Friday, April 15, 2016

R.I.P. Shreveport Radio Personality 'Cat Daddy'

Cat Daddy
Shreveport radio personality 'Cat Daddy' has died.

Clarence Spurs, known as the King of nighttime radio, died Thursday. A close friend confirms with NBC 6/FOX 33 News that Cat Daddy died from a heart attack.

He was on KDKS 102.1 FM weeknights from 9 pm – 2 am. In addition to his role on the radio, he was also the owner of Cat Daddy’s Old School Cafe.

Any listener can attest that Cat daddy's famous phrase was "Come on!" and he signed off with, "I love you by the pound."

"Cat was a wonderful man, was a great family man, was a great co-worker was just a great giver of life," said Alpha Media market manager, Cary Camp.

He was known as the king of night time radio on KDKS. His voice was on the airwaves for nearly 20 years, according to

"Blues, old school, [he] did a wonderful job with it. Everybody knew him. he had a huge listener base. "You're never ready for it but we all knew Cat's faith. He has a tremendous faith in God," said Camp.

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