Thursday, June 25, 2020

Entercom Partners With Deep Root For Audience Analystics

Entercom Wednesday announced a partnership with Deep Root, an audience-powered analytics company, allowing it to offer advertisers expanded targeting options. The partnership is part of Entercom’s commitment to data-driven capabilities, including increased audience insights and measurement, leveraging its robust first-party data platform.

This partnership will enable agencies, advocacy groups, and political campaigns to identify and reach Deep Root’s custom voter audience segments when advertising throughout Entercom’s robust portfolio of broadcast and digital assets. This includes access to Deep Root’s issue advocacy and political audience segments such as swing voters, blue collar voters and environmentalists.

“Expansive reach and national scale allow radio and digital audio to serve as a reliable platform for brands and political campaigns to reach engaged consumers. Now more than ever, it is our responsibility to support these advertising partners with increased targeting to accomplish their specific goals,” said Dan McKinney, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Entercom. “Partnering with Deep Root will allow us to better serve our trusted partners and enhance their capabilities when leveraging our audio assets to reach voters nationally and locally.”

“Deep Root has invested heavily in building best-in-class audiences for corporate reputation, public affairs, issue advocacy, and political advertisers. We are excited to partner with Entercom to power audience-based advertising across all of their broadcast and digital audio assets,” said David Seawright, Chief Revenue Officer, Deep Root. “This partnership will allow agencies and advertisers to leverage Deep Root’s premium audiences in new ways and will elevate their targeting capabilities across an immensely valuable media type.”

Deep Root creates its proprietary audiences by leveraging its analytics, targeting, and metrics infrastructure to produce a variety of highly-accurate probabilities for every individual on a wide range of measures that matter to advertisers. These probabilities are built off of its in-house national file that is rich with consumer and behavioral data, vote history, and is regularly enhanced with large-sample issue surveys. Deep Root then matches those audiences into observed media consumption data to inform audience distribution across the media landscape. These state-of-the-art targeting capabilities ultimately result in more effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns.

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