Saturday, February 13, 2016

Report: Twitter To Try Tweaking Election

Milo Yiannopoulos
Associate Editor at, Milo Yiannopoulos, alleged that Twitter is on the verge of collapse and will try to influence November’s presidential election on behalf of the Democratic nominee.

Yiannopoulos, during an interview with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio WPHT 1210 AM in Philadelphia, claims that Twitter’s management is obsessed with shutting down conservative ideas on the social media platform.

“There is absolutely no question that that is precisely what is directed at…It becomes very, very clear once you start looking at who is employed at Twitter. This guy used to work for Obama. This guy used to work for Hillary.”

CBS Local report he believes the company is struggling and will make one last attempt to sway the election while it is still relevant.

“I think Twitter is gearing up to interfere in the election. Twitter, as a company, is dying. The share price is collapsing. They now have finally begun to admit that even their active users [are] going down. On every metric that investors care about, the company is tanking and there’s going to be a fire sale within in the next 6 months…They’re all political operatives for the Democrats. Anyway, this company is now tanking. I think what’s happening is a lot of the employees are saying, we’re going down, but why don’t we just become the most effective liberal attack vector we can as long as we still exist?”

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