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April 16 Radio History

➦In 1913...Les Tremayne born (Died at age 90 from heart failure - December 19, 2003). He was a radio, film and television actor.

Les Tremayne
Born in England, he moved with his family at the age four to Chicago, Illinois, United States, where he began in community theatre. His mother was Dolly Tremayne, a British actress. He danced as a vaudeville performer and worked as amusement park barker. He began working in radio when he was 17 years old.

In 1974, Tremayne commented, "I've been in more than 30 motion pictures, but it's from radio ... that most people remember me."

His radio career began in 1931, and during the 1930s and 1940s, Tremayne was often heard in more than one show per week. Replacing Don Ameche, he starred in The First Nighter Program from 1936 to 1942. He starred in The Adventures of the Thin Man and The Romance of Helen Trent during the 1940s. He also starred in the title role in The Falcon, and played detective Pat Abbott in The Abbott Mysteries in 1946–47. Tremayne was once named one of the three most distinctive voices on American radio. The other two were Bing Crosby and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In his later years, Tremayne was active in Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters as the group's historian and archivist. Those roles included interviewing people who were active in early radio to provide source material for researchers

Joan Alexander
➦In 1915...Joan Alexander was born (Died at age 94 – May 21, 2009). She portrayed newspaper reporter Lois Lane in the superhero radio program The Adventures of Superman for more than 1,600 episodes. The series began in 1940, two years after Superman's debut in the modern-day DC Comics' Action Comics #1 (June 1938), with Lane first appearing in the seventh episode.

Initially, the show, which ran through to 1951, was syndicated through the Mutual Broadcasting System's cornerstone station, WOR in New York, subsequently taken up by the Mutual network and finally to ABC.

Alexander also was heard on Dimension X and Philo Vance, Against the Storm and on Perry Mason, in the first portrayal of supporting character Della Street, secretary to defense attorney Mason. She also played Althea on The Brighter Day on radio.  Alexander additionally provided Lois Lane's voice in the 1940s Fleischer Studios/Paramount Pictures (Famous Studios) animated Superman shorts. She reprised the role of Lois Lane for one season of the 1966 Filmation animated series The New Adventures of Superman.

➦In 1922....KFI 640 AM signed-on in Los Angeles. Currently owned and operated by iHeartMedia. It received its license to operate on March 31, 1922 and began operating on this date and after succession of power increases, became one of the United States' first high-powered, clear-channel stations. KFI is a Class A 50,000 watt, non-directional station.

KFI Original 1922 50-Watt Transmitter

KFI initially used a 50-watt transmitter made from a crank telephone. Early on, Earl Anthony operated the station from his garage, and later from atop his Packard automobile dealership. In its early days, it was typically on the air for only four and a half hours a day.

From the time of its inception in 1926, the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) operated two networks, the Red Network and the Blue Network. The Red Network carried sponsored commercial programs, while the Blue Network carried the sustaining ones (those without commercial sponsors). The red and blue designations came from the colors of the lines drawn on network maps. In 1931, NBC reorganized its West Coast operations, creating Orange and Blue networks for that area to replace its previous Pacific Coast network. KFI was part of the Orange group, along with KGO, Oakland; KGW, Portland, KOMO, Seattle, and KHQ, Spokane.

KFI was an affiliate of the NBC Red Network and Early Anthony's other raido station KECA 1430 AM carried programming from the Blue Network. In 1939, KECA moved to 780 kHz, the frequency of the former KEHE. Anthony sold KECA in 1944 and it moved to 790 kHz and became KABC.

KFI and KECA Building - 1939

KFI's call letters were assigned sequentially but many people assumed that the "FI" stood for "Farmers Information." Every winter evening between 1924 and 1956, KFI would deliver a frost report at 8 pm that would tell citrus farmers whether to turn on wind machines or light "smudge pots" to keep their orange and lemon groves from freezing. The frost warnings moved to 7 pm until the late 1970s when they were removed from the schedule.

On November 29, 1944, KFI officials broke ground on Mount Wilson for construction of a new FM and TV transmitting facility. The ceremony was broadcast live over KFI (AM) from Mount Wilson from noon to 12:15 pm that afternoon. KFI-FM went on the air from that site at 105.9 megacycles (Megahertz today) in July 1946 with its first test program, though some later sources say the station went on the air in 1947.

The station only lasted until 1951 when the owner, Earle C. Anthony, decided to turn off the FM station and returned the license to the FCC. This was common at the time, when some station owners saw no money from FM and no future in FM. In the early 1950s, while the audio quality was much better than AM, FM radios were not widely available, the AM-FM combination radios were expensive and stereo broadcasting on FM didn't exist until 1961.

➦In 1935...1st radio broadcast of "Fibber McGee & Molly"

➦In 1962...Walter Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of the CBS Evening News.

Anheuser-Busch Response Falls Flat

Anheuser-Busch has responded after nearly two weeks of backlash over the Bud Light brand’s partnership with a transgender content creator, but excluded any direct mention of the anti-trans issue at the heart of the controversy, reports Bloomberg.

“We never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people,” Chief Executive Officer Brendan Whitworth (above, center) said in a statement issued Friday. “We are in the business of bringing people together over a beer.”

Anheuser-Busch did not immediately respond to a request for further comment. In a previous statement, an Anheuser-Busch spokesperson said the company regularly works with different influencers for its marketing needs.

Mulvaney has worked with other brands, including KitchenAid and the skincare brand Ole Henriksen, and riffed on Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial in February.

Whitworth’s statement on Friday was met with even more pushback on Instagram and other social media platforms. One commenter interpreted the statement as “so many words and yet no actual response.”

Sean Hannity Alarmed EVs Are Phasing Out AM Radio

Fox News and syndicated talk host  Sean Hannity is sounding the alarm about the growing trend in the auto industry to remove AM radio from new electric vehicles (EVs). 

Several prominent car manufacturers, including Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Mazda, Volvo and Tesla, are tuning out AM radio from their latest EV models due to alleged interference between electromagnetic frequencies from their motors and AM radio frequencies, which create a buzzing noise and a weak signal.

Hannity isn't buying that excuse, telling Fox News Digital, "It's incomprehensible to me."

"It's not complicated to put in a radio system that allows you to have AM FM, Sirius XM, or the ability to plug in your own music from your own phone," Hannity told Fox News Digital in an interview. "And I think people want more options, not less options. And this would be a direct hit politically on conservative talk radio in particular, which is what most people go to AM radio to listen to."

"So is there a political component to it? Certainly feels like it," he added. 

Hannity, whose program "The Sean Hannity Show" is broadcasted on over 700 AM and FM radio stations across the country, defended AM radio stations, saying "it's not fair" for them to be eliminated as an option in vehicles.

Seattle Radio: Ian Camfield To Host PM Drive On KNDD

Audacy announces a series of programming updates for KNDD 107.7 The End in Seattle.

Beginning April 16, “Locals Only” returns with host Steven Graham. The End's long-time two-hour show devoted to music originating in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest will air Sundays from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. PT. The station will celebrate the show's return with a “Seattle Sounds” weekend featuring artists who have broken out of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains to Death Cab For Cutie, Modest Mouse, The Head and the Heart, Brandi Carlile, Syml, Sunny Day Real Estate and many more.

The station subsequently announces Ian Camfield as afternoon host. Camfield will be heard on weekdays from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PT.

Steven Graham, Ian Camfield

“We’re thrilled to bring Steven and a station staple back into our programming slate and once again spotlight the music originating from this corner of the country,” said Jack Hutchison, Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Audacy Seattle. “We’re equally excited to welcome Ian and his program into the weekday mix and add his love for music into our lineup.”

“After two and a half years of the show being off the air, I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to rejoin the team at The End and be a part of this important platform for local artists coming back to life,” said Graham. “As a kid who grew up listening to The End and loving Seattle music, hosting ‘Locals Only’ was a dream come true. Being trusted with the show again is an honor and I can’t wait to get started.”

Phoenix Radio: Ben Campbell MIA From KNIX-FM

Ben (right) is MIA

Ben Campbell, a longtime morning host, is no longer with iHeartMedia's Country KNIX 102.5 FM.

Campbell, who was a host of “The Tim, Ben & Brooke Show” weekday mornings on the Phoenix country-music station, has not been on the air for a couple of weeks.

A spokesperson confirmed Friday that Campbell is no longer with the station.

“The Tim, Ben & Brooke Show” began airing on the station in January 2017, when KNIX put Tim Hattrick, Brooke Hoover and Campbell together on mornings. reports the spokesperson did not respond to requests for more information. Campbell couldn’t be reached for comment at the time of writing. 

Ben was an award-winning host

“The Tim, Ben & Brooke Show” replaced, in effect, the Ben and Matt show — hosted by Campbell and McAllister — when the station let McAllister go in late 2016.

Ben and Matt were named personalities of the year by the Academy of Country Music in 2009 and the Country Music Association in 2015.

After leaving the show, McAllister went to Seattle, where in 2019 he won the Country Music Association’s major market broadcast personality of the year.

Biden Downplays Security Leaks

The US charged an Air National Guardsman over a massive disclosure of intelligence secrets, an embarrassment that prompted President Joe Biden to clamp down on the spread of classified material and led investigators to probe whether foreign adversaries played any role in the leak.

Bloomberg reports Jack Teixeira, 21, made his first appearance Friday in Boston federal court after agents arrested him for allegedly accessing and disseminating classified national defense information. He faces at least 15 years in prison if convicted. Teixeira, who was refused bail, didn’t enter a plea and was given a public defender.

The leak of dozens of pages of documents has been described as one of the most damaging intelligence disclosures in a decade, and raised the question of how a young, relatively junior airman was able to access up-to-the-minute assessments of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, amid other information. Allies have been muted in their response though some have privately expressed consternation about the US’s apparent inability to keep its secrets safe.

The documents were shared among a small group on the Discord text and video chat app before being picked up and circulated more broadly on the Russia-owned Telegram messaging service. Attorney General Merrick Garland made clear Friday the US wanted the charges to make others think twice before sharing secrets.

“People who sign agreements to be able to receive classified documents acknowledge the importance to national security of not disclosing those documents,” Garland said. “We intend to send that message, how important it is for our national security.”

Biden sought to downplay the severity of the leak earlier this week, saying it didn’t pose a threat to national security. On Friday, he said the US was still determining the validity of the documents. He also directed the military and intelligence agencies “to take steps to further secure and limit distribution of sensitive information,” according to a White House statement.

NYTimes Writer Accuses Paper of Double Standard

Jack Teixeira, 21, was arrested on Thursday on accusations of being behind the leak of classified Pentagon documents, after The New York Times named him as the source.

 The Daily Mail reports the paper was accused of double standards by its own military correspondent, who noted his colleagues 'worked feverishly' to reveal who was behind the Pentagon leaks - yet would have worked equally intensely to protect his identity if he had leaked the documents to them. 

David Philipps (above, right), military correspondent for The New York Times, tweeted: 

Teixeira appeared in a Boston federal court on Friday and is facing 15 years in prison if convicted of illegally taking and leaking classified information and military secrets.

NYC Radio: John Sterling Unveils Volpe Home Run Call

Longtime WFAN 660 AM / 101.9 FM play-by-play man John Sterling sent Yankees fans to Google Translate following Anthony Volpe’s first career home run in MLB. 

The rookie shortstop led off the game Friday night with his milestone blast in what became a 4-3 loss to the Twins at the Stadium. 

Sterling historically has specific home run calls he uses for each player. 

As a result, any time a player hits his first homer for the Yankees, much of the attention turns to Sterling as he officially unveils the new home run call. 

He gave an ode to Volpe’s Italian heritage. 

“Anthony Volpe! A spettacolo oggi! Oh, the fox socks one to left,” Sterling said. “And the Yankees take an immediate 1-0 lead.” 

“Volpe” means “fox” in Italian, while “A spettacolo oggi” can be translated to “Putting on a show today.” 

Volpe’s great-great grandfather on his father’s side emigrated from Naples, Italy to America, he announced in a speech at the Italian American Baseball Foundation last year.

His mother, Isabelle, was born and raised in the Philippines before emigrating to the United States. 

To start his home run call, Sterling, as always, went to his trademark. 

“Swung on, a high fly to deep left-center,” Sterling began. “It is high. It is far. It is gone. Anthony Volpe’s first home run in the major leagues.” 

Sterling uses the expression “it is high, it is far, it is gone” to describe every home run, regardless if it actually matches that description.

Montana Okays Statewide Ban on TikTok

Montana lawmakers on Friday approved a first-of-its-kind bill to ban TikTok across the state, setting the stage for future court battles that could determine the fate of the popular, Chinese-owned social-media app in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal reports the Montana House voted 54-43 to send the bill to Gov. Greg Gianforte’s desk. The governor’s office declined to say whether he would sign the bill but noted Mr. Gianforte had previously banned TikTok on government-issued devices and urged the state university system to do the same.

The bill said the ban would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024. It would prohibit TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd., from operating within the state, and would also bar app stores from offering TikTok within the state. It would fine any entity violating this law $10,000 per violation. It is unclear how some elements of the legislation would be enforced.

Once the governor receives the bill, he has 10 days to act on it before it automatically becomes law.

The bill’s authors ahead of the vote said they expect legal challenges that could ultimately reach the U.S. Supreme Court should Mr. Gianforte sign the legislation.

Critics said the bill amounts to censorship and violates free-speech rights protected under the First Amendment.

A TikTok spokesperson said the company will “continue to fight for TikTok users and creators in Montana whose livelihoods and First Amendment rights are threatened by this egregious government overreach.”

Shopping Trends Shifting: Best Buy Lays Off Hundreds

Best Buy said Friday that it is laying off hundreds of store workers across the country as more of its shoppers buy online and sales of consumer electronics weaken.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed the layoffs, but declined to share the specific number. The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.

In a statement, Best Buy said it is “evolving our stores and the experiences we offer to better reflect the changes in customer shopping behavior, as well as how we organize our teams to ensure we continue to provide our expertise, products and services in the best way possible.”

CNBC reports the retailer framed the job cuts as a shift in its priorities, saying Best Buy plans to add thousands of customer-facing employees and invest in growing areas, such as its Totaltech membership program and its health business.

As of  The end of January, Best Buy had more than 90,000 employees in the U.S. and Canada. That’s a drop from the nearly 125,000 workers that it had in early 2020, according to company financial filings.

'Made In Texas Radio' Now Syndicating

Made in Texas Radio (MITR) redirects its considerable success in digital to also supplying the 24-hour format to radio affiliates in broadcast syndication. Houston-based SuiteRadio has been a format provider to broadcasters since 2016, and with the growing audience intensity for this music, it only makes sense to make the station available as a network program service to affiliates in (and out) of the Lone Star State.

“We've already built the stage for authentic Texas Country Music, now broadcasters are invited to ride with us,” said SuiteRadio’s COO Pat Fant. Keegan Lucas, Made in Texas Radio Operations Manager said, “Our affiliates get authentic Texas entertainment with plenty of radio muscle from industry greats that know this music inside and out. Plus, the MITR Live! series features the best of the best Texas country artists who have built a loyal following. MITR is tested and proven, and it's market exclusive!”

Rowdy Yates, Chief Talent Wrangler for SuiteRadio added, “MITR is at the center of connecting musicians and broadcasters who celebrate Texas heritage and culture, and then share that with the world. Radio is going to LOVE this! Radio listeners will too.”

Live and Authentic.  Broadcast station affiliates will receive continuous live programming from SuiteRadio along with a broadcast automation system that integrates perfectly with traffic software, satellite feeds and any other localization.  MITR network service gives stations ultimate flexibility to add live, local remotes, sports events and all the market features they need without giving up control. Whether it’s a Friday Night Lights game or a natural disaster, affiliates maintain full air control.

Audacy Plans 44 Volunteer Events to Celebrate Earth Day

Audacy announced it will conduct 44 volunteer events nationwide to celebrate Earth Day April 22 as part of its 1Day 1Thing Sustainability Initiative. The series of events, which will engage team members across the company, aim to positively impact the communities the company serves and the planet. Projects include tree planting, park and waterway cleanups, recycling projects, and habitat restoration.

“One person doing one thing is good. All of us doing our 1Thing, together is better,” said Jaimie Field, Director of Sustainability, Audacy. “We're proud to once again unite with our local markets to inspire, spark action and challenge each other to do our part for the environment. This planet doesn’t belong to just one of us. It’s the one thing we all share.”

Local partnerships include Greentopia in New York City, Fairmount Park Conservancy in Philadelphia, Charles River Watershed Association in Boston, The Standard Design Group Nurseries in Los Angeles, and Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau in Miami. For a complete list of what each Audacy team is doing as part of the companywide 1Thing Sustainability Initiative, please visit

Audacy’s commitment to 1Thing continues with the company’s annual public affairs special running April 15 and 16 on Audacy stations nationwide. The 15-minute segment with Audacy Washington D.C.'s on-air host Corinna Delgado and Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, will focus on the ongoing seven-year documentary project by Conservation International and PBS that tracks environmental changes in places affected by wildfires and Indigenous efforts to preserve the land. You can listen to the entire segment here.

April 15 Radio History

➦In 1898...Marian Irene Driscoll Jordan was born (Died from cancer at age 62 – April 7, 1961). She was an actress and radio personality. She was most remembered for portraying the role of Molly McGee, the patient, common sense, honey-natured wife of Fibber McGee on the NBC radio series Fibber McGee and Molly from 1935–1959. She starred on this series opposite her real-life husband Jim Jordan.

Jim Jordan and Marian Jordan

Jordan was first heard on radio with her husband Jim in 1924 after a bet that Jim made with his brother. The couple's performance was a success. They began performing at WIBO, a radio station in Chicago where they earned $10 a week.

Newspaper Ad late '30s
In 1927, Marian and Jim began their second radio show, The Smith Family which aired on WENR radio in Chicago. The show was a great boost to their career, ending in 1930.On April 16, 1935, Marian Jordan, her husband Jim, and writer Don Quinn, began broadcasting Fibber McGee and Molly, on the NBC Blue Network Chicago radio affiliate WMAQ. 

The series was a big hit. Marian played the role of Molly McGee, the patient and intelligent wife who supports husband Fibber McGee through various get rich quick schemes and misadventures.In 1938, the show and Jordan would both suffer major changes. During this time, Marian was drinking excessively. She entered a rehabilitation center in suburban Chicago and tried to get sober. "Molly" was written out of the radio show, and the program was renamed Fibber McGee and Company.

Those who knew Marian doubted that she would ever return to radio, especially after the show moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1939. However, Marian astonished everyone by travelling alone from Joliet, Illinois to Pasadena, California in March 1939. She was able to return to the character of "Molly," and some listeners considered her better than before. The show received high ratings, from season three in 1938 until the end of its run. 

It also gave birth to a spin-off. In 1941, a recurring character, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve, (played by Harold Peary), began a new show called The Great Gildersleeve. The radio and television series Beulah was also a spin-off of Fibber McGee and Molly.

Marian Jordan's health began to deteriorate in the 1950s. This was the beginning of the end both for the show and for Jordan. The program officially ended in 1956 but the Jordans continued their roles as Fibber McGee and Molly in short skits on the NBC radio program Monitor until October 2, 1959, when her poor health made her unable to continue.

➦In 1912…After midnight, two wireless radio operators at Cape Race, Newfoundland heard the last of the RMS Titanic's distress calls.

Friday, April 14, 2023

More Departures At Audacy

This time it's upper management.  Two veterans are leaving. They are:

  • Mike Dee: President/Sports
  • Tim Murphy: EVP/Strategy and Corporate Business Development

The departures were announced in a staff memo from Chairman/CEO David Field:

Research: Boomers are Podcasting’s “Opportunity Demographic”

Released Thursday by Edison Research and NPR, a new study finds that podcasting has a largely untapped audience in the age 55+ demographic. The study, “Hit Play, Boomer,” was presented in a live webinar hosted by Edison Research President Larry Rosin. 

The new data reveals that while podcast listening has grown dramatically over the last five years overall, listening among “Baby Boomers” has not grown and is at a far lower level than younger demographics. According to the report from Edison Research and NPR, Boomers have the tools and the interest to listen, but increased education and targeting are required.

“Our current estimate is that 120 million Americans age 12 and older are listening to podcasts on a monthly basis,” said Edison Research President and Baby Boomer Larry Rosin. “If Boomers’ levels of listening to podcasts matched that of younger groups, even just 35-54 year olds, that would mean these numbers would go to over 150 million monthly listeners.  Boomers have the tools to listen and the interest, now the podcast industry just needs to finish the education process.” 

Syracuse Radio: 93Q Promotes Morning Co-Host Amy Robbins

Cumulus Media
 announces that it has promoted Syracuse morning radio personality Amy Robbins to Executive Producer of “Ted & Amy in the Morning” on Top 40 radio station 93Q/WNTQ-FM. Robbins will continue to serve as Co-Host of the award-winning morning show with Co-Host, Ted Long. ”Ted & Amy in the Morning” broadcasts live on 93Q Monday through Friday from 5:30am to 10:00am.

In Robbins’ expanded role with the “Ted & Amy in the Morning,” she will create content and oversee and execute on-air show elements and will develop and grow the show’s digital and social media platform. She will also continue to host 93Q’s longtime community affairs show, “Street Talk.”

Concurrently, Ted Long celebrates 43 years on 93Q this April. Long joined the on-air staff in 1980 as overnight shift host. “Ted & Amy in the Morning” has entertained Syracuse morning radio listeners since 1989.

San Diego Radio: Mady Rhodes Joins KBZT for Middays

Audacy announces Mady Rhodes as midday host on ALT 949 (KBZT-FM) in San Diego. Rhodes can be heard on weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT.

Mady Rhodes
“Mady is a great addition to the ALT 949 air staff,” said John Allers, Vice President and Brand Manager, ALT 949. “She offers a unique spin on the music we play, and she loves San Diego even more than Ron Burgundy!”

“I’m very honored as a San Diego native to be hosting middays on a station that I grew up listening to,” said Rhodes. “I can't wait to get to know you and nerd out about music in middays on ALT 949!”

Born and raised in San Diego, Rhodes joined ALT 949 as a board operator in 2015 before becoming an on-air personality in 2017 and later assistant morning show producer in 2019.

📻Listeners can tune in to ALT 949 (KBZT-FM) in San Diego on air and nationwide on the Audacy app and website. Fans can also connect with the station via Twitter and Facebook.

PA Radio: FCC Says WQZS Must Sign-Off Within 40-Days

 The FCC may have written the final chapter in the saga of the FM station WQZS 93.3 in Meyersdale, PA.

The commission has issued a revocation order Wednesday stripping Roger Wahl, owner of WQZS, of his broadcast license.

For those who tune into WQZS at 93.3 FM on their radio for community news and oldies and classic rock, it will no longer exist. Wahl, 72, went on the air for the first time on Oct. 26, 1992, after he built the radio station, physically putting in the station's foundation himself. 

His voice and persona as "The Commander" became a well-known feature in Somerset County over the three decades.

But that changed when he was charged with sexual assault in 2019. Among the initial seven charges brought by state police were disseminating intimate images of a woman on social media without her knowledge and consent and tampering with the evidence after he learned the state police were investigating. His case divided the community, some vocally backing him and others turning their backs and taking away advertising funds.

Richard Wahl
Wahl has continued to keep WQZS on the air since the charges, guilty plea and the part of his probationary sentence that forbid him from being part of the radio station for the months he was on electronic monitor. He received help from his family to keep it on the air during that time.

For the FCC, however, the time came this week to voice what more than likely will be a permanent action in this proceeding.

"We find that Mr. Wahl lacks the qualifications to be or remain a Commission licensee," wrote Loyaan Egal, chief, FCC enforcement bureau, in the order.

The revocation order, rarely issued by the FCC, states that WQZS will go off the air effective within 40 days from the date of the order. Wahl will need to turn off the WQZS transmitter on Mount Davis by May 22.

Tampa Radio: Dixon Special To Air Today, Harris 'Goodbye' Is Postponed

Mason Dixon

Salem Media Group has announced Salem Media Group Tampa’s planned tribute to longtime Tampa Bay Area radio personality Jack Harris has had to be postponed until this fall when Jack will be contractually able to engage with his listeners once again.

Jack Harris
Barb Yoder, GM of Salem Tampa states, “When I read that Jack Harris regretted not having the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans at the end of his most recent morning show, it really touched my heart. I’ve been in broadcasting for many years as well and though he’s been on a competing radio station, I’ve always admired and respected him and the way he connects with the Tampa Bay community. So, to honor Jack we were going to devote one of our morning shows on The Answer Tampa and Sarasota (860 AM, 930 AM and 93.7 FM) for a Jack Harris Tribute. We still intend to but have been advised that it would be best for Jack that we wait until a more suitable time”.

Additionally, Salem Media Group’s full network of West-Central Florida stations (Faith Talk Tampa, 570 AM, 910 AM, & 760 AM – as well as 860AM & 930 AM The Answer) announces a Comeback Special with another legendary Tampa Bay personality, Mason Dixon, on the Bill Bunkley Show Friday, April 14th from 4pm to 5pm. 

Dixon has enjoyed a huge following over a decorated radio career in Tampa Bay and will be joining the program to talk about his past, present and future in radio and beyond. This special program will feature a variety of stories about his experiences on the airwaves while inviting listeners to call in (877-943-9673). Don’t miss Mason Dixon on The Bill Bunkley Show at 4pm Friday. Program details at

Jack Harris, longtime host of the AM Tampa Bay talk radio show for NewsRadio 970 WFLA, was fired March 29, 2023.  

“After I signed off from my show at 7 a.m. today, iHeartRadio bosses told me that they were cutting back on expenses and had to let me go,” said Harris, 81, who has been with the station off and on since 1970, including the last 29 years. Harris was shocked by the decision and wished that they’d given him one more show to say goodbye to his fans. The special for Salem will be Harri's chance t say goodbye; however, a non-compete keeps Harris off the air until September.

4/14 WAKE-UP CALL: Alleged Leaker In Custody

FBI agents clad in body armor and carrying rifles swept across the Teixeira family residence in Dighton, Mass., on Thursday, arresting Teixeira and charging him with unauthorized removal of classified national defense information, Attorney General Merrick Garland said in brief remarks at the Justice Department. Video captured by news helicopters circling over the family home showed him at one point holding his hands behind his head under the watch of law enforcement personnel, before he was led away while wearing red athletic shorts and a T-shirt. Teixeira has been identified as the suspected leaker of hundreds of photographs of highly classified military documents that have proliferated across the internet over the past week, reports The Washington Post.

Teixeira, who used online handles that include “jackthedripper” and “excalibureffect,” posted the images to Discord, a chat platform popular with gamers, people familiar with the case said.

He will be charged with “unauthorized removal, retention and transmission of classified national defense information,” Attorney General Merrick Garland told reporters at a Washington press conference. The leaked trove of classified US documents on Ukraine is a mixture of true, false and outdated information, the country’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said separately. The leak would clearly appear to benefit Russia and its supporters, he said. 

Patriotic zeal appeared common around Airman 1st Class Jack Teixeira, 21, who had followed in the footsteps of numerous family members to join the military. Teixeira, slim and boyish in photographs taken in his blue dress uniform, had been assigned to manage and troubleshoot computers and communications systems for the 102nd Intelligence Wing at Otis Air National Guard Base, according to the Air Force. Investigators now think there’s a more troubling, reckless side to Teixeira — and the fallout is only beginning.

➤BIDEN ADMIN HAS SOME 'SPLAININ' TO DO: The Biden administration is going to have a hard time explaining how the biggest US intelligence leak in a decade may have been committed by a 21-year-old airman whose role — “cyber transport systems journeyman” — required a high-school degree, a driver’s license and up to 18 months of on-the-job-training. As Pentagon jobs go, Teixeira’s was pretty junior. An Air Force job description says workers like him “keep our communications systems up and running and play an integral role in our continuing success.” 

That will raise the inevitable question: If a low-level Defense Department employee has access to such sensitive information, who doesn’t? “It’s outrageous that these kinds of documents would be shared with an insignificant national guard unit,” said Dennis Wilder, former senior editor of the President’s Daily Brief. “This is a real Pentagon problem.” While President Joe Biden sought to downplay the severity of the leak, experts and former officials said it was a massive exposure that highlighted not only up-to-the-minute assessments of the Ukraine war, but also how the US collects intelligence around the world.

Fox News Defamation Trial Starts Monday, Jury Seated

Opening statements are due on Monday in Dominion Voting Systems' $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News over the network's airing of false claims that the company's machines were used to rig the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Reuters reports Delaware Superior Court Judge Eric Davis, presiding over the case in Wilmington, conducted jury selection on Thursday behind closed doors. The trial is one of the most closely watched U.S. defamation cases in years, involving a leading cable news outlet with numerous conservative commentators.

Rupert Murdoch
Davis said he has "more than enough jurors" but will make his final selections on Monday before opening statements. The court will not be in session on Friday.

Dominion sued Fox Corp and Fox News in 2021, accusing them of ruining its reputation by broadcasting false claims by Republican former President Donald Trump and his lawyers that the Denver-based company's voting machines were used to rig the outcome of the election against him and in favor of Democrat Joe Biden.

The trial is considered a test of whether Fox's coverage crossed the line between ethical journalism and the pursuit of ratings, as Dominion alleges and Fox denies. Fox had argued that coverage of the vote-rigging claims was inherently newsworthy and protected by the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment guarantee of press freedom. Davis rejected that argument.

The primary question for jurors will be whether Fox knowingly spread false information or recklessly disregarded the truth, the standard of "actual malice" Dominion must show to prevail in a defamation case.

Despite Defamation Case, Fox News Remains Most Trusted

Fox News Channel remains not just the most trusted among cable news networks but all of television news, and by a convincing plurality, despite scandals like the massive Dominion lawsuit against the ratings giant.

Mediaite reports Fox News is the top on TV in the most recent YouGov data on news sources, with 41% saying that it is the channel they “most trust for news.” The network, which boasts the biggest audience in all of cable news, has long been found to be “most trusted” by pollsters.

That is close to double each of the second and third most trusted, ABC and CNN, which came in at 24% and 22% respectively, and more than twice that of MSNBC, at 18%.

The latest data from YouGov also shows that Fox News overall made a “positive” impression on more respondents (23%) than MSNBC (22%), but came in three points below CNN (26%).

Fox News is the most watched, with 39%, followed by ABC News at 33% and CNN at 30%. CBS was least watched with a low of just 4%.

Fox News is the subject of intense criticism across the rest of media, and the revelations made public as part of the Dominion lawsuit have been a major scandal in the world of news, given they showed the extent to which Fox hosts and executives embraced former President Donald Trump’s dubious election claims on air despite privately admitting those claims were false.

Twitter To Allow Users To Charge To See Content

Twitter is allowing users to charge for access to their content, “from longform text to hours-long video,” owner Elon Musk said in a post on the site Thursday.

Bloomberg reports Musk said that for the first 12 months, Twitter won’t keep any of the money users make from subscriptions. That means users will keep about 70 per cent of their subscription revenue on mobile, after accounting for the fees Apple and Google take on their app stores, he added. Musk didn’t elaborate on the technical aspects of the plan.

Musk, in a bid to make it possible for people to make money off their Twitter accounts, is going head-to-head with Substack, the newsletter company, with similar money-making options. Meanwhile, Substack is becoming more like Twitter. The site recently launched a Notes feature, which allows users to post on a public feed. Earlier this week Twitter temporarily disabled likes, replies and retweets if a tweet had a Substack link.

The changes may help woo more content creators onto the platform, or keep them from leaving. Although Twitter will not take a cut of users’ subscription revenue for the first 12 months, it could be a move to generate more cash in the future.

Twitter, a subsidiary of X Corp, has struggled recently with efforts to monetize its platform. Advertising, which accounted for more than 80 per cent of Twitter’s revenue, has declined by 50 per cent since Musk took over. The company is hoping to drive revenue through a premium version of Twitter called Twitter Blue, but only 1 per cent of Twitter’s monthly users have signed up.

St. Louis Radio: KMOX News Vet Carol Daniel Retires

KMOX announced on Thursday that notable radio personality Carol Daniel will retire after more than 40 years in the media industry. reports Daniel spent most of her career with KMOX. The broadcaster is also an author and serves on several local media and communications boards from which she has received accolades for her work and service. She simultaneously served as the host of Great Day St. Louis on KMOV (Channel 4) from 2008 to 2013, and had a nearly decadelong award-winning column in the St. Louis American newspaper.

In an internal email to staff on Wednesday, the station’s market manager, Becky Domyan, who supervises operations at the station, congratulated Daniel on her career:

“Carol has informed, inspired, and uplifted the people of the St. Louis region,” Domyan said in the note. “Beyond her day-to-day role as news anchor and show host, Carol is an author, motivational speaker, ministry co-leader, wife and mother. She is truly one of the most inspiring people I have ever met in my career.”

Daniel was inducted as a 2022 member of St. Louis Media Hall of Fame and honored in 2021 as a Living Legend by the Greater St. Louis Association of Black Journalists, where she also previously served as president.

Celebration of Service to America Award Winners Unveiled

The National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation (NABLF) today announced the recipients for the 2023 Celebration of Service to America Awards, which recognize local broadcasters’ outstanding service to their communities. Category winners will be honored at the awards ceremony on June 6, 2023, at The Anthem in Washington, D.C.

The Celebration of Service to America Awards, presented by Bonneville International and Hearst Television, honors the impact and excellence in community service and philanthropy by local radio and television stations across the country.

In addition, the Foundation also bestows two prestigious Service to America Leadership Awards to a public figure and to a non-broadcast business for their achievements in advocacy and philanthropy, especially within their own community. These awards will be announced at a later date.

“For almost a quarter century the Celebration of Service to America Awards have honored broadcasters that go above and beyond to serve their communities in a variety of ways, from fundraisers and telethons to educational programming and investigative reporting,” said NAB Leadership Foundation President Michelle Duke. “We look forward to shining a well-deserved spotlight on these stations and sharing their award-winning campaigns with broadcast industry leaders, members of Congress and FCC commissioners.”

The following is the list of honorees by category:

April 14 Radio History


➦In 1912...Two young wireless radio operators at Cape Race, Newfoundland, Robert Hunston and James Goodwin heard the first distress call from the luxury liner RMS Titanic, en route to New York south of the Grand Banks. An iceberg had grazed the ship’s side, popping iron rivets and shearing off a fatal number of hull plates below the waterline. The great ship, on its maiden voyage, sank just under three hours later. 1,517 passengers were lost at sea.

➦In 1925...Baseball's Chicago Cubs broadcast a regular season game for the first time on WGN-AM.

➦In 1930...Robert Ripley overcame his shyness and a stutter to host the first of his Believe It Or Not radio programs on NBC, about strange and freakish facts.  The show would intrigue listeners on various networks for the next 18 years.

➦In 1942...Detroit radio priest, Father Charles E. Coughlin was censured for anti-Semitism.  U-S Attorney General Francis Biddle wrote a letter to the Postmaster General, Frank Walker, and suggested revoking the second-class mailing privilege of the publication Social Justice, which would make it impossible for Coughlin to deliver newspaper to his readers.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

ACM Awards: Hardy, Lainey Wilson Lead With Nominations

Lainey Wilson performs at Brooklyn Bowl in Nashville (Photo: The Tennessean)

The Academy of Country Music announced nominations for the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards. Hosted by global superstars Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, “Country Music’s Party of the Year” will stream live exclusively for a global audience across 240+ territories on Prime Video on Thursday, May 11 at 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CDT/5 p.m. PDT from the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas.

 The Emmy-nominated, star-powered experience will celebrate country music’s biggest stars and emerging talent, and feature unforgettable performances, exclusive collaborations, and unexpected moments that will captivate fans worldwide. The full rebroadcast of “Country Music’s Party of the Year” will stream the next day for free on Amazon Freevee.

Fans can also stream the ACM Awards playlist available now on Amazon Music in celebration of this year’s nominees. Fans can listen to country music’s biggest stars, such as Kane Brown, Carrie Underwood and Luke Combs, directly on the Amazon Music app HERE.

Nominee Highlights for the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards
  • HARDY leads with seven nominations including Song of the Year and Artist-Songwriter of the Year. HARDY shares three of his nominations with fellow artist and collaborator Lainey Wilson for their song wait in the truck.
  • Lainey Wilson receives the most nods for a female artist with six nominations including Female Artist of the Year. She is nominated in more categories than any other artist. Last year, Wilson won in both categories she was nominated in.
  • Most-awarded artist in ACM history, Miranda Lambert, receives her record-breaking 17th Female Artist of the Year nomination (passing Reba McEntire with 16), as well as four other nominations. Lambert’s five nominations give her the opportunity to break more records following her Triple Crown Award presented at ACM Honors in the fall.
  • At least one woman is nominated in Every Eligible Main Awards Category this year.
  • For the second time in ACM history, three albums released by all-female acts have been nominated for Album of the Year in the same year, with Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville by Ashley McBryde, Bell Bottom Country by Lainey Wilson, and Palomino by Miranda Lambert each receiving nominations. The only other time three all-female acts had albums nominated for Album of the Year in the same year was in 1999 with Faith by Faith Hill, I’m Alright by Jo Dee Messina, and Wide Opens Spaces by The Chicks all receiving nominations. Wide Open Spaces by The Chicks ended up winning the category.
  • Luke Combs, Kane Brown, and Cole Swindell follow HARDY with the second-most nominations for a male artist, with five total nods each.
  • Luke Combs and Chris Stapleton are nominees for Entertainer of the Year. A win for either artist in this category will also clinch the coveted Triple Crown Award, which consists of an Entertainer of the Year win, plus wins in an act’s respective New Artist (male, female, or duo or group) and Artist (Male, female, duo or group) categories.
  • This is the fourth year in a row that Luke Combs is nominated for both Male Artist and Entertainer of the Year.
  • Kane Brown receives his first ever nominations for Entertainer of the Year and Male Artist of the Year.
  • Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown receive three nominations together for their song Thank God in the Single, Music Event, and Visual Media of the Year categories. This marks Katelyn’s first nominations, and with an additional two solo nominations this year brings Kane’s total nominations to 14.
  • Cole Swindell receives first-time nominations in three categories including Single of the Year, Visual Media of the Year, and Music Event of the Year, in which he shares a nomination with his collaborator and fellow artist Jo Dee Messina who receives her first nomination in 22 years.
  • Morgan Wallen receives four nods including his first nomination for Entertainer of the Year, bringing his career total to nine. Last year he took home ACM Album of the Year.
  • Chris Stapleton receives four nominations, including his eighth consecutive nomination for Male Artist of the Year.
  • Cody Johnson receives three nominations this year, making this the most ACM Award nominations he has ever received and making him the most-nominated Texas-born male artist this year.
  • Brothers Osborne’s nomination for Duo of the Year marks their 16th ACM nomination and their ninth year in a row being nominated for ACM Duo of the Year, an award they have brought home three times, including last year.
  • John Osborne of Brothers Osborne receives his first solo nomination as a producer for producing Ashley McBryde’s album Ashley McBryde Presents: Lindeville.
  • Jon Pardi receives two separate nominations for Album of the Year as both Artist and Producer, marking his third consecutive album to be nominated for ACM Album of the Year.
  • The War And Treaty receive their first nomination for Duo of the Year, making them the first Black duo to receive a nomination in the category.
  • Old Dominion receives a nomination for Group of the Year, making this the eighth consecutive year the group has been nominated in the category. The group has taken home the title every year for the last five years.
  • Little Big Town receives their 17th nomination for Group of the Year, which leaves them one nomination short of the all-time record of 18 nominations for Group of the Year held by Alabama. The group has been nominated in the category every year since 2005, with the exception of 2011.