Thursday, April 16, 2020

SBG To The Rescue With 'Personalities On Demand'

Imagine having the ability to find experienced, major market personalities in a click of a button to voice track any format and multiple dayparts for your station or cluster. That’s what Sun Broadcast Group is offering with their new tracking service Personality On Demand. With four voice breaks per hour, stations can customize their content for each market and further localize with topical liners, promotional copy and much more!

Plus, delivery is easy with a seamless turn-key internet delivery system so stations can manually download or have the breaks loaded directly into their automation system.

“Personality On Demand’s roster of major talents have history of ratings success in multiple markets, multi-format experience and the ability to localize and customize each shift all for a fraction of the cost of hiring them,” said Rich O’Brien, VP Programming and Affiliate Relations for Sun Broadcast Group.

Personalities Currently Available:
  • Connie Breeze
  • Big Rick Daniels
  • Danny and Kait
  • Kobe Fargo
  • Kasper 
  • Daena Kramer
  • Melissa Maxx
  • Bill Lee
  • Rachel Marisay
  • Heather B (Heather Backman)
For more information regarding SBG’s Personality on Demand, click here

Also, if stations are looking for other shows already available for daypart programming, those include The Michael Baisden Show, The Sam Alex Show, Woody and Wilcox, Ashley and Brad, Throwback Nation with Tony Lorino and more.

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