Friday, February 12, 2016

Cruz Pulls Political Ad Featuring Soft Porn Actress

Amy Lindsay
Ted Cruz wound up red-faced after he inadvertently cast a former porn star in one of his political ads, it was reported Thursday.

The Republican Texas senator — who has heavily courted the religious right during his run for the White House — produced an 30-second spot featuring actress Amy Lindsay.

Lindsay, unbeknownst to him, is a skin-flick veteran who has appeared in such soft-core films as “Deviant Whores,” “Carnal Wishes” and “MILF.”

The NY Post reports when it found out, the Cruz camp nixed the ad, titled “Conservatives Anonymous.”

It featured actors playing a group of dismayed former Marco Rubio supporters in a therapy session, according to BuzzFeed. Lindsay played the role of a member of that support group.

Lindsay — who said she is deciding between Cruz and Trump — told BuzzFeed that she was under the impression that the campaign knew about her previous work.

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