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October 13 Radio History

Cousin Brucie
➦In 1935...Bruce Morrow (born Bruce Meyerowitz) known to many listeners as Cousin Brucie was born.

Morrow's first stint in radio was in Bermuda at ZBM-AM, where he was known as "The Hammer."

Morrow began his stateside career at New York Top 40 station WINS in 1959. In 1960, he moved to Miami for a brief stint before returning to the New York airwaves the following year on powerhouse 77WABC. Morrow's returned to New York City came at the precise moment that rock and roll music was exploding across the Baby Boom demographic and Morrow found himself on the most powerful radio station on the East Coast at the onset of the British Invasion.

"Cousin Brucie" quickly became a success on WABC's teen-oriented evening shift in the 6:15 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. slot. Morrow became a commercial radio powerhouse and household name through his ability to maintain a rapport with his listeners while smoothly mixing the diverse musical genres of the time (Motown soul, pop, hard rock, surf music, novelty records), and then seamlessly segueing into commercials for youth-oriented sponsors like Thom McAn shoes, local clothing outlets in the New York and New Jersey areas, and events such as concerts and drag-strip races.

He served at WABC for 13 years and 4,014 broadcasts until August 1974, when he jumped to rival station WNBC 660 AM; after three years there, he left the airwaves to team with entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman to become the owner of the Sillerman Morrow group of stations, which included WALL; WKGL, now WRRV, in Middletown, New York; WJJB, later WCZX, in Poughkeepsie, New York; WHMP in Northampton, Massachusetts; WOCB in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts; WRAN (now dark) New Jersey 1510 in Randolph, New Jersey; and television station WATL Atlanta. The group later purchased WPLR in New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1982, Morrow returned to the DJ role with New York's WCBS 101.1 FM. Initially, he filled in for Jack Spector every third Saturday evening for the Saturday Night Sock Hop program. Following Spector's resignation in 1985, Morrow took over the show and renamed it the Saturday Night Dance Party. The station also added his nationally syndicated show Cruisin' America. In 1986, he took on the Wednesday evening slot, where he hosted The Top 15 Yesterday and Today Countdown. In 1991, the Wednesday show became The Yearbook, focusing on music from a year between 1955 and 1979. Cousin Brucie was also the "breakfast presenter" on Atlantic 252 from 1992 to 1996.

When Cruisin' America ended its run in December 1992, Morrow continued hosting a WCBS show called Cruising with the Cuz Monday evenings until the end of 1993. After that show ended, he hosted the Saturday night and Wednesday night shows there until the station's change to the adult hits format called Jack FM on June 3, 2005. Shortly thereafter, he signed a multi-year deal to host oldies programming and a weekly talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Morrow currently hosts programs for Sirius XM satellite radio, on the '60s on 6 channel. Cousin Brucie's Saturday Night Party – Live is broadcast Saturday nights, while Cruisin' with Cousin Brucie is broadcast live on Wednesday nights. The Wednesday broadcast used to repeat on Sunday nights, but no longer does. In place of the repeat, a show titled "Best of Brucie" airs, a compilation of all of his best moments on SiriusXM.

➦In 1963...the term 'Beatlemania' was coined, as The Beatles made their first major TV appearance from the London Palladium. The BBC had an audience of 15 million tuned in. Thousands of delirious fans jammed the streets outside the theater to voice their support of the Fab Four. A few months later, Beatlemania would sweep the U.S. as well.

➦In 1967...CBS Radio Network canceled "House Party". Art Linkletter discusses his years in radio.

Sponsored by General Electric, the 25-minute House Party premiered on CBS Radio on January 15, 1945, and ran weekdays at 4 p.m., three days a week, through January 10, 1947. Following a break, it then ran weekdays at 3:30 p.m. from December 1, 1947 to December 31, 1948. It continued to be sponsored by General Electric even as it switched to ABC Radio, where it ran for 30 minutes in the same timeslot from January 3 to July 1, 1949. ABC then aired it as a 25-minute sustained-advertising program weekdays at noon from September 19 to December 30, 1949.

The show returned to CBS Radio only days later, making its longest continued run from January 2, 1950 to October 13, 1967 as a 30-minute show running weekdays at various times. Sponsors included Pillsbury from 1950 to 1952, and Lever Brothers from 1952 to 1956. During its first season, the soundtrack from the TV show was run immediately on radio following the telecast.

➦In 1974...Ed Sullivan died from esophagal cancer at the age of 73 (Born September 28, 1901). He was a TV personality, impresario, sports and entertainment reporter, and syndicated columnist for the New York Daily News and the Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate. He is principally remembered as the creator and host of the television variety program The Toast of the Town, later popularly—and, eventually, officially—renamed The Ed Sullivan Show. Broadcast for 23 years from 1948 to 1971, it set a record as the longest-running variety show in US broadcast history. "It was, by almost any measure, the last great TV show," said television critic David Hinckley. "It's one of our fondest, dearest pop culture memories."

His column, "Little Old New York" for the New York Daily News, concentrated on Broadway shows and gossip. Sullivan soon became a powerful starmaker in the entertainment world himself, becoming one of Walter Winchell's main rivals. Sullivan continued writing for The News throughout his broadcasting career.

Throughout his career as a columnist, Sullivan had dabbled in entertainment—producing vaudeville shows with which he appeared as master of ceremonies in the 1920s and 1930s, directing a radio program over the original WABC (now WCBS) and organizing benefit reviews for various causes.

In 1941, Sullivan was host of the Summer Silver Theater, a variety program on CBS, with Will Bradley as bandleader and a guest star featured each week

He introduced numerous acts to audiences and the show featuring the Beatles on February 9, 1964 is one of the milestones in popular culture, viewed by 73 million people.

Douglas Edwards
➦In 1990...News anchor Douglas Edwards died of cancer at the age of 73. He anchored CBS's first network nightly television news broadcast from 1946–1962, which was later to be titled CBS Evening News.

A native of Oklahoma, Edwards grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Edwards joined CBS Radio in 1942, eventually becoming anchor for the regular evening newscast The World Today as well as World News Today on Sunday afternoons. Edwards came to CBS, after stints as a newscaster and announcer at WSB in Atlanta, Georgia and WXYZ in Detroit, Michigan.

In the mid-1940s, Edwards was host of the radio program Behind the Scenes at CBS Radio.

In 1946, Edwards was chosen to present regular CBS television news programs and to host CBS's television coverage of the 1948 Democratic and Republican conventions. The term "anchor" would not be used until 1952, when CBS News chief Sig Mikelson would use it to describe Walter Cronkite's role in the network's political convention coverage.

At first, Edwards would be eclipsed by John Cameron Swayze of NBC News's Camel News Caravan, but he would eventually regain his ratings lead. By the mid-1950s, the nightly 15-minute newscast Douglas Edwards with the News was watched by nearly 30 million viewers.

Edwards' last newscast on the evening news was on April 13, 1962. On April 16, 1962, Edwards was replaced by Walter Cronkite, and the program became Walter Cronkite with the News. On September 2, 1963, the program was retitled CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite and became the first half-hour weeknight news broadcast of network television and was moved to 6:30 p.m. .

For several years, both during his time as network anchor and after leaving the CBS anchor chair, Edwards anchored the local late news team on WCBS-TV, channel 2, the network's flagship television station in New York City.

Edwards subsequently moved back to CBS Radio, where he delivered the network's flagship evening newscasts The World Tonight for many years. Until his retirement on April 1, 1988, he maintained a daily midday role within CBS television news, anchoring a five-minute newsbreak known successively as CBS Afternoon News with Douglas Edwards (April 1962-Feb. 1968), The CBS Midday News with Douglas Edwards (Feb. 1968-April 20, 1979) at 11:55am Eastern time and The CBS Mid-Morning News with Douglas Edwards (April 23, 1979 – May 30, 1980) at 10:55am Eastern.[4] He also served, for a time, as a co-anchor of the CBS Morning News. His last radio newscast included a report of the death of singer Andy Gibb.[5]

Beginning June 2, 1980, Douglas Edwards anchored a daily one-minute-fourteen-second edition of Newsbreak at 11:57 a.m. Eastern Time.

➦In 1992...Hughes Rudd died at age 71 (Born September 14, 1921). He was a television journalist and CBS News and ABC News correspondent. Rudd was known for his folksy style, gravelly voice, and unimposing sense of humor, often ending his newscasts with human interest stories that sometimes made him break into a chuckle on camera.

Jerry Marshall
➦In 2010…New York City radio personality Jerry Marshall died at age 91.   During more than 30 years on the air, Marshall hosted hit shows like “Music Hall” and “The Make-Believe Ballroom” on WNEW and “Record Room” on WMGM, as well as shows on WINS, WNBC and WCBS. His “Jerry Marshall Show” was eventually syndicated in cities along the East Coast.

In 1948, while hosting “Music Hall,” Mr. Marshall gave a major boost to the career of Nat King Cole when he was the first D.J. to play Cole’s version of “Nature Boy,” with its eerie minor melody about a “strange enchanted boy” whose wandering led him to conclude that “the greatest thing you’ll ever learn/Is just to love and be loved in return.” The song was an overnight sensation.

➦In 2012…Washington DC Radio talk show host Bernie McCain died of renal failure at 75. McCain had worked in radio for more than 15 years when WOL 1450 AM hired him away from the Washington AM station WRC in 1981. Today, WOL is owned by Radio One, a media company that serves a largely African American and urban market.

He quickly became one of the station’s flagship personalities and a daily presence known to listeners of his call-in show as “Uncle Bernie.” In an interview, Radio One founder Cathy Hughes described him as “a black version of Mister Rogers.”

➦In 2013…Veteran radio personality Bob Sanders, half of the husband-and-wife broadcast duo Bob & Betty Sanders, died at the age of 89.

Although the couple worked in other markets, they were best known in Chicago, where Bob and Betty Sanders' show aired on WBBM-AM 1972 through 1983. The midday show mixed news and information with interviews with visiting actors, authors and other celebrities.

Robert W. Sanders grew up in Tuscumbia, Ala. His studies at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa were interrupted in 1942 when he was drafted into the Army. He became ill with pleurisy while serving in Europe and was sent to a hospital in Louisiana to recover. A buddy there suggested that because he liked to talk so much, he should go into radio.

He began his radio career with a small station in Florence, Ala. He also worked at stations in Birmingham, Ala.; Kansas City, Mo.; St. Louis; and Wichita, Kan., before coming to Chicago. It was in St. Louis that he met a young actress named Betty Kwitzky, who was working in commercials. The two married in 1954.

By 1972, Mr. Sanders and his wife were working together at WBBM-AM in Chicago. Their show ran weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and included news, entertainment and interviews.  Later, they  moved to another Chicago station, then WCFL-AM, now WMVP.

"You felt good after listening to Bob and Betty," said Steve Dale, the producer of the show after it moved to WCFL.

"You were informed, you were entertained, but you felt like you were sitting with them having a chat," said Dale, now the host of the weekly "Steve Dale's Pet World" on WGN-AM, a station owned by Tribune Co.

In late 1985, the couple began a two-year stint at WMCA in New York, doing a morning show that blended talk, news, weather and interviews.

When the station was sold, they returned to the Midwest, where Mr. Sanders began working at WISN in Milwaukee. His wife later joined him on air there. He retired in the late 1980s.

Shepard Smith Signs-Off At Fox News

Shepard Smith has left Fox News, anchoring his afternoon newscast, Shepard Smith Reporting, for the last time Friday. At the end of the newscast, Smith said, “Even in our currently polarized nation, it’s my hope that the facts will win the day, that the truth will always matter, that journalism and journalist will thrive,” reports Forbes.

Smith, in a statement released by Fox, said he had asked the network to release him from the multi-year contract he signed just a year ago. Smith said he intended to “begin a new chapter.”

“After requesting that I stay, they graciously obliged,” Smith said. “The opportunities afforded this guy from small-town Mississippi have been many. It’s been an honor and a privilege to report the news each day to our loyal audience in context and with perspective, without fear or favor. I’ve worked with the most talented, dedicated and focused professionals I know, and I’m proud to have anchored their work each day—I will deeply miss them.”

It would appear few inside Fox News had any idea the announcement was coming. Immediately after Smith made his on-air announcement, his colleague Neil Cavuto appeared visibly shocked by the news, beginning his show by saying “whoa,” and then pausing for several seconds before continuing. “I’m Neil Cavuto and like you, I’m a little stunned and a little heartbroken,” Cavuto said. A few moments later, John Roberts, reporting from the White House, said hearing the news of Smith’s exit felt like “being hit by a subway train.”

When Smith extended his contract with Fox in 2018, he told TIME he was comfortable with the split between news and opinion at Fox: “We serve different masters. We work for different reporting chains; we have different rules. They don’t really have rules on the opinion side. They can say whatever they want, if it’s their opinion. I don’t really watch a lot of opinion programming. I’m busy.”

Beginning Monday, the 3 p.m. ET hour will be called FOX News Reporting and Jon Scott and Trace Gallagher will be among a rotating group of anchors.

In a statement released by the network, Jay Wallace, Fox News president and executive editor, said: “Shep is one of the premier newscasters of his generation, and his extraordinary body of work is among the finest journalism in the industry. His integrity and outstanding reporting from the field helped put FOX News on the map, and there is simply no better breaking news anchor who has the ability to transport a viewer to a place of conflict, tragedy, despair or elation through his masterful delivery.”

A member of the network’s founding staff in 1996, Mr. Smith became increasingly conspicuous at Fox News for his skepticism on President Trump, reports The NYTimes.

His pointed comments, closer in tone to that of CNN anchors like Anderson Cooper than of Fox News mainstays like Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, irked Mr. Trump, who had taken to taunting Mr. Smith on Twitter as the network’s “lowest-rated anchor.” Other Fox News personalities were also unimpressed: Last month, Mr. Carlson openly mocked Mr. Smith on-air, a rare moment of intramural discord bursting into public view.

The internal tensions had frustrated Mr. Smith, 55, who was dismayed at the disconnect between some of the pro-Trump cheerleading in prime-time and the reporting produced by the network’s newsroom, according to two people close to the anchor who requested anonymity to share his private observations. Mr. Smith had been considering an exit from Fox News for several weeks, the people said.

Report: NBC Paid for Silence For Years

NBC News arranged settlements and nondisclosure agreements with Matt Lauer victims for years, Ronan Farrow claimed in a new interview Friday.

The Pulitzer Prize winner appeared on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to defend the reporting in his bombshell book “Catch and Kill.”

But he also contradicted NBC’s stance that it only learned of sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer when Brooke Nevils came forward in November 2017, prompting the anchor’s termination.

“This is not what the reporting in the book suggests. We spent several years reporting this out, extensively fact-checking it,” Farrow told George Stephanopoulos. “What we show in this book with the paper trail with documents is that there were multiple secret settlements and nondisclosures being struck with women at NBC.”

“But those were after the fact,” Stephanopoulos interrupted.

Farrow replied, “Nope. Years before. Over a period of six to seven years. A period in which NBC had previously denied any settlements –”

“On Matt Lauer?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“There were seven nondisclosure agreements, multiple ones of those with Matt Lauer accusers,” Farrow responded. “This is years before this incident with Brooke Nevils and the firing and I spoke to senior executives who were told about those earlier incidents.”

The Peacock Network has been rocked by allegations that Lauer raped Nevils, a former producer, in 2014. Nevils’ account emerged earlier this week in an excerpt of Farrow’s upcoming book.

Hubbard Radio Promotes Steve Goldstein To SVP/Digital

Hubbard Radio has announced the promotion of Steve Goldstein to Senior VP/Digital Sales Strategy and General Manager 2060 Digital. He most recently served as the company's Senior Director of Digital Sales Strategy, splitting duties between Hubbard Radio Washington, DC and a corporate role developing digital sales strategies in all of the company's markets. Goldstein will now focus on the corporate role of growing digital sales with station-owned digital assets and 2060 Digital in all of its markets.

Steve Goldstein
During the past five years 2060 Digital has become a revenue growth strategy for Hubbard Radio, both in Hubbard radio markets, and recently in non-radio markets with the introduction of 2060 Digital's Shift division in Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Detroit, Nashville and Birmingham. Goldstein will work closely with EVP/CFO Dave Bestler to focus on Hubbard Radio market growth in O&Oed digital sales and 2060 Digital sales and operations. 2060 Digital President, James Bryant, will focus on growing 2060 Digital's Shift division in expanding markets.

"I am honored and excited to take the helm of a business that I am so passionate about," said Goldstein. "Hubbard's overall digital platforms and 2060 Digital have already seen tremendous success. To lead and grow a team that has provided proven results for our clients and our company is thrilling and humbling. I am looking forward to partnering with 2060 Digital ops head Andy Shepherd, his talented team, and our Hubbard Radio market leaders and sellers, all of whom are making a difference for our clients."

Before joining Hubbard Radio, Goldstein was with WTOP and WFED in Washington, DC for 11 and a half years.

Houston Radio: Rick Kamla EXITS KILT-AM For SiriusXM

Rick Kamla
KILT 610 AM talk show sports host Rick Kamla will depart the Entercom sports talk station after just two-plus months on the job to take a position with SiriusXM Radio, The Houston Chronicle is reporting.

Kamla arrived in late July from Atlanta, where he worked for NBA TV and for WZGC-FM, to co-host KILT’s afternoon drive time show with former Baytown Lee and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Clint Stoerner.

He has hosted a show on SiriusXM’s fantasy sports channel in addition to his duties with KILT and with his departure from Houston will add regular duties on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio channel beginning with the upcoming season.

With Kamla’s departure, Stoerner will continue as KILT’s afternoon drive host with a variety of show contributors until a permanent replacement comes on board.

Armen Williams, KILT’s program director who hired Kamla after electing not to renew the contract of longtime afternoon drive host Rich Lord, had no comment on Kamla’s departure.

Kamla had an occasionally rocky start in Houston. He acknowledged in late August that he used a poor choice of words in a Twitter post regarding Colts quarterback Andrew Luck's decision to retire from the NFL.

The tweet, which was later deleted, scoffed at Luck’s description of being “mentally worn down” and added, “There's a difference between 'retiring' and quitting. What a joke.”

The station’s Nielsen ratings in afternoon drive also have dipped from those posted by the previous show hosted by Lord and Sean Pendergast, who now works in morning drive with Seth Payne.

WAY Media Launches New Website, Podcast Network

WAY-FM has announced digital growth in 2019, the launch of the new website and Podcast Network, and an shift towards digital content ministry. WAY-FM's radio network operates more than twenty Christian music radio stations in the U.S. in markets such as Nashville, Dallas, Portland and Denver with a blend of music and personality driven CCM programming.

WAY-FM's parent company, WAY Media, says that in the first six months of 2019, its total digital audience surpassed 750,000 and the WAY Nation Podcast Network has earned nearly 3 million downloads in the past 12 months. These numbers nearly equal the size of WAY-FM's total radio listenership.

CEO John Scaggs said, "Our mission has always driven us to be current. It reads, "We want to influence this generation to love and follow Jesus, using culturally relevant media." We believe our digital content future is now. The time to make a shift isn't when you are dead or dying. It's when you are healthy. WAY Media is truly moving towards becoming a digital-first ministry, where we create, curate, and partner with others to provide compelling faith-based content that will influence the world to love and follow Jesus."

Director of Digital Content Zach Boehm added, "The fun and meaningful content we feature on-air is what this world needs, but as people's consumption habits continue to shift to digital and on-demand delivery, we have an amazing opportunity to make a deeper and wider impact by embracing digital content, especially videos and podcasts. 25 million people live in WAY-FM's radio markets. WAY Nation positions us to better impact the 300 million people in the U.S. beyond our terrestrial signals with videos, blogs and podcasts that point people to Jesus."

"The relaunch of this week will provide a central platform for our digital content," said Chief Content Officer Faron Dice. "Additionally, we believe our that our new video and audio studios in Nashville and Colorado Springs give us two very strategic locations for partnership with artists, labels, authors, ministry leaders, and influencers. As we continue to expand our offerings of engaging videos, compelling podcasts and challenging written articles, we want to partner even more with those who share our vision for digital content ministry."

NYC Radio: After 37-Years, WNYC Drops New Sounds

WNYC 93.9 FM told its staff this week that it would end “New Sounds,” a genre-defying radio program that has played an outsize role in the city’s new music scene for nearly four decades, reports The NYTimes.

The station said in an email sent to its staff on Thursday that it planned to close the program by the end of the year, along with most of its remaining music programming, as it shifts to more news and talk.

“This is a continuation of the momentum that began when we replaced daytime music on WNYC-FM with news/talk format programs in 2002,” the station said in the email to its staff.

“New Sounds,” which has been hosted since its beginning by John Schaefer, eked out a distinctive place on the dial with programming that was truly eclectic.

“What I set out to do was to give a home on the radio to music that was, I guess, homeless — that didn’t fit into any of the neatly defined categories back in the days of the record store,” Mr. Schaefer said. “I thought there were lots of people out there like me, who are just curious — and would like something if you just gave them the chance to hear it.”

The show’s disappearance comes as radio is changing dramatically, both nationally — where stations that play classical music and noncommercial genres are being eliminated in many markets — and locally, where public radio stations have been going through significant upheaval.

Miami Radio: Country WKIS Unveils Chili CookOff Line-Up

Entercom has revealed the lineup for WKIS-FM “KISS Country 99.9 Chili CookOff."

The 35th annual event will feature performances by Kane Brown, Old Dominion, Ryan Hurd, Travis Denning, Caylee Hammack, Noah Schnacky, Ryan Griffin and more on Saturday, January 18 at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines, FL.

“To celebrate this milestone anniversary, we are proud to be hosting two of the biggest chart-toppers in country music,” said Keriann Worley, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Entercom South Florida. “Kane Brown and Old Dominion join a remarkable list of iconic performers who have graced our stage during the past 34 years, and we are so grateful to our loyal fans who have made this a premier country music event.”

Entercom Expands Channel Q To Additional Cities

Entercom has announced the continued expansion of RADIO.COM original station CHANNEL Q. To celebrate its one-year anniversary and National Coming Out Day, the premiere LGBTQ+ Talk Radio Network will be available in a total of 32 markets nationwide, including four new markets in Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland and St. Louis. The network brings the latest in LGBTQ+ news and information, pop culture and new music to listeners on air and via the RADIO.COM app nationwide.

“We are excited to mark National Coming Out Day and the one-year anniversary of CHANNEL Q by coming out in four additional markets,” said Jeff Federman, Regional President and Market Manager, Entercom Southern California. “We are committed to elevating the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and to celebrate, we are giving back by raising funds on behalf of PFLAG.”

PFLAG is the nation’s first and largest organization for LGBTQ+ people, their parents and families, and allies. CHANNEL Q listeners can support the organization throughout National Coming Out Day by texting “CHANNELQ” to 41444. Donations will be used to support PFLAG’s mission of providing support, education, and advocacy through a nationwide network of over more than 400 chapters and 200,000 members and supporters. For more information and to donate, please visit here.

Listeners can now tune in to CHANNEL Q on the below stations via an HD Radio capable device:
  • Baltimore: MIX 106.5 HD3 (WWMX-FM), launching mid-November 2019
  • Buffalo: STAR 102.5 HD3 (WTSS-FM)
  • Cleveland: Q104 HD3 (WQAL-FM), launched in September 2019
  • St. Louis: Y98 HD3 (KYKY-FM), launching in mid-October 2019
CHANNEL Q is available nationwide on RADIO.COM, the exclusive digital home for all Entercom content across the company’s robust portfolio of 235 radio stations, the RADIO.COM app and on Entercom stations in 32 markets

October 12 Radio History

➦In 1937...'Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons' debuted on the NBC Blue Network.  It was one of radio's longest running shows, airing to April 19, 1955, continuing well into the television era. It was produced by Frank and Anne Hummert, who based it upon Robert W. Chambers' 1906 novel The Tracer of Lost Persons. The sponsors included Whitehall Pharmacal (as in Anacin, Kolynos Toothpaste, BiSoDol antacid mints, Hill's cold tablets and Heet liniment), Dentyne, Aerowax, RCA Victor and Chesterfield cigarettes. It aired on the NBC Blue network until 1947, when it switched to CBS.

➦In 1944...What would come to be known as the "Columbus Day Riot" took place in New York City, when 35,000 hysterical teenage girls crowded into the Paramount Theatre for a chance to see the return of Frank Sinatra. The crowd of teen "bobbysoxer" girls stopped traffic in Times Square and  refused to leave between shows.

➦In 1950…The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show, sometimes called The Burns and Allen Show, made it debut on TV.   The is a half-hour series broadcast from 1950 to 1958 on CBS.

Burns and Allen were headliners in vaudeville in the 1920s, and radio stars in the 1930s and 1940s.

Their show was initially staged live and broadcast every other Thursday at 8 pm ET. In fall 1952, it became a weekly series filmed on the West Coast. From March 1953 through September 1958, The Burns and Allen Show aired Mondays at 8 pm ET.
The show was an immediate success.

➦In 1955...Chrysler introduces the world's first sound system for it cars.  The sustem consisted of -- record players mounted under the dashboard.

➦In 1969...Pop Culture's "Paul is Dead" hoax began when Tom Zarski, a student at Eastern Michigan University, called WKNR in Detroit and informed DJ Russ Gibb on air of the rumor that Paul McCartney died in a car crash, perhaps as long ago as 1966. Zarski told Gibb that by playing a section of the band's "Revolution 9" backwards, a clue emerges: the phrase "Turn me on, dead man." Gibb proceeds to do just that. Many listeners were stunned.

Two days after the WKNR broadcast, The Michigan Daily published a satirical review of Abbey Road by University of Michigan student Fred LaBour under the headline "McCartney Dead; New Evidence Brought to Light".  It identified various "clues" to McCartney's death on Beatles album covers, including new clues from the just-released Abbey Road LP. As LaBour had invented many of the clues, he was astonished when the story was picked up by newspapers across the United States. WKNR-FM further fuelled the rumor with a special two-hour program on the subject, "The Beatle Plot", which aired October 19, 1969.

In the early morning hours of October 21, 1969, Roby Yonge, a disc jockey at New York radio station 77WABC, discussed the rumor on the air for over an hour before being pulled off the air for breaking format. At that time of night, WABC's signal covered a wide listening area and could be heard in 38 states and at times, other countries.

Later that day, the Beatles' press office issued statements denying the rumour which were widely reported by national and international media.

Various 'clues' were used to suggest the following story: three years previously on November 9, 1966.  The rumored story was that McCartney, after an argument during a Beatles' recording session, had angrily driven off in his car. He had crashed it and died as a result. To spare the public from grief, the Beatles replaced him with "William Campbell", the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest.

➦In 1997...Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. died in a light plane accident/ (Born December 31, 1943). He was known professionally as John Denver, was an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, activist, and humanitarian, whose greatest commercial success was as a solo singer.

John Denver - 1974
After traveling and living in numerous locations while growing up in his military family, Denver began his music career with folk music groups during the late 1960s. Starting in the 1970s, he was one of the most popular acoustic artists of the decade and one of its best-selling artists. By 1974, he was one of America's best-selling performers, and AllMusic has described Denver as "among the most beloved entertainers of his era".

Denver recorded and released approximately 300 songs, about 200 of which he composed, with total sales of over 33 million records worldwide. He recorded and performed primarily with an acoustic guitar and sang about his joy in nature, his disdain for city life, his enthusiasm for music, and his relationship trials. Denver's music appeared on a variety of charts, including country music, the Billboard Hot 100, and adult contemporary, in all earning 12 gold and four platinum albums with his signature songs "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Annie's Song", "Rocky Mountain High", "Calypso", "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", and "Sunshine on My Shoulders".

Denver appeared in several films and television specials during the 1970s and 1980s. He continued to record in the 1990s, also focusing on environmental issues by lending vocal support to space exploration and testifying in front of Congress in protest against censorship in music. He lived in Aspen for much of his life where he was known for his love of Colorado. In 1974, Denver was named poet laureate of the state. The Colorado state legislature also adopted "Rocky Mountain High" as one of its two state songs in 2007.

An avid pilot, Denver died at the age of 53 in a single-fatality crash while piloting his recently purchased light plane.

➦In 2012... Radio personality Russ 'Weird Beard' Knight died at age 80. He was a DJ who first joined KLIF in Dallas in the early 60's, where he was the self-proclaimed “savior of Dallas radio”.

Later on he joined KILT in Houston and eventually moved onto different radio stations across America.

In 2003 he was selected to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame.

In the 60's after John F. Kennedy died, FBI investigators interviewed Russ Knight because of his relationship with Jack Ruby, who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald, the prime suspect in Kennedy's assassination. Agents found Knight's personal phone numbers in Ruby's possession

Friday, October 11, 2019

SiriusXM Radio: Celebrates Opening Of Hollywood Studios

Howard Stern commemorated the official grand opening of SiriusXM Hollywood Studios this week, welcoming some of the biggest superstars in entertainment for news-making interviews, comedy, and live performances.

Howard Stern's first West Coast broadcast in almost 20 years kicked off with a star-studded first show including guests Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey, Jr., Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Levine, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Widely-praised as the best interviewer in the business, Stern's conversation with Aniston revealed whether a Friends reunion is in the works, and his talk with Downey, Jr. touched on his Iron Man legacy and Martin Scorsese's criticism of Marvel movies. Maroon 5's Adam Levine and James Valentine also performed their new song "Memories," a tribute to the band's manager who recently passed away.

Howard Stern, Jennifer Anniston
Subsequent shows featured an uproarious interview with Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg, and a deeply personal 75-minute interview with Demi Moore. The special week ended with a bang when one the world's best-selling rock bands, Green Day, performed a fully electric set in the special Howard Stern Studio created for the week at SiriusXM Hollywood. The five-time Grammy-Award winning band performed two of their biggest hits, "American Idiot" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends," as well as their newest single, "Father of All..." which is also the title-track from their forthcoming thirteenth studio album.

"We knew there was only one way to launch SiriusXM Hollywood. It could only have been Howard Stern," said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM. "Howard has never been bigger and brought the excitement, skill, energy, and star power to our new Los Angeles headquarters that put us instantly at the forefront of Hollywood media. Now that our official launch has been an unparalleled success, we're looking forward to delivering more world-class entertainment across talk, comedy, and music to our 100 million SiriusXM and Pandora listeners from SiriusXM Hollywood."

SiriusXM's new Hollywood studios in Los Angeles are located in a flourishing community for media companies. Along with cutting-edge studios, the complex is also home to "The Garage," a new performing space that has already hosted a private concert by the Dave Matthews Band exclusively for SiriusXM subscribers.

Scott Goldberg Named ABC Audio Director of News Programming

Scott Goldberg
ABC Audio has announced that Scott Goldberg will become the new Director of News Programing beginning October 14th.

Goldberg has been recognized across the industry for his innovative storytelling. And won the National Edward R. Murrow Award for Sports Reporting this year - his third individual Murrow since joining the Audio department.

After years in local television and radio, Goldberg began at ABC News in 2011 as a NewsOne correspondent and joined ABC News Radio in 2013, becoming our midday anchor in 2016. Since joining the Audio team Scott has touched almost every product we produce, from anchoring hourly midday radio newscasts and coverage of special events and breaking news, to doing two-ways with affiliates and substitute hosting the ‘Start Here' podcast.

In addition, Jon Newman will become ABC News Radio's Managing Editor, while Tara Gimbel will become Deputy Managing.

Harrisburg PA Radio: Morning Hosts OUT At WWKL, WZCY

At least three mid-state PA Radio personalities have lost their jobs in a 'restructuring' involving two Cumulus Media stations.

Charles 'Chachi' Angelo is out as morning host at WZCY  Nash 93.5 FM and Ryan 'DJ Puff' Downes and Steph Pagliaro are out as hosts of the WWKL Hot 106.7 Morning Madhouse.

Downes comments on a Facebook posting:

The two stations traded formats in March of 2018. The Morning Madhouse has been removed from the station’s website. No official comment from Cumulus.

S-F Radio: Chris Mullin Added To KNBR For Hoops

Chris Mullin
Cumulus Media announces that it has signed former Golden State Warriors Forward Chris Mullin as an On-Air Contributor on KNBR 104.5FM / 680AM for the 2019-2020 NBA Season.

Mullin, a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and Pro Basketball Hall of Famer, was recently announced as a television pregame and postgame analyst for all 41 of Golden State’s regular-season home games at Chase Center this season.

Mullin, who spent 13 years of his 16-season NBA career as a member of the Golden State Warriors, was originally selected by the Warriors in the first round of the 1985 NBA Draft. Prior to re-joining the Warriors for his final NBA season in 2000, he spent three seasons with the Indiana Pacers. A five-time NBA All-Star, Mullin ended his 16-year NBA career with averages of 18.2 points and 4.1 rebounds in 986 games.

Jeremiah Crowe, Program Director, KNBR 104.5-FM, 680-AM & KNBR 1050-AM, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Chris into the KNBR family. Chris brings a unique perspective to both our Warriors coverage and overall NBA coverage, given his great success as a player, coach and executive. The addition of Chris further strengthens KNBR’s NBA contributor lineup as the strongest in radio across Northern California.” 

Mullin commented: “I’m looking forward to sharing insight and opinions throughout the upcoming Warriors season on KNBR, The Sports Leader. It’s very exciting to be able to talk basketball every week with my good friends Tom Tolbert and Greg Papa.”

In addition to Mullin, KNBR’s 2019-2020 NBA coverage also boasts weekday shows hosted by former Warriors Forward and current radio color analyst Tom Tolbert (Monday-Friday, 2pm-6pm), and by former Warriors radio voice and current television pregame and postgame host Greg Papa (Monday-Friday, 10am-2pm).

Golden State Warriors Head Coach and eight-time NBA Champion Steve Kerr can be heard on KNBR every Tuesday during a weekly afternoon drive interview on Tolbert, Krueger & Brooks. Rounding out KNBR’s NBA coverage is The Athletic Bay Area lead columnist and longtime Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson II, who can be heard multiple times per week as a contributor on KNBR 104.5FM and 680AM throughout the 2019-2020 NBA season. Thompson authored the best-selling biography “GOLDEN: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry” in 2017.

Omaha Radio: Jay Michaels To Program KQKQ, KOPW

Long-time broadcast radio programming executive Jay Michaels has been hired as the Program Director for NRG Omaha radio stations HotAC KQKQ Sweet 98.5 and Rhythmic CHR KOPW Power 106.9.  NRG Media General Manager Mark Shecterle announcemed Thursday.

Jay Michaels
"Jay is a very seasoned programmer with outstanding relationships within the broadcasting and record industry," according to Shecterle.

Michaels has worked as Program Director at Amp1037 & 100.3 Jack FM in Dallas, KDMX & KDGE in Dallas, Hot 93.3 in Austin and KRBE in Houston. He was Operations Manager at WROX & WUSH in Virginia, and Music Director at KDGE in Dallas as well as KISS and KHFI in Austin.

Shecterle stated, “I am thrilled to have Jay join our incredibly talented and award-winning staff. Jay’s music knowledge, creativity, passion for radio and his competitive spirit is second to none. Jay has a great programming mind, as well as a strong sales mentality, which is important in our business. I am very fortunate to once again work with Jay, as he is truly one of the best programmers in the business”.

Michaels said “I’m beyond excited to reunite with one of the biggest influences in my career Mark Shecterle and join a fantastic radio company that focuses on great local radio. I cannot wait to start programming, and join a very talented group of individuals who still value what local radio is should be. I’m honored to be the next Program Director for such iconic brands, Sweet 98.5 and Power 106.9!”

NYC Radio: WBAI-FM Due Back In Court October 18

WBAI 99.5 FM staffers appeared in Appellate Court on Thursday, hoping for a return to their normal programming after the Pacifica Foundation, which owns a slate of other independently operated radio stations, abruptly shut down local programming on Monday.

The verdict worked out half in their favor: A judge barred Pacifica from terminating any WBAI employees, but allowed them to continue airing syndicated content on the station instead of resuming WBAI’s own programming. That decision stands until Oct. 18, when both parties must return to court.

The nonprofit shuttered the radio station’s Atlantic Avenue workspace on Monday night, citing millions of dollars of debt. By Tuesday morning, the staff, which consists largely of unpaid volunteers, was granted a temporary restraining order by the Manhattan Supreme Court, prohibiting Pacifica from impeding on its local programming in any way until the next court date.

But days later, local programming is still being kept off the air.

“Local programming will not resume until at least the next court hearing,” Arthur Schwartz, the station’s attorney, told the Brooklyn Eagle after the hearing.

Line-Up Unveiled for iHR ALTer EGO '20

iHeartMedia has announced the lineup for the third annual iHeartRadio ALTer EGO Presented by Capital One. The event, hosted by Woody of iHeartRadio ALT 98.7’s nationally-syndicated The Woody Show, will feature the biggest names in Alternative Rock including Billie Eilish, The Black Keys, blink-182, The Lumineers, Rex Orange County, SHAED will perform live at the historic, “Fabulous” Forum in Los Angeles on January 18, 2020 to celebrate everything Alternative Rock.

The star-studded event will livestream exclusively on and broadcast live across over 70 Alternative and Rock iHeartRadio stations.

“I’m pretty sure they meant to call another show to host instead of The Woody Show,” said Woody. “This event, this lineup, is WAY out of our league. That said, it’s going to be incredible. I can’t see how this night could end up any other way!”

Beginning October 28, iHeartRadio will launch a nationwide promotion to give Alt-Rock fans across the country the opportunity to win a trip to Los Angeles to attend iHeartRadio ALTer EGO. The promotion will run across more than 85 Alternative, Rock and Classic Rock 90s iHeartRadio stations.

“For the third year in a row, iHeartRadio is bringing the biggest names in Alternative and Rock music together for one huge night,” said Lisa Worden, Program Director for ALT 98.7 and Alternative Rock Brand Manager for iHeartMedia. “This is a show everyone will love.”

iHM Partners With Blumhouse For Fictional Podcasts

Blumhouse and iHeartMedia have announced a strategic partnership to produce a series of fictional podcasts for potential, future film and television development.

Under the new partnership, the two companies will collaborate to develop and produce scripted podcasts in the horror genre, ranging from suspenseful thrillers and murder mysteries to science fiction audio-plays. The first podcast in the series is set to launch early next year and will be distributed through the iHeartPodcast Network.

“Blumhouse is truly masterful at creating some of the best suspense thrillers and horror movies around and, with their help, we can’t wait to introduce a series of captivating, world-class audio content to the iHeartPodcast Network.”

The first in the slate of co-produced podcasts is “The Mantawauk Caves” from writer, director, producer Dan Bush (The Signal, The Vault, The Dark Red). “The Mantawauk Caves” weaves together narrative threads of a social drama and supernatural horror, following three boys who enter a cave in the Appalachian Mountains - the oldest range in the world - and only one makes it out alive.

“We’re such avid fans of great podcasts at Blumhouse -- the compelling storytelling that engrossing podcasts offer -- and we were eager to partner with iHeartRadio to curate a slate of dark, fictional stories together,” said Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse. “We’re thrilled the partnership has already produced ‘The Mantawauk Caves,’ the first of what we hope are several successful collaborations.”

“We think fiction is one of the next big genres in podcasting, tapping into the incredible imaginative power we all have – the theater of the mind – and so we couldn’t be more excited to bring this slate of shows into the world, starting with ‘The Mantawauk Caves,’” said Conal Byrne, President of the iHeartPodcast Network. “Blumhouse is truly masterful at creating some of the best suspense thrillers and horror movies around and, with their help, we can’t wait to introduce a series of captivating, world-class audio content to the iHeartPodcast Network.”

Albany Radio: WGY Debuts Season 2 of Mystery Podcast

iHeartMedia Albany's News Radio WGY 810 AM / 103.1 FM has announced the season two debut of the iHeartRadio Original true crime podcast, "Upstate Unsolved," hosted by WGY reporter, Phoebe LaFave. 

Phoebe LaFave
The first episode of season two premiered on October 10 with new episodes available each Thursday on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard. "Upstate Unsolved" is a production of the iHeartPodcast Network.

Season two launches in partnership with the Cold Case Analysis Center at the College of St. Rose and investigates the unsolved murders of Catherine ‘Kate' Blackburn (1964) and Ruth Whitman (1959). While seemingly unconnected, Blackburn and Whitman have one crucial element in common - their cases aren't well known to the public. With the support of the Albany Police Department and the Colonie Police Department, WGY's "Upstate Unsolved" brings these cold cases into the spotlight in hopes of finding justice for these women.

"It's our goal to bring these cold cases out from the shadows because, although time is running out, it's still possible that someone knows something that can solve one or both of these murders," said LaFave. "Everyone deserves to have their truths come to light and I hope season two of ‘Upstate Unsolved' can help shine some light on the untimely deaths of these women."

Host Phoebe LaFave has a passion for true crime. She began her career in the media industry as an intern at iHeartMedia during her senior year at The College of Saint Rose, which lead to an opening as a Reporter in the WGY Newsroom. In March of 2019, the first season of "Upstate Unsolved" premiered focusing on Suzanne Lyall, a Ballston Spa native and University of Albany student who went missing on March 2, 1998.

Portland Radio: NBA Trailblazers Add Michael Holton To Radio Team

The Portland Trail Blazers have hired Michael Holton as the team’s radio analyst, it was announced Thursday by Trail Blazers President and CEO Chris McGowan.

Holton will join radio play-by-play broadcaster Travis Demers as Demers begins his first full season in the role. Holton has served as the radio analyst for home games for the past two seasons and has spent the last 12 seasons as an in-studio analyst on Trail Blazers television broadcasts. He will continue in his studio role alongside Jordan Kent when the team is at home.

Michael Holton
All 82 Trail Blazers games will be broadcast statewide on the Deschutes Brewery Trail Blazers Radio Network and flagship station Rip City Radio KPOJ 620 AMin Portland and televised by NBC Sports Northwest (NBCSNW) or national carriers.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to broadcast all 82 games alongside Travis Demers this season,” said Holton. “I look forward to providing analysis for our great fans in what promises to be a very exciting and intriguing season.”

A former Trail Blazer, Holton spent six seasons in the NBA from 1984-90, playing for Phoenix, Chicago, Portland and Charlotte. In 325 career games (122 starts), he averaged 6.2 points, 1.4 rebounds, 3.0 assists and 18.0 minutes.

"Michael's long-standing with the team offers Trail Blazers fans a very unique and in-depth perspective," said McGowan. "His experience at all levels of basketball from player to head coach make him the perfect analyst and compliment to Travis Demers on play-by-play."

October 11 Radio HIstory

➦In 1919...Actress/voice actor Jean Vander Pyl was born in Philadelphia.  Her two main broadcast roles were as the wife Margaret in NBC Radio’s Father Knows Best, and as the voice of Wilma Flintstone in several cartoon series on TV.  She also provided the voice of Rosie the robot maid from the animated series The Jetsons,

She succumbed to lung cancer April 10 1999 at age 79

➦In 1936...the first radio quiz show premiered, "Professor Quiz".

➦In New York City Glenn Miller recorded “Make Believe Ballroom Time” for RCA Victor’s Bluebird label, featuring the vocal group The Modernaires for the first time. It would become the theme song for Make Believe Ballroom on WNEW, New York, with host Martin Block.

Martin Block
Block created the aura of doing a “live” radio program, complete with performers (on records) like Harry James or Frank Sinatra, from the “Crystal Studios” at WNEW. Copycat versions of the ‘Ballroom’ featured Keith Sandy at CKEY in Toronto, and Al Jarvis at KHJ Los Angeles.

In 1935, while listeners to New York's WNEW-AM in New York (now information outlet WBBR) were awaiting developments in the Lindbergh kidnapping, Block built his audience by playing records between the Lindbergh news bulletins. This led to his Make Believe Ballroom, which began February 3, 1935 creating the illusion that he was broadcasting from a ballroom with the nation’s top dance bands performing live. He bought some records from a local music shop for the program as the radio station had none. Block purchased five Clyde McCoy records, selecting his "Sugar Blues" for the radio show's initial theme song.

Because Block was told by the station's sales staff that nobody would sponsor a radio show playing music, he had to find himself a sponsor. Block lined up a producer of reducing pills called "Retardo"; within a week, the sponsor had over 3,000 responses to the ads on Block's radio show. Martin Block's style of announcing was considerably different than the usual manner of delivery at the time. Instead of speaking in a voice loud enough to be heard in a theater, Block spoke in a normal voice, as if he was having a one-on-one conversation with a listener.

➦In 1948...One of radio’s last premiering soap operas, “The Brighter Day”, took to the air for the first time on NBC. It’s interesting to take a look at the cast and see which names are still recognizable, like Hal Holbrook and William Redfield.  After six years on radio “Day” moved to TV.

➦In 1976...“Disco Duck (Part 1),” by Rick Dees & His Cast of Idiots was the Number One songs on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. At the time he was a morning DJ at Memphis radio station WMPS.

➦In 1987...New York radio personality Sebastian Stone died.  During other stints in other markets, he was known as Johnny Holiday at KCBQ/San Diego in 1959, as Johnny Mitchell at KHJ in 1965 and Sebastian Stone at KFRC/San Francisco in 1967.  One of his goofy stunts early in his career was setting a world record of 195 "stay-awake" hours while on WYDE-Birmingham. In Billboard's 1966 polling of djs, Johnny was one of the leading early evening Top 40 personalities.

➦In 1998...Actor Richard Denning died at age 84. On radio, Denning starred with Lucille Ball in CBS's My Favorite Husband, which led to a role on CBS television's series adaptation of Mr. and Mrs. North.

➦In 2008...Actor & sportscaster Gil Stratton Jr. died at age 86.

Gil Stratton
In addition to acting in several films, Stratton began working as a radio actor in the late 1940s, performing in such shows as Lux Radio Theater, The Great Gildersleeve, and My Little Margie He worked opposite Judy Garland in the 1950 radio adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, and acted opposite Shirley Temple in a radio version of The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.

Stratton was hired by Los Angeles television station KNXT-TV (now CBS-2) in 1954 as a sportscaster and sports news anchor. He spent sixteen years as sports anchor of the show The Big News during the 1960s and 1970s.   He also served as a sportscaster for California CBS AM radio station, KNX 1070, from 1967 to 1984 and from 1986 to 1997 and for KTTV for a time in the 70's and 80's.

Stratton won five local Emmys during his television career, and was also awarded seven Golden Mike awards from the Radio-Television News Association.