Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Michael Savage Tops Talk Streaming During 1Q 2016

Talk Stream Live has released its first quarter 2016 ratings and ranks for the most streamed national radio talk shows.

Michael Savage continues to dominate the digital space with a continued 27 share. Savage takes the top spot once again further extending his number one streak followed by Rush Limbaugh (15.6), Laura Ingraham (6.9), Mark Levin (5.7) and Glenn Beck (4.7). The TSL Q1 2016 report sample size broke new ground by surpassing the 2 million mark.

Here are the TSL Top 10 Streaming Talk Shows for Q1:

1. Michael Savage 27.0
2. Rush Limbaugh 15.6
3. Laura Ingraham 6.9
4. Mark Levin 5.7
5. Glenn Beck 4.7
6. Sean Hannity 4.0
7. Howie Carr 2.0
8. George Noory 1.7
9. Bill Bennett 1.6
10. Tammy Bruce 1.5 (Tie)
10. Alex Jones 1.5 (Tie)

The TSL Top 25 Report tracks streaming talk show listening metrics through our cloud based server via Talk Stream Live's Website, Gadgets, iPhone, iPad and Android apps and "click-to-listen" links on Social Networks.

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