Friday, April 8, 2016

Sumner Redstone’s Team Settles Suit By GalPal

Herza, Redstone, Holland
Legal eagles for the 92-year-old media mogul Sumner Redstone on Thursday reached a preliminary settlement to remove his former girlfriend from his life, The NY Post has learned.

Manuela Herzer, the Argentine beauty who stood to inherit $70 million from Redstone, according to reports, is now set to accept much less to step out of the Viacom founder’s life, according to sources.

Details of the agreement could not be learned but are believed to be in the low tens of millions, said sources, who stressed the agreement has not yet been finalized.

Redstone, who has had a string of young women at his $20 million Beverly Hills mansion over the last few years — at least one on a paid retainer, according to court documents — had been cared for by Herzer and a second woman, Sydney Holland.

Last year, the two were, at different times, forced out of his life.

Last summer, Redstone booted Holland after a five-year affair upon discovering she had a second boyfriend.

By October, Herzer was also barred from his palatial home.

Herzer immediately launched a lawsuit against Redstone’s aides suggesting the Viacom media mogul wasn’t competent and that he was forced into actions against his will.

The Herzer lawsuit forced Redstone, then the chairman of Viacom, to take a competency test — though a settlement of the lawsuit likely means the world will never know the results.

Soon after the test, Redstone was named Viacom’ s chairman emeritus and the CEOs of Redstone’s two media companies — Viacom’s Philippe Dauman and CBS’ Les Moonves — took on the chairman title.

Separately, Shari Redstone has been reaffirmed as her father’s main health-care agent should Redstone no longer be able to care for himself, The Post reported on April 5.

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