Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Products Retailer Uses Radio To Drive Awareness, Website Traffic

This week’s Westwood One blog highlights a national health and nutrition products retailer that utilized AM/FM radio to drive awareness for a new product launch.

CUMULUS MEDIA | Westwood One retained MARU/Matchbox to measure brand effect and LeadsRx to quantify search and site traffic.
  • AM/FM radio is an ideal media platform to target vitamin and supplement category purchasers. Heavy AM/FM radio listeners are 72% more likely to be heavy category purchasers. Heavy AM/FM radio listeners were also more likely to be a customer of the health and nutrition retailer and shop there the most.
  • Among heavy AM/FM radio listeners, awareness, interest, and consideration grew. The AM/FM radio campaign increased ad recall and brand equity for the retailer’s new offering. Awareness (+50%), interest (+30%), and consideration for the new service (+52%) grew, according to the MARU/Matchbox study.
  • Versus the overall market, heavy AM/FM radio listeners were twice as likely to want to try the new service. Awareness, interest, and consideration of the new service is significantly greater among heavy AM/FM radio listeners compared to the overall market.
  • AM/FM radio drove an +8% lift in the retailer’s web traffic, according to LeadsRx, a multi-touch attribution firm and a leader in measuring the impact that off-line media like TV and AM/FM radio has on search and site traffic.
  • In DMAs with the heaviest AM/FM radio weight, web traffic grew +16%. Markets with light GRP exposure saw +7% lift in site traffic. Markets with the heaviest GRP weight from the AM/FM radio campaign saw a massive +16% increase to the retailer’s web site.
  • AM/FM radio’s reach offers an optimization opportunity: In a typical month, the health and nutrition products retailer’s AM/FM radio campaign reached 28% of the U.S. Reach can be increased via AM/FM radio programming diversification and broadening schedule rotation.

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