Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Saturday Aircheck

WABC Radio 770 AM in New York City

WABC was the biggest radio station in the USA during the 1960's & 70's during it's "Musicradio" days when they were a Top 40 formated station.

This video is from the WABC "Rewound" show from 2008.  WABC "Rewound" was a unique radio show that aired just once a year - Memorial Day - From 1999 to 2008.

The show was unique in that it was actually a playback of authentic "air checks" from WABC's Musicradio days during the 1960's to early 1980's when playing Top 40 current pop music was it's format.

On Memorial Day from about 6 AM to 6 PM, WABC would play original air checks from their original DJ's, such as: Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie, Bob "Bob-A-Loo" Lewis, Harry Harrison, Chuck Leonard, Ron Lundy, George Michael and others.

What was great was that since WABC is an AM station, you got to hear for the first time in decades the music played over AM on it's original radio station exactly the way you heard it if you were around in the 60's & 70's listening to WABC. It was a retro experience that would be hard to duplicate ever again!

The annual "Rewound" was a success, and drew a huge audience from the New York City area, however, it has not run since this last show on 2008 due to a number of factors.

This is an actual in studio video tour while the show was in progress. Everything was pre-recorded with the audio running off the station's hard drive using a software program called "Enco". The CD's shown at the end were there as backup in case or computer problems.

The show's producer is former WABC DJ, and current director of production Johnny Donovan, and co-producer Peter Kanze. The original air check tapes were carefully restored by Rob Frankel.

The DJ you hear on this video is the great late Chuck Leonard.

Friday, December 3, 2010

KGLK Houston Offers Fightin' NFLers $50K

Cox Owned Classic Hits 107.5 FM KGLK hosts Dean Myers and Rog Beaty have offered Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans and Cortland Finnegan of the Tennessee Titans $25,000 each to participate in a three-round boxing match after the season. The money would be donated to the charity of their choice.

Myers says the fight “would be like a ballet, except with no music, no choreography and the dancers hit each other.” Beaty forecasts “an epic Super Fight, the likes of the Super Bowl, with knockdowns instead of touchdowns, and a stare down instead of a coin toss.”

Johnson and Finnegan were involved in a brutal fistfight that got both players ejected in the fourth quarter of last Sunday's NFL game. Both drew fines of $25,000 (but no game suspensions) each from the National Football League. The two had been pushing and jawing earlier in the game. Last season, Johnson was fined $7,500 for taking Finnegan to the ground by the facemask during a scuffle after a play.

In segments for NFL Network and for Showtime’s Inside the NFL, Johnson is shown saying to an official, “31, when he (Finnegan) gets frustrated, he’s starting to put his hands in my facemask,” and the official replies, midway through the sentence, “Believe me, I watch him every play, everywhere.”

Inside the NFL analyst Cris Collinsworth said he was surprised Johnson was not suspended but added, “There are some times you just gotta fight, and if you get ejected, you get ejected. But in this league, if you just back down all the time, it’s not gonna be just that game. It’s gonna be every game when people see you backing away like that. $25,000, sometimes it’s worth it.”

Of Finnegan, Collinsworth added, “Cortland Finnegan plays like that all the time … in the game, in practice he’s doing the same things to his guys. He’s a scrappy, fighting guy. But don’t think of him like this jerk. If you talked to him, he would answer every question with ‘Yes, sir.’ His mom is a police officer. But when you get between the lines, it’s a fight.”

Ben Sherwood Named President of ABC News

Former Executive Producer of 'Good Morning America'

After an extensive search, award-winning journalist, bestselling author and Internet entrepreneur Ben Sherwood has been named the new President of ABC News, it was announced today by Anne Sweeney, co-chair, Disney Media Networks and President, Disney/ABC Television Group, to whom he will report.

In this position, Mr. Sherwood will be responsible for all editorial and business aspects of the News Division, including all ABC News programs on the ABC Television Network, ABC News Radio, ABC and ABC News NOW.

Incoming ABC News president Ben Sherwood and outgoing news boss David Westin this morning at ABC News headquarters as Sherwood was re-introduced to the ABC News staff.

In making the announcement, Ms. Sweeney stated, "Ben combines an intimate knowledge and success in the news business with a creative flair and entrepreneurial spirit that are second-to-none. While at ABC News, he delivered GMA's two most successful seasons in history, and guided prize-winning coverage of some of the biggest stories of the day. Since then, he's become a best-selling author whose work has been adapted into feature films, and a digital media entrepreneur. This success, combined with a keen intellect and a truly gracious and generous spirit, make Ben the ideal person to lead our News efforts into the future."

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From The House Floor: Grayson Attacks

Outgoing Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL) launched a rhetorical attack against Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and other conservative talkers and pundits. Grayson also included Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush.  Grayson condemned the hosts for their private earnings and what they stood to lose should upper-bracket tax cuts increase in 2011.

PPMs: Sports Hub #1 In Boston 25-54

Looks as if there could be a new sports talk radio king in Boston as “98.5 The Sports Hub” (WBZ-FM) boasts its best ratings yet in the fierce battle for listeners with jock-talk titan WEEI.

“We’re very happy,” said Sports Hub program director Mike Thomas told the “Everybody’s working hard.”

New ratings for November show the Sports Hub tied for first place with classic rock station 100.7  WZLX-FM among the coveted 25-to-54-year-old male listeners, scoring an overall 7.5 share of the Boston market. That’s up from fourth place and a 5.9 in October.

Read more here.

Latest markets released by Arbitron:  Boston, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego, Tampa and Miami. 

To see the 6+ results, click here.

WGY's Don Weeks Looks Forward to Retirement

Radio talk show host Don Weeks (810 AM WGY, 103.1 FM, Albany, NY) says goodbye December 3 after 50 years in the business. He's got a lot of plans for his retirement, which was moved up because of a medical condition.

Idea: The B101 Christmas Choir Competition

Best Promotion of the Week

Top rated 101.1 WBEB-FM (B101) in Philadelphia has come up with a terrific holiday promotion that capitalizes on the popularity of the Fox TV Show "Glee!"

They are sponsoring a Christmas Choir competition inviting Philadelphia area school choirs, kingergarten through 12th grade, to submit song submissions which could lead to prizes and honors.

B101(website) is currently in the process of selecting the (18) eighteen finalists which will be featured on their morning show beginning Monday, December 6, 2010 at 7:00am. Each day listeners will be able to vote online for your favorite choir and help choose this year’s Christmas Choir winners!

Winners each receiving $5,000 for their school’s music program, courtesy of B101 and a local Mercedes-Benz dealer and perform live on stage December 19th at Holiday Pops Concert with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops!

For more information, click here.

Companies OK With FCC Net Neutrality Rules

All those meetings Internet providers held with the Federal Communications Commission over the last few days have paid off in an FCC net neutrality agenda item the companies can live with, at least until Congress gets a hold of it.

Katy Bachman at reports the proposed net neutrality rules will officially be voted on at the Commission's Dec. 21 meeting.

The rules would establish an open Internet framework, prohibiting Internet providers from blocking or discriminating against lawful Internet traffic, yet allowing providers to manage their networks, address congestion and continue to employ usage-based pricing.

Nothing in the FCC's proposal seem to adversely affect business.  In statement after statement, from companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast and industries organizations including NCTA and USTelecom, the stakeholders gave the FCC high marks for "compromise" and "consensus" while questioning the authority of the FCC to regulate the Internet.

Read more here.

HD Radio Alliance Announces Marketing Plans

The HD Radio Alliance member companies this week announced a continuation of their joint partnership and an aggressive marketing campaign for 2011. The estimated media value for 2011 is in excess of $110 million on more than 650 radio stations in the top 100 markets.

Despite an otherwise difficult economic environment, the HD Radio Alliance and iBiquity Digital have been successful this past year in advancing HD Radio technology, consumer awareness and most importantly, HD Radio™ sales. With key announcements and partnerships from Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, Sears, Ford, Hyundai, BMW and others, HD Radio Technology has continued to grow and gain momentum.
"2011 will bring some very exciting and perhaps surprising announcements that will be watershed events toward mass adoption," said Peter Ferrara, President of the HD Radio Alliance. "It is rewarding to see the continued commitment on the part of the member radio companies to help assure that success."
Bob Struble, President of iBiquity Digital commented, "The HD Radio Alliance has been instrumental in not only advancing consumer awareness but helping secure key deals with automotive manufacturers, receiver makers and national retail partners."
Additionally, Ferrara called on other radio broadcast companies that are not currently members of the HD Radio Alliance to join its ranks.  Unlike earlier requirements, there are no financial obligations, no format restrictions, and no commercial limitations to participate in the HD Radio Alliance. "With only a modest commitment of inventory, other radio groups can make a significant difference in our efforts. We invite all to participate," said Ferrara.

The 2011 creative and strategic planning will continue to be consulted by Jacobs Media along with Kevyn Howard and the production team at CBS Radio.
"Working with the HD Radio Alliance has been uniquely challenging and immensely rewarding. We are delighted to continue to provide guidance for 2011," noted Fred Jacobs, President of Jacobs Media.
The HD Radio Alliance also oversees the consumer information web site where information on local HD Radio stations and formats are listed.

The HD Digital Radio Alliance is a joint initiative of leading radio broadcasters to accelerate the successful rollout of HD Digital Radio. Current members include major radio groups and independent station owners: CBS Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Greater Media, Emmis, Entercom, Bonneville International, Beasley Broadcasting, Buckley Radio, WBEB- FM Philadelphia.  For more information on HD Digital Radio, visit

BET Founder Reflects On Boomer Generation

Robert Johnson became one of the most important members of the Baby Boom generation by being in the right place at the right time — and having a plan, writes David Lieberman at

As a lobbyist for the cable television industry in 1979, he saw an opportunity to create the first cable channel that targeted African-American viewers: Black Entertainment Television.

Critics, including director Spike Lee, attacked BET's broadcasts of music videos that seemed to glamorize violence and degrade women. But with the cable industry booming, BET in 1991 became the first black-controlled company to go public on the New York Stock Exchange. When Viacom bought BET for $3 billion in 2003, Johnson became the first African-American billionaire.

Johnson went on to build The RLJ Companies, a financial services empire. He also invested in enterprises such as the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team, and became a supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton in her 2008 presidential campaign.

It's been an unusual ride for the Hickory, Miss., native who began his career in public relations after earning a master's from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

For his thoughts on his generation and career, click here.

Christian Group Plea Ignored By Apple

Begins petition to reinstate app

The Christian organization that had its iPhone app removed from Apple’s App Store is now utilizing the same strategy to get the app reinstated that gay rights activists used to get it banned.

Jeff Winkler at The Daily Caller reports The Manhattan Declaration organization asks followers to sign a lengthy document, also called the Manhattan Declaration, that  “speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty.” The Manhattan Declaration App, which had been available since October, asked readers to answer a “survey” before encouraging users to sign the petition and pass it on to virtual friends.

Gay rights activists, however, derided the declaration as “gay-hating” and “homo-hostile,” although no bigoted language can be found in the document. After circulating an online petition and delivering it to Apple, the company quietly took down the app late last week.

Now, after sending several letters (one of which is available to the public) to Apple requesting the app be reinstated and getting no response from the company, the Manhattan Declaration has begun its own petition drive.

“We’re asking people to — in a very respectful, kind manner — e-mail [Apple CEO] Steve Jobs and ask that app be reinstated, or to call Apple itself,” Michelle Farmer, the Manhattan Declaration spokeswoman told The Daily Caller. “We’re also them to go to the Manhattan Declaration and to sign the petition.”

Read more here.

Opinion: Ryan Seacrest, Clear Channel's Face of Firing

From Jerry Del Colliano, Inside Music Media:
If the overpayment of Ryan Seacrest to continue as the face and voice of Clear Channel is representative of the second coming of Bob Pittman to the radio industry, then we’re all in trouble.

Pittman’s first official act was to announce the rehiring of Ryan Seacrest for double the pay he was previously getting -- $60 million for three years.

And if that doesn’t rankle you, then you’re obviously not one of the thousands of Clear Channel professionals who made a lot less and did a lot more before you were fired from live and local radio.

So, Pittman throws lots of Lee and Bain money around in his current role as chairman of Clear Channel’s media and entertainment division.

It seems so easy.

The cutbacks that occurred for years – once over a thousand in one day -- are erased by a venture capital poster boy who clearly doesn’t get it.

Or does he?

Does Pittman know how to run the largest radio group ever put together on the face of the earth or do you?

And does it even matter when Clear Channel is head over heels in debt that can only lead to bankruptcy?

Pittman is likely to be the heir apparent to Mark Mays as Clear Channel CEO when Mays steps down next year so he had better know.

But paying Seacrest more than Glenn Beck and less than Rush Limbaugh shows you how easy it is to play monopoly when the venture capitalists are the bank.


Because $60 million is chump change to them even if $60,000 is called a living to their thousands fired employees.

This is not a slap at Seacrest who is a good and talented guy, but a criticism of how stupid radio consolidators are when they come up with crazy cutback plans, overpay their CEOs (are you listening Tricky Dickey and Fagreed Suleman?) and are quick to pull the plug on the one thing Apple, Pandora – the entire Internet cannot compete with – live and local radio.

I get that Seacrest will be a busy guy – helping Clear Channel not rehire local talent in markets as he continues to replace them with his syndicated work so to them his salary is a bargain.

I get that Seacrest will do some developmental work with Clear Channel – whatever that is. And in the scheme of things – doesn’t really matter.

But there is another side to this story that may well show you what 2011 is going to be like at many other consolidated radio groups.

Three things.

So, sit down and remove any sharp objects from sight while I lay it all out.
Read more here. (Subscription required)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Did You Pay for Andy Griffith to Promote ObamaCare?

Documents obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services reveal that the Obama administration spent $3,184,000 in taxpayer funds to produce and air national television ads promoting Democrats’ health care overhaul plan.

Meredith Jessup at reports the ads, starring television icon Andy Griffith, were meant to educate “Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers and family members about forthcoming changes to Medicare as a result of the Affordable Care Act.” However, multiple media outlets, including the nonpartisan, called the ads misleading.
“Mr. Griffith is featured in three Medicare television ads and provided his services to the government at no charge pursuant to a gratuitous services agreement. These three spots, ‘1965,’ ‘Music to My Ears,’ and ‘Cozy Chair,’ are only airing in September and October 2010. The production for the three advertisements cost $404,000; the total amount budgeted for the national media placement is $2.78 million, which breaks down per ad to $754,000 (‘1965’), $1,112,000 (‘Music to My Ears’), and $1,390,000 (‘Cozy Chair’).”
Read more here.

Radio Talker Announces $50K "Reward"

Tampa-based talker Todd Schnitt has announced a $50,000 reward for "credible information" leading to the arrest of Julian Assange, a founder of Wikileaks. Schnitt's talk show is syndicated by Compass Media Networks.

A posting on states Schnitt is putting his money where his mouth is:
The website states Assange is wanted on an arrest warrant sworn by Sweden on alleged rape charges and is responsible for the third massive publication of hundreds of thousands of ducoments stolen from the U.S. Government, and he is on Interpol's most wanted listed.
Oh yes, there is some fine print also posted:
"Deliver all tips to All credible information will be handed over to Interpol or other authorities. If your information submitted to The Schnitt Show results in his arrest, you could (emphasis added) be eligible for the $50,000 bounty."

Amazon Kicks WikiLeaks Off Its Servers

Responding to pressure from members of Congress, Amazon stopped hosting WikiLeaks on its servers Wednesday. Geoff Fowler explains to Stacey Delo at why Amazon was hosting the sensitive documents and whether Amazon will see a backlash for pulling them.

FNC's Fox & Friends asks the Administration's Robert Gibbs, why President Obama himself has not commented on the latest Wikileaks.

U.S. Smartphone Battle Heats Up

Which is the “Most Desired” Operating System?

According to October 2010 data from The Nielsen Company, 29.7 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones that run full operating systems.

The most popular smartphones are the Apple iPhone and RIM Blackberry, which are caught in a statistical dead heat with 27 percent of smartphone market share in the U.S. Twenty-two percent of smartphone owners have devices with the Android operating system.

Read more here.

Oprah Has A Headache

Oprah Winfrey is shaking up the top ranks of her new cable network again — just a month before it is due to launch.

The reports OWN, as the much-anticipated Oprah Winfrey Network is to be called, has had more than its fair share of trouble getting off the ground.

Now, the queen of daytime is bringing the TV exec credited with getting Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray on the air.

Terry Wood, Oprah’s go-to woman at CBS, which had syndicated her afternoon TV show, abruptly quit the network yesterday and is in talks to take over programming at OWN, according to sources.

When asked yesterday about Wood, a spokesman for OWN replied “nothing is in the works” right now.

A high-level change coming just one month before OWN’s scheduled Jan. 1 launch is a sign that Oprah is not happy with the slate of new shows set to begin airing next year.

“One thing Oprah is not used to is low ratings,” says one insider.

The network — originally scheduled to launch in late 2009 and twice delayed — is already going to debut with a limited schedule.

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Staffers Rave About Murdoch’s iPad Paper

Despite critics, Billionaire mogul Richard Branson said Tuesday that he's not at war with fellow billionaire mogul Rupert Murdoch. But in Manhattan's fractious media world, their tablet ventures — a just-launched iPad magazine called Project and the forthcoming iPad news periodical The Daily — have been battling for media writers' attention over the past few days, writes Michael Calderone on Yahoo's Cutline blog.

The New York Observer's Nick Summers pens Wednesday's cover story on the great iPad debate, looking at both The Daily's boosters -- many in-house -- and vocal detractors.

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Dr. Dean Edell Announces He's Retiring

Dr. Dean Edell, whose show is based here in Northern California, announced on his show on Wednesday, December 1, that he is retiring.

"I am throwing in the towel," Edell told listeners, according to Ed Walsh at

"Doctor Dean" added, "There is part of me that is very sad and upset."

Edell's announcement (listen to it here) came in the wake of  San Francisco radio station KGO announcing last month that it would no longer air Edell's broadcast live but instead air reruns on the weekends. Early last month, after being asked by a listener about the decision by KGO radio to drop his live show, Edell hinted that he would fight the change and encouraged listeners to make their opinions known to management.

Dr. Edell recounted on Wednesday how he first got started in radio.   After he had left medicine in the 1970s, he accepted a $50 a day job in a drunk tank in Sacramento to pick up a few extra bucks.   A man he met there told him about a job Sunday nights on a radio station in Sacramento.   Soon after getting that job, the radio station went out of business but he soon landed a job at KGO radio in San Francisco on weekends.   The show proved so popular that he was given a show five days a week, a television job at KGO-TV, and was eventually syndicated on radio and television stations nationwide.

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The first round of November PPMs (Oct 14-Nov. 10) were released Wednesday.  In a spectacular performance, 680 AM KNBR surged to a 7.2 thanks to baseball's World Series Champs, The San Fransisco Giants.

In NYC, Classic Hits 101.1 WCBS-FM tied AC 106.7 WLTW-FM  for #1 6+ with a 5.5 to 5.9 improvement.

A number of other markets were also released:  LA, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlantia, Philly, Washington DC, Nassau-Suffolk, Riverside-San-Bernardino, San Jose and Middleses-Somerset-Union NJ.

To see all the markets, click here.

November Ratings: Cable News Ranker

Fox News Channel had nine of the top 10 programs in the A25-54 demo and the top 11 programs in total viewers for November, according to data from Nielsen Media Research, according to Alex Weprin at
As usual, the top FNC show was “The O’Reilly Factor,” which averaged just over 3.5 million total viewers and 848K demo viewers.

MSNBC’s top program for the month was “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” which averaged 1.16 million total viewers and 310K demo viewers. Countdown was the top non-FNC program on cable news, placing 11th overall in total viewers and 10th in the demo.

Nov' 10 Cable News Ranker

Read more here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

FCC Chief Backs Some Rationing of Internet Traffic

Reuters photo
Internet service providers would be allowed to ration web traffic on their networks under a strategy unveiled by the top U.S. communications regulator that no longer focuses solely on open access.

Reuters reports Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski proposed banning the blocking of lawful traffic but allowing Internet providers to manage network congestion and charge consumers based on Internet usage.

The rules would be more flexible for wireless broadband, Genachowski said in a speech on Wednesday, acknowledging that wireless is at an earlier stage of development than terrestrial Internet service.

Wireless carriers seem pleased with how they would fare under the regulations, but online content providers could struggle under the proposal.

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FCC To Take Up Net Neutrality This Month

The FCC plans to tackle at a December 21 meeting contentious Internet traffic rules intended to prohibit broadband providers from blocking or slowing some traffic.

According to a Reuters story, The Federal Communications Commission announced on Wednesday a tentative agenda for its next meeting that included an order to adopt regulations "to preserve the open Internet as a platform for innovation, investment, competition and free expression."

The agency said the rules would protect the transmission of lawful Internet traffic for consumers, while giving broadband providers the flexibility to manage their networks.

So-called net neutrality rules would determine whether high-speed Internet providers such as Comcast Corp and Verizon Communications Inc should be allowed to block or slow content information, or charge for a "fast lane" to reach users more quickly.

Read more here.

Reuters is also reporting the FCC Tuesday  proposed freeing up more airwaves for wireless services to meet the expanding use of handheld devices.

The Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to seek public comment on proposals that include the use of some broadcast television airwaves for wireless devices.

"The explosive growth of mobile communications threatens to outpace the infrastructure on which it relies," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told an FCC open meeting.

The FCC is looking to entice broadcasters to give up some of their airwaves so that consumers can better download data on smart phones like Research in Motion Ltd's BlackBerry and Apple Inc's iPhone and other wireless devices.

Read more here.

Radio Revenue Estimate for 2010: 5% Increase

Increase Over Last Year With Some Markets as Much as 9%

On the heels of strong political battles nationwide, increased automotive advertising and an improving economy, the radio industry has experienced a better year than expected and will end 2010 with over-the-air revenues of $14 billion, a 5 percent increase over 2009, according to BIA/Kelsey, adviser to companies in the local media space.

In the fourth edition of BIA/Kelsey's quarterly "Investing In Radio Market Report," the company also cites more than 13 markets that will have 9 percent or greater revenue increases this year, including five top markets: Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Miami and Tampa.

Fratrik pointed to the industry's innovative use of FM translators to increase its presence in some markets.

The "Investing In Radio© Market Report" includes in its comprehensive market-to-market comparisons more than 400 AM radio stations across the country that are using FM translators to improve their nighttime coverage areas. Huntsville, Alabama, for example, currently has five AM stations using translators to rebroadcast on another frequency to cover areas not adequately served by their main signal. In addition, FM HD multicast stations are rebroadcasting in analog to expand their audiences.
"The radio industry has proven it remains an important component of the advertising mix by reaching local audiences in all demographic ranges," said Mark Fratrik, Ph.D., vice president, BIA/Kelsey. "We might be a long way from pre-recession over-the-air revenue numbers, but broadcasters are supplementing those revenues by taking steps to change the landscape by attracting advertisers through online and mobile and also by extending their signals to attract new listeners."

Study: Radio Formats Compete Differently With Other Media

Trends in Radio: A new study conducted by The Media Audit analyzing the top radio formats listened to most often, reveals that listeners of different music genres or formats have varying degrees of exposure to other media such as TV, newspaper, outdoor, and the Internet.

The findings suggest that those looking to bolster radio advertising revenue should take note that not all radio formats compete against other media such as TV, newspaper, outdoor, and the Internet in the same manner.

Radio and the Internet

For example, internet exposure among listeners of different radio formats varies significantly.  Among the top most listened to radio formats, listeners to Dance CHR (Contemporary Hits Radio) spend an average of 4.5 hours online daily, more than any other radio format analyzed. 

Furthermore, a bulk of Dance CHR's listeners can be found at the younger end of the age spectrum (48% are between the age of 18 and 24 years old), when Internet usage is at its peak. Among Dance CHR's 18 to 24 year old listeners, they spend an average of five hours and 45 minutes online. Therefore, an advertiser looking to target younger consumers could more effectively maximize ROI through a radio/web promotion.

In contrast, listeners to Hispanic radio spend the least amount of time online per day, surfing the internet an average of only three hours per day online. The figure represents 22% less daily online usage when compared to all U.S. adults.

However, these same listeners are more likely to spend time listening to radio. According to the same survey, listeners to Hispanic radio stations spend two hours and 45 minutes listening to radio on an average day, a figure that is 15% higher when compared to the daily listening habits for all U.S. adults.

Radio and TV

Among radio listeners who spend the most amount of time watching TV are those who listen to Urban Adult Contemporary (UAC) stations, while listeners of Public Radio spend the least amount of time watching TV. According to the report, listeners to Urban Adult Contemporary formatted stations spend 30% more time watching TV in a typical day, when compared to the typical U.S. consumer. 

Among all U.S. consumers, the average amount of time spent viewing TV is 3.5 hours, compared to 4.5 hours for those who listen most often to an Urban Adult Contemporary station.

In comparison, Public Radio listeners spend an average of two hours and 40 minutes watching TV each day, a figure that is 42% lower when compared to the typical U.S. consumer's daily TV viewing habits. 

Analysis of Public Radio listener's media habits by age group also suggests that as listeners get older, they spend more time listening to radio, a trend not often seen among radio listeners.

CBS News Announces New "Early Show" Team

Chris Wragge and Erica Hill Named New Co-Anchors

(l-r) Jeff Glor moves from correspondent and anchor of The “CBS Evening News” Saturday edition to news anchor on “Early”. Chris Wragge will leave his anchor job at WCBS-TV and co-anchor of “Early Show” Saturday to become co-anchor of the weekday edition. Erica Hill moves up from newsreader and weekend co-anchor to weekday co-anchor and Marysol Castro, late of ABC’s “Good Morning America” weekend joins as weather anchor.

Big changes are coming to CBS-TV's "The Early Show" next year.   Starting Jan. 3, Erica Hill and Chris Wragge will be the new co-anchors of CBS News' morning program. Jeff Glor will serve as the broadcast’s news anchor.  Marysol Castro, formerly of ABC's "Good Morning America" weekend edition, will join the team as the weather anchor.

The appointments were announced Tuesday by Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports, and David Friedman, "Early Show" executive producer.

Last December, David Friedman was hired away from NBC, where he spent six years at the “Today” show, to be the executive producer of CBS’s “The Early Show.” Eleven months later, he has put his mark on the show in a big way, replacing co-anchors  Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez and its weatherman, Dave Price, with a team of Erica Hill and Chris Wragge, with Jeff Glor as news anchor and Marysol Castro as weather anchor. Smith, who joined CBS in 1987, will be the primary guest anchor for “Evening News,” “Face the Nation” and “Sunday Morning.” The morning show has stubbornly remained in third place since its launch in 1999.

Keach Hagey at spoke with Friedman Tuesday afternoon about the shakeup, the demographics of morning show audiences and what he thought of "Morning Glory."

Q:  Why the change?
A:  I got here a year ago. When I got here, I came for a very specific reason. I came here, No.1, out of my love of morning TV. But No. 2 was to make the show better. Yes, some of that has to do with ratings, but it’s really about the quality of the broadcast. In the last 11 months, that I’ve been there, I’ve looked at the show with an eye toward how do I improve it. And the talent was one of the many aspects of the show that we looked at. We thought long and hard, and looked at different options, and came up with a team that I feel strongly would be the team of the future. That’s the change, and we took our time to do it.
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The Future of News Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber talks with author Brian Soles.

Fox News Ratings Surprise

Bret Baier Tops Glenn Beck In Total Viewers For November

Are viewers tiring of opinion news shows? According to Glynnis MacNicol at Business Insider, Nielsen's numbers "Special Report with Bret Baier" topped both Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in total viewers for the month of November.

Bill O'Reilly remained the (long-time) leader with 3,509,000 viewers for the month. This marks the first time Baier has trumped either Beck or Hannity in total viewers, and suggests that Fox viewers may be craving hard news over opinion.

It's worth noting that Beck, who is on at 5pm, lost more total viewers since October (2,748,000  to 2,299,000) than Baier gained (2,248,000 to 2,404, 000).

Meanwhile in the 25-54 demographic Baier dropped back down to 5th place.

Also worth noting that the top show for November that doesn't air on Fox News was 'Countdown with Keith Olbermann', which clocked in at 12th place with 1,156,000 total viewers.

Top Five Show In Total Viewers
The O’Reilly Factor (3,509,000 viewers);
Special Report with Bret Baier (2,404,000 viewers)
Hannity (2,376,000 viewers)
Glenn Beck (2,299,000 viewers)
FOX Report with Shepard Smith (2,131,000 viewers)

Top Five Shows - 25-54 Demographic
The O’Reilly Factor (848,000);
Hannity (595,000);
Glenn Beck (534,000)
FOX Report with Shepard Smith (526,000)
Special Report with Bret Baier (487,000)

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SiriusXM Extends NFL Deal

Passes 20 Million Subscriber Mark,
No Word On Stern Deal

SiriusXM Radio said Tuesday that it has surpassed the 20 million subscriber mark, and it unveiled a five-year renewal of its NFL program contract.

However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the company once again provided no update on its contract renewal talks with radio host Howard Stern, whose five-year Sirius deal expires at year's end.

Sirius had previously predicted it would end the year with more than 20 million customers, and it said Tuesday it has indeed passed that mark. "We have added the last 10 million subscribers faster than the first 10 million - despite a tremendously competitive environment," said CEO Mel Karmazin, lauding this as "a strong endorsement of our service and our programming."

The NFL and Sirius have been partners since 2004, and the satellite radio firm will continue to broadcast every NFL game live nationwide from the pre-season through the Super Bowl in 2016 in a sign it remains committed to key content.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Seacrest Re-Ups With Clear Channel

Report: 3 Year Deal Worth $60M

Clear Channel Radio and Ryan Seacrest Enterprises today announced they have entered into a new and expanded multi-year partnership agreement.  The NYTimes reports the 3-year deal is worth $60M to Seacrest.

Additionally, Seacrest will create and deliver new content for distribution through Clear Channel's traditional and digital radio platforms on both a local market and national basis, as well as serve as a spokesperson for Clear Channel. Under the new agreement, Seacrest and Clear Channel will also create joint ventures to develop and promote new musical artists and other multi-platform media projects.

The three-year agreement builds on and vastly expands the relationship first established between Seacrest and Clear Channel in 2004 when Seacrest assumed hosting duties for American Top 40, syndicated by Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks, and also began morning hosting duties for Clear Channel's KIIS-FM morning show in Los Angeles.

"Everyone at Clear Channel is thrilled to renew and expand our partnership with Ryan, who is not only a top radio and television personality but also a true visionary who has firmly established himself as America's leading curator of popular culture," said Robert W. Pittman, Clear Channel's Chairman of Media and Entertainment Platforms. "Ryan is a singular talent and brings incredible assets to his partnership with Clear Channel. His likability and broad appeal are a key reason why his shows have such phenomenal reach and penetration. What we have already achieved together with Ryan's radio programs in Los Angeles, New York and across the nation, and which we will now take further under our new agreement, underscores our uniquely powerful ability to reach a national audience while executing locally in both traditional and digital radio."

"Ryan exemplifies the level of talent and programming we are committed to bringing our listeners across a variety of platforms," said John Hogan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Clear Channel Radio. "His experience and track record as a host and a producer and his extensive industry relationships make Ryan an ideal partner for the development of new vehicles as we drive growth opportunities across all of our radio platforms, on air, online and on-site. We look forward to continuing to work with him to promote his current shows through Premiere Radio Networks and collaborating with him to create and bring trend-setting new content ideas to fruition."

"I believe Clear Channel's programming is only beginning to scratch the surface of what we can achieve together to connect with audiences and create innovative and compelling opportunities for listeners and advertisers. I'm excited to work closely with Clear Channel's radio leadership to develop new concepts and content that brings the untapped potential of radio to life across a range of delivery platforms. I'm particularly looking forward to exploring and capitalizing on the exciting possibilities the digital era holds for radio," said Ryan Seacrest.

The terms of the new agreement call for Seacrest to continue as host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, his top-rated daily radio program which airs from 5:00 - 10:00 a.m. PT on Clear Channel Radio's 102.7 KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, which is also tailored for the New York market on Z100. In addition, the nationally syndicated mid-day version of On Air with Ryan Seacrest will be expanded to four hours and also extends Ryan's services on the nationally and internationally distributed American Top 40, which is syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks.

American Top 40 continues to be the number one countdown show in the U.S. and can be heard on nearly 500 radio stations worldwide.
For the past five years, Seacrest's local radio show on KIIS-FM/Los Angeles has been the most-listened-to program in Southern California (source:Arbitron)(source:FA'04 to JAN'10)(source:MSA & PPM)(source:Cume)(source:MF 6-10)(source:P 12+) and consistently wins every female demo from 12-17 to 25-34 (Arbitron, FA'04 to JAN'10, MSA & PPM, AQH, MF 6-10A).

Further, the agreement calls for Seacrest to commit time as a spokesperson and advocate for Clear Channel, and his endorsements of Clear Channel products and services will include appearances at Clear Channel-sponsored events such as Jingle Ball and Wango Tango. Seacrest will also work closely with Clear Channel leadership to develop exclusive new radio content for national and international syndication via both traditional and digital media.

A third element of the agreement creates a joint venture between Seacrest and Clear Channel aimed at developing and producing various entertainment concepts such as a record label and music publishing, a live concert series and content for television.

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Clinton: Wikileaks Acted Illegally

In her first public comments since the weekend release of the classified State Department cables, Hilary Clinton said Monday that online whistleblower Wikileaks acted illegally in posting the material:

The editor of London's Guardian, Alan Rusbridger, fielded questions Mondays, and explained some of his thinking in a Guardian video report published Sunday:

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NYT Drops ClimateGate-era Ethics Qualms

Publishes Scores of WikiLeaks Docs
From Lachlan Markay at

"The New York Times has taken an admirable stand on the potentially-criminal release of diplomatic cables by the online "whistleblowers" at WikiLeaks. Said one Times reporter: "The documents appear to have been acquired illegally and contain all manner of private information and statements that were never intended for the public eye, so they won't be posted here."

Oh, wait. That wasn't in reference to the WikiLeaks documents. That was the Times's former environmental blogger Andy Revkin discussing the so-called ClimateGate emails. The Times has, in fact, posted a number of American diplomatic documents obtained illegally by WikiLeaks, and containing massive amounts of sensitive diplomatic communications.

And so we get another glimpse of the amazing depths of the Gray Lady's hypocrisy."
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Web Giants Oppose Comcast, NBCU Merger

Opposition to Comcast's proposed acquisition of 51 percent of NBC Universal continues to grow even as regulators near a decision to approve the transaction. On Monday (Nov. 29), NetCoalition—representing Internet companies such as Amazon, eBay, Bloomberg, IAC/InterActive Corp., Google and Yahoo—joined the Coalition for Competition in Media, a group of 24 groups that oppose the deal as currently proposed, reports Katy Bachman at

The deal is in the home stretch of review by both the Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission and could be approved by the end of the year. Optimistic that they can close within weeks, Comcast recently named its executive management that will run the combined media company, a controversial, yet typical move for big mergers.

While Comcast and NBCU prepare for approval, a wide variety of public interest groups and stakeholders continue to raise concerns about the deal including a lack of competition and diversity, higher costs for consumers and lack of access for independent producers and creators.

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SiriusXM Makes Laura Dr. Feelgood

Laura Schlessigner Starts January 3rd on SiriusXM

"It took me two seconds," Laura Schlessinger said on Monday about her decision to take a multiyear talk show deal offered by Sirius XM satellite radio.

Gary Lycon at writes the new "Dr. Laura" live call-in show will launch Jan. 3 on Sirius channel 102 and XM channel 155 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Pacific time. It will replay later each day and on Saturday and Sunday.

Her current syndicated talk radio show will end Dec. 31. Schlessinger normally takes the holidays off, but the date has not been set yet for her last "live" program on terrestrial radio.

Schlessinger announced to Larry King on his CNN talk show Aug. 17 she was ending her radio show at the end of year, saying "I want to regain my First Amendment rights." That decision followed an Aug. 10 episode in which she repeatedly used the n-word in a caller discussion involving racially hurtful words. She later apologized.

"The day after the King interview, the head of Sirius called and said 'Come on over here, the water's fine,'" she said. Two months later, Schlessinger and her business representative Geoff Rich met in New York with Mel Karmazin, Sirius CEO; Jeremy Coleman, senior vice president, talk and entertainment programming; and Scott Greenstein, president and chief content officer.

Dr. Laura: "I sat there and I listened to these men appreciate what I had done my entire career, appreciate my guts in never giving up, appreciate the value I offer on the air, and wanting to support me. That was it. It took me two seconds. I said 'I'm on board.' They said all the things that mattered. I have never heard radio executives talk like this. My heart pumped."

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When the Software Is the Sportswriter

The StatSheet site for Ohio State men's basketball. One recent story on the site had 10 sentences and 156 words - written entirely by software.

Only human writers can distill a heap of sports statistics into a compelling story. Or so we human writers like to think, writes Randall Storss at

StatSheet, a Durham, N.C., company that serves up sports statistics in monster-size portions, thinks otherwise. The company, with nine employees, is working to endow software with the ability to turn game statistics into articles about college basketball games.

Established in 2007, provides statistical analysis of college football and basketball, Nascar and other sports. It dices data in more ways than any fan could possibly absorb. But charts, graphs and rankings alone cannot replace words that tell a story. We humans love stories; a craving for narrative seems part of our nature.

This month, StatSheet unveiled StatSheet Network, made up of separate Web sites for each of the 345 N.C.A.A. Division I men’s basketball teams. Beyond statistics galore, each site has what the company calls “automated content,” stories written entirely by software, including write-ups of the team’s games, past and future. With a joking wink, StatSheet’s founder, Robbie Allen, refers to these sites as the “Robot Army.”

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Abrams: "Unfortunate" Michaels Departed Tribune

Lee Abrams is no longer with the Tribune Co., but his impact will continue in the form of NewsFix, Channel 39's (Houston) anchorless newscast set to debut in January.

Abrams, Tribune's chief innovation officer, resigned in October shortly after he was suspended for sending a companywide e-mail that contained a parody newscast from the Onion with content that was deemed inappropriate. Tribune CEO Randy Michaels, who was described in the New York Times as fostering a "frat house" atmosphere at Tribune, resigned a week later.

Abrams, a longtime radio executive, answered questions about Tribune and NewsFix from the Houston Chronicle by e-mail. Excerpt follow.
Q: What are your thoughts on Randy Michaels' departure and Sam Zell's decision to step down as chairman once the company comes out of bankruptcy?
A: It was unfortunate that Randy departed. He is the kind of person that could actually turn around a company like Tribune. He is not a traditional CEO, and they needed that. On Sam Zell, I am not surprised as it's a big mystery what the company will look like post-Chapter 11.
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Simpsons Mock FNC

"The Simpsons" took a shot at Fox News for the second week in a row.

After dubbing its corporate sibling "Not Racist, But #1 With Racists" -- and getting criticized by Bill O'Reilly for doing so -- the Fox cartoon put a new slogan on its Fox News helicopter: "Unsuitable For Viewers Under 75."

The Simpsons 11/21 Episode:

The Simpsons 11/28 Episode:

If you’re clicking over to Hulu or Fox’s websites to check out this week’s helicopter gag, you’re going to be disappointed. WebNewser notices the joke, from the episode’s opening credits, has been removed.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Do Consumers Really Want FM Chips On Mobile Phones?

Consultant Mark Ramsey  says his research indicates the answer is no:
"The notion that “if we build it they will come” was wrong then and it’s wrong now.  And when it comes to devices and electronics, it’s wrong – period.

So, in conjunction with VIP Research, I asked a national sample of more than a thousand radio listeners ages 10-54 whether they had ever specifically looked for a mobile phone that contains FM radio" (full report here).

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