Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CEO Mary Berner: No Plans For Bankruptcy

Berner On The Big Screen
On Day 1 new Cumulus CEO Mary Berner said  the embattled broadcaster will rely less on top-down management and more on letting managers do the jobs they were hired for. Berner addressed employees in a companywide webcast from the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta.

Berner told employees:
  • Cumulus wasn’t planning to blow up the NASH country brand
  • Cumulus was not planning to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  • Identified two top priorities changing the Cumulus corporate culture and improving how it operates
Berner said the company’s top-down management style has slowed it down and hurt its performance.

“Programming is the oxygen of Cumulus,” Berner said during her 20-minute talk.  She added that Cumulus had too much employee turnover (48% of Cumulus’ employees have turned over in the past 18 months) and she candidly shared such verbatim employee survey comments as, “I love my job, not my company.”

Her closing charge: “The turnaround at Cumulus starts today. Do your job and do it well.”

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