Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TWH Hosting Radio Talkers

Mike Gallagher
It’s an efficient way to bypass the hostile mainstream media: The White House will host a hefty number of syndicated talk radio hosts on Tuesday, all of them hailing from the vast Salem Media Group stable — where conservative and Christian content rules. It is a herculean effort. Every one of them will man their microphones for a mass broadcasting effort that will stretch across 10 hours and be heard by a huge audience. Things get underway at dawn, and some high-profile guests will be much in evidence, a source tells Inside the Beltway.

“On the train for D.C. — White House bound. Big broadcast tomorrow, major guests from the administration,” host Mike Gallagher tweeted on Monday.

The Washington Times reports Gallagher — along with Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved, Larry Elder, Eric Metaxas and 13 local hosts from around the country — will broadcast live to the respective audiences directly from the White House. They will have their say until 9 p.m. — their programming unapologetically pro-America, greatness included.

“Donald Trump ran an unconventional campaign that reflected a broad public discontent with the status quo,” says Edward Atsinger, CEO of Salem Media, which broadcasts to an astonishing 2,700 affiliates nationwide.

“There is an unprecedented level of public interest in what is happening in Washington, and we are honored to participate,” Mr. Atsinger continued. “The president’s selection of a remarkable group of advisers and Cabinet members illustrates his serious commitment to fulfill his campaign promise to make America great again.”

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