Monday, September 26, 2022

Detroit Radio: The Perp Was A Family Friend

Daily Mail composite 9/26/22

The brother of the Michigan news anchor slain in alleged murder-suicide attempt by a 'family friend' said that his 10-year-old nephew suffered life-altering injuries as he attempted to fight off the man who attacked his family. 

Police said WWJ 950 AM overnight anchor, Jim Matthews, 57, invited a 'frequent visitor' to his Chesterfield Township home outside Detroit on Friday night. 

Shortly thereafter, police were called to the residence, and found Matthews dead and his 35-year-old girlfriend, Nichole Guertin, seriously injured, having been stabbed multiple times. 

When Guertin was discovered, she was bleeding severely and bound with duct tape in a nearby parking lot. Matthews' son, Hunter, is in critical condition following brain and ear surgery after being being beaten and tied when he tried to fight his father's killer. 

Speaking to WXYZ-TV Detroit, the brother Jim Matthews, Joe Nicolai described the scene of the massacre as being 'not even something you'd see in a horror movie.'

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