Saturday, October 27, 2018

Kelly: Fox Shuts Down Return Rumors

Not happening
Megyn Kelly will likely be a free agent after her lawyer and NBC executives finalize an exit deal in the coming days. Friday the network confirmed her 9 am hour would never air again and would instead be backfilled by other Today talent.

Rumors of a possible return to Fox News were firmly shot down by an informed and high-level source at her former network on Friday, who told that Kelly 'is not coming back to any of the Fox News platforms.'

A Fox News publicist insinuated on the record earlier this week that there was no place for Kelly at the moment. 'We are extremely happy with our entire line-up.'

That will be sad news for a few of her former co-workers, with Geraldo Rivera having shown his support earlier in the day by tweeting: 'Since she's made an apparently heartfelt apology for grossly misguided remarks, how about showing some mercy to an otherwise good person? Hope she comes back to Fox.'

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