Friday, September 30, 2022

Report: Radio Reaches 9 Out Of 10 Black Consumers

Nielsen's latest Audio Today report places the focus on Black American consumers, giving a current, comprehensive overview of their media landscape, and illustrating the power of audio and radio in their lives across generations, according to Katz Radio Group.  

As in previous iterations of Nielsen's cross media reports, radio earns the title of #1 measured media among Black American consumers, reaching 92% of A18+. Radio claims the top spot among young Black Americans as well, at 90% for A18-34, ahead of television, smartphones, and other internet devices. Radio's high reach extends to the older demographic breaks as well, reaching 93% of A35-49 and A50+.

Turning the focus to audio, Nielsen finds that Black Americans' total audio usage - across AM/FM radio, streaming services, satellite radio, and podcasts - racks up nearly universal monthly reach across all major age brackets. Brands employing audio marketing strategies that include both traditional and digital options have the chance to engage 99% of Black American consumers 18+ and 18-34, along with 98% of A35-49, and 96% of A50+.  

The AM/FM radio audience makes up the vast majority of Black Americans' total audio reach. With levels of 90%-93% among the major demographic breaks, AM/FM radio is the only audio platform that can deliver the scale advertisers need among Black Americans.  

Radio continues to maintain a dominant place in the evolving media landscape of Black Americans. Not only radio, but audio's diverse offerings are truly capturing consumers time and attention, with AM/FM at the core. Radio listeners contribute significantly to the total audio audience, making radio a must for advertisers in their audio mix. 

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