Monday, April 4, 2016

Need Headphones? Consider SennheiserHD 598s

The Sennheiser HD 598s are a throwback. They aren’t wireless, they don’t have a companion app, and they don’t rely on any digital processing to produce a more “fun” sound. Instead, they purely focus on the fundamentals: sounding great and being comfortable.

This is the case with much of the HD series, but at a typical street price of $150, the HD 598s are particularly good value for audio enthusiasts without hundreds to spend on higher-end cans. Right now, though, Amazon has them down to $130. That’s not the lowest they’ve been — they fell under $100 around Black Friday — but it’s a good discount all the same.

This deal applies to the “Special Edition” HD 598s, which are no different from the originals aside from using an all-black color palette instead of the usual brown and beige. If anything, it might be a more agreeable take on their retro look.

Either way, the HD 598s are comfortable, reports BusinessInsider. They’re lightweight, with plush velour earcups and a soft leatherette headband. There’s a fair amount of plastic here, so they don’t feel all that high-end, but they’re pleasant to wear for hours at a time.

That pleasantness applies to their sound, too. For this range, the HD 598s are clean, balanced, and accurate.

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