Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Bob & Sheri Stream Professional-Level Backyard Wrestling

Sheri and Lamar

It began with a conversation between Bob & Sheri co-host and co-owner of NOW! Media Sheri Lynch and Lamar Richardson, better known to the audience as The People’s Movie Critic. It concluded with a live stream of backyard wrestling on Saturday night.

A buddy of Lamar’s, Jimmy Ward, organizes professional wrestling matches in his backyard. It’s not a stunt. It’s a business - with Ron Emerson Jr.’s Classic Pro Wrestling, complete with legendary professional ring announcer Bill Hazelwood, tickets, concessions, security – in a suburban backyard! Just park out front, head down the driveway, and hang a left at the aboveground pool.

Sheri explains, “When a guy sets up a pro wrestling ring in his backyard, sells tickets, brings in amazing athletes and WCW legends like Lodi and then invites you to come do ringside commentary and stream the whole thing live, you drop everything and go. I knew our listeners would love it. What a night! One of the most fun events we have ever done. Such a great time!”

“We often hear consultants talking about how important it is to keep the show going beyond the broadcast hours,” noted Tony Garcia, co-owner of NOW! Media, which syndicates Bob & Sheri. “This is a great example of that synergy.”

“Bringing an event like this to our listeners was a blast,” continued Lynch. “Backyard wrestling - crazy, right? Not only were we able to bring this insane entertainment right to Bob & Sheri listeners, but Lamar -- my co-host for the event – and I were able to engage with the audience via the chat stream. More than just an event, the whole evening was a shared experience. How cool is that?

“That we can pull events like this off with a couple of laptops and some mics represents a huge shift in media - you can bypass the gatekeepers and go directly to your public. The technology keeps getting cheaper and more portable, which frees all of us up to focus on creating one-of-a-kind experiences like this with our listeners.”

For more information on Bob & Sheri, stations may contact Tony Garcia, co-owner of Now! Media, the company that syndicates the popular morning show, at tony@bobandsheri.com or 303-916-6333.

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