Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mt. Pleasant Radio: CMU's WMHW Flipping Formats

Central Michigan University’s Moore Rock WMHW 91.5 FM, will be changing its format this weekend as it transitions away from modern rock (1995 to the present) to a top-40 adult alternative approach.

Additionally W266BU 101.1 FM, WMHW’s smaller frequency, will change its format from adult alternative to a rhythm and blues/hip hop format.

The change was motivated by a push to appeal to a broader listening audience. The current rock format was not conducive for local businesses and community members to interact with the station.

Operations Manager Chad Roberts told The Morning Sun, “at this point, changing formats is a necessity to appeal to not only students at CMU but the Mid-Michigan community as a whole.”

Both format changes are scheduled to take place at midnight Sunday and both stations will have DJs spinning hits live from the studio for the first week.

WMHW 91.5 FM (9.1 Kw) Red=Local Coverage
91.5 FM will be branding as ‘The Mountain” while 101.1 FM will be branded as “The Beat.”

In terms of what will be played, well 91.5 FM will play more top-40 hits that are geared towards a wider audience while 101.1 FM will play contemporary R&B like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, etc.

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