Monday, April 11, 2016

Research Director Provides Ammo for Radio

Last Thursday, Tyler Plahankski presented The Research Director's latest industry webinar, “Radio and Pureplays: Keeping the Ad Dollars that Belong to Us.”

Pureplays are stealing a portion of radio’s advertising dollars. In an effort to hold on to the dollars that belong to our industry, radio needs to tell its story.

Radio delivers an incredibly impressive ROI, often times eclipsing a 10:1 ratio.

The time spent with radio on a daily basis is nearly 8 times higher than time spent with Pandora, and well over 15 times higher than Spotify.

New Pandora users are spending less time with the service than in previous years, and usage levels drop significantly after the first 12 months of using Pandora.

Pandora does not replace radio as an audio entertainment option. In fact, Pandora users typically have radio listening levels that are much higher than the average radio listener.

Click Here for the complete presentation

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