Tuesday, July 25, 2017

RMLC-GMR Lawsuit: Azoff "Gouging" Pennsylvania Radio Stations

Although the date hasn't received much attention, Sept. 30, 2017 could become a consequential one in the music industry, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

That's when Pennsylvania-based radio stations are set to lose a license to publicly perform song compositions controlled by Global Music Rights, LLC, an upstart Irving Azoff outfit. Without a license, these stations may be forced to stop playing songs written or performed by stars like Adele, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Jay-Z, Madonna and others.

The Radio Music License Committee, which represents some 10,000 radio stations throughout the nation, is attempting to do something in advance of the license expiration. On Friday, RMLC brought an emergency motion requesting that a Pennsylvania federal judge issue a preliminary injunction ordering GMR to continue doing business with these stations until litigation is resolved.

Irving Azoff
Why Pennsylvania?

According to RMLC, GMR is "retaliating" against stations there because of assistance provided to establish jurisdiction in this lawsuit.

"GMR has been clear that it does not want to litigate this case in front of this Court; it would prefer to litigate in its home court in Los Angeles," states RMLC's court papers. "GMR’s public intimidation tactics not only are designed to frustrate this litigation but also reach beyond the boundaries of Pennsylvania. If GMR is permitted to inflict this abuse on Pennsylvania-based stations, other stations across the U.S. will fear that, if they assist RMLC in this lawsuit in any way, they too could end up in GMR’s crosshairs."

The plaintiff says that GMR has lured songwriters away from ASCAP and BMI with a promise to pay them at least 30 percent more than what those two PROs can pay.

"To fund this promise, GMR intends to price gouge radio stations and force them to pay exorbitant rates for licenses to perform those songwriters’ works," states the motion.

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