Monday, October 12, 2015

Fan Engagement Driving NASH Next Competition

Cumulus has announced that fan engagement continues to grow for the social-media-drive NASH Next Challenge talent competition, which will idscover and release music from up-and-coming Country artists.

The first-of-its-kind compeutition, which kicked-off this past June, has seen groundbreaking fan engagement on social media, the NASH Next Website and the NAST Next app.

Key fan engagement statistics include:
  • Over 57,000 fans registered to date, and new fan registration is steadily growing with each challenge
  • 241 million total impressions in the past three months on social media
  • 24 million people reached by NASH Next on Twitter and Instagram alone (nearly twice the number of fans reached in late August)
  • A typical NASH Next fan views 6 pages and spends more than 10 minutes on the site per visit (double the time spent in late August) 
  • continues to draw new visitors with 47% of traffic to the site being first-time users.
The NASH Next nationwide talent search is promoted on more than 200 Country stations powered by the NASH Brand, making it the largest online talent search every undertaken and the only artist development competition to use social media activity to help select winners.

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