Monday, October 22, 2018

Study Shows Radio's Real Value to Automotive Industry

The Southern California Broadcasters Association has released its most comprehensive and exclusive automotive research study to date entitled, “The Real Value of Southern California Radio to the Automotive Industry”.

The SCBA’s new research study is in partnership with Nielsen Audio and is the second project
together for both organizations in the past fifteen months.

The study shows that people in the market to buy a new car who were exposed to dealer ads on the radio, visited dealerships and their websites and ultimately bought vehicles in strikingly high numbers. Just as important, the study found broadcast radio significantly improves consumer perceptions of auto dealerships and that radio’s creative messaging for auto marketers is right on target.

“The Real Value of Southern California Radio to the Automotive Industry” reveals compelling new data on the power of Broadcast Radio to motivate and influence Southern California Radio listeners regarding vehicle purchases. Conducting surveys with 900 Radio listeners and playing multiple dealer ads for each, the study conclusively demonstrates the impact that Radio provides for auto dealers and OEMs in Southern California.

“This research study will change minds, hearts, and budgets for Broadcast Radio”, said Thom Callahan, SCBA President. “Radio is not getting the share of automotive budgets it so richly deserves, and this new automotive study not only raises the inherent value of Radio, it decisively proves that Radio drives dealer website and search engine investigation by potential auto buyers”, said Callahan. “Our great partnership with Nielsen Audio has produced another compelling set of reasons for Broadcast Radio’s true strength”.

"In Nielsen's second year of partnership in this important study, data shows that broadcast radio drives interest and research, improves consumer perception and increases brand awareness, delivering consumers to auto dealers and driving purchases,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio. “The car culture of Southern California is the perfect proving ground for radio's far-reaching influence on one of the biggest purchases a consumer will make over the course of their lifetime."

The Real Value of Southern California Radio to the Automotive Industry is the only comprehensive and exclusive automotive study in the nation produced for its members and clients by the Southern California Broadcasters Association.

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