Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Norfolk Radio: Rick Rumble Reups With Rock WNOR

Saga Communications/Norfolk has announced the signing of longtime morning host Rick Rumble. The new deal keeps Rumble on Rock WNOR 98.7 FM through Augst 2021.

Rmble commented “When I signed, I thought I was authorizing a quote on a car repair, so this is a surprise to me! Seriously, I can’t believe I tricked them into another five years. I am truly blessed to start every morning, sharing laughs with friends, at FM99.”

Brand Manager Mike Beck said, “Rick’s combination of talent and character is rare. When other people start to coast, Rick starts running harder. It’s so nice to start your day knowing that RICK is on the air.”

WNOR 98.7 FM (46 Kw) Red=Local Coverage Area
President/GM Wayne Leland chimed, “Rick is the cornerstone of FM99 and we’re delighted he will be entertaining Hampton Roads for years to come.”

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