Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Consumers Spend More Than 5 Hours a Day Watching TV

The 2021 Media Comparisons Study, conducted by GfK, explores the ways individuals consume media – both traditional and digital. It compares reach, time spent, where people get their daily news from, and which sources they feel are most trustworthy.

Additionally, the study reveals the role each medium plays in motivating consumers to learn more about a product or service - and what ultimately influences their purchase decisions; responses vary demographically, ethnically and by product category.

Source: GfK TVB Media Comparisons Study 2021. M-S 4A-2A. Persons 18+. Online/internet platforms such as email, social media, internet radio and websites, are totaled for any online device-PC, Smartphone and Tablets. Broadcast TV News Websites/Apps includes local TV station & network websites/apps for news/weather/sports.

Source: GfK TVB Media Comparisons Study 2021. Persons 18+. Agree Strongly or Agree Somewhat. Q9 - For each source, please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with the following statement: I trust the News that I see/hear on this media source.

Some key findings:
  • TV delivers the highest reach, and all demographics, including adults 18-34, spent at least three times more hours/minutes each day with TV than the next closest media platform.
  • If respondents could only choose five TV networks, the top four would be on broadcast TV.
  • TV is the most influential medium in purchase decisions, and is the top motivator to learn more and do further research online.
  • Broadcast TV news is the primary and most trusted news source, over every other media platform.

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