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November 15 Radio History

In 1919...actress Carol Bruce was born in Great Neck NY.

She is best remembered as the domineering station owner Mother Carlson in the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. She also had recurring roles in General Hospital & Knot’s Landing.

She died from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Oct. 9 2007 at age 87.

In 1926...The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) began broadcasting comprised of a network of 24 radio stations.

The program was a gala 4½-hour broadcast from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Two remote pickups were also on the program. Opera star Mary Garden sang from Chicago and Will Rogers presented a humorous monologue from Independence, Kansas. Aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh was among the luminaries who attended the broadcast.

In 1927...KVOS 1200 AM Bellingham WA signed on the air with 100 watts owned by Rogan Jones.  It is now KGMI 790 AM.

Lionel Barrymore
In Lionel Barrymore,  who played Dr. Gillespie to Lew Ayres’ Dr Kildare in the movies & on radio, suffered a fatal heart attack at age 76.   He also was beloved as radio’s Mayor of the Town, and as Scrooge in the annual radio broadcast of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

In 1956...Elvis Presley's first movie, Love Me Tender , premieres at New York's Paramount Theater.

The King's popularity has grown so exponentially large during the filming on the movie that his part -- originally almost a cameo -- is expanded to fit his stardom. Indeed, when his character is killed at the end of the movie, test audiences are so distraught that Elvis re-appears at the end of the movie to reprise the title song.

A fifty-foot cardboard cutout of the singer is posted outside the theater to emphasize his new importance to the project, and the movie -- which recieves lukewarm reviews from critics who nonetheless appreciate the singer's performance -- rakes in a very respectable four million dollars in just two months.

In 1959...Three ex-members of the Quarrymen -- later to become known as the Beatles' John, Paul, and George -- audition for a British talent program called TV Star Search at the Hippodrome Theatre in Lancashire, appearing as "Johnny and the Moondogs" and performing two Buddy Holly songs: "Think It Over" and "It's So Easy." Unfortunately, the trio is forced to return to Liverpool the same night, having no money to rent a hotel room, and therefore missing out on the next round of auditions.

On personality, Jack Alix, died in Richmond, Virginia. Alix is best known for his syndicated oldies show "Rock and Roll Roots" at one time heard on almost 150 radio stations.

In 2014…Longtime Baltimore disc jockey (WCBM, WFBR) Joe Knight, known to his listeners as "The Knight of the Spinning Roundtable," died of broken hip complications at 87.

CableTV News Channels Scramble To Cover Terror

The American news media scrambled on Friday evening and early Saturday to cover the deadly attacks in Paris, an event unfolding thousands of miles away in multiple locations across a city gripped by terror and uncertainty, according to the NY Times.

CNN dispatched members of its Paris bureau and mobilized its London bureau while Fox News stayed on the air with Shepard Smith for many hours and MSNBC called on Brian Williams to fulfill his new duties as breaking news anchor.

At CNN, news of the shooting interrupted Jake Tapper’s show, “The Lead.”   At a little after 4 p.m. Eastern time, it became apparent something significant was transpiring in Paris, with reports of shootings at several locations. At 4:24 p.m., CNN turned its coverage toward Paris and did not break away again.

On MSNBC, Brian Williams oversaw his biggest story since returning to the air in September. The cable news network is counting on Williams to lead its new emphasis on breaking news, and he has been handling such coverage since his return, including Pope Francis’ trip to the United States that month, but this was by far his highest profile, and possibly most viewed, news event since his return.
Rachel Maddow replaced Mr. Williams at 9 p.m. and praised him for his five hours of work, before he rejoined her on set an hour later. On Saturday morning, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie in New York hosted a special edition of NBC’s “Today” show focused on the attacks.

On Fox News, Smith led the duties, while the network rolled out video footage from Sky News (CNN drew much of its video coverage from an affiliate, the French channel BFMTV). Megyn Kelly assumed the anchor spot in the prime-time hours.

Timeline of Parris Attacks 

In France, the front pages were united in stark declarations of horror. “Carnages à Paris,” said Libération. In Britain, newspapers also made repeated use of the words carnage, terror or massacre. The Sun, a tabloid known for its creative headlines, displayed the simple message “Massacre in Paris.” Der Spiegel, the German weekly, called Paris “the saddest city in Europe.”

In Des Moines, CBS News executives said that the network was already reviewing its plans for the Democratic presidential debate that it was to broadcast on Saturday night. The debate was to cover a broad range of topics, but the executive editor of CBS News, Steve Capus, said in an interview on Friday that it would refocus its questions on the issues of terrorism and national security. There is “no question that the emphasis changes dramatically,” he said.

NYC Radio: Geraldo's Daughter Safe In Paris

Simone Rivera, 21, the daughter of Fox news anchor and WABC 770 AM talk host Geraldo Rivera spoke to her father on live television after witnessing the horror of the Paris stadium bombing on Friday night.

Two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France sports stadium where the French football team was playing Germany and Simone and Isabel were mere feet out of harm's way.

'Before halftime we all hear an explosive sound but no one seemed to be worried about it,' said Simone who is studying in France for her Junior year abroad.

Rviera, also a pundit on the Fox News Channel, had a emotional conversation with his daughter, Seimone during a live segment. She was attending the soccer match in the stadium that was one of the targets. Throughout the interview, which was conducted by telephone and where she described a chaotic scene within the stadium, he called her “honey.”

“Do you want to come home, honey?” he asked.

“I do, I want to come home,” she said, her voice cracking.

“I want to come get you tomorrow,” he said.

California Rock Band EODM Performed At Paris Venue

(Reuters) -- The California-based rock band Eagles of Death Metal was in the midst of a European tour, promoting its fourth album release, when the musicians found themselves caught up in a terror attack at the Paris concert hall where they had begun to perform on Friday.

The Bataclan music hall was one of several entertainment sites around Paris targeted by gunmen and bombers who killed scores of people in what President Francois Hollande described as an unprecedented terrorist assault.

Early indications were that members of the band, which also goes by the acronym EODM, were all safe. The group was formed in the late 1990s by lifelong friends Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme, the group's only two permanent members.

Hughes' mother, Jo Ellen Hughes, told a Reuters correspondent outside her home in Palm Desert, California, 125 miles east of Los Angeles, that she had spoken to her son by telephone and that he was unhurt but "very upset and shaken."

"From my understanding, I think the whole band's been accounted for," she said, adding that she was not sure about the whereabouts or wellbeing of the rest of the entourage because the band and crew became separated in the pandemonium.

Hughes' mother also said she believed the band had just gone on stage when the attack began, but she had no other details, except that the musicians were taken into protective custody at a police station afterward. A person close to the band confirmed that the group was onstage performing when the deadly assault began.

Tuesday Cross
The group's U.S.-based publicist, Jennifer Ballantyne of Universal Music Enterprises, told Reuters by email that Homme was not in Paris with the band on Friday. His absence was not unusual as Homme is known for sitting out many of the group's live shows due to multiple commitments to other projects,

Ballantyne said another EODM member, guitarist-vocalist Eden Galindo, was reportedly safe and not inside the venue, citing a Facebook post by yet another associate that said: "Hey everyone. I just spoke with Eden. He is fine."

The French band Red Lemons appeared to indicate Hughes's fiancée, porn star Tuesday Cross, was with Hughes and unharmed, too, saying: "we were with your mates Jesse, Tuesday, the other musicians outside, they're safe, too, they took a cab."

A statement posted on the band's Facebook page attributed to EODM, said: “We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation.”

According to early reports, the Bataclan was believed to have been attacked by two or three gunmen, who were said to have shouted slogans condemning France's role in Syria as they went through the concert hall shooting people.

The bloodshed comes about a month after the release of EODM's fourth album, "Unzipped," which was followed by the group's appearance and performance on the late-night ABC television show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

Homme, 42, and Hughes, 43, both from Palm Desert, met as teenagers. They perform with a wide range of others who play under the EODM banner, both in the studio and in live concerts, including actor-musician Jack Black and Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters frontman and former Nirvana drummer.

According to band lore, the group took its name from Homme's joking description of the Polish band Vader as "the Eagles of Death Metal," a reference he and Hughes ultimately adopted for their own musical collaboration that critics say is more in keeping with garage band rock than death metal rock.

A Paris concert scheduled for Saturday night by Irish band U2 was canceled due to the state of emergency across France, according to a statement from HBO, which had planned to broadcast the show.

Trump Stumps In Texas, Talks To KTRH Houston

Donald Trump agreed KTRH 740 AM host Michael Berry that he and Senator Ted Cruz have a lot of respect for each, suggesting that the Texas senator seems to be coming around to his way of thinking on deportations as of late.

Berry asked Trump on if he could cut defense spending and Trump said he wanted a strong defense, but that there is waste in the system, pointing to a replacement aircraft that pilots said was not as good as its predecessor.

The conversation covered Chinese currency manipulation, VA healthcare, PTSD and a program in Houston called Camp Hope that provides Veterans counseling other Veterans who suffer from PTSD.

First Time Ever: WaPo Tops NY Times Online

More people visited the Washington Post’s website than The New York Times’ in October, marking a significant milestone in the battle for old guard supremacy in online media, according to

Last month, the Washington Post raked in 66.9 million multi-platform unique visitors narrowly edging out the New York Times, which recorded 65.8 million uniques, according to comScore. It’s the Post’s highest trafficked month since at least Oct. 2014, representing a 59 percent increase in less than a year.

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November 14 Radio History

In 1901...singer Morton Downey was born in Wallingford Connecticut. His national radio appearances began in 1930, in 1932 he was voted Radio Singer of the Year. In 1949 he debuted on TV, hosting the show Star of the Family in the 1950′s.

He died of a stroke at age 83, Oct. 25 1985.

In 1920...singer Johnny Desmond was born in Detroit.   He was featured on Don McNeill’s Breakfast Club (radio& TV), and was a regular on TV’s Your Hit Parade, Face the Music & Songs for Sale.

He died from cancer Sept. 6 1985 at age 64.

In 1921...the first opera by a professional opera company was broadcast over KYW-AM, Chicago. The first words ever broadcast in Chicago were, "My God, but it's dark in here!"

Mary Garden
According to radio historian Rich Samuels, they were spoken by Mary Garden, world-class soprano and director of the Chicago Grand Opera Association. They were uttered sixty-two years ago tonight on radio station KYW, licensed to the Westinghouse Manufacturing and Electric Company.

Ms. Garden said what she said because she couldn't see: the area where she was standing was lit by a single bare light bulb.

In 1934, the assignment of clear channels took a frequency away from Illinois and gave it to Pennsylvania, resulting in Westinghouse moving KYW to Philadelphia.  KYW used the frequency of 1020 AM at the time.

In March 1941, KYW changed frequencies to 1060 AM as part of a nationwide shift of radio frequencies mandated by the North American Radio Broadcasting Agreement. KYW and the other Westinghouse radio stations remained with NBC after RCA was ordered by the FCC to break up its radio networks, aligning with the former Red Network (the predecessor of modern-day NBC) in 1942. KYW acquired a television counterpart when Westinghouse bought WPTZ (channel 3) – the nation's third commercial television station and NBC's second television affiliate – in 1953.

In June 1955, Westinghouse agreed to trade KYW and WPTZ to NBC in exchange for the network's properties in Cleveland, WNBK TV and WTAM-AM-FM. Westinghouse also received $3 million in cash compensation.  The main impetus for the trade was NBC's desire to acquire an owned-and-operated television station in the fourth-largest American television market. NBC had to seek a waiver for the swap since KYW and NBC Radio's New York City flagship, WRCA (now WFAN) were both clear channel stations; at the time, the FCC normally did not allow common ownership of clear-channel stations with overlapping nighttime coverage.

After clearing final regulatory hurdles, the swap went into effect on February 13, 1956. NBC took over the Philadelphia stations, rechristening 1060 AM as WRCV (for the RCA-Victor record label), and Westinghouse moved the KYW call letters to Cleveland.

However, almost immediately after the trade was finalized, Westinghouse complained to the FCC and the United States Department of Justice about NBC's coercion and an lengthy investigation was launched.  In August 1964, NBC's license for WRCV radio and television was renewed by the FCC – but only on the condition that the 1956 station swap be reversed.  Following nearly a year of appeals by NBC, Westinghouse regained control of WRCV-AM-TV on June 19, 1965 and subsequently restored the KYW call letters to the radio station (the television station became KYW-TV at this point).  To this day, the KYW stations insist that they "moved" to Cleveland in 1956 and "returned" to Philadelphia in 1965.

In 1922...The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) began its domestic radio service on 2L0, London.

In 1994...FCC adopted EAS rules.

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national warning system in the United States put into place on January 1, 1997, when it superseded the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), which in turn superseded the CONELRAD System. The official EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to speak to the United States within 10 minutes. In addition to this requirement, EAS is also designed to alert the public of local weather emergencies such as tornadoes and flash floods. A national EAS test was conducted on November 9, 2011, at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, but the nationwide federal EAS has never been activated.

EAS is jointly coordinated by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS). The EAS regulations and standards are governed by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC. Each state and several territories have their own EAS plan.  EAS has become part of IPAWS – the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, a program of FEMA.

In 1996...In NYC, WMXV 105.1 FM premiers new Modern Adult Rock format, branding as as "The Buzz", with calls of WDBZ becoming official on November 29, 1996.

"The Buzz" turned out to be a failure, however, and less than a year later (August 5, 1997) switched back to its old call letters of WNSR and became a Hot AC station (later just strict AC) by the end of 1997. WNSR was also short-lived, when in January 1998, they started the "Big 105" phase.

Calls were changed to WBIX on April 13, 1998, and the format evolved back to Hot AC, and later Modern AC.

"Big 105" featured ex-Partridge Family member Danny Bonaduce doing morning drive.

On December 4, 1998, 105.1 switched to a format that was sweeping the country: Jammin' Oldies - dance/disco music from the 60's to the 80's.

The station initially held a contest to name themselves. On Christmas Eve 1998, the name chosen was "Jammin' 105". Calls were officially changed to WTJM on March 1, 1999.

In 2001, with the Jammin Oldies craze dying down, WTJM refocused their playlist somewhat, to become a borderline Urban AC with the slogan "Jammin' 105-1: The Heart & Soul Of New York."

On March 14, 2002, 105.1 switched to a Rhythmic CHR format as "Power 105.1", going head-to-head with "Hot 97".

On April 12, 2002, 105.1 changed calls to WWPR.

In 2000...Radio/TV Newsman Robert Trout, who spent 68 years at CBS, died of congestive heart failure at 91.

Friday, November 13, 2015

SiriusXM 'Hopeful' For New Howard Stern Deal

Sirius XM remains "hopeful" it will sign a new deal with Howard Stern when the radio host's contract expires next month, but the decision will come down to money, Sirius CEO James Meyer said Thursday.

"I'm very hopeful that we'll get an agreement done with Howard," he told CNBC from Sirius majority owner Liberty Media's investor day.

Meyer stressed that the sides disagree on "one thing," the value of a new deal. He noted Stern's radio show "has never been better."

Analysts estimate Stern makes about $80 million per year under his current Sirius contract. He first agreed to go to Sirius in 2004.

St. Louis Radio: Charlie Quinn To Program The Arch

Charlie Quinn
Hubbard Radio/St. Louis has hired veteran radio program director Charlie Quinn to lead programming efforts for its Adult Hits station WARH 106.5 FM The Arch.

Quinn most recently spent nearly 16 years as CBS Radio’s Operations Director at KYXY 96.5 FM in San Diego, and has a long track record of programming winning radio stations across America. Quinn replaces Kevin Robinson.

John Kijowski, VP/Market Manager for Hubbard Radio St. Louis, told staff earlier today, “I am appreciative of Kevin Robinson’s fine work over the past seven years here at The Arch, and wish him well in his future endeavors.  The opportunity to make a change and continue the development of our brand with Charlie Quinn’s unique perspective and experience is exciting. Charlie has a solid reputation of developing and leading iconic air talent.  He also is known for creatively building brands and developing audience loyalty.”

WARH 106.5 FM (90 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
Quinn stated “I've always admired Hubbard Radio for their commitment to great product and talented people. My thanks to John, Greg Solk and good friend Greg Strassell for the opportunity to write the next chapter at 106.5 The Arch.”

Quinn’s illustrious career includes programming great radio stations in Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Phoenix & Nashville in addition to being VP/AC Programming at CBS Radio San Diego for three years.

Philly Radio: Dawn Stensland Added To WPHT PM Drive

Dawn Stensland
CBS RADIO’s Talk Radio WPHT 1210 AM announced Thursday the addition of Emmy Award winning television journalist Dawn Stensland to the Rich Zeoli Show, beginning Monday, November 16th from 3-6PM.

Stensland was hired in 1997 by CBS3 Philadelphia and anchored the 5PM and 6PM newscasts and reported for the 11PM newscast as well. She also hosted the CBS News Saturday morning networkbroadcast in New York. In 2001 she began an eight year run as the anchor of “Fox Philadelphia’s 10 O’Clock News Hour.” During her tenure she repeatedly won Philadelphia Magazine’s ‘Best of Philly’ honors.

“Dawn is a well-known voice and face to the Philadelphia public,” said Andy Bloom, Operations Manager, WPHT/WIP. “She has two decades of success in Philadelphia, New York and other major markets that will be an asset to Talk Radio 1210 WPHT. In getting to know Dawn, I’ve been struck by her charismatic presence and infectious laugh. I think the audience will truly enjoy what she brings to the Rich Zeoli Afternoon Show.”

Added Stensland, “It’s an honor to join Rich, and to reunite with the CBS Philly family where I began in ’97. Rich is a man of integrity who says it like it is. Rich’s loyal listeners on ‘PHT 1210 are known for their desire for the truth.”

WPHT 1210 AM (50 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
In addition to her new role on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Stensland is Adjunct Professor of Journalism at La Salle University in Philadelphia. She also serves on the Boards of the Police Athletic League and The HEADstrong Foundation (battling childhood cancer) and is deeply involved in many other charities and non-profit organizations.

Columbus OH Radio: Radio One Acquiring 2 Wilks Stations

Radio One has announced the acquisition country station WHOK 107.1 FM and sports WZOH 95.5 FM from Wilks Broadcast Group for $2 million, subject to approval by the Federal Communications Commission.

Maryland-based Radio One, which owns and operates 55 radio stations in 16 markets, is the largest black-owned broadcasting company in the nation. In addition to HipHop WCKX 107.5 FM, Radio One’s Columbus stations include Classic Soul WXMG Magic 106.3 FM.

WHOK 107.1 FM (3 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
Radio One took over WZOH and WHOK on Thursday under an LMA and immediately began making changes. The WXMG format now simulcasts on WZOH; and a gospel music format that once aired under WXMG’s previous call letters, WJYD, will begin airing Monday on WHOK.

WZOH  95.5 FM (21 Kw) 
Georgia-based Wilks Broadcast Group sold its other Columbus station, WLVQ 96.3 FM, earlier this month to WSNY 94.7 FM owner Saga Communications. Formed in late 2004, Wilks owned as many as 21 stations in six markets in 2009, but it has been selling off stations in the past two years and is down to six stations in two markets.

Seattle Radio: KUOW to Acquire Non-com KPLU-FM

Pacific Lutheran University announced Thursday that it will sell its broadcasting licenses to the University of Washington, in a plan that will turn the current KPLU 88.5 FM into an all-music, all-jazz station while KUOW 94.9 FM becomes the Seattle outlet for National Public Radio and Northwest news.

The sale is expected to close in 2016 when FCC approval is received. The purchase price for KPLU and its assets is $8 million, with $7 million in cash and $1 million of “underwriting announcements” over 10 years. Proceeds from the sale will go to Pacific Lutheran’s endowment, which currently totals $85 million.

According to,  the KPLU news staff was given no advance notice of the sale.

KUOW tried to put lipstick on the new all-music format and elimination of KPLU’s news division, conveniently overlooking recent cutbacks of its own local news talk programs.

KPLU 88.5 FM (64 Kw) Red=Local
“In the Puget Sound region there is significant crossover of NPR content on both stations,” it claimed. “Approximately 65 hours per week of news and information program currently heard on 88.5 also airs on KUOW. Evolving the format of 88.5 to all-music programming gives listeners two distinct public radio stations — one for jazz and the other for National Public Radio and locally produced content.”

While news is wiped from the airwaves, the KUOW release promised that 88.5 will still be involved in the community.
KPLU currently employs 36 people full-time and 15 part-time.

The purchase will create non-news jobs. “Pending FCC approval of the license transfer, KUOW will have several positions open for our new, all-music station at 88.5. These will be posted through the University of Washington as they become available.”

Atlanta Radio: Kara Leigh Lands Evenings On B98.5 FM

Cox Media Group Atlanta’s (CMG) WSB B98.5 FM has named Kara Leigh as its new evening on-air personality, effective Nov. 23.

In this role, Leigh will take over the 7 p.m. midnight spot on the station, entertaining Atlanta’s listeners after their busy work day.

“Kara previously did mid-days at 95.5 The Beat from 2007 to 2010,” said Chris Eagan, CMG
Atlanta’s Director of Branding and Programming for B98.5 and The River 97.1 FM.  “It’s great to have her back on the air full-time entertaining Atlanta”

Leigh is an Atlanta native and started her career with Cox Media Group as an intern.

WSB 98.5 FM (100 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
“I grew up listening to B98.5 and I know firsthand how special this station and its listeners are,” said Leigh. “I have to thank Chris Eagan for his leadership and confidence in me. I couldn't be more excited to take on this exciting new role with the company I love!”

Taylor Swift Shakes Off Copyright Lawsuit

Taylor Swift
If you sue Taylor Swift, just remember her lyrics might be used against you.

CNN reports that's what a California judge did Tuesday when she dismissed a copyright lawsuit against the pop star that accused her of stealing another artist's lyrics for her hit song "Shake It Off."

United States District Court Judge Gail Standish cheekily quoted lyrics from other Swift songs as she tossed the suit filed by musician Jessie Braham. He claimed that his song "Haters Gone Hate" had the same 22-word phrase that Swift used in her song. Braham said he copyrighted "Haters Gone Hate" in February 2013.

Braham claimed in the lawsuit that 92% of Taylor Swift's song came from his song.

Swift's song has the lyrics: "Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play. And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate," as well as "And the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake." It was included on her hit album "1989," which she released in 2014.

Braham's song has the lyrics "Haters gone hate, playas gone play. Watch out for them fakers, they'll fake you everyday."

Standish ruled that Braham did not provide enough factual evidence in the case and that his allegations did not rise above a speculative level.

In her dismissal, Standish invoked Swift's 2012 hit "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

According to A Taste of Country, Judge Standish went on to point out that the phrases “players gonna play” and “haters gonna hate” appeared in pop culture prior to Braham’s song, citing other musical works, GIFs and memes that are readily accessible online.

The judge shows that she’s done her research on Swift with a humorous closing that references some of her song lyrics, writing, “The Court is not saying that Braham can never, ever, ever get his case back in court. But for now, we have got problems, and the Court is not sure Braham can solve them. As currently drafted, the Complaint has a blank space — one that requires Braham to do more than write his name. And upon consideration of the Court’s explanation in Part II, Braham may discover that mere pleading Band-Aids will not fix the bullet holes in his case. At least for the moment, Defendants have shaken off this lawsuit.”

Braham was seeking $42 million in damages from Swift and her record label. He also wanted to be given a songwriter credit.

Swift is also involved in litigation with former Denver radio personality David Mueller, whom she claims “grabbed her bottom” at a meet and greet before a concert in 2013. Mueller got fired from his job at radio station KYGO-FM after the allegation, and he recently filed suit against the singer for lost wages. She responded with a countersuit in November, asking for a jury trial.

Democratic Debate: Saturday Night for Fighting?

The second Democratic presidential debate will be Saturday 14 November, live from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. The debate will last two hours and begins at 9 pm ET. CBS News says no opening statements. Candidates have 60 seconds to respond, 30 seconds for rebuttals and follow ups and 60 seconds for closing statements. It's on CBS TV and on CBS radio.

CBS News' John Dickerson told the Des Moines Register he plans to focus on the economy - especially wages and income inequality. Even health care, education and retirement issues will revolve on the axis of finance

After Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb dropped out shortly after the last debate, there were three left on the island: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. Clinton will stand center stage, flanked by Sanders and O'Malley

Four moderators. Dickerson takes the lead. Also CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes. And two local journalists: KCCI's Kevin Cooney and the Des Moines Register's Kathie Obradovich.

The fifth GOP debate is scheduled for Tuesday 15 December in Las Vegas - CNN / Salem Radio. The next Democratic debate is Saturday, December 19 in Manchester, New Hampshire - ABC News, the New Hampshire Democratic Party, WMUR-TV and the Union Leader - O'Malley complained that it was a day that everyone would be shopping for the holidays.

The Herd Reaches 20M People During First Month

THE HERD WITH COLIN COWHERD premiered on FOX Sports’ television, FOX Sports Radio and iHeartRadio platforms on Tuesday, Sept. 8. In its opening month, the show produced a range of impressive audience figures, delivering strong early returns across each of its distribution avenues and, in the process, reaching a total of 19.5 million people between Sept. 8 and Oct. 9.

The total reach figure includes the show’s excellent performance on a variety of digital platforms. Clips of THE HERD drew 11.7 million video views over the show’s first month via Facebook, YouTube,,, the live-streaming FOX Sports Go app and Twitter video player.

Colin Herd
On television, a combined 5.8 million viewers watched at least one minute of THE HERD on FS1 and FS2, according to Nielsen. In comparison to a pair of other daily cable sports-talk simulcasts, THE HERD outpaced “The Dan LeBatard Show” on ESPNU by +87% (3.1 million viewers) and “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBCSN by +57% (3.7 million viewers). Under the same context year-over-year, THE HERD is up +32% vs. “The Mike Francesa Show” on FS1 and FS2 between Sept.-Oct. 2014 (5.8 million vs. 4.4 million).

Also noteworthy is the popularity of THE HERD podcasts, including the “Best of The Herd” and “Full Show” offerings that combined to rank No. 2 in the Sports & Recreation podcast category on iTunes, netting 1.2 million downloads over the show’s first month.

THE HERD WITH COLIN COWHERD station on iHeartRadio, a daily live-stream of the program, ranked No. 1 among sports podcasts on the platform during the program’s first month.

The show continues to add broadcast radio affiliates across the country, and its performance on the local LA Sports KLAC 470 AM has posted impressive results. Between Sept. 8 and Oct. 9, KLAC experienced a +106% gain in THE HERD’s time slot with Men 25-54 over the previous year.

Combining compelling conversation and unique perspective with Cowherd and HERDLINE NEWS host Kristine Leahy, THE HERD, which airs daily from 12:00-3:00 PM ET.

Denver Radio: Buffaloes, KOA Extend Radio Contract

The University of Colorado and iHeartMedia/Denver have announced a four-year extension of its broadcast agreement that will keep the Buffaloes football and basketball programs on KOA 850 aM / 94.1 T-FM.

KOA-Radio has been the home to CU football for all but three years dating back to 1940, with the station originating basketball broadcasts in the mid-1970s. The new agreement extends the broadcasts on KOA with select games airing on sister-station Real Talk KKZN 760 AM through the 2019-20 athletic season.

In addition, the weekly coaches’ show, Buffs PrimeTime, will continue to air during the football and basketball seasons.

The relationship was secured by Learfield Sports' Buffalo Sports Properties, the exclusive multimedia rights holder for CU Athletics. In addition to Colorado, Learfield oversees rights for nearly 120 collegiate properties nationwide. The Boulder-based team oversees all aspects of the CU Radio Network.

Mark Johnson, Larry Zimmer
“We’re thrilled that our relationship with KOA will continue through the end of this decade. It has been our ‘radio home’ spanning eight decades in all; that’s almost as long as sporting events have been broadcast in all of history,” said CU athletic director Rick George. “It’s been a great partnership between KOA and the Buffs and we’re pleased we’ll be together for at least four more years.”

KOA’s Mark Johnson will continue as the play-by-play voice for both football and men’s basketball, a role he has occupied since the fall of 2004. Johnson also serves as KOA NewsRadio’s sports director and sports anchor during Colorado’s Morning News. Larry Zimmer is completing his 42nd and final season as the “Voice of the Buffaloes,” as he announced his retirement earlier this summer.

He handled the play-by-play duties for 30 seasons (1971-81, 1985-2003) before shifting into the analyst role in 2004. His final game at Folsom Field is Friday night when the Buffaloes host Southern California, and the school will honor him after the first quarter. Former CU football coach Gary Barnett will replace him in the booth next season.

KOA 850 AM (50 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
“KOA NewsRadio and the Buffs have a long-standing partnership,” said Tim Hager, Market President of iHeartMedia Denver. “We’re excited to extend our agreement with the University of Colorado, and reach more fans with KOA NewsRadio’s recently-launched 94.1 FM signal.”

Peoria Radio: Matt Marchand New DOS For Alpha Media

Matt Marchand
Alpha Media/Peoria, IL announced that Matt Marchand has been named Director of Sales.

Matt has spent most of his career in the radio and broadcasting industry. He has been with Alpha Media for 8 years. In his time with Alpha Media he has not only been a successful salesperson, but also a driven leader who has a created a powerful sales team.

Alpha Media SVP Market Manager, Mike Wild commented on the announcement, “Matt has proven himself as a local direct seller, as an agency business driver, and as a Local and General Sales Manager, and he’s done a great job bringing some outstanding new talent to Alpha, so it’s a well-deserved promotion for Matt to lead the Sales Department.”

“I am honored and genuinely excited to be chosen to lead this talented group of Account Executives. The team we have in place combined with the tools Alpha continues to deliver, gives us a competitive advantage and makes for an amazing culture to work in every day. We’re primed for explosive growth and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish,” Matt remarked.

Alpha stations in Peoria are:  Classic Hits WPBG 93.3 FM,  Rock WNGY 102.3 FM,  Country WXCL 104.9 FM,  AC WSWT 106.9 FM,  Oldies WIRL 1290 AM / 102.7 T-FM, and Talk WMBD 1470 AM.