Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nielsen Unveils Marketing Cloud for Cross Platform Advertising

Nielsen Holdings publicly  rolled out Nielsen Marketing Cloud, the company’s first cloud based tool.
It combines data from Nielsen with marketing activation and analytics applications into a single destination for marketers.

The new solution will empower marketers to perform cross-channel media planning, connect to multiple media and marketing platforms in real-time, understand advertising and content driven changes in consumer perception and assess efficacy of marketing spend.

It will enable clients to manage their marketing spending across multiple media and marketing platforms that include online, mobile, over-the-top TV, video, email, social media and content management.

Mark Zagorski, EVP, Nielsen Marketing Cloud stated, "Never before has data played a more important role in driving marketing efficiency, but the complexity of centrally managing and employing this data has grown as well.”

He further added, "The Nielsen Marketing Cloud is the only solution to provide highly accurate and scalable data for marketers to plan and activate campaigns across platforms and devices - and analyze their impact through one integrated easy-to-use system."

The Nielsen Marketing Cloud incorporates several application components such as Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP) and DaaS, In-Flight Analytics for Automotive, CPG and Retail, Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) and about 150 third-party media and content activation and optimization applications. Another Nielson application, Nielsen Media Impact for cross-platform media planning, will be incorporated soon.

The platform provides all that is required for effective decision making and successful cross-channel customer engagement.

Currently the platform is being beta tested with clients from digital media, broadcast, cinema, retail, wine and spirits, food and beverage, pet care and personal care industries.

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