Wednesday, June 24, 2020

NYC Radio: Will Craig Carton Return To WFAN?

Craig Carton, the former WFAN morning show co-host, was released on Tuesday from federal prison in Lewisburg, PA, for running a ticket-resale Ponzi scheme, his lawyer confirmed to Newsday.

Derrelle Janey said his client was released to a federal halfway house in Brooklyn and will be transferred to his home soon to complete the rest of his sentence under home confinement. Carton's release is not related to COVID-19, Janey said.

Carton had been sentenced to 42 months in prison on April 5, 2019, and began his sentence on June 17 of that year

Craig Carton
His attorney said that while in prison, Carton, 51, successfully completed a number of component rehab programs and was thus deemed suitable for release. Those programs included treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction and gambling.

Carton was convicted on Nov. 7, 2018, of fraudulently raising more than $5 million from investors by lying about ticket deals and using their money to repay massive gambling debts and former investors.

At the time of his arrest in September 2017, Carton co-hosted the morning show on WFAN with Boomer Esiason. Carton was the over-the-top personality to Esiason's  more measured approach, but the duo worked well together for more than 10 years and produced what regularly was the No. 1-rated morning show in New York. Later that year, Bellport's Gregg Giannotti took over the co-hosting role with Esiason.

Could Carton ever return to WFAN?

Upon Carton’s early release from prison, everything could align for a second act at WFAN, but it remains complicated and not a sure thing, reports Andrew Marchand at The NY Post.

Though Carton has a prior relationship with his former producer, Entercom’s New York radio boss Chris Oliviero, Carton is still going to need to earn trust to return to the marquee.

When Carton eventually returns to the air, he is going to have to alter his delivery a little, write Marchand. for example, he may need to show more empathy and self-deprecation without losing his humor. He’s talented enough to do it, but a transformation is in store.

If there is going to be a second marriage on the FAN, he and the station will also have to wade through the advertising question. When sports are on the air again, FAN will once again be deluged with betting ads. Carton has said his gambling addiction led to his scam.

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