Saturday, June 27, 2020

Conservative Political Activist Jack Posobiec Confronted In D-C

Reporter Confronted By Antifa
Political activist and conservative journalist Jack Posobiec for One America News Network was confronted by protesters at a demonstration at the Emancipation Memorial at Lincoln Park, in Washington DC.

According to several media counts, including the Wall Street Journal, the incident happened as hundreds of protesters gathered Friday evening in Lincoln Park in Washington DC at the location of a 144-year-old statue.

Posobiec was blocked by some protesters from filming the event, which he caught live on Periscope. The situation escalated when one protester accused him of “founding the alt-lite” and of being a "literal Nazi.".

Posobiec was flanked by several black men, including the tour guide, who attempted to guide him to safety away from the mob, which continued to swell in numbers following Goggles’ calls to evict him from the park. The park is located on federal, publicly owned land.

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