Monday, May 18, 2020

Omaha Radio: It's Curtains For NRG Media

Since mid-March, NRG Media Omaha on-air personalities have been working remotely or in separate studios. No studio was occupied with more than one on-air personality at any given time in an effort to keep everyone safe. Now that some of the restrictions are being lifted, NRG Omaha is starting to bring back all on-air personalities and staffers, and they are using plexiglass and shower curtains to keep the on-air talent and entire staff safe.

General Manager Mark Shecterle told JocklineDaily, “Covid-19 has challenged every business and made us all stop and think about how we operate. My number one priority during these challenging times has been and will continue to be keeping all of our employees safe. Therefore, we had to get creative and shower curtains are a perfect and safe barrier for our talent, sellers and employees who share an office. Moreover, during the holidays we can have some fun with it. My promotions department already ordered a Freddy Krueger one for Halloween”.

KOZN 1620 The ZONE on-air talent Damon Benning commented, “I am so ready to get back into the building and work alongside my co-host Mike’l Severe even though there will be a clear shower curtain between us. We have not missed a beat, but nothing beats being in the same studio with your producer and co-host. I’m ready”.

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