Wednesday, April 13, 2016

GenMedia Appoints Jim Brandt SVP/Digital Sales

Jim Brandt
GenMedia Partners (GMP) has announced it has hired Jim Brandt as Senior Vice President, Digital to maximize revenue opportunities across digital platforms from radio, TV, malls, mobile, and streaming, as well as the company’s HRN Network and website.

“We are tapping into digital advertising budgets, which are growing at a tremendous pace,” stated Kevin Garrity, Chief Executive Officer of Gen Media Partners.

“Jim is a performance-driven sales executive who has the connections at Fortune 500 brands and at digital agencies and departments to grab more share of ad dollars for our media partners. His ability to design multi-platform advertising solutions will be an asset to brand marketers, agencies, and our media clients, and his knowledge of advanced digital advertising technology will be valuable as agencies move more into programmatic buying.”

 “Advertisers are looking for strong consumer connections and efficient buying tools,” Brandt commented. “By combining the influential-marketing attributes of radio with the appeal of digital, mobile, and social media, we can get digital advertisers excited about using radio. Programmatic buying has proliferated from the digital platform to other media, and the agencies and advertisers want -- and need -- a single-source solution for multi-media campaigns that follow their target consumer.”

Brandt has an impressive background of generating multi-media-dollar ad deals and forging content partnerships. His deep relationships with digital content publishers will allow Gen Media Partners to explore unique collaborations that can accomplish myriad goals for radio partners, such as driving station website traffic and increasing mobile app downloads.

 Prior to joining Gen Media Partners, Brandt was Senior Vice President, Publisher Sales for Sprinkle and, before that, he held a similar position at NTENT. Brandt led the start-up of Interep Interactive in the early days of digital advertising.

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