Monday, February 26, 2018

Indy Radio: WIBC's Tony Katz Rips 'Thought Police'

WIBC 93.1 FM Radio host Tony Katz blasted the companies that announced they were cutting ties with the National Rifle Association.

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, several social media users pressured companies listed as working with the NRA on discounts and other programs to drop their affiliation.

Tony Katz
"This is the list of companies that don't believe in freedom of thought or freedom of expression," Tony Katz said during an appearance Saturday on Fox News.

Katz called for viewers to "study that list" and realize that the companies are effectively saying "how dare you think differently."

Vittert said MetLife did not provide a statement on the matter when his team inquired.

"Snoopy has nothing to say?" Katz asked, referencing the "Peanuts" character the company uses for its mascot.

Katz said the companies on the whole are "basing their business practices on thought-policing and that has to be dealt with."

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