Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ESPN Demotes Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling
Despite several controversial tweets, Curt Schilling remains gainfully employed by ESPN.

And as are many of his Twitter followers, he's surprised.

According to, the former Phillies and Red Sox ace, tweeting as @gehrig38, has caused a stir more than once, from arguing against the theory of evolution to his August 2015 tweet comparing modern Muslims to 1940's Nazis.

So when Schilling decided in September -- a week after he was pulled from ESPN's coverage of the Little League World Series -- to donate $250 to the Republican presidential campaign of Ben Carson, the three-time World Series champion didn't shy away from his rocky employment status on his donation application, according to CNNMoney, which combed through Schilling's Federal Election Commission filing.

Under the section for "Name of employer," Schilling wrote: "ESPN (Not Sure How Much Longer)."

And under "Occupation", he wrote: "Analyst (For Now Anyway)."

A few days after filing the donation form, ESPN pulled Schilling from the remainder of its baseball broadcasts for the 2015 season, including the playoffs.

In January, ESPN announced Schilling would no longer appear on the station's premiere "Sunday Night Baseball" broadcast for the upcoming 2016 season, but instead would provide commentary on its "Monday Night Baseball" games.

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