Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Coleman Insights Launches New Music Testing Service

Coleman Insights has launched a new service for the radio industry called the FACT360 Strategic Music Test.

FACT360 is online music testing done right in that it takes advantage of the latest sampling techniques and data collection capabilities while also utilizing the highest levels of quality control. In addition, because it delivers the same benefits of the FACT Strategic Music Tests that Coleman Insights has provided to its clients for more than 20 years, FACT360 helps radio stations build the most appealing and strategically on-target libraries possible.

President/COO Warren Kurtzman made the formal announcement of FACT360’s launch during a webinar presentation, where he reviewed the methodology Coleman Insights uses for FACT360 Strategic Music Tests and the benefits the service provides to its clients.

“After more than two years of testing, we are very excited to introduce a new version of our leading library testing service,” said Kurtzman. “The needs of the radio industry are changing and we’ve worked hard to stay on top of the trends when it comes to music research and sample recruitment. More than 90 percent of our library testing clients have already transitioned from FACT to FACT360, giving us confidence that it is now time to share with the rest of the radio industry how we provide programmers with data-driven strategies that help them make the right decisions about the songs they play.”

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