Saturday, May 23, 2020

Denver Radio: FLO Is No Mo', As KFCO Flips To CHR

Max Media has announced the launch of KFCO HOT 107.1 Denver’s NEW Hit Music, broadening on the Rhythmic, CHR approach.  HOT 107.1 launched with 10,000 songs in a row commercial free over Memorial Day weekend.

“HOT 107.1 Denver’s NEW Hit Music is coming full circle. We first launched the HOT brand back in 2009 and our plan is to bring back most of the elements, including the original logo design. Our VP of Programming, Rick Thomas, launched an extensive research study.

"The survey results were clear, the Denver-metro area wanted HOT back – so we listened. For quite some time, music consumption data has been showing music seekers are not stuck in one specific genre, and data has been particularly amplified during COVID-19. When studying behavior of people at home with time on their hands, we see listeners seeking music of many types to compile their personal playlists. With this approach, we expect HOT to perform well for our advertisers and listeners, “said Max Media Market President, Jeff Norman."

KFCO 107.1 FM (97 Kw)
Rick Thomas, Max Media’s VP of Programming adds, “our desire is to accurately reflect the musical passion of the marketplace. To that end, we have simply expanded our approach allowing listeners to enjoy a wider variety of rhythmic hit music, re-branding as HOT 1071, Denver’s NEW Hit Music. Additionally, in an enhanced effort to serve our listeners needs, HOT 1071 will not stop the music more than once an hour for ads.”

Listeners can find Hot 107.1 on all of their favorite social media platforms at @Hot1071Radio and can listen online at

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