Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Detroit Radio: WFDF Adds Charlie LeDuff For Hour Show

Former Fox 2 Detroit reporter and larger-than-life media personality Charlie LeDuff will be on WFDF 910 AM starting at 4 p.m. Monday with his "No BS News Hour."

According to the Free Press, the hour-long weekly show will focus on current events pertinent to Detroit, according to the station.

The hour will feature the same content as his podcast launched in September, the identically titled  "No BS News Hour," part of the DrewMikePodcast network.

The 910AM Superstation is airing the podcast to see how it connects with radio listeners.

Station CEO Kevin Adell said Monday that he wants to "put my toe in the water and see what the numbers are."

Adell said he has "great respect" for LeDuff as a journalist. He also said 910 AM will have to do "a lot of bleeping" to make the podcast suitable for radio.

LeDuff's career in print and TV has been colorful, controversial and hearkens back to the flamboyant journalism figures of yore who were highly opinionated and sometimes part of the story.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning LeDuff's past employers include the New York Times and the Detroit News. He's been a contributor to Vice News. His work appears frequently on the Deadline Detroit website.

In a news release about his new show, LeDuff is quoted as saying, “If you suffer from insomnia, I recommend you watch the news.  If you want the news, I recommend you tune into the ‘No BS News Hour."

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