Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WJMJ Global Radio Network Sets Launch

Wash Allen
Legendary on-air radio personality Wash Allen has partnered with renowned publicist Judy Foston, international business negotiator, Michael McCall and investor Dr. John Stanford Jr. to create WJMJ global radio network LLC.

According to, the new radio station will allow Wash Allen to reprise his discontinued talk show confessions which aired for over 30 years on the KCOH radio station.

Formerly known as the oldest African American radio station in the state of Texas, KCOH was sold in November for $2.1 million to the La Promsea Foundation of Midland after the January 2012 death of KCOH’s longtime general manager and majority owner, Michael Petrizzo.

When the station was moved from the 5,000-watt 1430 FM frequency to the now 1,000-watt 1230 AM frequency Wash Allen made the decision to leave the station for a new venture.

“People said, ‘I couldn’t leave because I had been there so long’ but now I know it was the perfect time,’ said Wash. “This is exciting to me. I used to beg to be somewhere. Now I make the choice of where I’m going to be.”

The WJMJ radio network will launch in August of 2013.

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