Monday, October 12, 2015

NASH Nights Live Passes the 100 Station Mark

NASH Nights Live, nationally syndicated by Westwood One, has hit a major milestone by surpassing the 100 station mark with a total of 108 stations.

The show, which airs in 5 of the top 10 markets, features a station lineup including WNSH-FM/New York; KSJO-FM/San Francisco; KSCS-FM/Dallas; KJJJ-FM/Las Vegas; WBTU-FM/Ft. Wayne; KTOP-FM/Topeka; WNNF-FM/Cincinnati; and many more. In fact, several stations carrying NASH Nights Live have shown tremendous upward growth in share among core demos 18-34 and 25-54, like WIVK-FM/Knoxville, TN; WSJR-FM/Wilkes-Barre-Scranton, PA; WTNR-FM/Grand Rapids, MI; and KIIM-FM/Tucson, AZ.   (Nielsen Audio, Summer 2015)

NASH Nights Live, a Country music and lifestyle show featuring award-winning host Shawn Parr and co-host Elaina Doré Smith, is the biggest party on Country radio and the only live, nationally-syndicated nighttime show emanating from Nashville. The show features 12 to 13 songs per hour, A-list artist interviews, and caller and fan interaction, in addition to exclusive live events which takes the show on the road across America. The show originates from the NASH Campus in Nashville, TN, with frequent broadcasts from NASH studios throughout the country.

Elaina, Shawn Parr
Host Shawn Parr is no stranger to Country radio. Before joining NASH, he was the voice of KKGO after spending years at the Los Angeles powerhouse KZLA. He has also been the voice of Dick Clark Productions for the past two decades, including announcing the Academy of Country Music Awards. Elaina joined Shawn on NASH Nights Live after co-hosting the Timmy & Elaina Show with Timmy Vee on Florida’s 107.1 WA1A.

Parr said, “I really want to thank our Westwood One Affiliate Sales team for working so hard to get us on over 100 stations. My co-host Elaina and I are so thankful and we are having a blast! It is so exciting being here in Nashville bringing Country's biggest stars to our listeners.”

“NASH Nights Live has surpassed all expectations and has reaped genuine market growth,” added Donny Walker, Senior Director, Affiliate Sales. “The show sets the standard for live nightly shows. Shawn and Elaina deliver the goods and listeners and advertisers are taking notice.”

For more information on NASH Nights Live, contact Walker at (615) 727-6987.

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