could risk the state's supply of fuel — 90% of which comes on barges into 4 ports.

➤Breakfast Getting Even More Expensive

Orange juice futures soared as Ian neared the Florida shore. And if crop damage of Florida’s famed crop is as extensive as feared — potentially 90% of its citrus belt, according to Maxar — it will further worsen food inflation plaguing consumers.

➤Risk of Chemical Spills and Dead Fish

Florida produces much of the US’s phosphate fertilizer, in a process that yields a radioactive and toxic byproduct called phosphogypsum, which is stored in stacks — or big mounds. Last year, one of them suffered a catastrophic failure due to heavy rain, causing a red tide that killed about 1,800 pounds (816 kilograms) of sea life and forced evacuations in nearby towns. Environmental experts fear a potential repeat with Ian, whose path may approach where Mosaic has the bulk of its phosphate facilities. A spokesperson for the company said it has made improvements to its facilities to help prevent any such issues, including “a more comprehensive internal dike system.”

➤Good Luck Getting Insurance

Florida’s insurance market was already chaotic before Ian. But the storm arrives in the wake of six insolvencies among insurers that write homeowner policies in the state. The largest insurers had pulled back from the market after previous natural disasters, while smaller firms still active there have struggled to endure losses.

Flood damages aren’t generally covered in home policies. Instead, they fall under policies managed by the U-S Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Savannah Radio: Nathan James Joins Dick Broadcasting As WUBB PD

Nathan James joins Dick Broadcasting-Savannah in new dual programming and marketing role. James will oversee programming of New Country Bob 106.9, WUBB as Program Director and Afternoon Talent.

He will also serve as Marketing Director for all six of Dick Broadcasting’s Savannah brands including; Active Rock, Rock 106.1, WFXH, Top 40 Hot 98.3, WGCO, Throwback G100, WXYY, Classic Hits Rewind 107.9, WRWN, Regional Mexican 96.1 La Pantera, WHHW and New Country Bob 106.9, WUBB.

Nathan James
Nathan James joins Dick Broadcasting-Savannah from Virginia, where he was most recently Director of Marketing, Promotions, Events and Digital for Summit Media’s, Richmond stations. He begins his new duties effective October 3rd, 2022.

Aaron Wilborn, Market Manger-Dick Broadcasting-Savannah remarked, “Nathan brings a creative perspective to everything he does. His passion will allow Bob 106.9 to flourish and take on a more dominating position in the market. I couldn’t be more excited about Nathan being part of our already talented team.”

James remarked, “I am excited to join Dick Broadcasting and the Savannah brands. Together we will grow ratings, revenue and connect the WUBB brand in the community with a company that has a strong local footprint on-air and digitally.

Thanks to Jason Goodman, VP of Programming; Aaron Wilborn, Market Manager and Matt Derrick, Operations Manager for affording me this opportunity!”

Operations Manager, Matt Derrick says of James “Nathan is the rare triple threat; programming acumen, promotional creativity and great content on-air and socially. I’m excited to welcome him to the Savannah team”

Jason Goodman, VP of DBC says “I’m extremely excited to have Nathan James join our team in Savannah! I worked with Nathan years ago and have been trying to get him to our company for quite some time. He is very strategic and driven.”

Jacobs Media Announces C.E.S. Curated Tours for Broadcasters

Jacobs Media has announced that it is returning to the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, and is once again hosting custom tours for broadcasters. The tours provide a curated experience, enabling guests to engage with companies that have an impact on radio today, and in the future. Guests also have the ability to “jump” the lines and talk directly with leaders from companies like Google, Amazon Alexa, automakers, and mobile manufacturers.

“We began bringing broadcasters to CES® because we believed it was essential to understand how radio fits into the world of technology,” Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs remarks. “This year marks our 14th CES® and each year brings new ideas and vision for how radio can continue its transformation into multimedia companies that are relevant and successful.”

“CES® is about resilience, innovation, and trend-spotting. Our first curated tour in 2017 was geared to CEOs, but now we want everyone in the business to have the chance at this unique experience,” Jacobs Media VP/GM Paul Jacobs comments. “CES® is an amazing way to start the new year, with a fresh perspective on where radio is moving, and the technologies that will help us get there.”