Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More Than 150 Stations Clearing Democrat Debate

Westwood One News has announced that is has nearly 150  stations lined up to broadcast its exclusive Democratic Presidential Primary Debate coverage, simulcast with CNN, airing tonight at 8:30 pm ET.

Stations taking Westwood One News’ Debate coverage include WABC-AM and WBBR-AM/New York; KFI-AM/Los Angeles; WLS-AM/Chicago; KSFO-AM, KKSF-FM, and KGO-AM/San Francisco; WMAL-AM-FM/Washington, DC; KTRH-AM/Houston, KCMO/Kansas City; KTLK-AM/Minneapolis; WIOD-AM/Miami; WLAC-AM/Nashville; WSB-AM/Atlanta, WDBO-FM/Orlando, and WFIR-AM and WLNI-FM/Roanoke and many more.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is moderating the Debate, live from Las Vegas, as five candidates take the stage—Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee.

Stations that are interested in carrying the Debate live should contact Dennis Green at dgreen@westwoodone.com or (212) 519-3090.

The first two GOP primary debates - one Fox News, one CNN - broke ratings records, drawing nearly 50 millions viewers combined - the Donald Trump factor. In addition, tonight, there's baseball. The New York Mets vs LA Dodgers and St Louis Cardinals vs Chicago Cubs in playoff games - GOP debates didn't have sports.

TRNS reports The mood will be set a little slower. CNN is giving the Democrats two full minutes at the beginning of the broadcast (8:30-11 pm ET) to introduce themselves, in their own uninterrupted words.

The Fab Five: Former Gov and Sen Lincoln Chafee (RI); former Sen and SecState Hillary Clinton (NY); former Gov Martin O'Malley (Md); Sen Bernie Sanders (Vt); former Sen and Navy Sec Jim Webb (Va) - not on the stage, but hovering like a ghost will be undeclared possible candidate VP Joe Biden.

Debate moderator Anderson Cooper said, "I believe if somebody says something that is factually incorrect, it's a good thing to point out what the record shows." Juan Carlos Lopez, anchor at CNN en Espanol, and Dana Bash, CNN's chief political correspondent will be on stage. Don Lemon will ask questions submitted through Facebook.

CNN said it planned to highlight issues of interest to Democratic primary voters; areas in which the candidates have clear policy differences; and concerns of Latino voters, as the debate is taking place in Nevada, with a high share of Hispanics. It's thought the vast majority of Republican debate viewers weren't primary voters - curiosity seekers.

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