Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jacobs Media Announces C.E.S. Curated Tours for Broadcasters

Jacobs Media has announced that it is returning to the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, and is once again hosting custom tours for broadcasters. The tours provide a curated experience, enabling guests to engage with companies that have an impact on radio today, and in the future. Guests also have the ability to “jump” the lines and talk directly with leaders from companies like Google, Amazon Alexa, automakers, and mobile manufacturers.

“We began bringing broadcasters to CES® because we believed it was essential to understand how radio fits into the world of technology,” Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs remarks. “This year marks our 14th CES® and each year brings new ideas and vision for how radio can continue its transformation into multimedia companies that are relevant and successful.”

“CES® is about resilience, innovation, and trend-spotting. Our first curated tour in 2017 was geared to CEOs, but now we want everyone in the business to have the chance at this unique experience,” Jacobs Media VP/GM Paul Jacobs comments. “CES® is an amazing way to start the new year, with a fresh perspective on where radio is moving, and the technologies that will help us get there.”

This year’s Jacobs/CES® experience is open to all broadcasters. It includes the following: 
  • A 90-minute curated tour of companies relevant to radio, guided by a CTA specialist. At each display, attendees talk to leaders from that company to learn more about their technology and plans for the future.
  • Free registration and credentials for CES® that includes access to all of the major exhibits and most presentations.
  • A private dinner featuring a guest speaker from the Consumer Technology Association, and a chance to compare notes with other broadcasters in attendance.
  • Points of interest from Jacobs Media on what else to see at CES®, advice on how to navigate the event, and more.
  • Discount hotel rooms blocks are available but subject to availability.
Information and registration information is available at:

CES® takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 5-8, 2023.

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