Tuesday, September 27, 2022

WayFM Adds Two New Shows, Tweaks Talent Line-Up

is excited to announce a new lineup including two new shows. Midday Show host, Bekah Eaker will make the shift to afternoons to team up with her Holy Mess Podcast co-host and current Afternoons host, Joy Summers. In addition to the familiar voices, WayFM welcomes Carder Price as new host of the Midday Show.

“In my decade at WayFM, I’ve gotten to fill a lot of different roles, and I’m deeply looking forward to this next one. After starting the “Holy Mess” podcast with Joy earlier this year, it was obvious that there was something special about our partnership,” shares Bekah. “Joy’s immeasurable talent, humor, and kindness makes working with her so fun and so easy. I’ve loved getting to watch the spark of connection we’ve created in our podcast catch fire and empower others to be honest about finding the hope in their own messes, and I can’t wait to see how that continues to grow with the afternoon audience. We’re just getting started.”

“From the moment I heard Joy and Bekah doing their podcast together, I realized there was some amazing magic happening. Their chemistry is off the charts, and while they are both amazing solo jocks, together, they are something even more, and I just know our afternoons at WayFM are going to soar,” say Steve Shore, WayFM Program Director. “On top of that, Carder brings a great personality and perspective that will really firm up the lineup on WayFM, all the way from The Wally Show in the mornings through Chris Chicago at night. I can’t overstate how excited I am for our new lineup!”

Continuing to share meaningful music and honest conversation across the country, the new WayFM weekly lineup features:
  • The Wally Show 5AM-10AM CST
  • Middays with Carder 10AM-2PM CST
  • Afternoons with Joy & Bekah 2PM-7PM CST
  • The Chris Chicago Show 7PM-Midnight CST

Carder joins WayFM from Houston where he also co-hosts The Morning Show with Rachelle & Carder on KSBJ, WayFM’s sister station.

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