Thursday, February 11, 2016

KY Radio: R.I.P. WLGC Goes Silent To Honor Mark Justice

Mark Justice
For more than 30 years, listeners to WLGC Kool Hits 105.7 FM in Ashland, KY woke up with DJ Mark Justice. But Wednesday, the voice that made so many laugh was forever silenced when Justice suffered a massive heart attack.

He was 56-years-of-age.

"It's just a real shock to all of us that he had to die so young," WLGC General Manager Jim Forrest said.

Forrest says Justice had recently complained of heartburn and burning in his throat. He thought it was an issue with his gall bladder, but friends say Justice was shocked to learn he had actually suffered a heart attack several weeks before.

"You're thinking, 'oh that's great, they caught it, the first heart attack, every thing is fine,'" Forrest said. "I talked to Mark at 7 O'clock last night. He was eating dinner and feeling fine."

But, according to WSAZ-TV3, early Wednesday morning while still in the hospital, Justice suffered a massive heart attack.

In honor of Justice, WLGC went silent from 5 a.m. until 10 a.m. That is when Justice would normally be on the airwaves, making people smile.

"I want him to be remembered for his comedy and his sense of humor," WLGC engineer and on-air personality MJ McKay said.

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