Thursday, April 7, 2016

Miami Radio: Former GSM Sues CBS Radio Over Firing

Carole Bowen has filed suit against CBS Radio in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida alleging that she was fired last August 24 due to her age (59 years old).

She was formerly GSM at Country WKIS 99.9 KissFM in Miami.

Bowen alleges in the suit that after CBS acquire the station in a swap with Beasley in 2014, terminated her employment despite her performance and qualification for the position in a "restructuring."

AllAboutCountry reports the suit says that Bowen was the most senior employee and oldest female at WKIS and had not been previously disciplined or counseled over her work performance.  She also alleges that former Market Manager Joe Bell told her that the move to CBS was "going to be great for the younger employees like Keriann Worley (age 43), Director of Sales and Andy King (who is in his twenties)  Bowen saw her salary reduced and bonus opportunities lessened in a "take it or leave it" move, the suit alleges.

Bowen was replaced by Worley and a younger GSM Francisco Luciano (49), who had been in his position for less than a year.  He kept his job as did 42 year old Sports WQAM-A GSM David Wolfman.

According to the suit that other older managers have been fired by CBS, including 61-year old GSM John Jaras and 57-year old Kathleen Bricketto.  Both were replaced by "significantly younger" managers.

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